Folklorist Diary III – Chronicles of Terabithia


A Levelset by Leoc1995


Walkthrough by manarch2



Level 1 -  Croft Manor (3 secrets)


“What's happening in Croft Manor???” – Head E and out of the starting room and down the stairs. In the NW corner is a crawlspace; inside you can find Secret #1, Magnum Ammo. Get out again, then head S and exit this hall to the entrance room of the manor, on the balcony run left and spot a missing part of the lattice. Here you can take a run-jump to the SE crevice in the wall, grab it, shimmy right and climb up. Pick up the first Eye of Horus, then safety-drop down to the floor. Stay in the E part and head S, use the lever to open the nearby door and enter. Drop down the block and use the next lever to open a door in the pool room. Head out of this chamber and back in the main hall. Run up the left stairs to the top walkway and head over the balcony to the far SE corner. Enter the crawlspace here and follow it into a new room (you can hear a door opening). Climb the block in here to find the second Eye of Horus, then exit through the just opened door. Head left and again left into the next room. Go right and spot a N passage. Enter the room full of boxes and search it for the Pistols, a Large Medipack, the Magnum and 2x Magnum Ammo. Kill a demigod which enters the room after finding the Magnum; now you can exit this area since there's nothing else to do. Back in the main hall return to the ground floor. On the wall to the left of the E exit doors you can spot a jumpswitch; use it and a N door opens. Head through and go right into the next room where you can find the third Eye of Horus. Exit and head back into the main hall, killing an harpy and two yetis on the way. Use either of the two W passages to arrive in the gym. You don't have to do all the tasks but simply climb onto the block with the “3” painting, then jump to the high W pillar with the lever and use it to open a door in this room. Also use any weapon, standing on a higher block, to shoot the high ball located in the N part of the gym, to open another door in the pool room. Exit this room through the S door opened with the lever and enter the kitchen. Drop into the gap in the floor and follow the passage to find Flares for Secret #2. Climb back out, use the nearby jumpswitch to open the door to the freezer. Dive in the water and follow the long passage to eventually find the fourth Eye of Horus. Pick it up and swim further since a door opened in front of you, arriving in the pool room. Climb out of the water. In the NE corner you can use a lever to open another NW door. Now head there and go through the left of the two NW passages to enter a room with Secret #3, the Lasersight and Flares (the first is needed to progress, so you must find this one!). Head out, combine Magnum+Lasersight and shatter the box in the middle of the pool. Dive in and find the fifth Eye of Horus. Back out, now head through the NW door opened with shooting the ball in the gym. Follow the passage, pick up the sixth Eye of Horus and dive into the water. Pick up Magnum Ammo, then swim through the passage back into the pool and don't forget the Flares. Climb out a last time, then search the W wall for an alcove with a ladder leading you up. Getting up might be a bit difficult so climb it from either left or right side, then shimmy to the middle. On top you can find a small chamber with the seventh Eye of Horus and Magnum Ammo. Get back down into the pool room, return all the way to the main hall and run upstairs. Enter the only unexplored passage in the NW and in the next room place all seven Eyes of Horus to open up the path. Head through the passage, run upstairs in the next room and enter the light beam to get transported into the next level.



Level 2 – Terabithia – Vertical Journey (2 secrets)


Head out of the light beam to stop the fixed camera showing you a demigod protecting an item in the far. Pick up Shotgun Ammo SW, then approach the W opening. Ignore the blocks ahead for now and jump up to the right hand crevice, shimmy around several corners and drop onto the platform on the other side of the fence. Run to the other side, grab the lower ledge and shimmy left to the ladder. Climb it to the top, pick up more Shotgun Ammo and go around the pillar to use a lever which opens a golden door somewhere else. Climb down the ladder, this time to the floor level, and enter a crawlspace. At the end drop into a room with another lever, use it and a door near the start opens. Back out of the crawlspace, head up the ladder and climb three clicks higher than the right ledge, release Action and immediately hold it again, then shimmy right and climb up the ledge. Head back to the starting room using the crevice and this time run-jump to the slanted block in the E. Enter the building, pick up Wideshot Shotgun Ammo and head up the E stairs to enter the golden door you opened a while ago. Get through the crawlspace until you can hoist up again, then run-jump to the E structure. Slide down and climb the pillar from the left side, on top run-jump to that S roof. Before dropping down into the E hole, run W and jump over to the far building. Head on and find Flares further W, which count as Secret #1 (4). Return to the previous roof and safety-drop into the hole. Run upstairs and pick up the Eye of Horus with you, head through the door that just opened and you're back at the area with the slope. Jump over to the W side where you once came from, then head down the W stairs and the door leading you back into the building opens. Exit it again through the W passage, run-jump back to the starting area and head to the W opening. Jump to the SW block, then turn NW and take a run-jump to the higher block and from here down to the SW block. Turn around and kill an harpy – which for me was stuck in an invisible wall. Now place the Eye of Horus in its receptacle to raise a block; climb it and get up on the higher ledge. There is a ladder on the other side of the pillar to the right but ignore it for now and jump over to the S platform, from here make your way to the far S ledge. Climb the block for Uzi Ammo which is Secret #2 (5), then return all the way to the structure where you raised the block, drop down onto the W ledge and climb the ladder, shimmy right on top and drop onto the platform. Turn and run-jump to the far ledge, then E to the platform with the lever. Use it to open another door, return to the previous ledge and drop down. Make your way back E to the starting area, jump over to the slanted block E and from here to the S ledge sticking out of the wall. Jump up and grab the crevice, shimmy right around the corner and climb into the alcove. Turn around, jump to the S platform and enter the open doorway. Run-jump to the small ledge and pick up the Shotgun. Jump to the E ledge, climb up the ladder and jump to the NW roof. From here jump to the SW platform and reach the jumpswitch by jumping up, after using it another door opens further on. Jump back onto the roof and from the E side drop down onto a lower pillar. Jump to the low E platform and make your way over the E ledges until you can jump into the N alcove previously blocked by the gate you just opened. Use the lever to open another door, make your way to the SE ledge and climb up the block where the last door opened. Jump over the S platforms and finally to the S ladder, shimmy around two corners (left or right, just as you wish), climb up to the highest possible point, backflip with a midair turn and grab the next crevice. Shimmy right and around the corner, then drop onto the safe platform. Jump to the W, then to the N ledge, climb the blocks and into the building from below. Follow the passage and in the next room shoot the ball with the Magnum to open the door. Enter the crawlspace and drop into another room. Use the lever to open a door somewhere else again, return out of the crawlspace, through the orange rooms and drop down into the hole where you came from. Use the ledges to reach the SW bridge, run down and jump over the NW ledges to finally reach the platform you could see from the start. Kill the demigod and take the Terabithia's Amulet from the block with you. Return S and from the highest part of the slanted ledge sticking out of the S building you can jump up to the NE pillar. Climb the ladder to the top, turn around and run-jump to the area you saw in the cutscene that showed the door opening when you used the last lever. Head through the newly revealed passage and in the yellowish room at the end climb the block to enter the next light beam, which lets the level change.



Level 3 – Terabithia – Frozen Industries (3 secrets)


Slide down a bit, triggering a flyby, and afterwards open the E door. Follow the long passage to the outside area you saw in the flyby. First of all pick up the Uzis lying on the floor. Go left and follow the street to the far N end, head to the slope and jump up into a hole in the middle to find Secret #1 (6), a Large Medipack. Slide back down into the street and head back to where you entered this area. A bit N of the exit you can climb up several blocks. Kill a soldier and spot a crawlspace SW. Climb up some blocks and on top you can pick up Wideshot Shotgun Ammo for Secret #2 (7). Drop down again, head over the N buildings and jump over the gap. There's no need to push that block in the NW gap (it's an alternative way to the first secret). Shatter the box for Uzi Ammo, then kill the soldier and drop down where he came from. Get around the roofs to the E side, run down the ramp and use the lever to open the nearby door. In the next room run up the stairs and use the lever on top to open a door in a passage branching off the starting room, so head all the way back out, drop down and head into the starting area, this time head SW, shatter a box for more Uzi Ammo and open the door. Follow the passage and spot the just opened door. Enter the next room. There's a closed door E and a wheel W, but since you can't do anything here now exit this room through the SE passage (climb up therefore). Follow the long passage, drop down at the end and pick up the Magnum and a Large Medipack. Kill three soldiers in this room and pick up a Small Medipack nearby dropped by one of the soldiers. Push/pull out the blocks in the SE corner so that the small E alcove is revealed; pick up the Crowbar here. Push/pull one of the blocks on the marked tile W and S of the alcove. This opens the NE exit door; head through and follow the passage. Climb up into another room and then climb the nearby ladder to the top. Slide and drop down into the pit, shoot the box for a Small Medipack and Crossbow Ammo. Climb up the ladder, turn around, drop down backwards and grab the ledge. Shimmy right and around several corners until you can climb up to find Secret #3 – the Crossbow. Drop down again, head back through the passage into the last room, climb the NW block and up into the passage where you came from. Follow back all the way to the last room. Pry the Valve Wheel off the wall and return to the starting room. Kill a soldier who leaves a Small Medipack. Head through the E passage leading outside again, climb up the W blocks (killing another soldier) and from the high plateau jump SE to the balcony where you can place the Valve Wheel. The door below you opens; safety-drop down and enter the open door. Make your way through the corridors (noticing another machine that needs a wheel) to the next larger room. Kill two soldiers and head N: Open the door at the end and follow the passage. Push the five pushable blocks as far as they go and the way is free. Upstairs you can pry the next Valve Wheel off the wall. Head back all the way through the block “maze” and the long passages, back in the last room, in the passage where you came from and climb the left block to place the Valve Wheel. An underwater door opens, so head through the passage you just returned through, dive into the pool in the next room and swim through the SE passage to spot the open door. Climb out at the end and up several blocks. Drop down into the next room, kill a soldier and follow another passage, open a door and pick up a Fuse in the next room. Return all the way back into the water, swim back in the larger cavern and swim up to find an air hole. Climb out and use the Fuse on the generator in this room which opens the door in the room where you found the first valve. You can leave this room since the box in the SE corner is empty. Return all the way to the mentioned room through the starting room, when you've eventually reached it pick up the Valley Key behind the opened door. Now backtrack all the way (again...) to the room with the pool where you just came from, place the Valley Key in the N passage and the nearby door opens. Climb the ladder in the next tunnel and follow the passage into the dark to finish this level.



Level 4 – Terabithia – Sacred Garden (4 secrets)


Follow the passage into a higher room. Climb the long ladder to the top, slide down the slope and watch a long flyby. Climb the next ladder afterwards and at the junction head left. Look at the painting at the wall:


“Mr. Gardener! Please remove the plants killed of the garden!!! Set fire to them!”


Alright. Pull the lever to the right of the painting to open a door back at the last junction. Head back there and go left. Drop down into the next room and kill four yetis. Spot and use a lever in the SE corner, climb back up where  you came from and return to the junction. Go left and spot the open door, use two levers in here to open two doors and return to the room with the painting on the wall. Follow the passage where the two doors opened picking up Shotgun Ammo and Magnum Ammo on the way and eventually you'll arrive on the balcony of the yellowish room whose floor you explored earlier. First run-jump to the W ledge and use the lever, thereon jump back E and then to the SE pillar, finally to that S pillar. Turn around and climb the ladder to the top floor of this room where two doors opened with using the last lever. Ignore the entrance for now and head down the W ramp, turn right at the end and jump over several platforms and around the corner to finally reach a ledge with Uzi Ammo and Secret #1 (9). Return all the way back, enter the central building and use the lever in here, then grab a Torch off the yellow block and throw it into the gap in the floor. Make your way down to the floor level using the various pillars again, retrieve the Torch and light it on either of the two shells. Now set the two plants on fire that are already withered – the SE one opens a door back near the junction and the other one counts as Secret #2 (10) but without any other awards. If you want you can take the Torch with you now, although it's not needed anymore. Jump up the W ledges, go left at the junction and at the end of the passage two doors are opened now (one with the Torch, the other one with the high lever where you found the Torch). Follow the tunnel into a large hall and make your way to the NW corner. Climb up the high ledge here and follow the passage around to a higher walkway in the previous room. The way to the top is rather clear with a few jumps – I think you'll manage this alone. On top use the jumpswitch and use the slopes to your right to get down to the floor level again. Spot the open door in the SE corner and enter a lever maze. Simply search for any lever you can find, use it and then search for the open door and then the next lever, eventually a block hides your way, do the same again for a while and soon you'll enter a larger room. Find Shotgun Ammo on a nearby block, then search for a ladder SW, climb it, use the lever and drop down again to kill a demigod. Now search for a high pillar NE, climb it using a lower block nearby and from here jump to the S pillar, then to the W pillar with the lever. Use it to open the exit door, but before dropping down stand-jump to the S pillar and crawl up (don't simply climb because Lara would fall down again immediately). You're rewarded with Secret #3 (11) and 2x Uzi Ammo. Now get back down and spot the open door in the NW. Follow a larger passage and in the next room climb the ladder in the middle of the S wall (behind the pillar), at the topmost point backflip onto the slope and immediately jump forwards, grabbing the next part of the ladder. On top use the lever to open the door behind you, jump on the more even part of the slope but before exiting this room jump down to the E platform where you can find Secret #4 (12), Shotgun Ammo, in a hole. Jump back to the lower part of the central structure and then into the N passage with the open door. Follow the passage, dive into the water at the end and search the floor of the underwater cavern for Uzi Ammo and Grenades. Swim to the end of the room where you can climb out, follow the passage into a larger room. Spot a pushable in the middle of the N wall, push/pull it out. You need to move it onto altogether three “wrongly” rotated floor tiles (there's also a respective hint on the ceiling) – the first is located three squares W of the entrance, the second to the left of the W stairs and the third near the NW corner. Those raise three blocks which allow you to pull the three levers up W, you eventually need to jump over several pillars therefore. Afterwards the NW passage is opened; follow the long passage picking up Uzi Ammo about halfway through and in the next, larger room there is more Uzi Ammo somewhere to your right. Climb up the long ladder to the top, turn around and get onto the W walkway. From here make your way around the building clockwise performing a few jumps to the several platforms. When finally arrived at the N side use the lever to open up an underwater door. Drop down to either side since you'll land in the water where the open door is, swim through, pick up Magnum Ammo and swim through the large hall until you can climb out far W. Turn around and use the Magnum to shoot a ball in the water you've probably seen while passing it before, which will raise a block nearby. Climb it and jump to the N crevice, grab it and shimmy E until you can climb up. Turn around and run-jump to the platform with the lever. Use it to open the W gates, dive back into the water, climb out W and enter the newly revealed passage. Follow it and soon you have to climb some ladders, run up a ramp, arriving on a higher stage of the previous room. Kill a demigod from here, then use the various platforms to get to the far SE side and use the lever here. Jump to the N platform with the now open door, follow the passage into the next area and here you have to move any of the blocks at the far N end onto the golden tile to open the last gate in this level. Follow the corridor with the fences to the end and enter the light beam to let the level change.



Level 5 – The Ferguson Syndrome (1 secret)


You'll drop onto a slope; at the end of it jump forwards and grab the opposite ledge of the larger slope or you'll fall to death. Shimmy to the right, drop and immediately grab the crevice below you. Shimmy around two corners, drop on the pillar (the floor is deadly from any height) and jump to the left corner platform. Make your way around the room clockwise, jump to the slope and then again to land on a safe ledge. Drop down one ledge and use the lever, you can reach the open door from here with a run-jump. Follow the passage, climb a block and at the end slide down a slope. A long flyby kicks in showing you the next large area you have to explore. Afterwards head straight (E), go left around the corner and climb the long ladder to the roof. Use the lever here to raise a S block, then grab the nearby Torch, jump up to any corner of the higher block and light it here. Drop down and throw the Torch down to floor level. Before retrieving it jump onto the raised block S, then to the far block, turn E and run-jump to a lower pillar. Don't climb the left blocks yet. Drop down to the lower blocks ahead of you instead, turn around and spot a jumpswitch. Use it to open a door somewhere else. Now turn around and run-jump to the E roof. On top you can find a small hole with Grenades in them. Climb out and run N, then jump over to the next roof. Get up and head into the NW corner, jump into the passage here and enter another building. Run up the stairs and climb the block far S to find Secret #1 (13), the Grenadegun. Head back out all the way, jump onto the roof and make your way back to the S blocks you ignored earlier, either over the roofs where you came from or by dropping down to the floor, climbing the ladder again and using the raised block to return there. Now you can climb the left blocks. Jump on the large balcony, pick up Magnum Ammo and head to the E end of the balcony to spot and use a jumpswitch. Head back W and find a single platform floating in the air to the right of where you came from, jump there and thereon jump to the NW platform. Spot the crevice on the building, so drop and grab the ledge of the platform you're standing on and shimmy left around the corner. Shimmy left until you can climb up and follow the corridor. Don't yet climb the ladder but head on and spot a crawlspace leading into the building. Enter and drop down on the other side. Use the nearby lever to raise a block so that you can get back soon, then head S and use two more levers for other doors in this level. Use the N block and the crawlspace to get back out, now climb the ladder and on top of the building head S, pick up Wideshot Shotgun Ammo and head to the S end. Jump to the far platform floating in the air and over the following platforms until you can use a lever on the far S wall. Now make your way down to the floor level again the way you came from, using a shortcut over the roof where you found the last ammo. Still leave the Torch and enter the building where you found the Torch on top, through the opened door on its E side. There's another Torch lying on the floor; pick it up, light it on any statue and then light the only yet unlit statue, which opens a door elsewhere. Leave the Torch here (or take it with you, it doesn't matter since you found another Torch already) and exit the building E (a W door also opened up but that one was pretty superfluous). Retrieve the Torch where you dropped it and head E. Go up the stairs and enter the building. There's nothing in the box in the middle of the E wall, but you can light the second statue in the far SE corner of this room to open another door elsewhere. Head back out of this building and then N. At the crossing head on straight (there's nothing in the E alley) and at the end jump into the E alcove. Follow the passage, leave the Torch for a while and search for a pushable in an alcove. Pull it out and move it onto either of the two marked floor tiles. Now go into the passage where the first pushable was and spot another block, pull it out and move it onto the other marked tile. Both gates at the end of the passage are open now; get the Torch and light the third statue at the end to open another door. Head back all the way out of this building, then jump into the W passage from the alley, follow it to the end and before dropping down into the next room pick up Uzi Ammo. Now drop down and head through the rooms to spot another light beam, climb into it and the level ends.



Level 6 – Poltergeist (0 secrets)


What a surprise: You'll fall down in the pool in Lara's mansion. All doors in this room are closed and only one can be opened, so climb out of the water S, use the lever between the pillars to open the S door. Enter the gym that has been changed quite a bit since your last visit. Enter the open doors of the cage with two knife traps in it and as soon as you enter the cage closes and when heading further two yetis and a demigod appear. Get rid of them quickly best with using the Magnum, then search the floor for a Torch near its S end. You have to be quite fast in getting it or the blades will down your health quite a bit. Afterwards light it on the SW pedestal and then light the SE pedestal to open the cage again. Exit E and follow the passage to the main hall. Kill two harpies, retrieve the Torch and climb into the SE alcove to light a statue. Now head upstairs. There are two statues you can light which opens the nearby doors – the SE leads to a fence (and thus to a dead-end); while the SW opens the door to the library. Head up the N stairs and use the lever near the empty fireplace to open a gate somewhere else. Head back out to the main hall, go around the balcony and spot an open door S (opened by the lower statue). Get through, loop around right and spot the gate you've just opened. Head through. In case you don't have the Torch with you, there are several more lying on the floor and you can light them to the right of the fireplace. Either way, the only thing to do yet in this level light the fireplace – and indeed, the level ends afterwards.



Level 7 – Croft Manor (0 secrets)


Watch the cutscene showing you some text messages from the builder. After control over Lara is regained, simply head forwards and soon the game ends.