Tomb Raider Redemption

Level Series by Magplus

Walkthrough by G&D Productions


A separate video walkthrough by KillerGameplayz can be found here


New moves:

Ctrl + Up + Shift _ while climbing up to the monkey swing press Shift  = Ladder to monkey swing

Ctrl + Up + Alt = Jump straight up from ledge/crack (also keep pressing these keys for fast climb on a ladder)

Ctrl + Down + Alt = Jumping back from a ledge

Ctrl + UP    = Enter a crawlspace (automatic)

UP + Alt     = jumping out of a crawlspace (only when the ceiling is high enough)

Ctrl + End (Roll) = Turn around on monkey swing

Shift + Dash (/) = Making a U turn on ground


There are two levels of difficulty: Normal and Easy. In the Training version the enemies will be somewhat weaker. Also the health bar will act different from the Normal version, the savegames aren't compatible.

So when you need one of the saves, download the Training Saves Folder or the Normal Saves Folder.

The Red arrow on the compass gives the direction.

You cannot save when on screen text is shown.

-Finding the 7 pages of the Codex will give you information about your enemies.

-Finding the 12 Vitality Crystal pieces will give you the full health bar, which will increase after each 4 pieces you find.


Several routes through these levels are possible once you get the Crossbow, this is how we did it.  


1-Razielís Fortress.


The Codex Demonicus.

Go further and at the Tomb turn right and loop around, down some stairs and get the Crystal Piece #1 from the pedestal (some spikes de-activate). The Crystal pieces are an additional challenge, 4 of these Crystal pieces will give you more health and they are shown at the top of your screen, after you find all 12 your health bar will be fully functional.

Then climb the block left (NE) and jump on the block in front of the window (E). From there jump and grab the higher one SW, over to the highest one where the spikes went down and pick up the Codex Demonicus. There's information in the Codex.

Go back up the stairs; take a left, passing the tomb to the W side and then go to the right (N), there is that fence you saw opening. Use the lever; this opens some double doors somewhere. Go out and at the tomb go left and left again (W) up the stairs through the open doors.


The Pistols.

Go to the far left corner (SW) and hang on the edge facing the doors. There is a crack down in the wall, use that to shimmy left. Crawl through the crawlspace and lower yourself on the other end. Shimmy to the left and climb up the ladder. Go to the top and get the message on screen to use (Ctrl+Shift+Up). Lara climbs up to the monkey swing, so go over to the other side, let go grabbing the edge and pull up.

Use the button you find near the gate and see the flames have died at the pedestal with the Pistols.

Stand jump and grab the monkey swing, go right at the crawlspace and drop/grab to get in. Hang out at the other side, shimmy right to the corner and at the end use (CTRL+Alt+Up) to jump back up to the floor above. Loop around left to get the Pistols from the pedestal.

Shoot the screeching Liliths (Bats.. careful, you have limited ammo) and get the Vitality Soul from the chest S (read the diary what that is used for), acts as a Medipack and in the other chest N is also something, Ammo (100) for the Pistols.

Go to the S wall and jump into the alcove there, grab the crack S and shimmy to the left around the corner. Then do a backwards jump using Ctrl+Alt+Down to end up onto a walkway.

Detour for a Secret: Jump NW down into the window sill, grab the edge and shimmy to the right. Pull up and jump to grab the walkway N, get up to get Secret #1, a Skull Basher. Get back to the S walkway.

Jump into the open door SE (might be you have to run around the ground floor first to get it to open up). Go to the left and grab that bright Skull at the chain and read the last page of the Diary. You found Flares.


Codex Page 1.

The door E has opened, jump over to the other side of the walkway, go right to the end and find Codex Page #1/7. The pages added to the Codex will give info about enemies.

Retrace your steps and find an opening on the right (NE) follow through and kick the door in at the end. You are back on the walkway. Jump over to the S and follow the walkway jumping around the corner to some strange blue rails on the floor.


Move the Block, a Sword Head.

Go to the left and find a push block, push that one to the walkway and then jump over it and push it onto the tile there with the rails.

Detour for a Secret: Climb the block and grab up E into a crawlspace, follow through to Secret #2, a Skull Basher. There's a door that will open later to give access in case you didn't find this crawlspace. Get back out to the block.

Jump around the block to the S, the fence on the left has opened (there's that "Secret door"). Push the button and watch what happens. Roll and then push another button W.

Go back to where the push block stopped and climb on top and left into a crawlspace. Crawl out of the crawlspace and jump over to the N side and get the Sword Head from the pedestal.


A Sword Blade, the Sword of Raziel.  

Jump back and go straight, back through the crawlspace and down on that push block. Go down left and jump over to the other (E) side. Go left (N) and at the end jump down onto that Tomb and avoid the spike holes. Pick up the Sword Blade. Now combine them both to get the Sword of Raziel.


Codex Page 2, Binoculars.

Safety drop down and go towards the double doors (N) and use the Sword on the left side.

Better make a save before you go any further though, shoot Azaziel (Harpy) and a Lilith(Bat). Take a running jump over the blocks in the lava to the other side. Go along the left wall to the far NW and look for Codex Page #2/7 behind the first column. In the NW corner is a chest with a Medipack and in the other corner (NE) is Pistol ammo. Up the steps N and left of the Altar are the Binoculars.


Courtyard with the Statue.

Go to the double doors E and they will open (the Sword is already in place). In the S is a gate with a creepy eye on it (The Watcher).

Go to the statue in the middle and there are three buttons, E, W and S. Each will turn the statue a certain amount of degrees.

Push the one W (135o) and then the one E (315o). The statue turns, the gem starts to glow and the doors E will open.

Go there and loop around to the right for some Pistol ammo. This also wakes up a skeleton. Shoot the skeleton with pistols or (even better) just run around him. Run to the lava room N and jump to grab the block in the right hand corner and climb up. Turn W and jump over to the block there, go down left into the opening to get Crystal Piece 2. Get out, jump back E and jump to the N side, up into the alcove and grab the crack on the left. Shimmy to the left and then jump up to the crack above (Ctrl+Alt+Up).

Then shimmy to the left all the way to the S side and pull up.

Detour for a Secret: Turn left, take a running jump to a small balcony NE to get Secret #3, a Skull Basher. Jump back.

Go in S to another balcony. Run jump SW over the low railing to some double doors (or shimmy along the S side), open the doors and watch the flyby.


Courtyard with the Statue, Upper Balconies.

Go to the statue and push it S twice so it falls down to the ground floor and open a hole in the ground. Then go W to a small door, go in to the Cathedral first floor and left around the corner is a chest with Pistol ammo. Notice the bridge NW, that's for later. Go back E and take a right on the balcony. Follow all the way around to the other side (SE) and when you canít go any further hang from the edge and shimmy to the left to grab Crystal Piece 3. Shimmy back and notice the doors SE; that is for later. Go back W and jump over the gap. Left is a ladder down, go down as far as possible, safety drop and inspect the hole you made in the floor. Climb down the ladder, pull the block once and climb up to jump into the opening N.

Jump down and follow through to the level change.


2-Beneath the Fortress.


Just follow W, notice the trapdoor to the right and go to the end of the passage.

For a Secret: Hold Ctrl while sliding down and you'll grab a crawlspace, get in for Secret #4, a Skull Basher. Climb out and just slide down.

Immediately on the right is a lever for that trapdoor above, which is the way back to the first level later, so leave it for what it is for now.

Go straight and down the stairs on the left. At the lava pool, jump to an opening on the right (N wall) and go up the slope and push the button (to the right is the Platform room). Back down and jump to the left. Up the stairs and left to the Platform room.


The Platform Room.

Take a running jump to the right to get into that alcove. There's a door here that will also open later to give access to a Secret in this room, in case you didn't find it. Use the crack to shimmy left to the next alcove.

Take a running jump to the ledge NW with the valve and turn it to activate two platforms. Then jump to the alcove SW and hop SE onto the platform. When it is almost at the top, take a running jump S and use the button to open a door in the corner left of you.

Now jump back to the platform (can be a bit tricky) and jump onto the next one. Then jump to the balcony N, climb on the block and use the valve to activate the next two platforms.

Back SW onto the platform and turn left to jump to that crack in the pillar there. Shimmy around and jump grab straight up (Ctrl+Up+Alt) to the walkway in the middle of the room.


The Shotgun.

Go right (N) and get the Shotgun from the pedestal, a door opens. To the left of the pedestal is a chest and in it Shotgun ammo. Go back to the first platform (E) and jump S to the next one. From there take a jump W to grab the ledge at the wall where you just opened that door (savegame.0) and push the button to open a door under this ledge.

Detour for a Secret: Back to the platform E and then a jump with Ctrl to land in the opening SE. Go in and up the slopes all the way to a crossing, the opening right is a ladder to be able to get here through the doors later. Go left to the top, jump to the W and get Secret #5, a Skull Basher and as a bonus Pistol and Shotgun ammo.

Hang from the edge and do a safety drop down onto the platform and hop back to the central walkway. Go left (S) and go to the gap in the balustrade and jump with a curved run into the open door W.


Lava Pit with Platforms, Codex Page 3.

Get in and jump to the W side ledge, run jump SE to get Codex Page #3/7. Jump back and go down the ladder NW.


Timed Run.

You are at a huge lava pit. Start jumping the ledges till you arrive at the other side (E wall). There is a timed lever as you can see. Flip it, take a side step, roll and then take a running jump from ledge to ledge to the open door at the W side of the room. The last jump you have to grab the edge though (Savegame.1).


The Watcher's Key.

Once inside get the Visibility Soul on the left and go down the slopes. You can kill the skeletons (Kobal) with pistols if you have enough ammo, but the best way is to shoot once with the Shotgun and then switch to pistols (saves ammo). Or stand at the edge of the pit shotgun ready, wait for Kobal to come close and hop with a roll over him and immediately shoot him into the pit (one round does it most of the times). Go to the pit S and jump onto the ledge in the pit. Get up at the other end and shoot the skeletons into the pit.

Go to the right (W) and jump another pit along the left side. There are two more skeletons and if you need ammo go to the chest on the far right (NW) for Shotgun ammo, and then shoot them into the pit (could be they won't go down into the pit, just dodge them).

On the pedestal W is the Watcherís Key (see a gate opening) and in the chest on the left a Vitality Soul (medipack), if you have enough, you could save that for later as you will be back here.

Go back E to the pit and climb up the ladder on the left (N wall) at the top use Ctrl+Shift+Up to get to the monkey swing and go over the pit. Up the stairs and push the block straight ahead into the pit N, stand on it and take a running jump.

Then go to the right (E) and climb that block in the right corner.

Crawl in and out at the end (gate opened when you took the Key), up the stairs, go right (SE) and use that lever there. Climb up the ladder and take a left (E) and you are back in Razielís Fortress. 


1-Razielís Fortress-part 2.


A Crystal Piece and Codex Page 4. 

Climb the block and jump to grab the ladder up to the Courtyard with the Statue.

Go to that gate S with the Watcher's Eye and use the Watcher's Key. Walk up to the first Lava flow and run jump SE onto the flat corner slope, jump to the E and into the corner for Crystal Piece 4, they will combine and give you more space on the health bar. Stand jump back W and then stand jump W onto the slope so you can jump with a hard left curve and end back up on the N floor.

Jump to the S and at the next lava flow jump right around the corner to the flat corner rock, jump around the next corner for Codex Page 4/7.

For a Secret: Look up E and climb into that crawlspace, jump over the pit to get Secret #6, a Skull Basher and. Get back and drop down to the ledge.

Jump back to the flat corner and run jump E onto the slope and jump up to the S side floor.


The Sword of Raziel.

Go to the Hall S and if your health is still high, don't open the left chest yet but get the Pistol Ammo right. Then save before you take the Sword of Raziel, Belial will show up and he's quite a nasty character. Shoot him and 2 skeletons appear, watch the health and go for that chest when you need it If your health is still high, you could leave the chest closed and come back later if you need it (Savegame.2)

Go back N through the now open gates and out to the Courtyard with the Statue. Lara looks left for a moment, use the button E (315o) and the one S (225o) to turn the statue facing the W doors and they open up. Go back into the Cathedral, to the doors W and use the Sword left. Approach the doors and go in, left or right around to the Dead Tree Courtyard.


The Dead Tree Courtyard SW, a Swords Head.

Go get the Pistol ammo from the chest opposite the Sword receptacle at the N side doors. Only option is to go into a passage SW, follow through to a gate you can open with a lever. Shoot the two skeletons with pistols and get the Shotgun ammo from the chest S. Go to the NW pillar (special floor tile) and grab up to the crack

Turn and go to the NW corner and face E at the pillar in the corner. Stand left and use Ctrl and grab the crack. Shimmy around one corner and jump back from the crack to get to the next one. Shimmy around one corner and jump back from the crack to end up in an alcove. Face SE and take a running jump to grab the crack in that pillar.

Shimmy to the right around 3 corners all the way to the right hand side over the spike trap. From that corner you can climb up the ladder. When you are on top of the ladder, get to the monkey swing and swing to the next pillar.

Let go and grab the next crack, shimmy again to the right around the corner and pull up. Then take a running jump straight N to the next pillar (try not to grab the crack in the corner) grabbing the crack and shimmy to the left for 2 corners then jump back to the next one. This time shimmy right and jump up to the crack above. Shimmy right and pull up.

Jump over to the S and get the Swords Head from the pedestal.

To save health jump back to the pillar where you climbed up and lower yourself to the crack and then to the ground floor. Go back out to the Dead Tree Courtyard.


Dead Tree Courtyard W, the Soul of Levitation.

Loop around to the left and into the doors that opened there. Inside take a right into the passage N and jump on the pile of dirt against the far away wall (N) and face the pillar. Use Ctrl and grab the crack, shimmy left around the corner and at the end of the crack grab up to the one above.

Shimmy all the way to the left and pull up. Use the button and watch the brief flyby of the Levitation Sphere activating and a fence lowers. Use the ladder on the edge of the floor to safety drop down and go out. Go to the right and into the Levitation Hall.


Levitation Hall, the Soul of Levitation.

Shoot the skeleton and a bat, head straight down some stairs W and watch another flyby. You might experience that Lara wonít walk normally in this room.

Take a running jump to the pillar and grab the crack. Shimmy around to the backside and then jump from the crack to the opening behind you. This is an exit for later, grab the crack on the left (stand a step or two from the corner) and shimmy left around the corner, then jump up to the crack above and shimmying left till you are above a crack, then let go and grab again. Again shimmy left and now jump up to grab a crack near the corner. Go around the corner and pull up a bit further in a large alcove.


Open the Fence.

Turn SE and jump grab to the opening in the E wall. Crawl through and get into another crawlspace. Hang out the other end and jump back to grab the crawlspace W. Follow to where you can transfer left to a ladder and go down. Drop grab the ladder below and get into the passage to button 1/3.

Go back towards the now de-activated Spike trap and jump up to the crawlspace E, jump out the other end and go to the crack in the wall right. Make your way back up to the ledge (see above). Take a running jump to the walkway and use the button 2/3 on the right (W)

Go back to the pillar and now jump to the opening in the S wall. Turn around and jump to the pillar and grab a crack, transfer to a higher crack and shimmy around the corner to get onto another walkway. Go push button 3/3 on the E wall. A fence lowers in the top of the room.

Then jump from near the pillar into the opening on the N wall and from there to a ledge on the W wall. From there take a jump to the crack S and shimmy left and when the camera moves you see you have to grab that ladder behind you.

Climb up, hop to the other side and get the Soul of Levitation (check the Diary).

To get out safely: Drop down E onto the walkway, jump into the large alcove SW with Ctrl. Jump to the walkway W, into the lower passage S with Ctrl, to the crack in the pillar and around left. Jump back from the crack into the entrance N.


Levitation Hall, Upper Ledges, the Watchers Key.

When you arrive back in the Levitation Hall, face E at the Levitation sphere, climb up and take one step forward, then use the Alt Key and you'll get transported one ledge up. Jump to the window SW and then to Crystal Piece 5 W, jump back to the ledge E.

Go straight, open that door at the end and go right and stand on top of that raised tile. Jump to the crack and shimmy to the left. At the end let go and use the roof to keep shimmying and around the corner back flip to the next ledge. Face N, push that pushable off the balcony (release Ctrl once it goes over the edge) and safety-drop on the block. Get down and push the block twice N towards the opening in the E wall and get in by using the block.

Detour for a Secret: To the right is a crawlspace up in the wall, at the other end go down, you'll find Secret #7, a Skull Basher. Get out and back to the passage.

Get into the crawlspace E; hang on the ledge and back jump to the small ledge in the lava. Run-jump over to the S side, turn and grab the Watchers Key from a pedestal E. Make your way back to the crawlspace and get to the ground floor at the push block.


The Sword Blade.

Now push the block all the way straight N. Then climb up, jump to the crack and jump even higher to that ledge. Go in and to left is another creepy door (W). Use the Key and go in, jump over to the next balcony and get the Sword Blade. Combine it to get a Sword of Raziel. Jump back to the E, go down the ladder for a chest with Health on the W side of the floor. Back up the ladder and when you reach the crack, release Ctrl shortly and hit Alt while hanging to jump past the crack. To the E is a small door, you could just open it to create a shortcut to the Cathedral Upper ledges. We need the Crossbow there, so return to the Dead Tree Courtyard.


Dead Tree Courtyard N, all for the Crossbow&Lasersight.

Run down onto the block, to the ground floor and go to the N doors and combine the pieces to use the Sword to the right. Get in and slide down to the Basement. The gate will open. Get the Pistol ammo NW, if you still have enough health, save the other chest for later. Stand N of the pedestal with the Crossbow and run jump into the Levitation Sphere. You'll end up at a valve; turn it to stop the flames at the buttons.

Grab a crack in the W wall and go around the corner into the dark crawlspace. At the slope, save and slide down, jump out and grab the crack, go left around the corner and back jump into the alcove, get the Flares. Line up for a running jump over the spike pillar into the passage SW (or just hop onto the spikes when they retract and hop again to the slope and get into that opening). Turn and run jump NW onto the block with the Lasersight (Or jump to the other side of that pointed pillar and slide/jump with a hard curve to the right to get to the Sight). Jump back into the passage S and follow through to where you look down onto the Crossbow. Just run out and go to the buttons turning the statues.


Statue Puzzle. 

Left button turns the left statue 45o and the statue right 90o. The right hand button turns left 90o and right 45o. Both statues should face the Crossbow, so this is just one solution of how you can do it (R-R-L-R-L-L), or the opposite (L-L-R-L-R-R)

Pick up the Crossbow and fight the two harpies (Azazel), don't use the crossbow on enemies, too weak.  I ran into the SW corner and shot those two standing with my back in the corner where they couldn't touch me.

After this fight a door in the S wall opens releasing another Demon (Namtar). A Glass Crystal is revealed, read the Diary and shoot that Glass Crystal way up at the S wall with the Crossbow and a normal arrow. The door beneath it will open.

Detour for a Secret: Before you leave, go to the N side of the fence where the Crossbow was, hang from the edge of the floor and drop grab to the crawlspace below to get Secret #8, a Skull Basher. Get out and jump back up to the floor.

You now have the choice to go into the opening S or go back up to the Dead Tree Courtyard, going back up first will give you another health boost just before a major battle, so you might want to do this first. If you go S, scroll down to "Beneath the Fortress-part 2."

Go W up the sloped passage, up the stairs to the Dead Tree Courtyard.


Crystal Piece and the Astaroth Effigy #1.

Go N to the pushable block NE and get on, get to the crack and jump up. Go to the right (E) and open the small door (you might have opened it before). Go left and shoot the Blue Glass Crystal from close by. Go over the bridge but half way turn to the windowsill NW and jump to it. Pick up Secret #9, a Skull Basher. Jump back and continue over the bridge (E) and out the door on the left (E). Take a right on the next square and jump over the gap, go to the SE corner and shoot the Blue Glass Crystal there. Get in and jump in the pit, go to the S wall and in an alcove there get your Crystal Piece #6.

Get back out, hop on the block SE to climb up E and turn around. Jump W onto the slope next to the S wall and jump again to grab the crack in the pillar. Shimmy left and jump backwards to the next one, then shimmy left again and another backward jump to a crack in the wall. Shimmy to the right and let go. Go through and down, jump to the opposite side of the Cathedral and find another opening in the wall (NW). Shoot a nasty Lilith and get from the chest some extra Health if you need it.

Go N and jump down, grab Astaroth Effigy #1 and the fence goes down, to the S you are back at the Dead Tree Courtyard.

Safety drop down (it will cost you health, so you might want to stand jump down into the lower passage NE and then get down to the ground from there). Go back into the open doors N and down to the room where you got the Crossbow. Now go into the opening S.


Beneath the Fortress-part 2.


Go down to the room with the Lava pit, to the right and get Arrows from a chest. Go E and climb upright around the corner, notice the Watcher's door. Use the lever on the right, a chain appears over the lava pit. So go back down and use the chain to swing to the other side. Just swing once to end up in the opening opposite side; then jump up to grab the monkey swing. Go straight and at the end drop and use the button top open the cover as you can see.

Detour for a Secret: Look up left for a crawlspace, get in and into a room with Secret #10, a Skull Basher and OhhhÖ 10 Skull Bashers grant you the Uzis and ammo. Get back out to the button.

Use the monkey swing and the chain to get back to the other end of the room. Then climb up SE to the lever you used but go to the S end now and shoot that Red Glass Crystal.

A platform appeared, so slide down and jump then turn to the right, there is another Red Glass Crystal W, so shatter it.

Then jump over to the next platform and then turn N and take a running jump to the corner (a bit to the left) and climb up to the other balcony. Open the doors you find on the left (W) and enter.


Azazel's Quarters.

In the middle of the Hall is a battle floor; to three sides are Azazel statues.

Take the stairs on the left and one floor up, loop around left again and get Pistol ammo from the chest.

There is another chest with more Pistol ammo on top of the N staircase (NW).

Go down the stairs again and go to the floor in the battle floor and get behind that statue W. Turn around and climb down the ladder and when the camera changes, back flip/jump into an opening. Inside is a chest with a Health (save for later?).


North Side: Codex Page 5.  

Left and right are rooms with a lot of fire. Take the N side room first. Jump around the corner on a ledge and turn, take a running jump to a ledge W without getting burned. Turn and another running jump, this time to the slope N, hang left in the corner till you get the chance to quickly shimmy to the right and pull up. Face W and take a running jump to get in the corner there. You'll find Codex Page 5/7.


Dark Key #1, Raise the Lever Mechanism.

Jump back E and continue through a corridor and you get to a new room. Behind that central pillar is a chest with Pistol ammo and when you pick that up Belial appears. Kill him and your reward is that some platforms appear in the lava pool further down.

Take some running jumps over the lava pool and pick up the Dark Key. Jump back over the lava and use your Key at the right from the pillar with the Lever Mechanism. A few things happen so watch the flyby, the Lever Mechanism goes up and exit gate number one opens up. Now head back to the lava room with the burners. This time you can take a running jump straight to that corner block S and from there, into the opening S (savegame.3). Now make your way to the other fire room.


South Side:

Jump up and grab the monkey climb, be careful of that fire emitter, there are safe spots at the sides where you can wait for the burner to pass.

Get to the opening and just around the corner of that passage is another lava pool. Jump to the right and take notice of the flyby. On the right are chests where you can get some Arrows and Health. Jump back to the rock in the pool and then into the opening in the E wall.


Shoot the Crystals.

Better save there as this lever is timed and you have to do some practice shooting. You can if you want jump back to the lever and use it again as there are 3 Red Glass Crystals you have to shatter. Each time another piece of rock appears out of the lava, so in the end you can shoot them all (quite possible in one go). The first is due E where the lever is, the next one is when you jump back onto the first rock and look SE. The third one is when you jump the next two rocks and you can see it in the far NE corner (savegame.4).


Dark Key #2, Raise the Lever Mechanism.

After you shot all there more rocks appear, so jump to the rocks and when you meet the two bats (Lilith), you better jump back and to one of the ledges W where they cannot push you off. Back over the rocks and then to the ladder (W) at the Lever Mechanism. Climb up and traverse left onto the ladder to climb up. Go W passing the Key hole and jump over to that opening, then to the chain and swing to the other side. Get the Dark Key and then make your way back to the ledges in the other room. Use the Key and another Lever Mechanism will be transported up, exit gate number two opens up. You can jump from the W side (with Ctrl) and land in the alcove where the Timed lever is. Jump down and then to the exit. Unfortunately you have to do the monkey climb again, but this time it's much easier.


Use the Lever Mechanisms.

Go out and take a right (need that Medipack from the chest now?), jump back to the ladder there and climb to the top and hoist up.

Go back up the stairs and the Lever Mechanisms are left or right, stand in front of them and turn the handle. I first went to the right side (N) because of the health boost there.


North Side: Hall with Bridges, the Sword of Azazel #1.  

Go up the stairs and watch the flyby. On the left is a chest with Arrows and on the other side a lever. Your goal here is to lower all bridges so a gate will open to the Sword N.

Flip the lever and now you can walk over the bridge, go onto the central pillar, close to the second bridge and turn to the right (E). Shoot that Red Glass Crystal E and the trapdoor in the central pillar will open.

Stand E, hop back and safety drop onto the slope below, and slide down then jump to the rock in the lava pool. Look to the left (N) there is another Red Glass Crystal. Jump the rocks that appear, grab the last one and then take a running jump to the grey rock SW. Hoist up at the wall, use the lever on the pillar then go towards the lava lake and shoot that Blue Glass Crystal E, a Levitation Sphere appears.

Now get into the passage S, to the left are some Flares. Follow through and stand at the edge, then hop back. A running jump to the Levitation Sphere and release Alt but hold the Ctrl+UP key pressed, you should land on the bridge. If you come short, grab the small ladder and go up. Go up the stairs and use that first lever (on the left) again so now you can get over the bridge to the one on the right (E). Straight ahead is a lever that will lower the W bridge.

But donít cross the bridge just yet, first go N into that passage and find Crystal Piece 7 on the left in an alcove. Follow through to the end and turn the valve there to raise a platform. Go back to the E side room.

Detour for a Secret: Two ways you can do this: stand on the bridge and look down E, there's a room below the one with the lever. Either jump in there with a grab from the bridge (health loss), or stand SW in the E room, turn your back to the lava and take a step forward from the edge. Hop back and hit Ctrl as soon as you passed the edge of the floor, you should land in the room below (with less health loss). Go into the passage SE where the Blue Crystal was, to the left is Secret #11, a Skull Basher. Go back, jump over the platforms in the lava to the W side and use the Levitation Sphere again to get back up to the bridges.

Go over the bridges to the W side room; use the lever straight ahead. Then go into the passage N, open the chest for some Pistol ammo and retrieve your steps, notice the vitality chest here. Safety drop into the opening in the floor, take the passage S and use the Levitation Sphere again to get back up to the bridges. Go to the central pillar and then over to the E side (danger sound) to use that lever there again to get all 4 bridges down. Two Azazel Harpies appear, stand back in a corner, let them come close and shoot.

All bridges are down and the fence is also lowered, so go over the bridges to the N and jump over the lava pool.

Get the Sword of Azazel #1 and the gate on the left opens. Go there and jump forward onto that sloped pillar on the right, back flip/jump and grab a crack. Jump backwards to another crack. Shimmy to the left around the corner to almost the end and jump again backwards. Grab the crack; shimmy to the left and around the corner and up the ladder. Let Lara hang and then make the jump up (Ctrl + Alt + UP) or just climb up along the left side of the ladder.

Jump up and grab the monkey swing, go around the corner and grab the crack in the pillar. Shimmy around and make a back jump and grab the alcove, then hoist up and take Crystal Piece 8 (your health bar increases again). You should now have 2 Vitality Crystals.

Jump back to the pillar and jump up to a crack above, shimmy to the right and at the end jump backwards and grab yet another crack. Shimmy around the corner and jump backwards onto a sloped pillar and immediately jump and grab the crack, shimmy right and hoist up when you can. Go up the stairs and around the left is another Crystal Piece 9.

Go to the other side (S) and on the left and right you can see where all that lava comes from. Take the Glider and go all the way S.

Leave this place and once back in the stair room go to the other side and enter the S door, by using the handle on that Mechanism next to the door.


South Side: Hall with the 9 Platforms, Sword of Azazel #2.

Take the stairs and again you are in a room with a large lava pool.


Get Across, the Glider.

Stand on the right hand side and hang from the edge, shimmy left and at the end jump up and grab a crack, shimmy left and let go, you are safe again. Two Kobal roam here, take care of them (Could be they won't go over the edge). In the SE corner in the darkness is an opening, in there you can get some Flares.

Go out and now go where the 2 Kobal came from. Face E and jump onto the sloped wall, back flip/jump and grab the edge and hoist up. Shoot the Kobal and jump over to grab the middle of the opening N (more to the right Lara might not grab the edge). Then jump over to the NW and into the opening N.

Around to the left is a chest with Shotgun ammo. Turn and use the lever to lower the Glider. Safety drop down and use the Glider all the way to the other end. There is a chest on the left with Arrows, and one on the right with Health. Use the lever NW and wait in that corner, as an Azazel Harpy will come to bother you.


Moving the Platforms, getting up.

Then jump to the SW platform that appeared in the lava and look in the W wall to shatter that Red Glass Crystal (you may have to aim just left of the Crystal). This triggers the next set of platforms.

Jump back to the first platform you jumped on and then jump to the one NW as in that opening in the W wall is another Glass Crystal. Jump back to the E room and use the lever there again and then start jumping up the taller ones and first to the N wall (opening is NE).

Use the button in there. Jump back out, just run S off the higher platform and make your way over to the SE corner platform and into the opening there (notice the door). Use the button there as well, as you can see the platforms changed heights again, so back to the NE side highest platform.

First jump to the roof and shimmy to the right and into the opening. Get Crystal Piece 10 (The dark passage there leads to a Secret door that will open later and gives access in case you didnít get the Secret this time). Use the roof to get back and shimmy all the way to an arch like opening in the E wall. Crawl in and at the end better do a safety drop. In the E wall are different cracks in the wall, grab the right-hand side of the first and up to the next and transfer to the right around a few corners. When you canít go any further do a backwards jump and grab the ladder. Go around the corner right and up, transfer to the monkey swing and go to the end.

You could use the slopes below of just run jump straight onto the ledge between the pillars (no Ctrl). Safety drop down to the other side. Get the Sword of Azazel #2 (just step left or right a bit if Lara wonít grab it). Go back to the lava and shatter the Blue Glass Crystal (up NW). Walk back over the now solid lava floor.

Use the lever a last time and the platforms change again.

Detour for a Secret: Jump onto the first platform, look up right and jump to that opening N, there's a flashing blue light now. Push the button again and go over to the S side opening where the door opened. Push the button inside to change the platforms again.

Get out and jump around to get to the higher one S, onto the ledge and jump left over the gap into the alcove with a Dark Key. Jump right out of the passage, face S and run down into the gap in the floor. Slide and grab the edge of the slope, hang left and jump backwards to grab the platform behind you.

Go over to the middle platform at the N wall and jump NE into the open door there; use the Key. Turn left and go into the dark to find an open door to Secret #12, a Skull Basher. Back out and jump the platforms.

Jump all the way up to the tallest one (W wall) and then to the ledge up and you are back where you started. Go down all the stairs again.


Use Two Swords, the Watcherís Key.

Place the two Swords of Azazel into any of the three statues N, S or W and see a door opening. That door is way up in the W wall so go there. Pick up the Watcherís Key and if you need health, go to the chest in the S or save it for later, but there are some battles coming up so better top up your health.


Muddy Basements.

Go down and leave through the opening E, go left (N) and slide down.

Turn and make you way to the E side and jump up and use the Key on that creepy door. Go down some stairs and to another lava room. Go to the right and use the crack and start shimmying. When you canít go any further jump backwards and shimmy the long way around (left) around 3 corners and jump backwards again. Shimmy left around the corner and let go. Go E and turn the handle in the Mechanism and then go to the opening S. Use the ladder to safety drop down. Go all the way to the SW corner and find Crystal Piece 11 behind a pillar.

Go E and around the corner left is a chest with Pistol ammo but also two fierce opponents.

Detour for a Secret: Go into the dead end passage NE (left of the ammo chest) and look for a triangle opening up N. Crawl in and follow through and get rewarded with Secret #13, a Skull Basher and as a bonus for all secrets found, 2x Uzi ammo. Go back to the ammo chest.

In the SE corner is a dark passage that leads you to the mud stream. Just for the heck of it, save and jump in the mud stream to see what happens.

After reloading jump over the stream, go to the burner trap. Follow the burner pipe so you wonít get burned and do the same with the second one (crawling through is much easier as long as you watch the lower burner). Jump over the mud again, again avoid the flames of the burner pipe (savegame.5). Follow through and get the Dark Key.

OK, you get a flyby and you have to come up with a plan to get over the mud now.


Walk the Mud, use the Key to raise the Mechanism.

Look up and watch the ceiling, walk through the mud and NOT on the tiles where there is a skull on the ceiling. When you are clear of the mud loop, go back W to the room with the pillars and then take a right (N) and use the Key in the lock to the left, the Mechanism goes up. 


Pillars and Pushers.

Then go to the room with the pillars and loop around to the right and use the valve there, directly above you is another valve.

Start jumping the pillars (the pushers make it quite a challenge though). Go to the lowest block SE, stand close to the passage E and hop onto the low block and a running jump to grab the next, go shimmy right around two corners and a backwards jump to grab the next.

Pull up and walk close to the pusher standing at the right hand side. Run jump passing the two pushers to a safe spot. Stand close to the pusher and run with a curve to jump and grab the block N. Stand jump and grab the last pillar and go left around two corners, hang right and jump backwards with a hard left curve to end up at the lever (savegame.6). You can also jump up to the pillar and run jump to the lever (keep pressing [Up] and the pusher will let you pass)

Use the lever and see that life suddenly became a bit easier. So jump back to the tall pillar behind you and from there take a running jump to grab the one E where the spikes were. Go to the lava pool and turn left, use the handle on that W side Mechanism. Now use the chains to get to the other side of the pool N (donít swing too high).


Crystal Piece 12.

You've been here before, there's a vitality chest you might not have used yet. Go to the now active Levitation Sphere and face it S, climb on, take one step forward and hit Alt, hold Ctrl and get one floor up. Make your way to the N wall (easier to shimmy in the corners) and press the button to lift the covers, then go to the W side ledge and into the opening. Watch out for the opening in the floor, jump over it to get Crystal Piece 12. Your health bar is now fully operational. Then safety drop through the hole. Shoot the two Blue Glass Swords (E) and if you need Arrows, the new chest NE has some.

Depending on how you solved puzzles from that point where you picked up the crossbow, you may have all crystals fragments, or one is still missing if you went through the S gate first. If you want to have full health before the battle against Kamael, make your way back to previous level (Raziel's Fortress). To do that, use the first chain in the previous room and swing to your right, climb the stairs and go on your right to exit this level up the slope N. Once in 1st level, find the remaining fragment as described in the walkthrough (from the point where you got the Crossbow), then return to this point by the same way.


The Kamael Battle, Sword of Azazel #3.  

Go through the gate you opened, watch the flyby and better save the game.

Goal is to kill Kamael using a Sphere in the middle of the room.


How to go about it:

The sequence of the following can be done different too:

Run to that Sphere and Kamael is released. Touching the sphere removed some health from him. He will then restore his health when the sphere becomes red.

Go to the W wall (NW) and jump up into the opening there and find a lever at the end. This opens a gate when you get out on the left (N). Climb in and jump over the spiked pit and use the button (#1). Jump back, go straight (S) and hop onto another ledge on the right (SW). Shoot the Blue Glass Crystal. Turn around and jump to the pillar a bit to the right and from there into the opening in the S wall, just go down into the room. In the dark left corner is Codex Page 6. Then go to the entrance slope and back flip on it, jump and grab the slope and shimmy to the right, hoist up. Use the button (#2) and run jump out of here.

Go straight to the E wall opening (SE) and find a pushable block there. Push it onto a different looking tile behind it. Go out and jump into the door that opened. Jump to the ledge on the left and then over towards that button (#3) and push it.

Drop down and leave, go to the N and find on the right another Blue Glass Crystal you have to shatter. This opens the gate N. Go in and stand on the left, turn around and back flip and jump with grab, go up the ladder and use the button (#4). A Timer starts and you have to get to the Sphere before it goes back up. Get down and jump out of the room. Sprint to the Sphere and you get health while Kamael loses it. Do the same sequence of buttons again to lower the sphere (the #4 button was the easiest to get to the sphere in time). Kamael freezes up and a Namtar is released. Kill him and if you need Pistol ammo, in the cage he came from is some.

Do the button sequence again, a Belial is released. Shoot him and in his cage is Pistol ammo. One more time do the button sequence and get to the Sphere, or shoot Kamael with the weapons you have and the battle is done (savegame.7). Go to the opening N and on the right is a chest with Health (you should have enough, so you could save it) and on the other side the Sword of Azazel #3.


Use the Last Sword.

You have 2 choices to return to Azazel's quarters. You can use the chains (shorter way) or leave the level by using the left side hall when exiting Kamael's room, returning to level 1 and making your way back to level 2 at the crossbow room.

Here's the shorter way: Go all the way S to the pit with the chains, grab the first chain and turn right to swing to the floor there. Up the stairs through the Watchers Door, left and slide down to the platform, jump to the next and up right to the other side of the floor. Go in left to Azazel's Quarters.


Azazel's Quarters, the Second Astaroth Effigy.  

Place the Sword on the last statue and 3 Azazel Harpies appear, best run upstairs into an alcove N or S and stand in a corner to shoot them. Remember you may still have a health chest in the W room upstairs. On the battle floor, N and S are 2 new chests with a Medipack and Pistol ammo.

Go to that stand in the middle and turn the little wheel, the whole floor will go up and you can get the Astaroth Effigy #2 from the pedestal. Go back and turn that wheel again to get back down.

Go E out of this room, left in the next and slide down to that chest you opened before. Go N up a slope into the passage you came from when you first came into this place. Climb up and go left.


Razielís Fortress-part 3.


You're back in the room where you got the Crossbow. Go W up the sloped passage, up the stairs to the Dead Tree Courtyard.

Those Astaroth Effigies can be used at the gate S.

In case you still have one Effigy at this point, you may have to go find the other like in this paragraph: "Crystal Piece and the Astaroth Effigy #1" (scroll up).


Into the Astaroth Quarters.

Notice the gap on your right. You'll eventually return here at the end of the game.

At the pit, stand on the left, safety drop down and grab the edge, let go and grab again, shimmy left around a corner to the end. Take a backwards jump and shimmy left. Drop one more crack down, shimmy to the right and take a backwards jump holding Ctrl. You'll land on a safe ledge. Jump around the corner into the opening (S).

Follow through and find some Flares, go NW and follow through, when you see a reddish light, keep to the left and find a closed door you can open. Go all the way up the stairs and the double doors at the end will open. Watch the fly by and save your game.


The Astaroth Battle.

No need to shoot at the Astaroth yet.

Around the square are three swords hanging low, they will be used to seriously hurt Astaroth, you first have to collect 3 swords. You cannot use Pistols, Uzis nor Shotgun for a while, not until you hurt him with the Battle swords. Behind the block left around the corner as you enter is Codex Page 7/7, giving information about your enemy on page 7.


Next part (getting the three swords) can be done in any order.


E Side- Then run to the NE corner and up the slope. There's a chest with Health there. Turn and face the N wall and shatter that Blue Glass Crystal to lower a fence at the sword S. Now you can grab the Sword of Raziel. Unfortunately this also releases nasty little hands (beetles). Roll and run W, slide and jump off the sloped path. Get to the central pillar on the square and place the sword to raise the first battle sword and open a cover on the central pillar, the first batch of little hands should disappear.


W Side- Run to the NW corner and get up onto some slopes. There is another chest with Health (you may want to save it) and a Sword of Raziel #2. Roll and run E, slide and jump off the sloped path. Get to the central pillar on the square and place the sword to raise the second battle sword and open a cover on the central pillar, the little hands should disappear. 


Top of the Pillar- Go up to the E side floor again, to the NW corner ledge and from there jump to the blocks NW, next to the entrance. Grab up W to the roof, shimmy left around the corner and go just left of the middle of the arch below. Pull up and back flip from the ledge with a roll to grab the walkway, or simply do a backward jump. A chest with Health and on top Sword of Raziel #3. Best is to jump back to that roof, shimmy right around the corner, drop down the blocks and go to the central pillar to place the last sword (savegame.8). Hop on the pillar and push the three buttons, starting conveyors to the Battle Swords. Lure Astaroth around the room so he will end up on the conveyors and get killed under the 3 Battle Swords.


Finishing the Job.

When the last Sword comes down, Astaroth will be hurt badly, now you can shoot him (savegame.9). I shot him from above, E or W side.

There is also a chest with Pistol ammo on the middle structure (appeared when the 3rd sword came down). The gate will open (S). Go in and the game takes over... watch what happens, Astaroth will return into the deep.


Astarothís Scepter.  

Lara is now in possession of Astarothís Scepter.

Go over the bridge and the gate will go up. Read the last page of the Diary. Follow through and you are back at the start, in the Cathedral.

_When you go out S you can get on the bike and leave.

_But before you leave you can also look for the secrets/crystal pieces and maybe some surprises as well, obtaining the Scepter will open doors that remained closed before and brings life back to the castle. Have a look at the Tree Courtyard for instance where the tree came back to life.

For the Secret doors that opened; go to the N, left at the Tomb and right into the alcove to use the lever there, go out and left around corners up the stairs to the room where the Pistols where, up the S alcove, crack and walkway, into the door SE to the first floor balconies. Go to the far S window along the route you took before. To the left the door to the Secret is now open, the other doors are mentioned in the walkthrough (Top of the Hall with the 9 Platforms where you got Crystal Piece #10, the other door is in the alcove with the crack in the Platform Room. But if you followed the walkthrough you have all Secrets.


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