BtB 2014 - Cemetery Gates.

Level by Tolle87

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

4 Secrets

Swim left and get out on the ledge. Pick up a Torch, but be careful with it, there aren’t too many left J

Hop with the Torch to the block in the pool and walk down from the low side, swim to the blocks left and wade up to the bank. Ignite the Torch and then ignite a wall torch left of the doors. Go in (with the Torch if you like) and get over the cave-in.

The Settlement.

Go to the back of the square, open the doors of the house there and go in. Lara looks right, but the item you want is in the left corner, the Valley Key. There’s a snake too, shoot him or just ignore.

The Tomb Secret.

Go out, left into a small garden and from the far left corner (NW) you can run jump with a twist landing on the steep sloped rock, jump again with a hard right curve and land on the roof (according to the builder you should be able to jump from SW corner of the garden to the low corner of the roof). Go get the Flares and then jump over to grab the roof of that Tomb like structure in the middle of the square. Drop into the hole in the roof to get Secret #1, a Gold Buddha. Drop from the roof, go to the W barriers and open them with the Key.

The Valley.

Go right as you come into the valley and go straight on the next yard, again straight into the building and left is a tiger, but also a lever opening a door in the other end of the yard. Go out, then right up the slope to the open door. Open the double doors ahead and inside go to the swinging spike logs. You’ll need a bit of luck to run jump through them and over the spike pit.

The Silver Key.

Jump to the opening to the right (N) of the cage and follow through to a lever opening up a door. Go back to the cage, jump to the opposite side and over the next pit to the last, go left there and in the blue light is a wall lever around the corner right. Barriers open up, go back and keep going right to jump to a wider ledge between the two pits and look up in the ceiling (a bit left) for a jump lever to use.

Jump to the end of this corridor and finally come to those open barriers. First use the lever left to open a shortcut to the start corridor so you never have to do the swinging spike logs again. Then go right and find the barriers you opened with the jump lever to your right. Grab the Silver Key there, turn around and go through the door you opened before (SA), you need a crowbar and of course a different key here.

So leave and go out N to the start corridor.

The Bridge, the Gold Key.

Go straight into the tunnel N, follow through to where you can jump through the hall to the other side and follow that passage to the upper level of the Valley where the Bridge is.

Run over the bridge and open the wood gate with the Silver Key, shoot the barrel in the right hand corner to get the Gold Key. Go back over the bridge to the ledge at the other end.

The Bridge, the Cavern Key.

From the left hand corner of the ledge (SE), a jump to that pillar next to the pool. Now jump S and a bit left to grab a rock ledge right of that waterfall. Stand on the lower tip and turn facing the tunnel the water comes from. Stand jump and grab the monkey climb ceiling, follow in and take a right to drop on the ledge. Go to that palm tree in the back and jump left over the river. Grab up to the rock on the right and hang left, back jump (down arrow) to a rock. Now turn left and hop over that ridge into a hole where you’ll find the Cavern Key.

Grab back up and from the rock jump over to the other side of the river, go back to the monkey climb and use it to get back to the Valley, turn left and drop onto the ledge. Walk forward to the left hand corner and look down (NW) to spot the Uzi ammo on a crooked ledge, if you want that; run down from the ledge to it to get to it, hop into the pool and climb out left of the waterfall between a rock and a pillar. Open that fence there with your Cavern Key.

The Cavern, the Gong Hammer.

Walk down to the Medipack and hop back to wait out the boulder, then grab it. Follow down and shoot two tigers, go straight and a bit to the right at the opposite wall is the Gong Hammer. Turn right to find some Mushrooms behind the spikes, then go to the E and get the Flares. In the NE corner grab the Uzi ammo.

To the Gong, Open the Temple.

Back out to the Valley and through the pool to the cave NE, left on the yard and into the building, through the double doors and left through the shortcut. Left again into the blue room and open the barrier with the Gold Key. Follow through to a balcony in the Valley, go right and jump over to grab that pillar. Turn left and jump to the next, turn right and jump to the ledge near the Temple. Jump behind the lion statue on the left, turn right and jump to the back. Go to the other end and jump behind that lion statue. Turn and grab the edge (W) and shimmy around to the right around a corner and at the next pull up and drop down behind the tower (W).

Follow through and use the Gong there, the Temple opens up, go back to the other side where you dropped down here and jump through the gap left of the tower to get back down. Go right around to the open Face doors.

The Temple, the Yin Yang Piece.

Enter the Temple and on a block left of the Buddha’s is a lever opening up the barrier to the right of the Buddha’s (NW), enter there. To the right is a push block in a pillar, pull it out and in front of the jump lever on the E wall. Use the Timed lever to get a screen of the ledges in the top of the room. Quickly pull the block once from the wall and then push it 4 times to the entrance and under the low part of the flaming walkway. Climb up turn right and climb up again. Drop off at the other side and now shimmy left or right all the way to the other side where the flames still should be off. Turn around and grab the other end and let go again to a jump lever so you can pull it. The trapdoors beneath opens so get into the water and get the Yin Piece (SW).

Get out and move the block to the lower part of the monkey climb SE, grab up and follow around to the Yang Piece in an alcove, drop down or use the monkey climb. Combine the Pieces to a Yin Yang Symbol and use the Symbol (W) to open the barrier.

The Symbols Puzzle for the Jungle Sword.

In the next room with the Elephant statues are two barriers, left and right, hidden next to it on the wall are hard to see are levers opening the barriers. Right around the corner, left and right you can pick up some Uzi ammo. Open the barrier on the left (S) with the lever left of it.

S, Fire and Timed Jumps:

In the next room loop left around the corner into the dark niche, crawl right through a gap next to the column and get Secret #2, a Gold Buddha. Get back out and go S to the Fire Hall.

The levers are timed and there are 3, each closing down one section of burner tiles. Pull the lever, run and jump to the next ledges, use the lever, jump to the corner block landing left and curve right to jump to the ledge with the skeleton and use the lever, hop back turning right and jump to the sloped block, slide far and jump to grab the last burner ledge. Run and jump to the safe ledge ahead and grab the top of the wall to shimmy around to get to Symbols Part 1.

Go back by using the pole and swing over to the entrance and go back to the room with the Elephant statues and open the barrier N with the lever left of it.

N, Water and Gates:

Go in and next at the second Buddha find some Uzi ammo. Go down the slope.

A Hall with a bunch of gates..

1.      Turn right and grab up to the ledge above the closed gate, a gate opens in the opposite in the NW corner (Flood wheel).

2.      Run down from the ledge, go straight and jump a bit right to the sloped ledge there. Grab up left to a crack and go around to the alcove with a lever, DO NOT use that yet as it will raise a block we need only later.

3.      Instead hang from the edge of the opening and drop/grab one floor down, use the lever opening the gate under the first lever (spot the Gold Buddha to the right).

4.      Hop out right onto the sloped block, jump to the ledge and get back to the entrance ledge, into the open gate and use the lever to open a gate we haven’t seen yet.

5.      Go out and jump to the pillar in the corner (W), grab up to the upper walkway and go right to the wheel to flood the lower part of the hall.

6.      Dive in, swim to the far left corner (NE) and into the opening and follow through. At the end swim up to climb out where you can use a lever opening the gate NE. Notice the grey block in the wall right of you (Secret).

7.      Get out, back up to the flood wheel (see 5) and drain the hall.

8.      Get down to the lever under this ledge (down to the corner ledge, hop down to the sloped ledge and use the crack) and now use the lever to raise the block NE. Drop out onto the slope and slide jump to the next and back to the entrance.

9.      Drop on the high block under it and stand jump N to the lower block with the columns, drop to the floor. Grab up to the block E and jump to the raised block to get to the open gate.

10.              Inside are two levers, one raising a block next to the entrance and one opening a gate in the middle of the N wall, so use them both.

11.              Get out and go back to the entrance. From there jump to the pillar N and then into the open gate, use the lever to open the gate in the top of the hall (N).

12.              Optional: Preparation for the Secret, flood the Hall (see 5) and lower the block NE again with the lever at the crack (see 8).

13.              Jump back to the entrance, grab up left to the first ledge you visited and from there turn to jump to the newly raised blocks, then turn around to jump to the upper walkway and follow around to get Symbols Part 2 there.

14.              Optional: For the Secret, if you made the preparations (see 12), go back over the ledge, and at the wall on the left (E) turn right, hop back from the ledge, hit Ctrl as soon as you passed the edge and land on the fenced ledge below, between the column and the wall is a jump lever to lower a grey block. Hop into the water and swim into the opening NE, up at the lever and right into the new opening to get Secret #3, a Gold Buddha.

Go back to the entrance and leave the hall, go to the room with the Elephant statues, combine both parts and use the Symbol to open the door next to it. Go in and get the Jungle Sword.

Using the Sword, the Long Swim.

Head all the way back to the Valley (keep going E) and go into the second cave left of the pool, to the yard and left through the open door to the Spike pit area, left through the shortcut after the double doors and left to the blue room where you can now use the crowbar lever. Take a deep breath and dive down in the opened trapdoor and follow through to a wider room. Go left (S) there and go up left at the end, use the chain and go up through the open trapdoor above to get air in the pool of the Valley. Down again and swim S once more to end up in a pool, turn around and swim left to climb out at the dark block.

Push Puzzle to drop the Ball.

There’s a statue that has to go up to the others left. To the right of it is a raising floor, acting as an elevator when you step on. Push the statue to the elevator, step on the elevator and pull the statue on it Now move the statue onto the yellow wall next to the elevator. Then move 3 the blocks (in a N-S line) against the wall to pull/push the statue to the empty corner of the N blocks, move the blocks around when needed.

Raising blocks go up, hop back and jump grab up to the first block, run left onto the second and grab up left to the rock ledge above. Use a lever in the corner to release the Ball and dive down after it. Swim to the far right corner and climb out.

A Bunch of Tigers and Pistols.

Slide down, go to a lever straight ahead and pick up the Uzi ammo and then save before pulling the lever. Tigers come out of the opened barriers, kill them all and in the first opening, right of the lever (NW) are Mushrooms. The gate left has a timed lever for a raising block to get out of this place later, so ignore for now. The second opening in the S wall has a lever opening a lattice gate and Flares, use the lever. Third opening S has Flares, the straight opposite opening N has another lever for the timed exit blocks, so ignore too for now. Go into the middle opening N and through the lattice gate you opened.

UW Maze, the Graveyard Key.

Around the corner on the right are also Flares. Dive in the pool, roll and swim left (W) around the corner and pull the chain (#1, screen of a door), swim out right and back up right for air. Swim in again and keep going down right (E) and then up to find a small gap in the right hand (W) wall, the one with a different texture. Go in and left to the next chain (#2, door opens up). Turn and swim out and left down the ramp, around a corner and then straight up before the tunnel where you see a door ahead. Climb out to get air and also the Uzi’s from the floor of this room. Face W and swim down to the bottom and loop around to the left (E) through the small gap and left around corners to get air at the pool.

Turn and swim back down to the bottom, take a right and immediately a left, follow through to where that gate opened to get the Graveyard Key.

Getting Out!

Swim back to the pool and get out, go back to where the tigers were and into the opposite right hand opening, save at the lever. Pull and back flip roll while the camera shows the block, run out and diagonally to the last opening (NE), throw the lever there and side flip right, run out and jump onto the lower block next to the ramp, hop onto the next and jump out of this place. Swim through the tunnel in the bottom of the pool and go straight up where you see that chain, through the trapdoor to the pool in the Valley. Climb out straight ahead and go into the cave with the open crowbar door (or open it now).

The Graveyard, into the Crypts.

Go left up the stairs and open the barrier to the Graveyard with the Key and go straight to open the double doors into the Tomb. Left op the stairs and shoot the Bell from the balcony. Turn right and walk to the wooden fence, back flip over the wooden fence to land at Secret #4, a Gold Buddha.

Get back down and into that opened grave (SE). Drop down into the Dark Crypts. In the “entrance” walk forward to a larger room (Main room). There are a bunch of barriers here that won’t open for you although you can see all kinds of nice things behind them. To the left of you, you can see a timed lever for a block in that room, that’s for later as we need two more blocks to get to that raising block and the crawlspace beyond that in time.

Block I.

Turn right and go into the opening, go right and left, then climb up right into a crawlspace, turn around and climb backwards into the water, follow through and climb out left. In the next corridor is a croc to the right, shoot that and look up right for an alcove with a lever (1) opening a barrier in the entrance. Jump down and go around the corner and climb the block on the right.

Throw a lever and a block goes up in the Main room below, drop out (S) onto a push block and pull it onto the central floor, straight in front of the timed lever in the entrance and push it against the deeper part at the entrance.

Block II.

Get back into the entrance, into the second right (opened by lever 1) and go right around the corner, in the back climb up right and use the lever, drop out onto the push block pull it 5 times and push it once N, so you can do curved jumps to the raising block.

Timed Jumps.

Go to the lever, pull and turn right, do curve running jumps over the blocks to the raising block and then to the crawlspace ahead.

The Temple Key.

Follow the crawlspace and drop into a flooded room. Wade out, get into the crawlspace (W) and come to a cave with a building behind the rocks. Go up right and hop through the gap to climb up over the ridge to the building. To the right is a plant covered wall, climb that to the ledge on the right. From the ledge jump to the roof of the structure and go to the right hand back corner, where you’ll find the Temple Key. Get back down and open the Temple.

The Temple.

Inside go left onto the alcove ledge and look on the central pillar for a jump lever you have to use to open the barrier. Go in and turn right at the trench, check the health and run in so you’ll slide backwards. Just slide, don’t grab the edge. Bounce forward from a slope and then grab the lower slope. (Drop to grab a bit lower so you can) Shimmy right and drop to the blocks below. Get the Medipack and make your way down, go into the wide corridor and shoot the tigers. The second alcove right has a lever opening the gate ahead, go through and swim through to a corridor with a spike wall.

Spike Wall, Pushing It.

Get out and go left through the bypass and go out left, a flyby shows two gaps in the wall, DO NOT touch the floor there, jump over or the spike wall will start. Push the left object twice, push the right hand one once. Face S and pull out the left (the one you already pushed) back once. Go behind it and push the right statue to the wall in the back. The spiked wall is triggered. Push the statue on the left into the alcove and pull the right one from the wall. Get behind it into the crawlspace.

The Torch Room.

1: Dive into the pool, swim through the tunnel right (NW) and up into one of the cells around the pool, open the gate with the lever and go out, straight to the opposite wall and to the right are Torches, pick up a Torch. Ignite it on the wall torch next to the pool and go back into the cell you opened (NW), ignite the wall torch and see torch one ignite at the barrier.

2: Get into the pool, swim into the other tunnel (S), take a left at the crossing and take the upper tunnel at the split-level tunnel. Get out at the Green Spike room.

Green Spikes Room.

1-  Walk onto the block in the room, turn right and run jump down to that flat surface in the corner, grab up left and run jump onto the ledge on the central structure (no Ctrl). Go right to the end and throw the lever to lower a block near the entrance.

2-  Turn around and run jump over the low fence to grab the ledge N, throw the lever to open a door in the central structure. Hop back and safety drop down, jump back over the ledges to the entrance block.

3-  From the highest tip stand jump up into the structure where the block lowered. Turn around and run jump with a right curve onto the highest balcony. From the block at the end down to the balcony W and at the end is a lever lowering a raising block in the central structure. Get back to the entrance block.

4-  Jump and grab the dark ledge you see SW and crawl in left to yet another lever, opening a door. Get back and carefully hop back down to the entrance block.

5-  Back into the structure and through the crawlspace to the other end, stand jump out and grab the crack. Go right around corners to a lever, opening a door. Safety drop from this ledge and jump back over the ledges to the entrance block.

6-  Into the structure again and climb down in the first opening on the left all the way down and use the lever, opening a door. Go back up and now you have to raise the block here again

7-  So go back to the lever of step 3 and raise the block with it.

8-  Back into the structure and crawl left onto the raised block. Turn right (E) and grab up where those doors opened up. Side flip at the second fence over the wooden fence to the left and go up the ladder there.

Follow through, drop down and use the lever to open a barrier on top of the Torch room. Drop down into the pool below, swim into the S tunnel again and take a left at the crossing and take the lower tunnel at the split level tunnel. Follow through and get out of the pool, shoot the croc if you like.

Room with the Wooden Platforms, the Silver Key.

Go to the S side and grab up to a pillar, jump from pillar to pillar to get to an alcove N, jump out left to the alcove E. At the end is a lever; this raises a block on the right and down. Turn to the right, jump and grab the wooden platform ahead, go to the other side of this walkway and turn to the right and jump up and grab the walkway there. Just drop to the wooden walkway below and pull up to get the Silver Key and drop down in the pool, make your way back up to the upper wooden platform.

Climb out and in the SE corner is that block, so you can climb up and jump to the wooden walkway again. Jump up again to the next one, loop around right and in the opening of the balustrade jump up to the stone walkway. Open the gate with the Silver Key.

Use the lever you find in there to open up another barrier on top of the Torch room. Swim back to the Torch Room. In the pool and swim in straight, a bit up and take the right and climb out.

Head into the cell in the NW and then left into the passage in the corner. Follow the passage and grab up; you’ll end up on the roof above the Torch wall. Left and right are the two barriers you lowered.

N: At the end of the passage, drop down, go to the cell and open the barrier, go get a burning Torch and go back inside. Ignite the wall torch and get a screen of the Torches we lit already. Go N into the passage you came from before and hop onto the ledge in the back, drop the Torch on it. Next to this ledge is a lever, throw that to bring the Torch up. Go back to the Torch room, into the NW cell and up to the roof again. Into the N passage and get the Torch and head into the S side, go left and stand on the ledge in front of that gap in the wall (two steps back from the gap) and throw the Torch through it.

On the opposite wall (W) is a lever on a hill, use that to open the last cell. Get back down to the pool below, climb out W, get another Torch and ignite it. Go into the SW cell (near the torches on the floor) ignite the wall torch on the right. Throw the Torch down and go into the pool. Swim into the tunnel S once more and take a right, up into the cell you threw the Torch in. Ignite the wall torch and the barrier at the 4 torches finally opens. No easy exit, so swim back to the pool and go out W through the new passage. Crawl through and pick up the Note: “Checkmate in Two”.

A Game of Chess.

In the next room the flyby will stop at the black square in front of the entrance, push the pawn (bell) left of that square once forward and now hop your way diagonally over (only) the black squares to the NE and you’ll see the trapdoor in the previous room open up.

Back over the black squares and out of the room, drop through the open trapdoor. Follow through to where you can use the 4 Gold Buddha’s (if you found them) to get the Quad. With the quad you can go up the steep slope E and get the ultimate Secret reward, the Reliquary Tower Artefact. The level ends.

Without the Buddha’s, go into the passage left of that steep slope and the level ends there

G&D, July 15-2014.