BtB2014 - The Devil and the Deep Dark Jungle.

Level by Greywolf

Beta walkthrough G&D productions.

Note about the Secrets: There are two routes through the first part of the level, but first you can go look around for some pickups and a Secret, before you choose one of the routes. Along the first route (Jungle) we describe are two Secrets, the second route (River) only one Secret. After the two routes joined you can find 4 more Secrets. So route 1 till the end gives 7 Secrets and route 2 gives 6 Secrets.

Turn right and dive into the water for Flares, climb out and dive into the river straight ahead, grab the Medipack there, swim to S, pick up mushrooms (small medipack) and go on around the bend, to the left is a closed tunnel and that’s where the MP5 is. Now swim to the end of the river (E) and get another Medipack. The hole in the bottom is the second route you could take, but if you go in you can’t go back. For a Secret look up left from that hole in the bottom, go up at the high rock face and climb it (Ctrl). Hang left, don’t pull up but back flip roll and grab a crack behind the waterfall, shimmy right and pull up in a small cave for Secret #1, Flares, a Bazooka ammo and a Medipack. Get back out into the river and swim back to where you started.

Climb back on the block and now you have a choice out of two routes. One leads you through the jungle and gives you 2 secrets. The other leads through the river and gives you one secret; the routes join together at the yard where you shoot the bell to open the doors later.

1: Jungle Route: (for the other route, scroll down to “2: River Route:)

Jump over to the E bank and go up left a bit to find a path into the jungle, follow the path to a building, shoot the snake there. Go left of the entrance and behind that lion statue to use the pulley wheel, a gate opens up at the river. A tiger shows up, shoot it and first go inside to check the route for a timed run. Enter, shoot a tiger and get the MP5 ammo and from the right alcove some mushrooms. Go down S and down along the left side for some Flares, enter the Tomb with darts. Stop there and look across the room with binoculars to spot a large door.

Timed Swim/Run for the Big Door.

Go back out of this place, go back along the path to the river, swim S and go on around the bend, to the left where the MP5 was is the gate you opened. Save at the surface before you go in.

Go in and follow to a crossing, go around corner straight N and then first right to find a chain that will open up that Big Timed Door (Save when you pull it). Swim back, left and straight S, follow through to the river and take a right to get back to the jungle path. Follow up to the structure again and down to the room with the darts. Just sprint through and through the Door.

Spike Wall.

Save and pick up the Flares and MP ammo near the skeleton left. In the other side of the room is a spike wall and a Torch, when you go for the Torch (I did a running jump landing on the Torch), the wall starts moving. Now you have to ignite the Torch and light the two wall torches next to the gold gate where the Flares were, first the closest one, side flip left for the second and hop back turning right to quickly hop into the gate before the wall gets you!

Jump the Pits.

Pick up some mushrooms and leave the Torch behind, Turn around and hang into the pit, drop and grab a crawlspace to get Secret #2, Explosive arrows, a Bazooka ammo and Flares. Hang out and use the ledge jump up to get back up.

Now hop onto the higher slope and slide as far as possible, jump to the next slope with a bit of a right curve, slide backwards and grab the edge. Hang left and pull up for a back flip roll, jump three more times from slopes to land on a ledge, rubble will fall. First get the Flares in front of the door then climb into the alcove (N), shoot the statue and quickly pick up the Lion Key. Get down and open the gate with that key while a wraith will pester you.

Crock Pit, Timed platform, the Magnum.

Look down left and spot a block with a plant, under the block is a chain but there’s also a Croc down there, so top up the health and dive in (the wraith will die), climb onto the block with the plant and shoot the croc that comes in. Between the plants are some mushrooms, and then dive in and swim into the opening in the N wall for a Medipack and a bit further Magnum ammo. Back to the croc pit, the chain below the block is Timed and will raise a platform in the room above. Pull it, swim to the W wall and climb the vegetation back up to the opening with the gate. Go about two steps higher than the edge of the opening, drop/grab and shimmy left and Lara might end up in the opening, then pull up. Roll and run jump across to grab the platform, inside is the Magnum. In the back is a pulley wheel that opens the fence in the pit below. Another croc appeared; shoot it from the block before swimming into the open barrier.

The Khmessage and the Lasersight.

More crocs emerge as you swim through the U tunnel up to a dark room, quickly climb out and shoot them. In a corner of the pool is Uzi ammo in another corner are mushrooms, climb out again. Look in the corner of the room for a jump lever (SE) and use it, climb the block that went up to the right and stand a step back to hop to the pole, maybe swing a few times (hold Ctrl + Forward cursor) before you jump off to the jump lever ahead.

After the pole release Ctrl and hit it again when you are close to the lever, another block went up, get on it from the first block and jump to grab the mouth of the Big Face. Get inside and grab the Lasersight. Go to the back wall and face E, back flip onto the sloped side and jump grab to get onto the vegetation. Climb up into the crawlspace to get Secret #3, Flares, the Uzi’s and a Medipack. Get down in the water and climb up E and go up to the Temple yard.

Scroll down to “Temple Yard” to continue…


2: River Route:

Swim S, around the bend to the end of the river (E) and go down into the hole and to the left into the tunnel (a block will go up behind you) and follow through, picking up a Bazooka ammo and MP5 ammo. Surface at the end and climb out, on a block left of the stairs is more MP5 ammo and around the corner in the next room the Magnum and a Medipack.

Statue Puzzle, the Golden Buddha.

Go left down into the pit, pick up Flares, MP5 ammo and pull a block from the SE corner, move it all the way to the opposite side (pick up mushrooms there) and around the corner once in front of the alcove in the wall (N). Now pull a Naga Statue out of the SW corner and move it onto a raising block along the E side. Use the lever on the one stairs up (W wall) and now move the Statue into the alcove N. You’ll hear a door open up and that door is around the corner in the back (S), shoot some bats.

Go left and pick up the Lasersight from the floor (corner of the stairs) then go up the stairs and immediately down again, while some Stone Temple Warriors come alive. Shoot them; one leaves a Serpent Gem. To the E are some Explosive Arrows. Between the two burning tiles N are mushrooms. Get down the stairs and into the room S and shoot that Serpent Gem from the mouth of the Statue, get it and return to the Puzzle floor N where you can use both Gems to open the gate. Pick up Magnum ammo, but don’t use the lever yet.

The idea is to get that snake statue from the previous room all the way here onto the puzzle floor and raise 3 blocks with it so you can jump over to the alcove up in the W wall.

Go back to the previous room where you pushed the statue, pull it back onto the higher floor and lower the raising block. Pull/push the block in the trench back to the S side of the room (over the raising block but not into the alcove though) and use the lever again to raise the block. Move the statue on that block and use the lever so you now can push the statue on the block. Use the lever again and now push the statue all the way to the end (NW corner)

Now run back to the S rooms, all the way straight to the end of the passage where you’ll find a room with a ladder, on the floor MP5 ammo and mushrooms. On the wall is a lever to raise the block under the statue, go back there and move the statue all the way to the puzzle floor onto a block next to where you found the Laser Sight (against the N wall there). Go into the passage where you used the Gems. Now use the lever to bring the statue up. Move it onto 3 tiles they are textured differently, SE, between the statues N and W and 3 blocks go up (it doesn’t matter which one you do first). Use the blocks to jump to the alcove W and use the pulley wheel to flood the rooms. Get back to the low block E and from the block you can shoot the two crocodiles coming for you.

Swim out to the corridor and swim back right to the room where the push puzzle started. The alcove where you pulled the first block from (SE) changed and you can now access the room with Secret#2, the Uzi’s, Explosive Arrows, Flares and a Bazooka ammo. You can get air in the room NW.

Swim back S and in the corridor a right into the room where you shot the statue, open an underwater door in the left wall to get the Golden Buddha. Swim out, take a right in the corridor and swim to the room with the ladder. Climb the ladder to the room above, get the Medipack next to the ladder and use the Buddha there to open the gate left.

Temple Yard.

Get through the long crawlspace (roll) and shoot a grate to drop into a Temple yard.

This is where the two routes come together.

Shoot the Tigers and get Magnum ammo under the crawlspace and also in the opposite side (S) corner. Look up for a big Bell in the tower above the Lion doors and shoot it to open those doors.

Monkey Square.

When you enter to the left is MP5 ammo, a bit further also left Flares, around the corner and left again more MP5 ammo. In the courtyard, in the far right corner (NE) is a Medipack. Up the stairs to the right is more MP5 ammo, and up the next stairs to the left Uzi ammo.

On the next yard go right and around the structure to the N side Monkey Square, there’s a gate and two statues next to it. You have to break the statues (jump on them from the front) to release the Guardian Tigers, which will both leave one Key (Ornate Lion Key and Gaja-simha Key), use those to open the gate. You could accidentally shoot a monkey making it attack you; just ignore it.

Jungle Sword and Gong Hammer.

Go down the winding staircase to a room, left are mushrooms near a gate, go to the skeleton and pull it away from the Jungle Sword. Also to the N of the skeleton Uzi ammo and to the W is MP5 ammo, then go to the NW corner and look for a jump lever on the N wall. Grab a crack in the opposite pillar, jump up to the highest crack and back flip with a roll to grab the lever opening that gate. Go to the SE corner into the gate, inside is the Gong Hammer and into a crawlspace on the right the Khmessage, read it.

Get out and go up the stairs at the other side (W), take a right and come to an opening to a courtyard. Hidden in the grass are torches, pick one up, go down the stairs and up the opposite one and ignite it. Lots of bats flutter around. You need to use the Torch once but it is also quite handy for the dark areas you have to travel through.

Go back to where you found it and drop the Torch over the edge of the floor, climb down the vegetation and go up to the top of the structure to get mushrooms and Uzi ammo.

Now save here because you have to make sense of that Khmessage you found before as you have to shoot one of the 4 statues here, it’s the one E, don’t ask me why. If you shoot the wrong one you have to reload. A bridge will roll along the W side of the structure.

Mirror room with Spikes, Symbols Part I.

Pick up the Torch , go down the stairs to the S, pick up MP5 ammo and go into the opening S (leave the Torch outside for a bit), there’s a pit so be careful. Turn around and hang down into the pit, drop and grab the lower crawlspace to get Secret #4 (River route 3), Uzi ammo. Get back up and get the Torch.

Stand with your back to the pit, back flip and jump twice bouncing off slopes to end up in a room with a Gong. On the left of the Gong is MP5 ammo. Go behind the Gong and use the Gong Hammer on it and the doors open up, go in and to the right are Poisoned Arrows, get the Torch and go down and come to a mirror room with Spike traps.

Look in the mirror for the safe spots and hop over the ones with spikes. Go to the left corner at the mirror (SE) and ignite the wall torch; spikes retract in the opposite corner (NW). So get to the NW corner and ignite the wall torch. Then ignite the one behind you (NE) and the last one in the SW corner. Spikes go down behind you so you can grab Symbols Part I there. Now look in the mirror, the far right hand side where you see the slanted block in the passage you came from, there’s some kind of opening to the right of it.

You can leave your Torch here, get back out of the spikes, left onto the stairs and to the right, between the slanted blocks is a concealed opening. Pull up in and get Secret #5 (River route 4), Bazooka ammo and a Medipack. Get out and go back to where the Gong is and hang into the pit NE, shimmy to the opening in the wall and go through to drop back at the structure. Go over the top of the structure and go get yourself a new Torch if you like (up the vegetation N). Back down to the structure and into the opening N.

Lower yard, Crowbar door and the Naga Key.

Just inside the opening N, grab the Bazooka ammo, proceed to get MP5 ammo and cross the wooden bridge, through the passage and drop the Torch into the lower yard (if you took one), climb down too and get the Magnum ammo straight N. Up the steps N is a door you can open with the Sword, drop inside and go around the central structure to the NE corner where you can climb up in an alcove with a lever.

Open the gate with it and go down into a camp site, go to the tent and next to it is an old crate, shoot it to get MP5-, Magnum ammo, Flares and a Medipack. Shoot a barrel in the left corner and grab the Naga Key, a wraith shows up. Get out, go to the S side and up through the crowbar door to the pool in the lower courtyard to get rid of the wraith.

The Naga Door, Walter in the Dungeons.

Go back inside and this time to the left (W) where a door can be opened with the Naga key, follow down the stairs and get some Flares halfway on the stairs. Once downstairs better save before shooting all those crates in the room. Make up the stairs and then to the right, around the corner and up the opening on the right and jump in the pool with about 5-6 wraiths chasing you and go back into the building down the Naga door after. Pick up Flares, mushrooms and Arrows where you shot the crates and go through to the Dungeons. In this next room, Walter will emerge. You found him! But.. he’s not quite his old self, he will attack you with his machete. You can make use of that by standing in front of the three piles of rubble in the passages leading out of the room. You’ll have to avoid contact with Mad Walter as much as possible, you cannot shoot him, he IS your friend! In the alcove straight ahead and on the right from where you entered you can find MP5 and Magnum ammo.

Your friend Walther, Symbols Part II.

Once all openings are clear, go into an alcove (NW) for Arrows, go into the opening on the right (N) and use two levers there, in a corner is MP5 ammo. Get out and into the right hand side in the opposite wall (S), get the Uzis on the right and use the lever on the back of the statue. A block goes up in opening on the right (E), go there and get Symbols Part II, jump down and find Bazooka ammo between the pillars (SW). Light a flare and jump up to grab a crack there, shimmy a bit to the right and jump up and get into the room above for Secret #6 (River route 5), Uzi ammo, Arrows and a Medipack. Drop back out.

In the SE corner is Uzi ammo, behind the block where the puzzle item was you can find Magnum ammo. In the NE corner are Flares and opposite you can get Mushrooms.

Get out this room and leave W. Up the stairs to the Pool area and combine the Symbols Parts to get the Symbol Puzzle, use that on the right hand side of the dark wall E and it opens, prepare to battle a Shiva, just shoot him/her. Go inside and into the crawlspace straight ahead for Uzi ammo, then into the crawlspace left and right to use the levers there. When you are in the right hand crawlspace (S), look up to the right to find a crawlspace with the Bow.

Naga’s Lair, the Bazooka.

Get out and the trapdoor in the floor opened up, get down the ladder and in the room with the statues right around the corner to find a crawlspace up in the wall (NW), inside is Secret #7 (River route 6), the Bazooka and MP5 ammo. Drop down and in the opening to the stairs (W) are some Flares.

Go down the stairs and gather MP5 ammo SE, Bazooka ammo, Magnum ammo and a Medipack from the ledge. Follow the stairs down to the Dragon’s Lair. Run into the opening to the right (E) and pick up Flares before you climb down. Crawl through and drop into a flooded room, quickly get across to the opposite wall and climb the vegetation (NO FLARE), transfer to the monkey climb and go straight to the opposite wall, drop and grab to get into the crawlspace and go to a room with a lever opening up a barrier. In the corner are mushrooms and Uzi ammo. Get out and make your way back (up SE) to the Naga’s Lair, sprint straight across into the opening there and grab Flares just around the corner and proceed to where that barrier opened.

To Conquer Naga, the Green Orb.

In a corner of the next staircase (NE) are mushrooms and Bazooka ammo, then go up the stairs and halfway up are more Flares. In the room above Naga, go around to every corner and use 4 pulley wheels, pick up Magnum ammo (SE) and mushrooms (NW) and shoot skeletons into oblivion (Bow and Explosive arrows). A door opened along the N side, go in and use the jump lever, just wait there and see a boulder going down onto Naga. That being done go back down the stairs (W) and go get the Green Orb where Naga was. You can shoot the snake if you like, plenty of ammo…

The Elephant Key.

Make your way back (S and left) through the passages with the goddess statues and up the ladder to the Shiva room, go out to the lower yard and climb the ladder to the opening SW so you can get back to the bridge room. Resistance arrived to take care and shoot them from below if you can. Go back into the crowbar door N, down and shoot a soldier, get the ammo. Then go left through the Naga door, all the way down to where Walter seems to have passed on… Grab the Elephant Key he left behind and you could also take his Machete, but there’s no real need for that anymore so just go back up to the lower yard where more soldiers await.

For the Quad.

The first one is waiting on top of the ladder, pick up the mushrooms he left, from the bridge shoot the others or jump from the bridge to one of the balconies and gather Bazooka, MP5 and Magnum ammo dropped by the soldiers.

Climb the vegetation N up to where the Torches are and go back down the stairs shooting another soldier with Magnum ammo, go down the stairs left and straight through the room where the sword was into the staircase E. Up to Monkey square and shoot more soldiers gathering everything they leave behind (Mushrooms, MP5 ammo). Head to the other side of the square where the elephant statues are. Optional: go into the passage with the gong. Down the stairs and shoot more resistance and go back up to the elephant statues, to the left in the corner of the square is the garage, open it with the key and get the Quad. Go left around to Monkey square and left into the open door, down the stairs and straight up the stairs and follow through in the direction of where the Torches are and on the staircase, run down soldiers while going straight through that wall (N) with the dead tree. Follow through to where the level ends.


G&D - May 31,2014.