Easter (???) level by DJ Full
Walkthrough also by DJ Full

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on “Marhatanh”… “hatahh”… “hrhnapghh”… never mind]

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Easter. It was often better than Christmas. I said “it was”.
Then, they came from below, bringing pain and chocolate,
and lead us the way of their headless chicken idol,
till a Maid had enough, who fought the Armeggedon.

                                                                              Asp 20, 14-15

Unaware Valley, Easter Saturday
Objective: Repel the Easter Bunny attack.

Cutscene: After a short yet intense prologue showing the danger approaching from beneath, the action jumps to DJF's garden where Lara and aforementioned sidekick are ripping carrots for Easter pie. Suddenly the patch disappears and while Lara wonders if not to fry the duck as a party dinner substitute, DJF leans towards the ground to check if some carrots are possibly hidden beneath. An evil rabbit emerges from below, almost giving him a heart attack though getting shot by Lara in the next order. The workers decide to dig in search for the burrow.

This purpose means You need a shovel. Go to the shed and find a rabbit apart from the desired item but broken in half. Get these pieces of Bitten Shovel and enter the house. Sidequest: smash all the windows in DJF's house for no reward except the owner's raging. You can do it as You progress with the main storyline, so don't care about the order and just get the Frozen TNT from the fridge. The explosives are useless cold so warm them in the kettle soup. Take out the Quite Powerful TNT and take a First-Aid Kit chocolate from the table . There's also a Second-Aid Kit (Large Medi) behind the staircase, and a lockup beneath the steps You can open  for a Shotgun and Lots of bullets, but beware - if You do the latter, a bunny wave will emerge and attacks the gardener who's now crying for help. Get out to support the guy (in fact do the dirty work for him, for he was ripping carrots all day so he has enough and deserves some rest). While the bunnies are repelled, the gardener asks for a bazooka. There are indeed lots of enemies so remember the aid kits You got a while ago might be of use. Follow  any stairs (or windows) to the first floor and grab the Ticking Clock (Cluck?) from the nightstand, to combine with the TNT and form Eggstermination Device for later use. The adjacent room is protected but right behind it sits a toilet where You go first. Turn off the water the owner left running for unknown time and find something else forgotten in the laundry machine, maybe for even longer. No, leave the cat alone, it's the Music Cell Key what You need to pick up. Go along the big window and use the key in the hole.  You entered the secret recording studio for Composition Glue mergable with broken spade to get a Repaired Shovel.  On the way back, shoot the attic trapdoor and hop up there for the BTB-14 Rocket Launcher and load of CMS-XL Rockets (of one type so far). ullets Do the epic slide to aid the scared gardener once again, for another wave of bunnies storms the ground - shoot them all and use the shovel on the heap of freshly moved ground (next to the sunflowers) to dig through. Fallen in, hop over the carrot spikes, kill three more bunnies and notice a Large, Massive, Huge, Mighty Evil Portal of Easter Death With No Resurrection lurking in the burrow. You need to blow it up. Say hello to the bunny statue by putting the bomb in his furry paws. Don't worry, it's an Easter level, the explosion won't kill You. However for an unknown reason, the savegames will crash the game from now on. Resurface (mind the sharp carrots again) and talk to DJF but don't stand too close to him or You will die together (and just he will if You listen to me). Push the egg away, possibly to provide some rescue, but now the lockup trapdoor bursts open. A rabbit should jump out but he failed to animate. Hop into that basement. Among some binned objects, there is a switch. Press it to uncover a secret library and examine The Fairy Tail (a book of bunny legends). The prophecy of New Rhabbit also relates to Lara, now supposed to stop the Armeggedon. Get out of the house, behold the incoming eggpocalypse, weep over the faithful sidekick's dead (?) body and make an oath You won't fail him (watch out, that means You swear to play the next part). Take his Gate Key just in time, because the final rabbit wave approaches. Kill them all or not, put the key in the gate and flee from hell to save whatever parts of the world are yet not contaminated by it. More bunnies roam in the fading vision of future. They can be killed if You're fast, but they are rather meant as a harbinger of what is going to follow in the next part (in this one, it's just the credits).