BtB2015 - Arcadian Dream


Level by BtB 2015


Walkthrough by G&D Productions.


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Watch the opening flyby.


As this is a non-linear level with connections everywhere, there will be of course numerous ways to get through. This is how we did it. Our route may not be the shortest, but you’ll get it all….

Do shoot the vases everywhere (even the ones in the water) as you never know what you’ll find.


5 Secrets; tasks related to the Secrets are in dark blue; there are 5 Keys to find so you can open the Secret rooms.


The Apartment Key 2.


From the Valley go left a bit and up the stairs to the upper level and on the left in the far SE corner of this level are Uzi clips.


Turn around, go to that grassy area with the columns and between the columns you can find Flares in the grass. Look N (spot that blue door in the tower on the right) and go to there to the opening in the floor. There’s a jump lever in it we will be back for soon. For some pickups, first head NE and on a balcony with a market stall E is Orange juice (small medipack), proceed to the N and under that windmill is Magnum ammo. Turn around, go right around the building (NW) and spot a wooden door there.

Go S along this side and when you go through a narrow part with a door to the right; look left on the grate for Arrows. Further S is an Atlas statue with Uzi clips in the grass next to it.


Secret: Left is a house with a little door with a porch, you can grab up to the roof. Grab up to the higher roof on the left (N) and shimmy around to the other side, drop and jump along the left side to the far roof where you will find Courtyard Key 5. Drop from the roof, go to the NW where you can now open that wooden door, inside is Secret #1, Thunderbolt ammo, Ambrosia (Medipack) and 2x Kaboom arrows (alcove E).

Get out, go SE to that hole in the floor you saw before.


Turn around, hang into the hole and use the jump lever you find there. Go left, outside to the Valley and right up the stairs again and on the right is that now open blue door. Go in and you get a fixed camera, pick up the Shotgun ammo and go to the table. Face W and jump up to grab the ladder and shimmy around the corner to the end and pull up. Get the Apartment Key #2 from the pedestal.


Look to the S and hop over the roof to that ledge, from there jump over to a portal on columns and follow through left. Grab the Ambrosia and Magnum ammo and get back.

Jump back to the grassy ledge at the roof, hop over the roof to where you got the Key and get down to the ground floor (shimmy around the roof, drop to the balcony).


Apartment 2, Laser sight.


Go down the stairs to the Valley and loop around the left, then take a right to a small area with some doors and keyholes. The door on the right (N) is Apartment 2 so use your key there. Better start jumping back as a lion appears. Kill it (poor animal), once inside go up the steps and on the landing left shoot the vases to get a Laser sight. In the cabinet NW is Magnum ammo.


Open the door to Cog #1 and for the Magnum.


Get out of the Apartment and on the square take a right (W), take a running jump straight ahead over the lower yard to the roof, shimmy around the corner and pull up at a closed gate. Turn and jump to that crawlspace behind the flowers (N). Crawl through and jump over the waterfall. (The wooden door N is for a Cog, you’ll have to come back in a bit).

Get the Magnum ammo (NW) and follow through to the opening at the other side of the other waterfall (SE). Use the lever and the door you opened you can see is on Lara’s left.  


Large Vase (Waterskin).


Go back and jump down into the water and swim into a crawlspace right (N) and get the Large Vase. Turn around swim straight S and climb out into the lower yard. Climb up the wall on the left and go to the right into the open door. Go up the steps and find another blue door.


Cog #1.


Before going opening it, shoot the windows right (N), the vases too so you can walk to the right hand edge and turn a bit right, stand jump grab the plants on the ceiling and follow to the end to use the jump lever, opening a wooden door. Climb back up E, turn around and jump to the roof W again, shimmy to the right and pull up at the gate, jump and grab the crawlspace behind the flowers again and follow through, hop over the waterfall and find that open wooden door N. Check the health and get out the Magnum, go upstairs and take Cog #1. Two Gorillas attack (I just ran out).

Also upstairs in a corner is a locked door to a Secret.


The Magnum.


Go out, straight into the water below and swim through to climb out of the water (S), climb up left and take a right into the open door, follow to the small blue door and now open it.

Up some steps again (to the right at the lower square is a door to a Secret, we need a key first) and jump over. Go left to the end and grab the edge to shimmy to the left along the crack and get the Magnum.


Cog #2.


Hang from the floor, in the lower corner and then safety drop down. Walk to that fence S and turn around.

Look up above that staircase below, there’s a bell you can now shoot. The Globe, Atlas was holding, will open a gate at the bottom of the stairs next to you, so go down there. Shoot a vase on the right for Magnum ammo, then enter the gate and to the right are Flares. Hop over the pit with the ball, turn right and stand back against the wall, hop onto the slope, jump and jump again to grab the upper floor. A vase there hides Shotgun ammo, now jump the slopes to get to the pedestal with Cog #2 (N). That flat tile in the middle has a trap, so better jump the slopes to get back again to the other side and get down. Go to the staircase.


Timed Door, Apartment Key 1.


Go up the staircase and almost at the top, grab up on the left. Go through the dark opening there (W) and run up the stairs a bit and then turn to shoot the lion. Notice the door with the lock here.  Up the stairs and around the corner of that passage is a TIMED lever. But we better go check out the route and get some goodies first.

From the lever go back down the stairs, out E and take a left, at the pink tree (timed route) left again. Go straight and watch out for the collapsible tiles there, best leave those intact. Jump to the left for Magnum ammo at the fence, jump back and then jump/grab over the abyss and shoot the vase for Shotgun ammo.


Hop back once and to the left is the TIMED gate. Go further (W) and hop to the right, behind the couch are Kaboom Arrows.

Hop over and face W, take a running jump with a bit of a curve to the left and get more Shotgun Ammo.

Look up left and climb up to a crawlspace behind the plants to get Courtyard Key 4, drop down again.


Now we can go back to the timed lever so go all the way to the N (be carful with the tiles as you need to run over them to save time in the timed run, but you’ll have to break one to get back) and then at the stairs down take a right.


Secret: Back on the small courtyard where you shot the lion, open the door with Courtyard Key 4, inside is Secret #2, Magnum ammo and Thunderbolt ammo. Get out and go left up the stairs.


Better light a flare and then pull the lever, roll and go to the right down the stairs, through the passage up the stairs to the left, run over the tiles and jump and take a left through the gate. Pick up the Apartment Key 1 from the floor and get attacked by some gnats (save and reload to get rid of them).

Use the jump lever behind the tree, on the left of the potted plants to open a trapdoor and get into the water. Swim through the spikes and at the end up and climb out on the right (S).


The Water Temple Scroll.  


Go straight ahead and use the lever and the door on the left opens. So go through to the Water Temple, take a left and behind the Poseidon statue is a pedestal, grab the Water Temple Scroll.


Vases hide within water shrines

Count the litres and count the lines

Or meet your end if you should fail

To bring a balance to the scale.


The Ancient Sword (crowbar).


Jump in the water below; get out at the E or W side and then leave N. Up the stairs and you are back on the courtyard with the apartments. Use the Apartment Key 1 at the blue door left.

Go up the stairs and get the Ancient Sword on top of the landing (you’ll get a screen of a door in the Valley, later).


The Cog Mechanism.


We go back where we just did the timed run, so out the apartment, take a right and go into that small blue door S again, through the next blue door, up the steps and safety drop down to the street below. Go to the abyss (W) and jump over to. Turn right (N) and spot a waterfall, there’s a space behind it. Face the left side and just run jump through to grab a ledge, to the left is the passage to the Cog Mechanism (later, or you could place the two you have).

From the ledge at the abyss, jump NW to the corner ledge, turn around and jump to grab the sloped alcove S. Shimmy right to an alcove with a gate, grab Courtyard Key 1, shimmy back to the sloped alcove, pull up and back flip with twist to grab the corner ledge.

Near the fence N you can find Shotgun ammo, jump back SE. Go left to a lever E, open the shortcut gate with it (easier access).


Open a Gate to the Apartments.


Step out into the lower street, go left and at the pink tree to the right is Orange Juice. Proceed N through the street, up the stairs and left into a small courtyard. In the alcove W are Flares, pull/push the table to the S side and climb up onto the roof, jump N onto the walkway and go right, in the corner turn left and pull up to the roof on the right. Backflip onto the small roof and go up, shoot a vase for Shotgun and Shotgun ammo and use the lever to open a gate on the courtyard near the apartments (the one from where you jumped to the crawlspace). Get down and shoot the Lion that showed up.


Back to the street and left, right around a corner into a small courtyard. Up the stairs is a small door that needs a Key.


First Elemental Eye (of 2).


Go into the opening on the left (N) from the courtyard, open the white door with the sword, shoot the two Gladiators, #2 is a bit late. When you enter the room go to the lava flow, go to the right and to the back left. Hop on the block under the Lion head with flames and run jump onto the roof S with a left curve, grab the edge, go right and back flip to the ledge OR jump to the roof on the left and shimmy around and back flip.

Jump N into the left side of the opening without Ctrl and when the flames are down. Stand almost left facing the slope, slide and hop up left. Jump over to the ledge S, grabbing the edge, shimmy right before you pull up. Jump the last ledges to the Lion button NW and push it to stop the flames on the Eye. Drop down, go out and loop around right to grab Elemental Eye #1.


Go out, take a right and right again to the street, follow back to the left (S) and just past the pink tree go left up the stairs. Drop into the lower yard and climb up E.


Secret: take a right into the blue door, follow through the next blue door, up the steps and take a right there, open the door with Courtyard Key 1 and go in for Secret#3, the Bow. To the right are more Arrows, some of which of the Kaboom kind and Orange Juice.


Elemental Eye #2.


Go out, go back left to the Apartments and take a right to leave E to the Valley. Take a left and go the cave in the back, straight into the one with the lava flow. Look up and shoot that bell to raise platforms, kill the Gladiator and then go to the right around the corner and grab the Magnum ammo.

Back flip onto the slope right and jump via the slope up onto the ledge E and at the end take running jumps over the raised platforms and a last jump with a slight curve to the right in a small alcove. Push the lion head button there and better first jump back and then drop down. Go S and take a left and get Elemental Eye #2. The use of both doors in the entrance hall will become clear later.


Use the Sword, Small Vase.


Go out (S) and all the way to the other end of the Valley, open the door with the Sword, get in and jump in the water. Swim left and then right into a passage there to get a Small Vase (small waterskin) at the back. Swim back and climb out NW, shoot the vase to get some Magnum Ammo. Roll and run jump to grab the lowest point of the crack over the pool (in the S wall) so you can shimmy to the left and use the lever that lowers a small pillar.


Get out the poolroom to the Valley and go towards the pool left and jump in. Swim through, around a corner and then take a right and another right and use the underwater lever there. Swim back and go first straight and then to the right (SW) there you can find some Uzi clips.

Swim right keep right going E and get air. Turn around, swim back in and right to get the Flares, swim back and take a left (E) to get back to the pool. Climb out S and shoot the Gladiator, then use the lever S.


Through the Water Temple.


Go through the open doors and go to the right and in the alcoves in the wall behind the statues the small pillar is gone. Go through and jump in the pool, climb out and up the stairs to the next room and watch the flyby.


The Elemental Room Puzzle, repair the Floor


Jump over the deadly floor to the ledge with the vase, as that lever you saw in the flyby is to get access to the room above where the Elemental Eyes can be placed on raising blocks in the puzzle floor. So let’s do that first, jump NW to the alcove from the tile with the red glow (N). Save and pull the lever, hop back to run jump back to the red tile, run to the E and curve left before the pillar to jump into the alcove, curve right and jump to the small pillar in the E alcove. Get on, hop onto the tall pillar and jump onwards to the ledge sticking out of the top floor. Use the two Elemental Eyes there to raise the blocks in the floor below. Drop through the hole in the middle of the floor.


(You can also solve the next puzzle in a different order.)


Fire Section, Elemental Tablet, Run the Gauntlet.


Move the Vase onto the ‘red’ tile N, jump to the stairs and follow in, run over an in-active spike floor to a ledge with the Elemental Tablet. Grab that and proceed to a lava pit. Nowhere to go it seems because of some lowered trapdoors on the other side of the pit. So turn back and save at the spike floor, run over the right hand side, run jump with a roll from the yellow ledge to land on the brown, now breakable floor. Drop through and from here you’re on your own, jumping right and left avoiding lava pits and a ball, a sliding floor with Cutters, more lava and finally you can jump onto a sloped blocks. Jump two times and grab the spike bridge (savegame.0), sprint to the other end and go up the slopes avoiding balls, Swords and lava pits.


Take out the Serpent.


Finally slide down into the Hall with a Giant Serpent. Skeletons are on the loose so deal with those first (kaboom!).

Run to the alcove you can see in the middle of the opposite E wall and run jump in as straight as possible and Ctrl at the last moment. Use the big button there to stop a flame in a passage NW. Look when the Serpent fires a bolt and then quickly run jump out to grab the ledge. Go just after the next bolt and run a bit right into the passage NW (flames are gone here). Grab the ceiling to get over a lava pit and up some stairs, follow up to a terrace behind the Serpent. Save at the button that will destroy the beast and quickly side flip right; turn right and step inside a bit.

Down the steps a bit and grab the ceiling to get over another lava pit.


Back in the Hall, jump into the alcove in the middle of the W wall to find Courtyard Key 3, for a Secret we’ll get in a bit. Jump back to the ledge.


Go to the S end of the room onto the newly raised pillar and jump to the exit where those trapdoors will now go up. Jump to grab the ladder and go up. You are back where you got the Tablet the way straight is closed, so the doors you saw when getting the Elemental Eye#1 and #2 are open now.


Secret Detour: Using Key 3; from climbing up the wall and arriving at the spikes, take a right (W). Go through the door, down the steps to a courtyard in the lower streets. Go straight over the courtyard and up the stairs, left into the corner to open the door to Secret #4, the Thunderbolt (acts as Grenade gun) and 3x Ammo for it. Go back out down the stairs to the courtyard, straight back up into the room with the crowbar door and take a right to the crossing in the Fire section.


Go straight through the door (E) and then right into the Valley. Go a bit further a right into the open double doors (orange building) to the Elemental Room.


Drain All, part of the Scales Puzzle; raise pillar I.


Move the vase on white tile (E), jump S to the stairs to the Water Temple and down into that first room with the staircase, go into the lower now drained pool and find the tunnel S opened, go through (crawlspace roll) to the Hall of Poseidon. Run to the opposite side and go through that tunnel to reach another lever. Climb up the hatch that will open behind you and reach the first scales room. Under a vase you can find Uzi clips. There’s a lever in the NW corner operating the trapdoor you just came up through, no need to use it if the trapdoor is open.


 “Count the litres and count the lines”

The symbol on the wall at the small pool consists of 1 line = 1 litre.


Fill the small vase, combine it with the empty large, fill the small vase again and combine again with the large, you’ll now have 1 litre in the small vase.

Put that in the bowl on the scale and see a pillar go up somewhere.

Make your way back to the Elemental Room by going down the trapdoor, head N and crawl through and climb out of the dry pool in the room with the staircase and go up the stairs to the Elemental Room.


Flood the Pool, part of the Scales Puzzle; raise pillar II.


Move the vase to the S onto the ‘blue’ tile and get a screen of the pool flooded, that’s S where you just came from, so go to the staircase room.

Jump S and get into the pool, swim into the opening on the right (SW), up and then into a crawlspace and pick up Courtyard Key 2. Swim back to the staircase room.


Swim over the pool to climb out S go through to the hall of Poseidon (end up behind the statue). Hop into the pool there.

Swim into the side room on the left (E), get out straight ahead and shoot a vase right to get Thunderbolt ammo. To the right you can find another scale.


 “Count the litres and count the lines”

The symbol on the waterfall consists of 4 lines…

In the shallow pool under the symbols you can fill the large vase (probably was full from the last task), combine the 2 vases and there will be 2 litres in the large one, empty the small one and combine again to get the 2 litres into the small vase. Refill the large, combine again so one litre goes into the small and leaves the 4 litres in the large vase.

Put that in the bowl on the scale and see another pillar go up.


Scale Room 2, part of the Scales Puzzle; raise pillar III.


Go back W to the Hall of Poseidon and swim straight into the other side room (W), straight ahead and get out and grab more Thunderbolt ammo. A Beast attacks; coming out of the poolroom, deal with it.

The symbol here has 3 lines= 3litres. So fill the small vase if it isn’t still form the last time and put that in the scale. Yet another pillar goes up.


Timed Platform, Total Flood Lever.


Swim back to the Hall of Poseidon, take a right and swim to the room behind the lady statue and swim over to the S ledge and get out the water. First go to the right and behind the pillar are Uzi clips. Then go to the left side to that lever, save. The lever will raise a platform above; you have to jump over the 3 pillars you raised to the platform and onto the ledge above (plenty of time).


On the ledge shoot a vase for Uzi clips and throw the lever in the alcove to completely flood the place even further.


Swim out to the Hall of Poseidon and over to the N side.


Secret Detour, go down a bit and into the opening N, up to the apartments, take a left and jump over the lower part to grab the roof W as before. Shimmy right to the open gate and jump to grab the crawlspace behind the plants N. Follow through, go into the wooden door N and upstairs in the corner is the door you can open with Courtyard Key 2. Go in for Secret #5, the Uzis, 2x Uzi clips and Ambrosia.

So, that’s all Secrets and one tasks less to worry about.

Get out of here, hop into the water below at the falls and swim through S, climb out and climb up left. Straight a bit and a right down the staircase to the Hall of Poseidon.


Swim through the passage behind the statues (N) and in the staircase room all the way up to the ceiling. Climb out.


Get Shotgun ammo, Uzi clips, Ambrosia and finally a Second Elemental Tablet.


The Place drained again… Good, I was starting to get worried because there was one tile the Vase didn’t get to yet. Drop into the pool below and get out N through to the Elemental Room. Jump to the puzzle floor.


Elemental Room, Green Tile; Earth Temple, Cog #3.


Move the Vase to ‘green’ (W). This will change the position of the grassy ledges in the Earth Temple through the gate W. Go in, take a right and jump over to that ledge (N). Pull that ornament once towards the other tile, but leave it in between the two, the pillar in the other side of the hall (S) will lower and makes it possible to jump there. Pull the object there also once so it is between the tiles. Jump and grab up to a crack in the left wall (E); jump up again to grab up to the upper floor. Shoot the three skeletons that will come to say hello.


Take a right, follow through the E bypass passage, passing a gate right (this gate opens and closes moving the object S). At the end of this bypass passage, grab some Shotgun ammo on the right, then jump over to the W floor, pick up another Shotgun SW.


Go through The W side bypass to the S end of the hall, just run off to the pushable object below and push it onto the E tile (the upper gate to the Elemental Room opens, giving you an additional way in and out of here).

Get back up to the upper floor (crack E), turn around and jump to the W side, into the bypass passage and at the N end jump over to the E, into the bypass passage and go left (E) into the Elemental Room, down to the puzzle floor and pull the vase from the green tile, changing the position of the grassy ledges.


Use the Timed lever NW again to get up the timed pillars to the top floor and go W into the Earth Temple, you can see the ledges now reach the gate W. Jump over and go around to the S side, run down to the object and move it onto the opposite (W) tile, opening a gate up N.


Go back up to the upper floor (crack), right through the passage to the N side and down to the object. Move it onto the W tile now, the gate where the grassy ledges reach opens up. Jump to the grassy ledge, go into the gate right (W) and jump to the ledge with the pedestal to get Cog #3.

Go through the opening N, up the pole, back flip of and get Ambrosia on the left (the gate there leads to the Earth Room in case you need to go back). Go back down the pole to where you got the Cog.


Elemental Tablet #3.


Jump and grab that platform in front of the open gate W, get into the room with the 6 Lion buttons and deep pit in the middle.

Just use all the buttons, one by one, take out the animals and check the cages for Shotgun ammo, Thunderbolt ammo, the lion cages seem empty.


A gate opened SW, go up the stairs to the room with Elemental Tablet #3. There is Ambrosia in the alcove right, 2x Arrows next to the entrance (NW).


Use the Cogs, the Lyre of Artemis.



Go up the stairs (S) and around the corner avoid the traps, go left and then right, down some steps and arrive in a familiar place, the abyss with the waterfall. Jump to the passage right, turn around and jump sharp right around the corner to the ledge. Go E through to the next part and where that timed gate is turn to the left to run jump through the left side of the waterfall N, grab the ledge. Go left to the Cog Mechanism and place all 3 Cogs you should have (or only the last one). You’ll get a flyby of the route to the Lyre.


Go out, straight to that lever you used to open the gate, stay inside this room though and take a left, go to that waterfall and jump onto it. Light a flare and grab up right for Orange juice and Shotgun ammo. Drop down, turn around and go to the end of the ledge. Grab the monkey swing and follow close to the wall because of darts, through the open gate and drop. Grab another monkey swing going left, keep an eye on the health and drop in a higher passage. Around the corner a slide and jump right onto the grassy floor, watch out for that break ledge. Pick up the Lyre of Artemis and some Arrows behind the statue.


Use the Lyre.


Jump to that sloped block S when the flame is down, slide jump and do that again to get to the safe ledge. Climb up N and grab the monkey swing, go back to that waterfall and down to the ledge, left out of the gate to the lower street and straight E up the short stairs, hop up left, open then hatch in the ceiling and climb up left. Place the Lyre in the statue and a door opens up in the village, the level above the apartments. There are Kaboom arrows under the vase.


Go down through the trapdoor, down the steps and loop right around and go up the steps to the apartment area. Drop down to the lower yard, climb up E and go straight out to the valley, go to the right up the stairs to the upper level and then left to the church. Go to the right to the square with the Atlas statue and take a right again (N). The front doors of that grey building further down, opened, go in to the balcony and left down the stairs to a labyrinth.


Labyrinth, the Arcadian Apple.  


First go in left SW, follow to the back for a lever lowering a pillar. Thor is released, so run back fast and take him out with about 5 explosive arrows (or use the Thunderbolt, but only from a distance). Kill the additional Harpy and go back and then to the far NE corner, go through and keep left to get to the second lever lowering a pillar in the main entrance. Beasts are set free, get away from them and take them out. Also do the additional bonus Harpy.


Get back to the beginning of the maze and now you can enter the main passage near the lantern (W), and reach the hall where you can place the Elemental Tablets after killing the lions. Nothing dramatic, just go through the door W, up the stairs to the garden and get the Arcadian Apple. And the adventure ends.


G&D - 01-09-2015