BtB 2015 - House of Riddles


Level by BtB 2015


Walkthrough G&D Productions.


Get out with a Laser Sight.


Swim up in a pool, there’s a closed gate. Since you cannot climb out anywhere we’ll continue in the water. Swim in to the left (S), pick up some Orange Juice (small medipack) left in the sea stars and at the end go up to use the underwater lever to open said gate. Swim down from the lever and find Magnum ammo on the bottom, then go to the pool for air. Swim straight ahead into the open gate (N), follow through and the next gate can be opened by hand (Ctrl). Climb up at a moving block. Maybe you have to jump up once to be able to run jump right around the corner into an alcove with a button. That button opens a trapdoor over a ladder. Jump out to the right and find Ambrosia (Medipack) on the right and a Laser Sight left of the ladder.


The Magnum.


Climb the ladder all the way up to a square; shoot the vases in the corners for the Bluestone Key (notice the receptacle there) and Magnum ammo. The Bluestone Key goes to the door W; go into the fountain square you’ll find the Magnum in the back left. Use that with the Sight to shoot a bell up N, and open a gate on the left (W) by doing that. Go through the gate.


Just inside to the right in the plants on the pedestal is Secret #1, Amaltea’s Horn.


Go into a yard where two Gladiators show up.


Behind the little house S, close to the fence is Secret #2, Pandora’s Box, hidden in the grass.


House with a Pool, Snake Goddess.


Now head to the stairs N and go to the left of them, through the grass and trees to the end (NW) and find Ambrosia. Go back and now climb the stairs and use the lever to open the door, inside to the right is a sarcophagus with Ambrosia, left of it is a big button. At the other side of the room is another sarcophagus with Magnum ammo and a button right of it. The door opens up between the buttons.


That big vase SE has to go into the opposite corner to open a gate in the pool where we go now.


Pool Area.


Go through the door and hop into the pool, through the gate and climb out in the garden. Near the NE corner of the pool is Magnum ammo.


In the far SW corner of the garden is a lever opening a gate to the pool house. Go to the E side of the garden and shoot two lions.


To the left and in the back (SE), you can find Secret #3, Achilles’ Shield in the tall grass.


Now push that ornament into the pool house and into the NE corner (you’ll have to hit the water two times). A little statue appears in a potted plant NE. Go out the gate, behind the long chairs and grab the Snake Goddess statue. Go back through the pool, through the house to the yard and place that statue at the gate on the right (W).


Symbols Puzzle.


Inside are 3 Symbol buttons and 6 gates.


For some combination you get clues and for some not, so remember which combination you used.


Red/Black/White – Gate S right, Pitagorean Puzzle Piece I.  


(Seems any combination you use will open this first gate).


Just slide down the slopes and land in a small pool. Get out straight (W), (here you’ll get a clue for the next code to use - RWB) and go to the faces on the E wall, those are reach-in switches, use both and see pillars go up (the right hand one also provides a Magnum). Start SE, climb up onto the corner block. Shoot a box N to bring out a rope and swing to the N corner block. Jump to the W and grab the ceiling, time the flame to get to the last block SW. Grab the Pitagorean Puzzle Piece and you’ll end up back at the symbol puzzle.


Red/White/Black – Gate S left, Scales Puzzle, the Lyre.


Go in and look up at the end, a jump lever will provide a platform to get down into the room. There is Magnum ammo near the small pit with the Large Vase. On the E wall is a lever showing the clue for the scale, when you pull it you see only the one vase seems to be on a green square (1 litre). Only thing missing is water and a small vase. Right of the lever is a cross, aim just under the left or right gem and shoot (or shoot with pistols while jumping up). Climb up S and right around is Magnum ammo, the E wall has a Golden Key sticking out of it. To the left is a statue, pull that out of the way to get to the Small Vase.


Use the Golden Key on the S wall and go through the gate to throw the lever, water will fill that small pit in the scales room. Go back there.


Fill the small skin. Combine it with the empty large, fill the small skin again and combine again with the large, you’ll now have 1 litre in the small skin.


Put that one litre in the scale, go up the raised pillar and grab the Lyre there and you’ll end up back at the symbol puzzle.


Red/Black/White – Gate S middle, Pushables Puzzle, Minotaur Eye.


Pull that vase out and move it onto the lowered raising block at other side of that low wall on the right. Use the lever where the vase was to lower the top block and go to the Trojan horse in the other side of the room, just pull it once onto that coloured tile and the vase goes up. Pull the vase once, onto the wall (also a raising block). Use the lever again to lift the vase up to the alcove and push it into the alcove. The Skull Gate opens up, get down and inside get ready to jump the ledges.


Secret: Turn around, hang from the edge and climb down the ladder a bit. Right around into an alcove with Secret #4, the Honey Pot. Climb back up.


Take a run-jump to the spike ledge and then do an immediate hop onto the next safe ledge. Jump to grab the breakable one, run-jump to the Minotaur Eye. And as usual end up at the symbol puzzle.


Let’s do the N side…


Black/Red/White – Gate N middle, Pegasus and the Engraved Disc.


Go up the stairs and get through the spikes, around the corner danger sounds… Hop backwards onto the bottom of the next stairs and run back into the entrance quick. Then continue up the stairs.


Halfway up turn around and grab up to the ladder in the hole where the ball came from, follow through for Secret #5, the Olympic Laurel. Drop down to the stairs.


Follow up to a labyrinth, grab Magnum ammo on the right and at the next corner loop to the right and grab up to the block (E), grab the ceiling and follow through to a safe floor with a jump lever on the wall. The door will open, get in and another jump lever up right will lower the pillar. Go in and take a left, there is a table there. Push that to the market stall (N) and then right to the opposite wall to reach the jump lever above. Shoot the Gladiator that appears from the door you opened and grab Perseus’ Sword (crowbar) he will drop.


Left of the white door is the stable with the horse Pegasus. We need an apple, so go to the white crowbar door and open it, throw the lever to raise a pillar and go S behind the fence, to the left (SE) to the pillar you raised and climb up and jump over to the Apple of the Gods you’ve seen before.


Go to the stable, give the Apple to the horse and ride it through that fence where you pushed the table. Up the steep slope and dismount to get the Engraved Disc and you’ll end up back at the symbol puzzle


Black/White/Red – Gate N right, Minotaur Head.


In the back, up left behind the plants is a crawlspace, drop down or jump out and shoot the barrel around the corner from the front to trigger the spikes. Push the double doors in the end of the passage open and get to a hall with columns. Shoot the two vases to raise a block W; get on it and grab the grated walkway. Monkey swing to the other end and when you hang over that tile on the floor, a pillar goes down at the pole W. Climb that pole to get onto the walkway, go to the other end and grab the Minotaur Head…. you’ll end up back at the symbol puzzle.


White/Black/Red – N Left, Tool Handle.


Go in and come to a Mirror room, on the black tile look in the mirror to spot the other black (safe) tiles, jump from one to the other to get to the Tool Handle (the last hard to see safe tile is left of that fence against the mirror).

Back in the symbol puzzle room, leave E to the yard, straight to the square with the fountain and through to the square with the receptacle in the far left corner (NE), place the Engraved Disc there. Go through the door to a courtyard, left in front of the market stall is Magnum ammo. Shoot the amphora’s that guy is looking at, a wooden door opens. 


Go through that door, down into the trench there to pick up Secret #6, the Pitagorean Box in between the grass.


The Happy/Sad Masks.


Go back up the slope to the yard and go for that blue window on the left of the guy. Shoot the window and use the lever inside to raise a block outside. Go outside and left around the corner, the block is climbable so climb up and use the jump lever to lift a platform over the trench where the secret was. Jump over to the other side of the trench, follow through to a wooden door and go in to the right through some kind of screen. Shoot the Gladiator who will drop the Happy/Sad Masks. Go to the end of that room, back flip onto the slope and jump to grab the jump lever opening that wooden door at the screen entrance.


Pitagorean Puzzle Piece II.


Go there and through the door, turn left and face that rim on the N wall. Stand left against the wall and take one side step right (I’ll explain in a bit), jump and grab the rim and shimmy right to a jump lever. (If you started against the wall you would have ended up next to the jump lever and then there is no way you can grab it) use the lever and platforms go up in the room, go back to the entrance. Climb the ladder in the corner to the entrance and jump the platforms into the opening (or shimmy along the rim) to get Pitagorean Puzzle Piece II.


Using all the Items.


Get back to the entrance and jump into the opening on the left (S), use the Happy/Sad Masks to open gate #1 and place the Lyre. Use the Pitagorean Puzzle on gate #2 and use the Minotaur Eye. Screen of the gate on the courtyard opening up.

Go back to the Trench, jump over to the courtyard and go right through the open gate (E).


Inside go left to a pillar and face the lava pit, jump over to the ledge left of the fish statue. Push the button to start the fountains and the water fills the lava pits. Go to the other side of the caged statue and through the opened gate where you can swim under the cage and use a ceiling lever. Get out and into the now open cage, combine Handle and Head to place the Minotaur Head Tool on the stand right of the statue (face E), go out and the gate on the right (N) opened up.


The Silver Seahorse.


The Pool is deadly! Go right, and follow through to the NE corner, climb the small pillar. Jump to grab the lever up on the pillar (S) and see a pillar go up in another corner (NW). When you climb up to the tallest pillar there you can grab the grated ceiling, looks like you can only go E and on the far double pillar you can get the Silver Seahorse.


The pool is now safe; dive in and swim into an opening under the tower (E side), follow through and use an underwater lever lowering a pillar in the tower. Get back, jump into the Tower and grab that Minotaur Eye.

The level ends.


G&D Sept 2015.