The Curse of Gold.

Levels by TC14.

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

Mentioned savegames are in this Folder.

1: Forgotten Passage to the City.

3 secrets in each level (6 in total), tasks related to secrets are in dark blue.

Canada, some time laterÖ

The E side Caves. 

Go forwards and shoot that vase for some Flares. Hop into the ice cold pool and pull the underwater lever on the left, get out next to the lever. The gate straight ahead (E) opened. Go in and three hungry wolves attack. In the next area on the left is a push block, push it as far as it will go over the grated floor to the other side (S). Jump on it and then jump on the ice hill on the left.

Timed Lever.

Grab the edge E, pull up, back flip with a roll and grab the pole, swing and grab the other side. Shimmy to the right and pull up. Jump to the TIMED lever N and use it. Backflip and roll ending up the push block and then sprint through the door S.

Face N, hop backwards into the ice cold water and swim as fast as you can and climb out. Shoot the vase and get a Medipack. Face W and dive in again, swim to the right and immediately to the left and walk up so you can catch your breath.

This water is so cold!

I need to be very quick.

Stand on the top of this small hill, and then run/sprint forward. At the end duck and crawl a bit to the left. Then go into deeper water, turn and swim in (E), keep swimming around two corners and immediately swim up into a heated pool.

Turn up the Heat.  

Wait till you are warmed up and then dive down again and keep swimming, going down a waterfall into some shallow water. Climb up on the block and take a running jump to that small medipack and then go into the opening to the right. †

Drop down and avoid the fire spitting dragons. Use the lever to turn up the heat at a pool and be aware that some tiles on the floor are now a hazard as well (flames). Pass the first dragon and along the left towards the next, then jump diagonally across to the last. At the last one go diagonal jump to the right and jump up the slope. Go back to the block in the water and dive in, swim a bit and up in the now heated pool, turn to the right and swim into the opening (W). Use the underwater lever there to raise the block and go warm up. Swim in again and now over the lever and get the Sub Machine Guns Ammo on the block behind that lever. Swim back and up before going further.

Open the Gate.

Down again and the swim back left (N), to the cave with the raised block.

Wade out in the NW corner, turn right and hop over the snow mound to get to the spot where you picked up the small medipack before. Go stand in the passage and turn to jump and grab up to the raised block. Turn right and stand jump/grab to the opening up in the W wall, throw the lever to completely fill this pit as you closed the flood door. Swim up and catch your breath. Use the lever at the other side (N) and see a gate open up in the main cave.

Route with the Secret: Dive down and almost at the bottom swim into the passage to the fire dragon room (N), follow through the fire dragon room and at the end go up and climb out in a room behind the wooden fence where the adventure started. Careful, thereís a fire dragon, go around to pick up Secret #1, Gold Bars. The wooden fence is gone, go out SÖ

Route without the Secret: After using the lever N, go through the open gate S. Follow the water flow down, and slide back to where it all started.  

The S side Caves.

Kill two wolves (in case they showed up) and this time go into the gate you opened (S). Jump over to the pedestal; get the Skeleton Key, this also wakes the skeletons. Shoot them (simply with pistols). There are three doors and each need a Skeleton key (doesnít matter which one you open first).


Watch the flyby and shoot the Flaminí skeletons (stay well clear of them), then go in and pick up another Skeleton Key from the grass. Use the lever at the end and go out.


When you get in, part of the floor collapses. Stand to the right and take a running jump to the brown coloured tile, keep running to the end. Use the lever and jump back to the brown tile. Turn to the right and look down, run down to that small triangle block in the lava and from there jump to the pedestal on a block. Get the Skeleton Key and turn E and take a running jump a bit to the left to grab the edge. Shoot two skeletons and get back over the tiles to the gate, watch out for the flames though.


Get in and shoot the skeleton, go to the end and use the lever. Go back and into that open cage, run onto that lighter tile on the floor. Drop down and crawl in, up on the left. At the end up on the right and down at the end. Shoot the skeleton and grab the Skeleton Key at the E end. Go through the gate and to the spike pit and climb down the skulls ladder, use the Skeleton Key in the SW.

Lava Caves, Timed Run for the Golden Door.

Go down the stairs and at the pool into the passage to the right. Climb up left at the end and jump in the opening SE. Shoot a vase and grab the small medipack. Go back out and jump on the blocks and a curved running jump to the pole (S). Swing, jump off onto the sloped block and jump again into a small alcove. Jump out SW and grab the monkey swing, at the end drop down and shimmy to the right, losing heath when you reach the lava stream. Around the corner pull up on the left side, follow through and use the lever. Get down, notice the golden door left and jump back to the blocks, the gate in the NE is open. Inside is a Timed lever. 

Secret Detour: go left from the lever and hop down onto the small ledge in the lava, do a running jump to jump through the lava into a hidden passage. At the end climb up left and crawl through, follow through to Secret #2, Gold Coins. Go out the gate and back into that passage with the Timed lever.

Throw the lever,† roll run out and go to the right, jump onto the block and keep running/jumping to the opposite side and into the golden door (savegame.0). Use the lever and watch the flyby. Go out and to the left, at the left corner I jumped to that stone block in the lava on the left and from there take a running jump with a curve up SE to the grassy ledge. Then go to the opposite side and hop backwards down or jump down that small ledge in the lava (S wall), immediately jump again to a flat part. Then jump into the pool.

Push Puzzle, 2 Golden Idols.

Swim into the opening (S) and up near the end, climb out. In the NW corner is some Sub Machine Guns Ammo under a vase, turn around and go to the blocks S, the one on top is pushable. There is also one a bit further on the ground, you have to move that around a couple of times to get that upper block to the S side so that the hammer can smash it, pick up the Golden Idol.

Climb the vines on the S wall and climb off on the left. Jump to the next ledge (left) and a running jump to the opening in the E wall. There is another push block, push it out and down. Then push it to the S side so the other hammer can smash this one as well. 

Pick upGolden Idol 2 and use them on two pillars at the N wall. A door, way up at the wall (N) opens. Face the pool and the bottom block in the left pillar can be moved. Push/pull it to the N wall under the opening and climb in. Just run in and down and grab the wall (N) and climb down. Let go and grab again and use the lever. Watch the flyby and drop back into the water. Swim S and up, climb the vines on the wall to the ledge.

Secret Puzzle Detour: Jump from the ledge into that alcove W, go to that brown block and push it once, grab up into the crawlspace right and get through, shoot the small vase to get rid of it and go down the N end of the pit. Push the brown block to the S and get into the alcove left, use the lever to lift the brown block up. Climb out of the pit, push the block to the SE corner. Down into the pit, lower the raising block and put the small block on top of it, lift it to the ground floor and turn around to jump and grab up W.

Move the small block to the E and put it in front of that passage. Pull the tall block back onto the raising block and go lower it down into the pit. Pull it once in front of the lever alcove. Climb into the alcove N and jump to grab the top of the tall block. Move the small block over the tall one to the other side of the pit so it will be under the hammer and grab your well-deserved Secret #3, a Gold Skull and a reward for getting all secrets, 2x small medipack and a Large Medipack. Get out through the crawlspace and jump (via the roof, shoot the vase for Shotgun ammo) to the upper ledge S.

Now go through the new opening S. Go over the wooden bridge and safety drop into the water so you can swim straight (N) and use the lever on the left. Swim back a bit, climb onto the shore and find Flares NE. Go to the door you opened in the E wall. †

Go in and avoid the pit, up the steps and use the TIMED lever. Roll, down the steps, jump up the block. Lara has to face S and stand well back, jump up and open the trapdoor. Use the Timed lever again to get back onto the block but this time jump up to grab the edge of the opening and pull up. Go into the passage and use the lever, the previous room is now flooded.

Go down and face W, jump into the icy water and swim straight out and left to pull up on the SW floating table, then climb onto the wooden bridge going to the S and use the lever there. Back to the bridge and into the water, swim in the opening on the right (E) and up through the trapdoor. Use the flood lever again, get down and go to the pool. Dive in and swim through the open gate W and after clearing the fence swim up. Get out, jump over (E) and follow through, up some stairs and at the top, turn and jump to the jump lever. Go back down and into the water, swim straight (W) and through the gate you opened.  


2: Deeper in the Passages.

Spike Puzzle.

Keep swimming through the next room and get out at the stairs. Some wolves roam around; under a vase (NW) you can find the Sub Machine Guns. In the SE corner is a vase with Flares. Then go to the NE corner and jump over the ridge into a triangle opening. Go straight and at the entrance of the next room jump to the left and flip the lever. Jump back and go out to the first room. On the left (E) is a pushable block, pull it out twice, get a small medipack where the block was. Climb on the block, face E and stand right, then backflip onto a slanted ledge and jump to grab the edge of the block. Turn left and jump into the opening there. Jump up and use the monkey swing, go straight and then to the left. Go almost to the end and turn to the right just past those two ropes. Just go to forward and Lara drops safely onto the block where the spikes went down by pulling that lever.

First jump to the ledge N and then turn to the right, a running jump in the alcove (E). Flip the lever and a boulder creates a safe path through the spikes. I jumped back to the ledge on the right and then to the safe path, climb up where the boulder came from and flip another lever.

Jump back to the safe path and then to the left (N) and into the open door. Jump up slopes, avoiding the spikes (third set, pull up and immediately roll) and push the boulder down. Slide down and follow the safe path to the crawlspace on the right. Climb up on the left and push another boulder down. Slide down, turn the pulley wheel then jump over the boulder to use the jump lever (or jump there from the block). This triggers more boulders to fall down so you can get back to the entrance. Hop and grab to the block with the pulley and hop SW to the boulder under the burner there. Turn left a bit and run jump to the safe tile in front of the entrance ledge. Turn left and go up where the boulder came from (E) for a Medipack. Leave this place and go back to the pool area.

Boulder I.

Now we have to launch 4 Boulders to activate flames on that central mushroom pillar in the water.

Go to the S side and move† the tall wooden block three times to the E and once left towards that mushroom pillar. Go to the ledge on the N side of the mushroom pillar, use the Skull ladder to climb to the top and jump from the S side to grab that tall pillar. Then jump to the ledge S and go into the passage. Donít use the lever just yet but go straight (S) up the stairs and to the right to a walkway. Almost at the end are Sub Machine Gun clips. Go to the end and spot a part of a bridge right, thatís where the Timed door is. So go back down to the lever. 

Use the TIMED lever hop back and jump over the block, up the stairs to the right or left and keep climbing the stairs to the walkway. Run to the end and jump over to the right or left and get into the door (savegame.1). Climb up and push the boulder and watch what happens. Jump to the right and get the Arrows from under the vase.

Go where the boulder went and take a running jump out to the left to land in the water at the stairs. Go up the stairs (W) and a bunch skeletons woke up; you can shoot them with your pistols (yeah). 

Boulder II.

Get back into the icy water and swim E and near the fence swim up and get out. Crawl through and follow down to the low end, dodging the swinging axes. Turn the wheel and see what happens. Shoot another skeleton and make you way back to the water hole. Jump in and swim W and up the stairs. Go to the N side and now you can pull the skeleton away over the covered spike pit. Push the wooden pillar as far as it can go and straight to the E side, pick up the Sub Machine Gun clips blocking progress and push it to the E again. Go to the back and backflip on a slope to jump and grab the top of the pillar and pull up. Turn around and take a running jump to the plateau a bit to the right. Pull up on a corner block and take a running jump to the swing pole and jump to the ledge.

Go in and find two Timed levers, left is for a raising block, the one on the slanted block for the door.

If you want all pickups you have to first only use the left lever, turn right, run jump onto the corner block and turn right, hop onto the raising block and roll. Then run jump and grab the N walkway, go left and jump over to the platform in front of the door, jump from the door to the opposite walkway (S) and get 2x Sub Machine Gun clips, get back down.

First pull the lever on the ledge left to raise that block in the back, back flip roll and turn left to use the second Timed lever on the slanted block. Turn right and run to jump onto the SE corner block. Turn left and hop onto the raising block, a running jump to grab the walkway N. Quickly pull up and run left onto the walkway, hitting sprint as long as possible, turn sharp left at the end and jump onto the wooden platform and then into the door (savegame.2).

Pull up and in the next room jump up to the right and go up the stairs and up the next on the right.

Pull out that push block and climb over it to push it once more. Then climb up on the right (N) and now push that boulder first once to the E, then go stand behind it so you can push it 4 times to the S onto a marked tile lowering walls. The push block shifts back to his old place by itself. Jump down and go over that push block. A block lowered S, from there jump to the left and follow through to pick up Secret #1(4), Golden Bars. Make your way back up and then jump up to a slope W, go to the boulder and push the boulder down.

Jump to the right behind it and push it W down the stairs. Jump around the boulder and get on the dark rock behind it to push the boulder down the stairs (S, bit tricky to get Lara to push the Boulder). Wait till it stops rolling and now push it to the W into the Main room and thus ignite a second flame. Follow the boulder and at the end save, turn to the left and jump down into the water in the corner (you may have to hold the left key down). Get out at the stairs.

Three more skeletons woke up so go take care of them.

Boulder III. 

Go back to the N side and pull/push the wooden pillar to the N wall and get behind it. Use the slope to get on top and take a running jump to the ledge in front of the opening. Save at the lever and after pulling it, hop back ,jump over the block and immediately jump again, run into the opening straight ahead; watch out spikes, go right up another stairs and follow through to a walkway. Coming to the walkway turn sharp right and jump to the wooden platforms, jump up right to the walkway and turning left sprint through two spike traps, turn left at the end of the balustrade and jump to the platform in front of the door. Get in quick (savegame.3).

Jump up on the left and avoid being spiked, stand against the boulder, listen to the sound of the spikes and at the moment you expect them to pop, push the boulder and while pushing hold backflip and roll and sprint out, jump either left or right (savegame.4).

Wait till it comes to a complete stop, stand behind the boulder and push it down (S). Follow the boulder and save at the grate, then a running jump to the right to land in the water. Swim out at the stairs. There are some wolves loose so kill them. 

Boulder IV.

Now push the wooden pillar from the S side over the wooden bridge and to the W end of the ledge with the statue. Go to the mushroom pillar and climb up the skull ladder on the S face again. Take two running jumps plus grab over to the opening W.

Inside go to the back wall and climb up on the right, stand under the platform and jump up (face W) to open that trapdoor (donít touch the trapdoors left). Then use the jump lever.

The spikes in front of the Timed lever are gone.

For a secret: flip the Timed lever and turn right, jump onto the brown ledge and curve left to run jump up to the ledge under the jump lever, turn left and jump onto the trapdoor, roll and run jump to the walkway N. Take a left down the stairs and around the corner through the Timed door. Go up and take a right. An Ahmet is waiting for you there; hop into the alcove with the pedestal to shoot him. Get Secret #2(5), Golden Coins from the pedestal and go back to the lever in the room below.

Use the TIMED lever again, hop back, hop over the block and jump to land on the block, side flip right and turn left to jump onto the trapdoors on the left to get on the walkway S and into the open door E (savegame.5).

To the right is the boulder, jump up on the left of the boulder and go in the dark passage, loop around and at the end pull the block once. Go back to the boulder and get on the right of it and push the block behind the boulder once (E). Then push the boulder down and when it stops rolling push it down into the big cave (E).

Watch the flyby and go to the end† and stand right, save and stand jump sharp to the right to land in the water. Up the stairs again and now you can go through the new opening W. There are more wolves on the loose, you may want to shoot them first.

Go in W and slide down, then jump to the first slope on the left, grab the edge and shimmy right, pull up and slide, jump with a curve to the right. Slide and curve hard to the left. Stand jump over to the other side (N) avoiding the burner. Hop to the wooden platform and hop again to the one left and a running jump to a safe stone ledge (W).

Next one is very tricky. Watch the emitter an when it almost goes down, take a running jump landing on the right hand side, hop up onto the next† side flip and take a running jump to the one in the lava and from there a running jump to the wooden bridge (savegame.6).

N: Outrun the Flame, Idol Piece I.

Go up to the receptacle for a Gold Idol. Pick up the Sub Machine Gun clips right. The next part is all about outrunning a wandering flame.

Turn to the right and just hop down to the black tile, hop immediately to the next, trying to land in the corner on the right. Turn left a bit and do a running jump to the next one. Hop forwards to the next, turn right again a hop and immediately a running jump to the one near the wall E. From here a running jump (no Ctrl) to the ledge on the left (N) (savegame.7). Shoot the Flaminí skeleton and climb the ladder. Backflip from the top onto a walkway and pick up Idol Piece I from the pedestal.

Drop down and shoot the other skeleton. Then turn the wheel in the NE corner (this will lower some of the ladders on the ceiling and kills the flame on the black ledge close to the receptacle block). Jump to the ladders over the lava (SW), go up a bit and left around the corner. Back flip with a roll and grab the lowered ladder. 

For a Secret: Climb all the way up along the cables through the ceiling and get through the spikes for Secret #3(6), a Golden Skull and a reward for getting all secrets, 4x Sub Machine Gun clips. Climb down to the ladder.

Climb right around, to the bottom of the ladder and back flip with a roll to the next, left around and climb down to the lower left corner where Laraís feet are still on the ladder. Back flip with roll and right curve onto the safe black ledge. Jump over to grab the receptacle island.  

S: A Torch for Idol Piece II.  

Climb via the block in the middle to the other side (S). Stand on the left corner and take a running jump to the sloped rocks on the left wall. Turn to the right and look for a burner in the back there (S), when it just went up, do a running jump to the slope, slide jump right, keep jumping and then curve a bit to the right over the rock and slide jump with a curve to the left and then jump and grab the ledge S (savegame.8).

Get a Torch from the brown patch of dirt and then jump to that small triangle rock in the lava. Then jump to the sloped one N as far as to the left as possible, slide and jump with a curve left. Jump over (N) and walk around the corner to that lava flow with the flame. Use Ctrl to ignite the Torch. Walk back and jump over to the stone ledge, then take a running jump to that sloped block (E, that first one you jumped to before), and from there do the same jumps again to the ledge (savegame.9). Carefully ignite the two hides, a trapdoor opens. Leave the Torch and get onto the block at the E side and climb up the vines (S wall). Climb up and backflip onto the slope, slide and grab the edge and shimmy to the right. Get onto the wooden bridge and get Idol Piece II, combine them to a City Idol and now use the zip line to get back to the island. Go over the block to the right and use the City Idol there.

Go to where the flyby shows you and jump the broken bridge (you might have to walk sideways to get down to the end of the bridge).

Slide down to the end.

G&D - Nov. 2015.