BtB 2016 - 11 - Before the Afterglow.

6 Secrets

Level by BtB2016

Walkthrough by G&D Productions. 

Mentioned savegames are in this Saves Folder

2017, North West Iran. 

The Conductor Case.

Go straight and grab the Hourglass and you’ll fall through. Kill the snake, climb up N and slide down to a ledge. Get the Persian Light Sticks and safety drop down to the ground floor. Use the button (S) to bring out a rope and jump up on the ledge and backflip to the sandy slope SE to get back up where the Light Sticks were.

Take a running jump to the slope to the left (NW), shimmy a bit to the right where the slope goes down a bit (better make a save first) and then pull up and jump/roll and grab the rope. When swinging to the other side, better aim Lara a bit to the left or right to avoid a spike trap behind that gold block.

(You can also make a running jump to the right, left of a shattering yellow object, as Lara can stand upon the rocks there and from there jump to the rope)

Drop down through the opening in the floor and slide down the next slope. Loop around to the right and push that small statue once S (stand behind it) and then push it to the corner SW (ceiling tile is yellow all the others are purple).

Turn around and grab a Conductor Case from the small table.

Energy Rod.

Go to the N and safety drop down, when you slide down towards another pushable statue, a Giant appears. Better jump back up the slope and kill it, then push the statue away and get the Energy Rod from underneath. Combine the Energy Rod with the Conductor Case and get a Magic Battery.

Jump back up the slope and either go left or right and grab the edge of the block next to the slope, hang close to that block in the corner. Jump up to grab one floor up. Climb the cage from the back and place the Magic Battery in the receptacle there.

An explosion follows. Go down to the sand pit and use the sand to climb up the other end (N). At the Well with the orange light, loop around to the left and push a big button to open a trapdoor in the Well. On the right hand side of the Well you can find Uzi clips.

Then jump into the Well; slide down. The earth starts to shake; so loop around and use the Hourglass on the plinth there. You’ll get transported to a new place.

A few seconds later… Year unknown… 

Ruby Key, Star Emblem #1. 

Spot the keyhole left, turn left and take a running jump to the opening N, try to grab the edge on the right hand side. Lower yourself to the ground floor in the back and pick up the Ruby Key from the table. Now jump up twice (S) and jump over again from the left side of the opening. Use the Ruby Key in that contraption in the corner (NE) and drop down to the ground floor. The door in the NW corner opened. In case you drop down, you can climb up in the SW corner.

Watch the flyby as it shows where you can find two of the four Stars you need.

Go straight and then to the right into the darkish room, grab the Barbari Bread from the table and go left to the next one for Uzi clips.

Go to the W wall and jump backwards onto the slope, jump and grab the chandelier. Turn left and jump over to get Secret Key #1. Drop down to the floor.

Go out and a bit to the right is a small basin with Persian Light Sticks on the rim.

Star Emblem #1.

Go left (E) and find a crack in the S side of the wall of stone. Grab it and jump up once, then shimmy to the left around the corner, grab up once more and then jump backwards (down key) to a rock. Turn left a bit and run jump to the floor behind the fence. Turn right and jump over to the floor N. Drop grab to the diamond shape window below and crawl in. Grab the Star Emblem #1 on the left and hang out at the other end. Shimmy to the right to get a Full Survival Kit from the window. Shimmy all the way left to the last window and jump back onto the chandelier there. Grab Secret Key #2, as well as the Shotgun ammo.

Drop down, make your way back up using the cracks at the wall of stone (S) jump to the floor with the red bush and take a running jump to the N side again. Turn to the right and pick up Uzi clips in the E end. A leopard will show its face, poor animal. If you go back W, behind a bush is a small table and on top is the Uzi. Go through W, loop around right, as there is another table with another Uzi on it; watch out for a snake.

Star Emblem #2.

Go back through the opening to the area between the tables; go left to the opening N. There is a Hammer guy and a leopard you have to slay. When the big guy is dead he will leave behind Star Emblem #2.

Go out (S), to the right through the opening and then left outside, there’s a Gazebo on that square. Pick up Uzi clips from the grass under the Gazebo.  

Secret Detour:  Hang from the E end of the floor and drop to grab the crevice below. Crawl in and use both Secret keys to the right. The Tomb slides aside and reveals Secret #1, Barbari Bread, Uzi clips and Vizier’s Staff Normal ammo. Crawl out, hang down and jump up to the square with the Gazebo.

Star Emblem #3.

Head SE to that red bush, left through the opening and at the pillar made out of blue stone, grab up to a ledge above.

Go to the right and take a right again at the end. Safety-drop down into the hole in the floor. Shoot two scorpions and watch out for the creepy crawlers and grab the Star Emblem #3 from a table in the NW corner.

Star Emblem #4.

Get out through the opening in the ceiling and crawl through the opening N, turn and hang from the opening, shimmy to the left and then jump up and pull up.

Take a left and take a running jump from the opening next to the vase with the flowers to the other side. Go through the passages where you have to use the four Star Emblems and jump over to a rock ledge. Climb up and grab the Shotgun ammo on the right. Face W and carefully jump to grab the crack you can see in the building.

Shimmy to the right around the corner and pull up into a crawlspace for the Star Emblem #4. Shimmy back and back jump onto the rocks again.

Use the Emblems, Magnum and Laser Sight.

Now jump over and place the 4 Star Emblems in their receptacles.  

See spikes go down, go W and jump over to that vase with flowers and jump over onto the first pot with plants (W wall). Then take a curved running jump over the one with the fire OR stand back and jump, grab the edge of the burning one and shimmy around, backflip and make your way to the other side. A block will rise so if you fall down you can climb up here.

Make your way to the right (E) side. In the sandy cave all the way at the end you can find Uzi clips.

Hop onto the slope left and then over the top of the slope to find Secret #2, Vizier’s Staff Normal ammo. Get out of the cave. 

When you walk to the edge of the cave, jump over to the ledge right to pick up the Magnum.

Now make your way to the W side. Go up the stairs there and jump over towards where you jumped from the flowerpots and drop down into the opening in the floor left of the double doors W. Go into the passage and come to a deep pit with ledges and a moving block. Jump over and time it as you can get the Shotgun ammo from the floor. Go back to the S side and stand in the corner where the moving block is. Better save and take a running jump with a SW angle to get to a balcony with a Full Survival Kit and Uzi clips. Then take a running jump to the other side for the Laser Sight. 

The Valve Wheels.

A door outside opens. Take a running jump back to the ledge with the moving blocks (yup plural). I found it easier to jump back where the Uzi clips were and then jumped back to the ledge with the blocks. Take a running jump (S) to the exit (without Ctrl) and get back up to the ledge above. Go to the E side and spot the door on the right and shoot the star switch inside. To be honest, you don’t need the Revolver and Sight for that. You’ll get a camera shot of a block going down, that small room is up the last blue stairs on this floor just left behind you and into that passage there. Turn the valve and you’ll get another screenshot. Get out and drop down one floor the passage is under the one you came from (N). Turn that valve as well and another screenshot reveals water filling a hole. Run out as a wraith is chasing you and safety drop a few times till you are on the ground floor. Run to the SW corner and left is that small body of water, watch out don’t go too deep, spikes. Swim to the N and to the end and end up on top of a waterfall.


Jump down to the left or the right and watch the flyby. Go to the other end and a Bull shows up, kill it or stand facing SE at the white pillar and backflip to a slope and grab the crack. Jump up and pull up, back flip with a roll so you are facing the boulders. Slide down and grab the slope in front. Go left to the end, now pull up and start jumping veering to the left. Jump back with a hard left curve and grab the grassy ledge with all the boulders. Shimmy right around the corner and pull up on the corner, now run along the edge and jump W, quickly climb up onto the higher floor. The boulders will fall down and killing the Bull (savegame.0).

Behind the pillar where the left boulder was you can get Shotgun ammo (NW). You can also pick up a Plant of Immortality (useless quest Item) hidden in the plant near the flowerpot.

The Large Gold Jug.

Go to the opening W, there is a nasty Blade there. First go left and get to the crack in the wall E, hang at the left corner and backflip (down key) over the balustrade and get Secret Key # 3. Jump back.

In the middle of the room you can get the Large Gold Jug (Large water skin) by running after the Blade, and quickly back flip when the Blade returns.

Now run after the Blade again and when it returns, jump over it and open the double doors. (If you time it right; you can pick up the Jug, then hop over the Blade when it comes back. Open the double doors and run through).

The Colour Puzzle, Persian Scimitar #1.

Go left and find a floor lever in between the hanging plants, this opens a door at the other side (N).

Go in and to the right, in the room is a small table and left of it pick up a Full Survival Kit and on the small table so grab the Colours clue and examine it:

2 colours surrounding the green on the chromatic circle.  

After reading it you get a screenshot of the previous room where the lights are now lit.

There are two green lights, a small one in this room and big one in the passage ahead (W).

Go to that room and remember the lights in the place were green; yellow and blue will give green.

Step onto the small yellow light straight ahead, then on the big yellow on the right, run over the big blue light opposite and then on the small blue light S. The door opens S.

The Knowledge Room.

Go down the slope and fight the knight as well as the knight in his chariot. He leaves behind the Key of the Knowledge Room.

Go to the W wall and find behind the ivy an opening, get in and claim Secret #4, 2x Poisoned Arrows. Get out. 

Jump back up the slope and go straight into the door N and use the Key of the Knowledge Room to the right of those double doors. Go in and pick up the Visitors warning.


“Dear visitor, in knowledge room, scimitars must be put aside”

Go left and open the door there and left of the lady get the Persian Scimitar #1. You can leave this place, so once out the door, go straight and then left, jump over the Blade. Once outside take a left, go toward the bridge and behind the pillar there, jump up to the left. Go towards the slope (E), stand against the wall and side flip on the slope, slide a tiny bit and jump and grab the monkey swing. Swing around the corner into the opening in the wall.

Open a Trapdoor, the Scimitar Blade.

Go in and see some small pools, go to the second pool. Climb up at the pot with the flowers left and turn right (NE). Jump forward and grab the grate. Shimmy to the right and around the corner pull up on the grate there, turn around and take a running jump (No Ctrl) onto the wooden balcony there (S). Go straight (S) and grab a monkey swing, swing around to the other side, drop on the platforms. Shoot the pots and use the lever to get a screen of a fountain.

Another Magnum, shoot the Gems. 

Safety drop down and go to the fountain (N). N of the pool is a vase with Uzi clips. Dive in and into the open trapdoor under the fountain. Careful, there is a nasty trap down there, wait till it moves down then you can swim N, go left or right to the SW corner. There is a nasty hammer swinging, when it moves away swim down and up the stairs and climb out. Kill the Evil Spirit and get the Magnum ammo from under the vase on the small table. (If you didn’t find the Magnum in the other area, at the bottom of the stairs is another one on the small table)

Then look up to the S wall. Shoot the Gem #1 out of the Griffins mouth. Go down the stairs and once down look up and to the left, shoot Gem #2. The last one to shoot is at the other side (W) near the Hammers. A platform goes up (E). 

The Oil Lamp (Torch). 

Go up the platform and open the door. Get the Oil Lamp from the top of the vase and get out, up the stairs S and ignite it at that fire in the corner. Go down again and now to the left (W) and light the two skulls at the W door.

Drop the Oil Lamp and up the block, through the door and go to the big button. Better make a save first then push that button twice (first the big ring goes in then the small star) and a boulder starts rolling in a side room. Go to the Hammers and stand close to the pedestal. The Hammers stop in various positions, wait till they open up wide enough for you to get the Persian Scimitar #2 and side flip away.

Go back up the stairs and into the water, swim down the stairs and follow through, up and avoid the swinging hammer, as well as the rotating blade and get out of the pool. Make your way to the outside again by going S and around the corner and safety drop down (or use the monkey swing).

The Bull, the Persian Scimitar #3.

Go left over the bridge to that opening S. For some pickups first go to the S end and get the Uzi clips. Take a right and spot the Sword Receptacles, go in the passage right (NW) and get Persian Light Sticks. Then return, straight through the two arches and right and in the end grab the Uzi clips from the table. Turn around and loop to the right and open the double doors.

Mirror Room.

Walk in carefully as there are some spike traps in the floor. Look in the mirror to spot them. Jump around the corner to the left and flip the lever, spikes pop up and a knight shows up. Kill him and get the Persian Scimitar #3 he drops. Look in the mirror and then pick up the invisible Shotgun on the W wall and in the NE corner Vizier’s Staff Flash Ammo.

Go out and go towards the receptacles on the wall, place all three Persian Scimitars. Climb up a ladder around the corner (dark passage W) and watch the fly by. 

The Temple.

Starting off with a Secret: Turn around, go to that other hanging basket with plant, jump to grab that flower pot, shoot the vase and grab Secret key #4. Jump down and go into the arch in the back (W) and pick up a Full Survival Kit, go left or right down the stairs and come to the room where you can use the two Secret Keys, go into the open gate and get Secret #5, Shotgun ammo, the Vizier’s Staff (Grenade gun), Arrows and Barbari Bread. Go back out to the square.

Preparations for a Timed Run.

In the SW corner are Uzi clips, as well as on the E side on a slope near the building there. Jump back to the grass and go towards that palm tree one floor down (NE), take a running jump over the tree to the ledge behind it and use the Timed lever on the right.

Flip it, roll and run to the end of this ledge, running jump a bit left over the balustrade. Run sort of straight and a bit to the left through the open door. Use the button inside; a door opens, this is on the left of where you are standing (later).

Go out and back to the balustrade and take a left through another door into a corridor, open the double doors E and you are back at the other area (the door on the left there is still closed).

Go back inside and left through the corridor.

The Small Gold Jug.

Kill the knight and go down the steps, on the right climb up for the Crossbow. A door opens in the SW corner.

Go up the steps W and kill that Evil Spirit. Climb into the windowsill in the NE corner and look up SW, shoot that Star in the Star and Crescent object. This opens the door (S) behind those vines. Go to the opposite side for a Small Gold Jug (you can fill the jugs here if you want) and return to where you killed that Demigod, take a left to the stairs and up the ones on the left, the door in the corner is now open.

The Dagger of Time.

Take a running jump out right to the square and run to the NW corner. Use the crack in the pillar to shimmy around to the right. Let Lara feet get hold of the ladder and either backflip or jump backwards with a roll. Face the wall (W) and jump and grab the edge. In the right corner find the Dagger of Time and in the other corner Barbari Bread. Get back to the rocks and use the ladder and the crack to get back to the square.

The Well Handle.

Now go up the steps where we went for the Secret and open the blue door on the left (S) with the Dagger of Time. Loop around to the right and get down the steps. There is a cage (NW) that can’t be moved, as there is a hole in the ground. Pick up the Uzis next to the hole. Go up the steps (S) and through the fly curtain. Pick up a Full Survival Kit; you see a leopard in another cage on the left.
Use the crowbar on the switch in the middle of the room; a block rises outside. Return there, now you can pull out the cage to the South once, push it once more to the S, face the cage W, hang from the edge of it and jump up grabbing a jump lever, a door opens.

Ice Wraith, Stone Artefact.

Go up the steps on the left (S) and through the fly curtain, kill the leopard that went out of its cage, then go straight, the next room is a “cold room” and behind the pillar is a small switch, use it and an ice wraith appears, run back to the previous room and the water on the small pool on the right will freeze over. Grab the Well Handle, the door to the outside opens again, get out and jump into the other pool, picking up some Uzi clips. I jumped up and down a few times and the wraith died in the water.  

Go to the outside and use the Well Handle on the well, grab the Stone Artefact from the bucket. Go to the ladder (E) and climb all the way up and use the monkey swing, go right and put the Stone Artefact in that receptacle, platforms go down at the other side of this place. Use the monkey swing to get to the other side and then jump over to the left and into the opening in the wall (W).

Go to the far left corner and crawl through onto the slope, use the Dagger of Time on the lever, get down onto the ground floor and leave through the blue door (N), go straight and climb the ladder there and back flip to the floor above.

Fiery Push Puzzle, a Mechanism Piece.

Get into the opening on the right (W), go to the wall torch and left around to the back of the room. Shoot a scorpion and get the Shotgun ammo from that bench (E). Turn around and pull the chain, a statue behind you comes up. Pull the chain again and now push the statue twice through that small passage (N). Get down into the other room and see the flame emitters have stopped. Use the lever on the left Gold statue and push the statue over the lowered platform twice so it will be in the dart trap. Jump up to the first statue and push it on that raised platform. Jump down and use the emitter lever again to get the statue down, push this statue also once (N). 

A light appears and the door S opens. Get there and turn around, get into the crawlspace for a Mechanism Piece and a camera shot shows where to use it. Get out and drop down to the ground floor, leave (N) and take a right down the steps and loop to the right and use that Mechanism Piece on that receptacle.

The trapdoor closes under the hanging plant (the one you came up from before)

Go here and face the hanging basket W, grab and get Temple Key from the pot.

Into the Temple, the Bridge.

Go to the Temple (S) and open the door with the Temple Key. Go straight to the back and use that switch. A demigod and a giant starting to fire, so kill them. Look at the walls left and right and see 3 and 5 water basins so you need 3 and 5 litres in your Golden Jugs, just fill both to the top.

If you haven’t filled them yet, you can fill them in the other building, outside to the left, up the steps, go left and in the room beyond the well is that waterhole. Go back to the Temple and jump up on the left side and fill that Jug there with the 3 litres you have (face S). Then go to the scales on the right and empty your 5 litres in the next jug.

Hall of Traps, a Mechanism Piece.

A bridge appeared, so outside we go and straight over the bridge (N) into the next area.

Go to the back and take a left through the double Scissor trap, there is a breakable tile under them so be careful, run in over the tile and jump. Go to the right into a garden, loop around right, jump on the wooden box and all traps are activated.

Stand jump to the ledge NE, stand back a bit and hop to the safe spot in front of the trap on the block N. Jump up straight to grab the monkey climb and go to that ladder. Down a bit and back flip with roll to grab the gap in the pillar, get the Barbari Bread. Face S and crawl out backwards, hang and back jump to the balcony. Hop W when the trap is down, stand 3 steps back from the W end and hop with Ctrl into the opening when the trap is up. Grab the Mechanism Piece there.

Hop back out to the balcony, turn right where the balustrade is missing and hop to the ledge SW. Face S and stand left at the edge, hop back to do a run jump to the axe ledge and immediately stand jump forward into the niche with the crowbar lever, OR do a standing jump to the ledge with the axe, shimmying around to the other side, pull up at the right moment and do a jump backwards with a roll to get in the niche. Throw the crowbar lever to open a gate at the Scissor trap.

Secret: Turn around and look for the pillar just right of the axe, jump to the axe ledge and curving right a running jump into the gap in the pillar to claim Secret #6, Barbari Bread. Drop down.

Go out S and the Scissor trap is de-activated, so slide down and jump over the spikes and go straight through the gate you opened. Around the corner use your Mechanism Piece there. That was the final piece to open the route for the Timed Run. The flyby starts with the target door and also shows a Timed lever behind a now open door we saw a while ago.

The Timed Run, the Scapegoat Timewaster.

First go through the door on the right (S), take a left to the balcony and then go left into the corridor and if you didn’t yet, open the double doors straight ahead. Step through and find that open door on the left with the timed lever. Pull it and roll, run through the door on the right, go straight and on the balcony go right around the corner. Go straight and left through the double door. Take a left again and through the Timed door on the right (savegame.1). Grab the Scapegoat Timewaster and you’ll drop down.

Go straight; at the end there is a closed trapdoor on the left. Turn right into a short corridor and a new room. Pick up a Full Survival Kit it and use the crowbar on the switch in a bush, another flyby sets in. Return to the trapdoor, which is now opened. 

Boss Battle.

Check your health, safety drop down and immediately run to the left (NW) and grab the Hourglass. Jump from that spot and run into the passage E to place the Hourglass on the stand. Roll and get out, loop around to the right and jump into the Time Changer (after using the Hourglass you can also climb through an opening in the wall left, behind that small bush), run out to the right at the other end and into the Time Changer. 

2017, North West Iran.

Everything changed, so retrace your steps and make your way back, find Sugar Cubes near the camel and give it to the horse. Ride to the double doors, one will open and leave this place. 

G&D – Feb. 2017.