BtB 2016 - 8 - Tale of the Lost Brother.

Level by BtB2016

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

No Secrets.

A warm, sunny day somewhere in PersiaÖ

Chapter 01, Meeting old friends.

Vashtiís message (I).

Go down the hill and get the Barbari Bread a bit to the left. Jump back up and go to the right corner, stand in the corner and take a running jump to the rocky ledge (E). Shimmy to the right and at the highest point jump up (Alt) and grab the next one. Pull up and go right to that door with a star on it and jump up to grab a ledge above.

Loop around to the right and use the rope to swing to the sand on the left. Go to the roof (W) and grab the edge of it, shimmy to the left till you can pull up. Use the lever and youíll hear a door opening. Drop down, go right to the curtains and grab up to the sandy ledge above. Go up along the left wall and where you cannot go further, stand-jump straight E onto the corner near the rope, jump to the rope to get to the other side (upper SE ledge). When you are on the ledge above the door with the star (SE) go around the corner to the left. Inside that passage a gate opened. Climb up some ladders and open a trapdoor and hoist up.

Shoot the big vases for Magnum ammo, Barbari Bread and Iranian Coins. Pick up from the small table Vashtiís message (I) and read it.

From Vashti to Lara Croft:

Dear Friend, Iíve been waiting for you for so long. We must meet at the street bazaar near the Sultanís palace. But first, remember that this city is very peaceful.

And the tuareqs in pink robes are your friend. Donít harm them in any way, as youíre going to need their help. By standing in front of them and by pressing Action, a few of them will reward you in some way. If you fail on this, youíll have to reload a previous save or the game will be over and we wonít meet anymore.

Best regards, Vashili.

The Streets, the Iron Key.

Turn left and go through the opening (SE) where the block went down and take a right. Keep to the right passing some camels and around the corner there, offer your coins to the Tuareq on the right (stand well back). He will open the door for you.

Follow through (ignore the cobra on the left) and climb up at the end where the curtains are (S). Jump down and shoot a vase in between the curtains and pick up the Iron Key.

Use the Key in the Storage.  

Go to the far corner (SW) and open the door, go straight all the way at then find another door to open on the right. In this Storage room are quite some vases to shoot but there is only Barbari Bread under one vase at the SW wall and a Full Survival Kit up in the NE corner. Climb the crates and use the Iron Key N. The door on the right opens, get in there and use the Star button. See a block go down near that Snake.

Courtyard with the Well, Flatbread Kebab.

Get down and out (SE), go left and around the corners to the right. At the end is a ladder so climb down into a courtyard with a Well, turn left and go straight and to the right around the corner (NE).

Open the door and down some steps, open the double doors and jump the crates to the other side. Go over the Kebab counter and get Barbari Bread and a Flatbread Kebab from the small table. Return to the door and go up the ladder (weíll be back here).

Gold Emblem and Scimitar Blade.

Go left and through the door on the right and left through the bedroom and jump down from the window.

To the right at the Snake is now an opening in the wall (E) get in and up the ladder, follow through up another ladder and stay to the right because at the top you have to slide and jump to the right onto a pillar. Jump to the next one (S) and from there to the left to the flat roof of a building. Take a running jump (SE) into the opening in that blue building and follow through, then jump to the awnings and better make a safe before jumping to that jump lever. Backflip down and go to the E side. The wooden gate that opened is at the end on the left.  

The Palace.

Go down the stairs and at the water edge jump over to the next stairs and go to the back of the building. In the second alcove (left or right go in and jump in the water. Swim high up to the W wall and turn around, there is an underwater lever there. Swim up and youíll see part of a glass ceiling dropped so you can climb out.

Push/pull the cage NW to the double cage stack, climb up and jump to the ladder and climb up. On the small tables are a Gold Emblem (screenshot) and a Scimitar Blade. Jump in the water and leave through the open window S. In the NW corner of the pool is a Full Survival Kit.

Climb out of the water and go through the gate to the street and around the corner to the crates, left is the door you saw in the screenshot. Use the Gold Emblem to the right of it. Inside on the left you get Magnum ammo from under a vase, and in the NW corner the Scimitar Grip. Combine the Grip with the Blade to get the Persian Scimitar.  

Courtyard with the Well, use the Scimitar.

When you leave you see two Sharam's henchmen wielding their swords. Go left and to the camels and into the gate around the corner there. Go left and left again, up the window straight ahead up the steps in the corner. Run through the door and take a left and down the ladder. Use the Persian Scimitar on the door NW and follow though.  

The Ornate Key.

Down the stairs and go to the right to the end and around the corner there you get to a large open place. Go to the NW corner and find a small door, leave it for now. Climb on to the crate left and on top of the second crate. Face S and pull the trapdoor open. Climb up again and now jump to grab the edge to get onto the ledges there.

Use the Key, Mirror Puzzle for the Iranian Coins.

Turn around and go around the corner and open a small door. Give Sharam's henchman inside your Flatbread Kebab and he gives you the Ornate Key, on the floor behind you. Go out, left and to the other side (S) and use the Ornate Key left of the door.

In the bedroom jump over the bed and shoot a vase, get the Vizierís Staff ammo. In the opposite corner (NW) is a mirror. Move it it out of the room, then to the left towards that block lowered raising block (dark tile left of the stone block). Safety drop down into the courtyard below and now go to that small door NW, inside over the crate and use the lever in the back to raise the block with the Mirror; then climb up through the trapdoor and push the mirror onto the block next to it.

Go around toward that beam (SE), around left the corner over a block and straight into the opening with the curtain with the beads. Shoot a vase near the bed and get the Iranian Coins, a camera shot shows you whom to give it to.   

More Food for the Staff.

Safety drop down and the guy is at the N side of the courtyard, so present him the Iranian Coins, the door next to him opens, inside you go. Down some steps and there are a lot of Sharam's henchmen here, just go to the right ignoring the guy and then left (N). Loop right around the corner through the curtain into what looks like a kitchen and pick up from every table 3x Flatbreads Kebabs.

Go out the kitchen and give 3 guys who are guarding the small water pipes each a Flatbread (2 are in the first area and one near the kitchen). Go back towards the kitchen and left side a door opened (NW). Use the switch there; you get a camera shot of a platform going up.

To the Stables.

Leave this area, up the steps to the courtyard and go to the SE corner and through to get to the area we came from before. The platform is on the left up over the staircase. In the small room across from the staircase (W) is a pushable cage, get it out of there and then around that small carpet (S) to a crack in the W wall. Shimmy to the right a bit and jump up and pull up. Jump over the fence and under the vase behind the couch (N) is Barbari Bread. Go to the fence there and run-jump and grab over it to the ledge (left of the trapdoor). From this ledge you can jump to the trapdoor around the corner. Then jump to the wooden roof and then to a windowsill on the left. Take a running jump + Ctrl out of the window to the middle one (SW) in the white building. Jump back to the last window (E) and back again to the white building. There is a lever in there; so flip it, a wall goes down.

The Stables, the Bath Key.

Safety drop down and take a right (N), around the corner down the stairs and go left into the street and around the corner is a square with a fountain and behind it is the place where the wall went down. Lots of camels in here. Follow through down some steps to a garden of sorts, Lara looks left and a warrior with his chariot tries to kill her. After he is dead pick up the Bath Key he dropped.

The Bathhouse Puzzle, the Stone Key.

Go to the N wall and open the door with the Bath Key. Go through shooting some vases for Barbari Bread. Jump into the middle of the room and use a valve (S). Jump back out and go to the entrance (S) a block went up, climb it and hoist up even higher.

There is a valve straight ahead; leave it for now. It only changes the blocks in the corner. Go to the left and climb up, take a running jump over the beam and in the back start pulling/pushing the iron cage into the beam on the W side, PUSH it in the beam.

Turn around and get onto the block in the other corner (NE) and take a running jump over the beam. Go to the front and now use the valve. Pull the iron cage to the dark tile on the floor in the in front of the valve and then once to the S onto the star tile.

Safety drop down from next to the valve and jump into the pit and get the Stone Key and a camera shot where to go (where the Kebab machines are). Leave the Bathhouse (S), up the stairs on the left, through the camel stables, left to the fountain. Go straight and left around the corner, go straight and at the end left or right around to the large area. The door is straight ahead (N). Get in and to the SE corner; in that passage you can use the Stone Key on the wall straight ahead.

The Well Handle.

Go in and safety drop down (or use the short ladder). Get into the central part and get 2 x Barbari Bread from the small tables. Go to the passage S and shoot two tigers and a Sharam's henchman. Go into the passage, take a right, up some steps and use the lever you find there.

Youíll get a camera shot; two golden blocks went down. Go back to the room with the knives just around the corner climb up the ladder left or right. Go around the corner and onto a safe ledge. From the ledge you have to jump to the platforms with the knives to the other side (N), using the alcoves on the wall as well. You are safe when standing on the side of each platform, avoid the knives while jumping.

Flip both levers then safety drop down. Go back into to the passage S and around the corner on the left to the opened wooden gate. Jump over the knives and loop around right to use a button. The gate behind Lara also opens up (shortcut to the valley where you started).

Go out and just out of the curtains, grab up to the sandy ledge above. Go up along the left wall and where you cannot go further, stand-jump straight E onto the corner near the rope, hop down to the ledge SE (or use the route along the valley floor).

When you are on the SE ledge, youíll see it was that star door that opened. Use the lever in there, get out, turn around and climb one floor higher. Go to the SW corner and run off with Ctrl to land on the ledge below, right in front of the finally open gate (S) and get the Well Handle.

Repair the Well, the Iron Key.

Go out and right, it is possible to grab the upper ledge E in the corner at the wall if you stand in the right spot, shimmy left a bit and pull up.

OR: Go left, jump back to the building W and to the NW corner, turn around and jump up to grab the edge of the sandy ledge, over the top along the wall and down to the far corner. Use the rope to swing to the other side and go in the passage SE. Go up the ladders and trapdoor, in the street go to the right and after the camels right again, into the open gate. Go left and left again and hop on the windowsill with the curtains (bedroom, S).

To the far right corner up some steps and go left to the end. Down the ladder and use the Well Handle on the well there. Pick up an Iron Key (not in the bucket but behind you) and get a screen shot.

Use the Iron key, Vizierís Staff, Vashtiís Message (II).

Go through the Scimitar door NW, follow through down some steps and take a left at the cage, right around the corner to the fountain. Jump up W behind the fountain through the camel stables down left to the courtyard behind that.

Go to the W side to that big tent and take the steps on the right, jump up on the left and climb even higher. Turn around, jump over and shoot the vases on top of the crate and get a Full Survival Kit. Go back and up the slope and use the Iron Key on the right. Get the Vizierís Staff from the lady as well as Vashtiís Message (II). Read it. 

You saved me, Lara! The hordes of Sharam, the insidious Vizier imprisoned me. He took over the city and now he is a powerful wizard, thanks to the sacred power of the Ancients. My brother chased him to far lands, but I fear the worst. Find him with the help of Sharamís magic staff, please! Getting rid of his staff was our last act of rebellion against Sharam. Good luck, my friend!. Iíll wait for both of you!

The Horse.

Crawl through (N) and pull the chain to lower a wall. Go back and down to the garden, go to the wooden wall on the right (S) and take a left or right to get behind the wall and find that lowered one. There are stables with camels and one horse (NE). The place is guarded by three of Sharamís henchmen.

Go into the storage in the right hand corner (SW). Pull the cage on the left (S) out once, then pull the one W out once. Jump on them and now pull the last one away from the wall, grab the Sugar Cubes. Out the room and to the horse and feed him the Sugar Cubes.

Ride the horse out of the stables (N) and go around to get to the garden and to the NW corner, jump down and gallop up the hill and watch the flyby.

Chapter 02, Far landsÖ

Eight Hours laterÖ

The Magnum, Sands of Time. 

Get off the horse and grab the Full Survival Kit from the table, go to the valley and jump to the right and around so you can jump to the long ladder. Once on the ladder there are two openings on the right. Take first the upper one, inside you can get a Sands of Time object. Get back to the ladder and down, right around into the lower opening, it has a lever (camera shot of a block going down).

Crawl out, safety drop down to the valley floor and go around the corner into the building. In there to the left is that chain, pull it so the other blocks go down, get the Full Survival Kit from the pedestal. Then use the platform to jump up and push the button NE; another door opens.

Laser Sight.

Go out and climb the long ladder to the top, carefully make your way to the left around the corner and jump to the pillar (W). From there run jump to the ledge right in the NW corner, grab the edge, shimmy to the right a bit and drop down. Face the opening (NE) and jump in there (where those doors opened). Go further and a cut scene takes over, you will be pushed down by the Manticore (he for sure enjoyed that) and end up in a pool.  

Surface and climb out, a Palace Guardian will bother you, kill him (stand on one of the Thrones, E of the pool), he will drop the Laser Sight.

The Dagger of Time.

Go to the NW corner and jump up the blocks to get one floor up. Go to the E wall behind where the hammers are and get the Magnum on the right and Magnum ammo from the left.

Jump over to the ledge where the hammers are, stand in the SW corner, turn right a bit and look up into the ceiling over the pool. Shoot the gem out of the gargoyleís mouth. Drop down and go to the other side (W) and jump over into the alcove there. Turn left and see that the door there opened. Use the lever and see the hammers pulverise the gem. Jump out to the ledge on the right and claim your prize: the Dagger of Time.

Hop down into the pool, get out E, to the left and right are doors you can open with the Dagger of Time.

Left door (NE): there is nothing in there.

Right door (SE):

Go up the stairs and around the corner you get to a big room with a pool.

Dive in and swim around that structure, at the back in the alcove there on the left (S) is an underwater lever. This opens a door underwater. Before going there first turn to the left (E) and get up the steps there, shoot the vase left for Vizierís Staff ammo, the two lights hides Magnum ammo and a Full Survival Kit. The other, dark, vase only has some nasty creepy crawlers, you can lure into the pool.  

Fiery Pillar Jumps, Hourglass#1. 

Back in the water and swim to the other side (W), get air and dive down through the opening and go left, follow through into a room with a lot of pillars. Loop around to the right and climb out. If possible shoot two snakes in the pool. Get up the steps and better save at the lever in the alcove left (W). Roll and time the emitters and jump to the corners (they are safe). I just jumped and grabbed each pillar except for the last one, as that needs a run-jump/grab. Shimmy to the side and hoist up behind the burning basket. Shoot the gem and pass through the two statues and get the Hourglass#1. 

Hourglass #2.

Jump in the water and make your way all the way back to the big pool. Back into the pool swim up and pull up out at the stairs W. Go left and around some corners is another door you can open with the Dagger of Time. Loop around left and under the vase get the Vizierís Staff ammo.

In the back shoot another vase for more Vizierís Staff Ammo. A Palace Guardian watches over this place; kill him (just go stand on the stairs). Go up the stairs and grab up to the floor above. In the SW corner is a jump lever, camera shot of doors opening. Make a note of the open window behind you (N).

Go down the stairs and outside take a left and keep on following the ledges till you see another door you have to open with the Dagger of Time. In the corner on the right are the open doors. Kill the Palace Guardian and shoot the light, jump over for a Full Survival Kit. There is another Full Survival Kit under the light on the left.

A block protects another hourglass in a light, so open the trapdoor. Hop forwards onto the ledge in front of the statue and climb down, drop onto the slope with the Sphinx symbol, opening two doors. This place is well guarded by two Palace Guardians. When they are dead, go to the W side, into the door and push the button. Go to the other side, E and pull/push the iron cage against the pillar, then. Climb on the cage and hoist up and jump to the ladder W and shimmy to the right until you can climb out. Jump over, shoot the light and pick up the Hourglass #2.

High Room, Hourglass #3.

Go out to the pool and to the right follow the ledges around to the open crowbar door door at the other side and up the stairs again. Hoist up and climb in the window and stand jump to the bridge down there. Use the chandeliers to get to the other (N) side bridge. Go right to the end (E) and get onto the chandelier, then jump to the roof N and grab the edge, shimmy left around the corner, pull up, jump/roll/back flip and grab the next roof, shimmy left again and pull up when it is safe, look up and spot the jump lever.

After pulling it go left to the edge and a running jump with grab gets you back to the bridge (S). Go to the right and a bit further on the right the doors are now open. Jump there, follow through to the High room and you can already can shoot the light surrounding the next Hourglass.

Hang on the right (N) and jump up to the thin ledge and pull up. Jump to the next and get around the corner. Hop to the next ledge (N), and let go and grab, shimmy around two corners and backflip.

Grab the thin ledge and let go and grab, shimmy around and pull up. Do that till you can see a ladder on the S wall; that is your goal. Climb down the ladder and go to the E wall and use the valve there.

Go to the pillar in the middle and jump up to the top. When you get Hourglass#3, a Fire Sprite appears. Take a running jump to the opening E and jump over to the bridge outside. The Fire Sprite disappears.

Go left (E) and jump on the chandelier and from there the trapdoors on the building. Again jump onto a chandelier and turn around (W) jump over and place the 3 Hourglasses in their receptacles (one of them is already placed).  

The Mosque, Defeat Sharam.

Jump back to the chandeliers and to the now open door (E). Go in and in the room run around, shooting 4 lights and revealing 4 valves (N&S).

Use them all four and the Tombs slide back. Jump down in the water and when you get out all hell brakes loose. You can kill the 3 enemies, first the one with the Swords, then the two Demigods. Near the N wall are two vases, one harbours Vizierís Staff ammo and Barbari Bread, the other one Barabri Bread and a Full Survival Kit, it will take more health than you will gain if you donít kill the Demigods first.

The S side has two buttons, go in and left and around the corner place the Sand of Times on the right. The left one already has one. Your goal is to push 7 buttons to defeat the Sharam.

Go into the door and meet the Sharam (you cannot kill him with weapons). To the right (NW) is a button (1/7) on a block, push it, the next button is SW (2/7), SE is another one (3/7) as well as in the NE corner (4/7).  

Then go to the E wall and climb up into that passage. Roll or side flip through the knives and push yet another button (5/7). Get out and go to the opposite wall (W), push the next button (6/7). Go out and to the right to the S wall, same story (7/7). Sharam is defeated and watch brother and sister being united, the spell broken.

G&D- March 2017.