BtB2016 – Lara Croft and the Forty Thieves.

Level by BtB2016

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

5 secrets

Mentioned savegames are in this Saves Folder.

City of Yazd.

Get ready to do battle after the flyby and shoot those Thieves. One will drop Barbari Bread (small medipack). Shoot those vases next to the big doors to the right and get the Persian Light Sticks (Flares).

There are several ways to go through this level; this is the one we chose because of the Dagger of Time that is needed for the Secrets.

Go left into the street (S) and to the left on the tables are the Yazd Old Quarter Tourist Guide, a Shotgun and Shotgun ammo.

- Yazd Old Quarter Tourist Guide -

- Babylon Bathhouse: Built atop ancient River Temple.

- Mevlana Palace: Sufi Library and Zikr Hall.

- Yazd Fire Temple: Witness the Eternal Flame of Zoroaster.

- Royal Gardens: Built in 550BC by Cyrus the Great.

- Desert caves: Danger! Haunted by Djinn and restless spirits.

Next to the market stalls on the other side (W) is more Barbari Bread under a vase.

Desert Caves.

Go back where you came from (N) and left, walk onto the tip of the ledge at the abyss and run jump a bit to the right to grab the slanted rock in the opening right a bit right from the corner. Shimmy right around to where you can pull up. Run jump up to the ledge W, climb up and grab Persian Light Sticks, grab the monkey climb at the pit on the left and go over to the other side (E), right around the corner to a lever which will raise a platform.

Choose how to get back, hop out of the opening and jump to shimmy around the rock or use the monkey climb again and take some damage by the darts. Either way you have to get back where you got the Persian Light Sticks. Drop out of the opening there (S) and shoot the critter. Jump and grab the rock right and shimmy around to the backside where you can pull up and back flip to the ground (or shimmy all the way).

Yazd Fire Temple, the Ancient Dagger (Crowbar).

Go up to the lever on the ledge W and the gates open up left and right; two Thieves attack. Enter the gate S; go left to the Fire Temple, shoot a Thief and then the vase right of the steps for some Barbari Bread and go inside. On a small table is the Ancient Dagger. Go back out, to the right to the abyss.

Desert Caves, Push Walls.

Pass the abyss into the gate N, go straight to a Lava river. Jump over to grab the opposite ledge in front of the right hand blue push wall, pull up and side flip away to the right, triggering the traps, you have to follow that ledge to the other end. Time the sliding walls and run jump onto the higher part, then hop forward onto the next higher part and run jump with a right curve to land on a slope behind the last push wall, jump right up onto a ledge with a vase (savegame.0). Get the Barbari Bread from the vase and jump to grab the ladder around the corner, go up to back flip onto a walkway. Go over to the S side and run jump over a set of Blades to get to the other end of the passage. Jump over to the ledge with the lever which will open a gate on the lower level and get the Magnum ammo from the vase before you jump back over to get to the Blade trap.

The Magic Staff.

Jump over those Blades and safety drop down through the hole at the end of the walkway. Jump to the rope and swing to the opened gate, go to that Tomb and pick up Shotgun ammo. To the right you can spot the Magic Staff.

Go straight S to a Lava room with pillars. Time your jump to bypass the Axe, then time your jump to the moving knives (N). Take a left and side flip through the circular blades, down some steps and get the Magic Staff. Back through the Blades and jump over the pit with the Axe to the right (S).

Lava Jumps, the Temple Side door key.

Hop and grab the first pillar, time that flame on the pillar right and when it is burning about a second, pull up and jump, jump again and grab the pillar with the burner. Hang left and pull up on the corner, time the push wall you can see left in front and run jump onto the slanted pillar W, jump and run jump straight through onto the corner slope, jump again to grab a pillar with a burner, get on the corner and time the burner to jump the last two pillars and hop to grab the ledge (savegame.1) where you’ll find the Fire Temple Side door key.

Yazd Fire Temple 2, Yazd City Seal #1, Royal Gardens key.

Grab up E and slide back down to the Desert caves, shoot a Thief. Straight ahead (E) you can see the Temple. Turn right and go S to Main-street. Take a left and go to the second set of doors to the right. Left of those is a vase with Shotgun ammo. Now look NE to spot the side door to the Temple and open it with the Fire Temple Side door Key. Inside to the right is a Timed lever raising two blocks further along this passage, time the burners, jump onto the blocks and turn around on the second to grab up to the grate above (or do a running jump to grab the ledge ahead) (Savegame.2).

Go into the structure to get your First Yazd City Seal. Go S and left on the grate is a yellow crystal, shoot it to get the Magic Staff Super ammo. To the right is some Barbari Bread. To the S on the small table is the Royal Gardens Key. If you are not going for the Secrets, safety-drop down from that ledge to the stairs at the Side door.

Secret Detour: go to the NW corner of the outer ledge, face W at the opening in the grate and safety-drop when you can see the burner went off. You’ll land on the lowered block. Turn around and jump over the burner into the opening E, go up the stairs and shoot the yellow crystal for Magic Staff Super ammo. Hop back a bit and left is Secret #1, the Jewel of Zoroaster you can pry off the wall. Go back down and follow the passage with the burners back to the side door.

To the Persian Gardens, Second Yazd City Seal.

Go out to Main-street and straight into the street S, first doorway on the right has Persian Light Sticks to the right.

Back to the left to Main-street and on the right is the bathhouse, but we need a key. So go straight up a ramp through an open gate and spot the big gate on the right where we need those City Seals. Shoot the nearby vase for Magnum ammo and go left (N) to the next area and to the left on a table is some Barbari Bread. Turn around and open the gate to the Gardens with the Royal Gardens Key.

Enter and a vase left (NW) has Explosive Arrows. There are several doors to open here, go down the stairs to the other end and find 3 levers to the right.

Lever Puzzle, 3 Seals.

1: From left to right, pull lever #3, enter the S door and stand on the side of the table, grab the Crossbow and hop back, wait for the boulder to pass and get Poisoned and Normal Arrows from the table, get out and take on two Thieves.

2: Pull lever #2, go back up the stairs towards the entrance and straight into the door, hop onto the sloped block left, sliding down the right hand side of it hop to the second one and hop with a right curve onto the big slope, slide and jump to grab the pillar and pull up, slide jump into the opening. Step in carefully and hop back to let the boulder pass. Go up the boulder slope and jump over the hole to that jump lever. Do the same jumps over the slopes again and once in the opening, go left over the boulder and through the now open door to get Seal of Cyrus #1. Run up the slope W and get the Explosive Arrows. Back down, straight and over the boulder, up the boulder slope and down at the jump lever, go left through the door and straight down to the levers again.

3: Pull lever #1, go back up the stairs and take a right into the door that is across from the entrance, take a right up the steps and go in carefully. Get through the Blade traps by crawling and running at the right time and get Seal of Cyrus #2. Back through the Blades and back to the levers.

4: Pull lever #3 back up; go up the stairs to the upper ledge, go to the right (E) to enter the high door across from levers. Run jump to the flat ledge right and stand right while facing the wall, use Ctrl and Lara pulls up into a niche behind the orange plant, push the button to activate a raising block in the spike pit. Get onto that block and jump to grab the opening across the room. Push the big button there and a platform goes up in the room below this one. Hop back to the block, notice the gate left (for later) and jump back to the entrance, go down to the levers.

5: Pull lever #2 back up and pull lever #3 down, roll and enter the lower door E across from switches, jump over the platform and the block to the button; which will open the gate in the room above. Get back to the levers.

6: Pull lever #2 down and pull lever #3 back up, enter the upper door behind you (E) again, jump to the ledge, the block and into the open gate to get Seal of Cyrus #3. The block goes down and a rope appears, use that to get back across and stay on this high level to use the 3 Seals of Cyrus on the left (S). A trapdoor opens and a ladder goes up.

If you want a Secret, get down to the levers first. Pull lever #1 up so only #2 is active, which opens secret door up above.

Go to the ledge where you placed the Seals and jump to the ladder to climb up to the top. Get the Second Yazd City Seal. Shoot the yellow crystal for Magic Staff Normal ammo.

Go N along this side to find the door you opened on the left and get Secret #2, the Jewel of Cyrus, Magic Staff Normal ammo from the crystal, a Full Survival Kit (Medipack) in the other corner and Shotgun ammo from the vases. Now you could go back down and out of the entrance door, or just hop over the side into the river below.

To the Babylon Bathhouse.

To enter the bathhouse, we only need to jump into the river somewhere and follow the current, when you are in the brighter pool in the bathhouse, you can get out at the stairs N. Straight N is the entrance gate we bypassed. Go there and take a right, in the corner climb up left to the window and get Uzi clips. Go back to the gate and straight W, around the corner is a Full Survival Kit. Go back and loop right around the corner at the statue and into the passage with the red bush. Shoot some vases in the end and get the Barbari Bread. There is a big block there we need to lower. Turn around and enter the opening on the right (E). Jump to the right onto the ledge and up to the pillar, take a running jump to the next and slide down. Now jump over the water to the ledge S and get Uzi clips.  

Lower the Blocks on the Levers.

Now jump onto the waterfall and drop in the water and let the current drag you down to the lower pool. Once down turn W, swim to the N wall and find an opening, swim in the small tunnel and take a right. Grab the Uzis in the corner and turn around, swim back W and take a left and get out of the pool. If possible kill the snake. Go to the gate (N) and use the lever that is on the left (two blocks go down in the bathouse).

Go to the SW corner and swim into the waterfall W and up, you get back to the upper pool. Get out at the steps (N). Go up and left into the passage with the red flowers and save at the now avaýlable Timed lever there.    

Timed Swim to the Raising Blocks, Jump Lever #1.

Pull the lever, turn left and grab up at the blue tiled wall, pull up into the openýng and slide into a pool with current, swim straight up against the current and you’ll drop down that waterfall agaýn, turn around (W) and swim to the right into a small tunnel N, left around two corners and then you can go up to the RIGHT and climb out (save in a fresh slot while pulling up). Run and jump into the opening NW, turning left jump through the swords to the first timed block, hop to the next ledge with swords and then to block 2, another jump will get you to safe ground (savegame.3).

Shoot a vase SW for Uzi clips, go to the passage on the left (E). Inside is a slanted block, backflip on the slanted block and jump to the ledge.

A run jump will get you to the jump lever (#1). Swim into the tunnel straight ahead (and a bit to the right, N) and take a left for some Persian Light Sticks. Turn around and swim left, then right and up to climb out.

Now we need to do another Timed swim, but this time we go to the E side. Dive into the pool, swim into the waterfall W and you’ll get up to the pool above (you need to swim up straight or you will fall back down). The current will take you left to the stairs N. Go left at the statue and into the passage with the red bush and this time go left down into that opening before the lever (as before). Jump to the right onto the ledge with the columns and make your way to the E end. Then jump up left (NE) into the windowsill and save at the lever (the block covering the lever should be down).

Timed Swim to the Raising Blocks, Jump Lever #2.

Same thing as before: Pull the lever, hop back and run jump S into the water while turning left, drop down the waterfall, turn around (W) and swim to the right into the tunnel N, left around two corners and then you can go up to the LEFT and climb out (save in a fresh slot while pulling up).

Run NE and curve sharp right so you can jump to the first block from the right hand side of the knife trap, maybe a step forward and hop to the ledge, landing on the edge, quickly go forward a bit when the knife trap is up and hop to the second block and a running jump will get you to safety (savegame.4).

Grab the Shotgun ammo and go to the opening SW, backflip onto the slanted block and jump onto the ledge above. A run jump will get you to the jump lever (#2). A gate opens up and another snake appears, swim into the tunnel N, left around and up to climb out, go shoot that snake. 

Into the open gate N and shoot vases left to get Explosive arrows. When you take the Babylon Bathhouse key from the table and explosion occurs and you’ll get a screen of two ceiling levers (We don’t really need this key to complete this adventure, it can be used to open the Bathhouse in case you forgot the Secret and want to come back for it later). The whole place is flooded, swim out, up and use those ceiling levers. Gates open up in the Bathhouse and the water level drops again.

Secret Detour: Get air, swim SE or SW and either left or right through a brown door that opened under water, pull the lever there and swim back to the pool. Go back into the tunnel N (left and right in the corner rooms the Uzi and Persian Lights Sticks appears again as well as a snake). Then go up at the opening and jump over to the golden block, which went up at the opened gate to the Secret room (S). Get Uzi clips, Shotgun ammo under the vase left, Magic Staff Flash ammo after shooting that yellow light and finally Secret #3, the Jewel of Ishtar, next to the table on the wall.

Getting Out, to the Rooftops, Yazd City Seal #3.

Swim up the W side waterfall, upstairs go left to the stairs N and get out, left into the passage with the red plant, left down into the opening to the pool and hop onto the ledge on the right. Jump to the gates you opened (up S). Go through the gate outside on the terrace is a Full Survival Kit, go back to one of the open gates and up the ladder there. Back flip from the ladder and shoot two Thieves roaming the rooftops of the bathhouse. Along the E side is a yellow crystal with Magic Staff Flash ammo, on a small table N is another Yazd City Seal #3. Go to the W side of the roof, hop over the ramparts and go left all the way to the end to where you can cross over to the building W.

Mevlana Palace, Yazd City Seal #4.

Jump to the ledge SW, then to that arch and into the next windowsill to get the Mevlana Palace key. Through the window you can see your next goal, the City Seal. Back onto the arch, jump to the ledge on the right (S) and swallow a medipack, do a trick jump down to the windowsill below (stand a bit from the edge, hop backwards off the edge and hit Ctrl when you are just below the edge). Grab the Magnum ammo there and jump NE to the floor. Go up the steps left and open the Palace with the Mevlana Palace Key.

Enter and pick up the Stone Tablet from the table, a flyby will show you around.

Examine the Tablet: "Welcome, traveler.
Where have you come from, and where are you going?
Do you even remember?
Look deep into the mirror to see through the illusions.
Find your way back to the truth.

The Magnum, open the Gate.

First go left into the passage E and get the Magnum ammo from the table, back to the big room and left (S), go straight to the next room and there is a mirror in the back. When you stand left on that higher flowerbed and look SW, you can see in the mirror that one of the wooden panels next to the double door on the right when looking in the mirror has an opening. So back to the entrance room and jump over the left red couch through the wood panel right of the green vase with the plant. Follow the passage up to the Magnum and push the big button on the W wall to see a gate open up.

Go back and hop out of the hidden passage, go straight to the Mirror room (S) and take a right there (W). In the next room go left to the passage where that gate opened up. Next room left and in the next room with the small table, go left (N) and come to the room behind the mirror (which also has a mirror). Look for an opening in a wooden panel wall (right). So that one is left when you turn around it is in the SE corner of the room. Follow the hidden passage down to a room with a big button. It will open some doors.

Go back out of the passage and left to the room S, straight across are the doors you opened, go through and around the corner some Thieves will come for you. Go straight through the next room into the green passage (E) and shoot the vases for Magnum ammo. Back again and right (N), straight through the room into the passage with table and Magnum ammo. Turn around, go back to the last room (the one with a tree) and left to the next and a ladder will appear (E). Go up and get the Yazd City Seal in the windowsill. Shoot the yellow crystal in the opposite corner to get the Magic’s Staff Flash ammo, climb back down.

In case you want to leave, the doors opened E.

But if you want the Secret: Go to the room W, go left to the next room, right in the next into the passage with the greenery. Over the steps through the open doors and straight to the room with the mirror…Look to the left into the mirror and you can see an opening in the side passage, turn left and go into the passage W.

The second wall part left isn’t what it seems, you can climb through and come to a room with a big button, push that to open the window to the Secret room. Shoot the vase and get Magnum ammo before you leave. Go right around corners and when you come into a room with a dark window across the room (W), take a left and in the next room right. Go up the steps and shoot the crystal for Magic Staff Normal ammo, then get Secret #4, the Jewel of Mevlana from the wall left.

Go out and left (N), take a right in the next room. In the next room go right; up the steps through the open doors. Through the passage with the greenery and in the next room go left, then take a right and you’re back in the room with the ladder.

Use the Yazd City Seals, a Valve Wheel. 

Go out E, left on the terrace and go right around the Bathhouse up the slope through the open gate E. Take a right and place the 4 City Seals to open the gate. When you go through the fun starts, a whole bunch of Thieves attack, joined by their leader. Loop left from the entrance gate to get a Full Survival Kit (NE) under a vase. Follow that wall to the SE corner where you can find Arrows also under a vase. Go around the building finding nothing but closed doors, so jump (SW) over the water to the terrace W and grab it. Follow through to the end where the camera changes and some thieves attack. Step through the fly curtain and end up upstairs on a balcony (use the “look key” to look around) 

The Thieves’ Hideout. 

Head through E and shooting Thieves you’ll end up at a valve wheel behind a window, use it to change the current in the River. So go back a bit to the first balcony hop over the balustrade into the River. Just follow the current, then left and all the way in the end climb out left. Watch the flyby of the hideout; which ends with the Secret Jewel guarded by Thieves. Careful! The carpets on the sandy floor are hiding Spike traps!

Last Secret Quest: On the top floor is a Thief in front of opened doors S, if he spots you, he will run onto a trigger tile closing doors and sealing off the Secret. So go in stealth mode along the left wall to a Star button on the pillar near the SE corner, push it to open gates near the River. Left through the window you can see a small table. Turn around and go back to the entrance, check your health, as you have to jump over to the other side through steam vents, avoid contact as much as possible. Loop right around and jump from side to side going upstream and you’ll reach that small table you saw, get the Ancient Coins.  

Jump over to the ledge at the opened gate S. Go up the ladder and back flip off, throw the nearby lever to open a gate in the upper level of the hideout (you can see the gate open up and also the open doors and the thief guarding them through the window). The lever opened a gate in the corner behind him (SW). Go to the far side of this room, get the Arrows from a table left and hop down into the water to climb out W. Carefully enter again, watch out for the carpets and go along the left wall again, at the Star button look right into the SW corner and spot the triangular opening. Now go to that Flute player (we’ll deal with him later) and cross over to the other side (W) to back flip onto that pile of gold and jump to grab the triangle opening (best to stand in the left corner and face SE and backflip). Climb the ladder and back flip off to where that open gate is. 

Arm yourself with a weapon of choice and run out to the right shooting the nearby Thief. Just right around the corner is a lower floor part, defend that at all cost and shoot everything that moves. Enter the doors and pick up Secret #5, the Heart of the Desert. Shoot the yellow crystal left for Magic Staff Super ammo. The vases have Arrows underneath. In case some fool closed the doors behind you, climb through the plants SW and follow the crawlspace back to the ladder. Climb down, hang out of the triangle opening and shimmy left a bit before you drop OR you can go all the way to the N end and find a Master Sword Grip in the NW corner (see below).

A Master Sword.

Go up the pile of gold N and you can jump up to the NW corner to get a Master Sword Grip. Down one block and jump over to the NE corner, get behind the curtains for the Master Sword Blade, combine the two to get the Master Sword. One corner of the room has Barbari Bread, the other corner Persian Light Sticks. 

Go out of the room and get down to ground floor. Go right around the corners and on the other side (W) of the room is a staircase down to the ground floor again.

A Chance to get Missing Secrets.

If you still want to go for missing Secrets, go to the Flute Player (SE), stand back quite a bit and give him the Ancient Coins. The doors in the passage S open up; go through them and you are back at the Desert Caves/City where it all began. This is also what the Bathhouse key was for, it isn’t accessible through the river anymore.

Aladdin’s Lamp.

If you got all you want, no need to open those doors S. Go to the big doors W, left of the crates and use the Master Sword to open them. Run into another Treasury room meet a Restless Spirit, you’ll have to avoid his attacks. Run right around into the corner SW and use the lever there (#1 for disabling fire traps). Then go over to the NW and find another lever (#2).

Now run to the SE corner behind that yellow contraption, using a crack to the right. Jump up to the next crack and shimmy left around to where you see the wooden panels. Pull up and go left through the passage where you disable the Fire trap by using the two levers, then run jump to grab the rope, swing to the next and then across to the opposite ledge. Take a right and follow through to Aladdin’s Lamp, when you pick it up a cut scene takes over and the adventure ends.

G&D- Feb 2017.