The Lost Artifact of Heroic Manliness. 

Level By Mulf.

Walkthrough  Dutchy. (rev March 2017)

CS= crawlspace, MS= monkeyswing, UW= underwater.

The level is quite dark, as it is set to be a sinister place, but there are plenty of Flares to find and you can always put the brightness at 100%. There are always little enemies I forget to mention, but Iím sure youíll find them yourself.

As in all Mulf's levels this level is like Swiss cheese and you can go back and forth in various places (Dutchy)

The Start Room.

Look behind the R hand pillar to find the 1st box of Flares. Then go to the NE side of the room and find a hole in the floor next to the pillar there, itís a trapdoor to be opened later as you will enter through the CS high in the W wall. Go to the NW pillar and find the CS behind it, go in and follow to a T crossing, go L and beware of the pit.

Detour for a Secret: You will skip the part below leading to ďthe water filled basementĒ. It will also take a lot of health, but when you safety drop down this pit youíll land in a dark cave, hop through the opening S. Go to a crawlspace E and inside get Secret #1, 3 types of Ammo (thanks TombTitan for reminding me of the missing Secret). Out of the crawlspace and up to a well lit passage NW, slide down and hop over the triggered trapdoor. Around the corner is the water filled basement, shoot some Bats. Jump grab up to the ledge SE and get the Ammo there. Jump to the lower ledge in the water, turn N and better save here after checking your health.

(Not going for the Secret, jump/grab over the pit and go R at crossing, follow till you come to a hole in the floor, run in and grab, youíll grab the edge of the slope, shimmy L and pull up to get some Ammo and now run off to the R, land on a high ledge in a water filled basement, follow the passage till you hear a trapdoor open, no need to go further as it is impossible (the way back down from the secret mentioned above), go back to the pool and jump to the lower ledge in the water, turn N and better save here).

Dive into the water and swim through the small crack under the block in NE corner, find some Flares NW in a hole in the bottom and go up through the hole in the ceiling NE, follow to a room which has caved in.

The Caved in Room.

In the L corner is a trapdoor for later, go on to the block to the R and turn N run jump/grab over to the block there, turn SE and see the Ammo on the block there, go get it and return here, on to the highest ledge in the NW corner, turn E and stand with your L shoulder to the wall, look E past the hanging pillar and see the ledge to jump to, do a runjump/grab with a R curve and pull up the ledge, turn R and start shooting the Guard on the other side, jump to the alcove L and walk to the corner where the Guard was, now do a run jump/grab around the corner, from about halfway up the sloped edge, to get to the ledge he was on, take his Ammo and turn L see the CS in the E wall, stand with your back at the wall, in NW corner of the ledge and do a R curved jump/grab to the hole and get in, go L and come to a courtyard in front of an old fortress. On a rocky ledge you can see the Crossbow (for later), a closed trapdoor and a black door also closed. Find and use the jump switch on the wall fortress and the trapdoor will open, go in and slide into the sewers.

Into The Sewers.

On the N wall of the room youíll land in is another black door, and Flares in the hole SE, dive into the deep shaft in the SW, get the Ammo in the NW and SE from the bottom and get back up for air, now dive in again and in the SE next to where you found the arrows, into the passage, up into the ceiling and up the shaft, halfway up into the S tunnel in front of you and follow up to a dead guy floating around, (maintenance man out of air) go L and up in the hole in the ceiling, gat out and climb the pillar on L side, go over to the other room and pull the jump switch, a flyby will show some big doors somewhere outside (obviously they need another switch to open them). Return to the water and down, E to get some Ammo on the grate in the hole, now get some air again and this time go back W to the dead guy, down to the shaft and a bit up and to the R when you get there, into this narrow tunnel and down into the hole in the floor

The Door Puzzle.

To the R into the tunnel with the light gray floor and through the door that will open for you, through the 2nd door and get up for air. If you swim forward again, turn at the square in front of the 3rd door and return to the 1st door, it is closed, but revealing a tunnel to the L (if the 2nd door is closed or the 1st still open, you will have to try again, maybe you went back too soon or too late, from the wrong square). Follow the new tunnel to a greenish room; there are 2 levers behind a grating and a hole in the ceiling. Climb through the hole and follow the passages to the Cave.

The Cave.

From the entrance, look SW and see Flares on the ledge just behind the hanging stalactite (or Ėmite, whatever) go get those first and then climb the brown dirt heap on E wall at the entrance of the cave, now onto the pillar, get the Ammo and stand jump from the R side over the sloped pillar in front, slide and jump with a L curve, so youíll slide backwards off the corner slope, grab the edge and hang, pull up/backflip/jump/grab the ledge over the slope you were hanging on. Turn W and stand against the S wall (you have more space under the ceiling of the cave), run jump/grab to the ledge W, stand jump/grab the crack in the W rock face and shimmy R, over the flare pick up, all the way to a corner where you can pull up. Get into the CS and R, shoot a Guard from the entrance and get his Ammo, MS over the poison pit and you will be shot at by 2 Guards now, one in front and one in the back, take Ďem both out and return over the poison pit to collect Secret # 2, the Shotgun that was dropped by the Guard. Now back again, pick up the MP the Guard dropped and reach the top of the cave, donít fall down! Run jump to the ledge in front and over to the double ledge, turn R and see the hole in the top of the Stalactite, run jump/grab and pull in, throw the lever and see where you have to go next, the trapdoor in the Start Room is now open. Crawl back out and drop/hang on the edge, shimmy L and drop to the triangular ledge in the corner, shoot the Bats and stand jump/grab to the MS grating, swing to the E and drop/grab the rock in the corner, pull up and enter the CS L which will bring you back to the Start Room. Go to the open trapdoor.

The Sewers. (Revisited)

Run into the shaft and drop in the sewers again, swim N and up after the low part, keep L going up and notice the air pocket, climb out into the room with the 2 levers you saw behind the grating from the greenish room, pull the levers, one open the black door in the 1st under water room and the 2nd one the trapdoor in the floor next to it. Get the MP and dive in, down the shaft and to the underwater room where you picked up the Ammo (remember?), into the shaft in the ceiling and to the ledge in front of the open black door. Go in and arm yourself with the Shotgun, around the second corner youíll meet some resistance, hop back into the passage you came from and let them come to you one by one, take them out and find another one on a ledge L, pick up all the stuff they drop and follow the passage straight, find the lever in the corner, behind the pillar.

When you pull it, the black door in the courtyard at the old fortress will open, now go on up the stairs and L for a MP, look up here and find the CS high in the wall, you can reach in by going up the stairs one step, turn and stand jump/grab to it, get Secret #3, the Lasersight and Ammo inside, now proceed up the stairs and reach a high block, save here and climb, pull up, jump/roll immediately and slide backwards, grabbing the edge of the slope, drop and find yourself back in familiar territory.

Familiar territory.

At the deep pit where you opened a trapdoor in the beginning, go to the small room with the pool and swim through the N crack again, up in the NE corner and go on to the caved in room. L was the trapdoor, itís now open, so drop in and go up the passage, killing the Croc on the way, R and up the ladder, open the hatch on top of the ladder and go in R, follow to the high climb and turn around when you pulled up, jump/grab the CS in the wall and pull in, crawl to a dark room, turn around and climb the ledge, run jump/grab over to the next and run jump/grab the rope, swing to the ladder and climb up, (the pool you just swung over is deadly) follow the passages and get a MP on a grating in a hole in the floor, below you can see the crossbow, still out of reach, follow the stairs down and get Secret # 4, the Ammo in the end, turn and use the jump switch, which will turn the deadly pool solid, so go back all the way to where you jumped to the CS and drop down into the passage again, climb up and follow E, drop in the hole in the end and crawl to the courtyard of the fortress. A Guard is shooting at you so be quick to take him out and get the MP, another one is waiting for you as you enter the black door of the fortress.

The Old Fortress.

When you enter youíll get a fast flyby of the place, notice the opening with the torches below and a CS just under where you stand in the end of the flyby. Take the Ammo the Guard dropped and have a look over the edge with the Binocís, see all the ledges along the N wall, walk R and drop back to the S from the ledge youíre on, slide and grab the edge of the slope, drop/grab the pillar below and notice the black door to the L, shimmy R till you are over a jump switch, drop and grab it, fall on a ledge and now for the tricky part, you have to do a diagonal run jump with a R curve (donít grab) and land on the ledge at the black door. Go in and shoot the Guard. Take his Shotgun and go pull the lever. A door opens in the N wall, ignore that for now, go to the pillar again and to the ledge with the jump switch, drop quick as a Guard will probably be shooting at you from below and doing a fine job too.., keep close to the wall and he canít harm you, go N over the ledges and L to the CS you saw in the flyby. Get in and follow to a room with a lot to see, a MP and a Sentry-gun behind a grating N, the Uziís and a jump switch S and a back door SE, nothing to do for now.

The Timed Run.

Go on and open the small blue door, enter a passage with flames on the floor, this is a timed run, when you go up the sloped floor, the flames go down, sprint up and roll in the end, jump up to the passage up and sprint to the end, follow into the rocky passage, drop to the courtyard on top of the Crossbow and get it. Canít get back up here so to the entrance of the fortress again. Go in and R, drop from the ledge there, standing with your back to the slope in against the W wall (over the door you opened there before) and drop/grab the edge of the steep slope, now pull up/jump/roll/grab and hang on the pillar, shimmy around to the L and drop on to the ledge on the other side, follow the passage in and get Secret # 5, Ammo, follow the passage further, pick up some more Ammo, go L and get the Uzis in the window, turn and use the jump switch to open the exit N. Go out and youíre back at the start of the Timed run, if you really want the next Secret, youíll have to do the timed run again, because the MP (Secret # 6) is on the 1st floor of the timed run. Sprint up again and after the 3rd burner, go R, get the MP, roll/run jump back up onto the second slope and go all the way up again. Down is not possible, noÖ

Taking out the Resistance.

When all of this is done, go on to the steel ledges again and from near the CS, N along the wall to the open door on the L, a Sentry-gun below will open fire, so get in quick, armed with the Shotgun, blow away a couple of Guards that will drop Goodies and go W, thereís a Sentry-gun thatís out of order, so go past and find the MP at the grating (you saw from other side). Go back and drop in the hole in the floor, go W and get some Ammo on a grating in the floor, on the other side of this room is a tunnel in the floor (dead end for now), with some Ammo. Climb back out of here and be sure to stay out of range of the Sentry-gun in the E, you have to go there but there is no need to get hurt already (youíll get yours soon enough). Get as close to the Gun as possible, but stay behind the pillar.

Past the Sentry-Gun.

Hereís what you will have to do, spike up the health, pull out the pistols and save in a position from where you can take

Route 1; sprint E to the Gun and around R corner, there is a passage; you have to go L shooting a fence so you can sprint straight into a small pool.

Route 2; around the back of the gun, to E wall and R, there is a passage with a fence and leads straight to the pool, makes not much of a difference, both ways youíll have to take a MP or you will not make it to the pool in time (wonder why? the Gun will set you on fire and you will die if you donít get into the water fast)

Have a go when youíre all set and keep an eye on the health; you can always hit the Esc. button (or the 9-0) to take some medicine. Once in the pool, get out take some medicine, go into the passage W and run past the MP for now, or take it and get hurt. Jump over to the steel ledge on the E structure of the Fortress. Turn around, shoot some Bats, thereís a Sentry-gun down there making your life miserable, best stay close to walls and go run jump/grab the ledge on the N wall, on it is Secret # 7, some Ammo, roll and stand with your back at the wall, now run jump/grab back, but try to land L or R of the Gun below or it will burn you.

Down in the Fortress.

Open the blue door in the structure and go in. There are 2 openings in the W wall, you canít reach, go down the ladder on the other side of the room and follow the passage past a black door, on the other side you can climb in to an alcove to get a Laser sight in case you missed the first, now enter the room opposite the black door, there are some pickups in the alcoves L and R, pull the lever and a part of the N wall goes down and the black door opens up, letting in a whole bunch of Guards, better go get the Uzis, but you have to deal with them first. You can find the Uzis in the W structure below the entrance. Go L and turn around as a Guard will shoot at you from the structure you just left, shoot him and from the base of the big pillar, you can jump/grab the ledge he was on to get the MP. Now go to the W structure and shoot the Guard inside, go R and get the Uzis from the window. Youíll see the Bike behind it and a Guard patrolling the room. Letís go get it. Go back to the E structure and keep well out of range of the Sentry-gun on it. Enter the room with the lever and go into the open wall L, follow to a room where you can take 2 passages, go into the R hand one and follow up to the place you saw through the gap in the wall as you explored the room under the Sentry-guns.

The Bike.

Drop into the room in the end and shoot the Guard, get some Ammo in the water below, NE corner and go ride the Bike, through the R side of the wall in the N, up the slope and over some Guards, either shoot them or run Ďem over, there are plenty outside at the top of the 2nd slope, there is a Guard on a stone ledge, he will drop a large MP, go around the R corner, there is one more Guard on the L roof and one on a R wall and one or 2 in the street. Leave the Bike here and climb the Grey stone wall to the R, the one along the slope, go W and reach the structure you came out of with the Bike, look over to the N side of the slope and thatís where youíll have to go next, run off the wall so you land on the lower ledge in the structure and climb around the block, a Guard on the N side of the slope will start shooting, so better take him out from here. Jump grab up to the wall and climb over, go take the Ammo the Guard dropped and go to the far E, into a CS and get the Revolver from inside.

Return to the wall and look at the structure over the slope, the round hole up hides some things, a jump switch and a CS, You can enter the building from the ledge you shot the last Guard from. There is a CS. Go in and N or some Ammo in an alcove, then S and follow past the black door in to the R passage, look for the opening in the ceiling in the end and climb up, look E and see the CS in the wall, climb up and through, drop in the round alcove and pull the jump switch, now back off the alcove in the center and drop to the block below, shimmy R and get into the building once again. Go to the black door you saw and pull the lever inside.

The Rooftops.

Youíll see an outside area with big gates opening up, turn and go L into the passage to 1st floor, up through the hole in the ceiling and now look in the S corner next to the 1st CS for another, go through and drop to the street again. In the far W are some Guards, you can take out for arrows, but you can also let them be. First, climb up the S wall in the SE, at the little tower, where the Guard was on the roof. Go up S along the tower and over to the SW corner tower, from there you can jump to an alcove with Ammo. Back to the roof and over the brown ledge along the street, down the ladder and to a dead guy in the W, pull him aside by the hair and get the MP. Go back over the roof to the Bike and to the trapdoor thatís open in the SE corner, near the Bike and look in from the E side, spot the Sentry-gun and his little tank. Shoot the tank with the Revolver and Laser sight. Drop down through the hole and look for a door next to where the gun was, a Rusty Key is for the taking.

Now go to the S passage you ran in to before and get the MP if you didnít before and go out to the fortress, look down carefully and try to shoot the Sentry-gun from here. Jump to the E building and go down the ladder, go to the ground floor of the fortress once more and into the S side, turn L and find the gate in the E. (to the R of the gate is one of the possibilities of going back up to where the Bike is)

The Crowbar.

Open the Gate and start shooting a bunch of Guards, they will keep popping up from everywhere, so just deal with them as you go along, look in the SE part of this place and look for a couple of Guards that donít vanish, the one with the amputated leg is movable (by the hair), get the Crowbar from under his pitiful body and return to enter the Big Gates, R in the end and open the black door with the crowbar. Go in to end the level.

Great, complicated level, with lots of passages connecting all the stages of the level, I even thought I had to go back to the beginning of the level because a trapdoor opened in a water room in the S of the fortressís ground floor, but again I think itís a connection to get something there if you forgot it.