Level by thewolf


Walkthrough by José


Starting Area


Pull the switch to open the door and fight in the next room with a dog, a thug and a flamethrower. Left from the entrance there is a movable crate, push/pull it once to get the shotgun ammo. Jump into the water and look for an underwater lever in a corner near the bottom, roll and swim to the open door in the opposite side. In the next underwater room turn right and keep always next to the right walls to find another underwater lever behind one of those pillars; pull it to open a door in the underwater corridor leading to this room. At the back of this room pick up 2 X M16 ammo.


First Secret


Go back to the main pool to take a breath and dive back to the room where you pulled the last lever, but before that room look in the underwater passage for an open door to your right which leads to SECRET #1: Golden Coins.


Room with the Water Hole


Swim back to the main pool to take a breath or swim directly to the underwater room with pillars; this time  turn left and keep always next to the left wall to find an opening in that wall, continue swimming through that underwater passage to surface in a room where you’ll find a dog and a bad guy who will drop a small medipack. Climb up the ladder in the corner near the water hole to pick up flares. Go down and up the steps at the other side of the room, take a running jump to the pillar in the corner and another running jump to the next pillar to your left. Shoot the window to get access to a new area.


Second Secret


Climb down the ladder and shoot a dog and a thug. Now, looking from this ladder, turn a bit right and go to the pile of crates ahead near the dark corner. From the nearest corner pointing the center of the room situate Lara against the crates and use the combination of keys “Ctrl + Up arrow” so Lara jumps to grab the edge of the higher crate, hoist up and drop into a hole there to get SECRET #2: a Golden Skull. Go back out to fight with a dog and a thug.


Third Secret


Near the pile of crates with the secret there is a hole in the floor. Grab the edge and drop to the bottom with Lara at full health, or she will die. Pick up the large medipack, shoot three rats and climb the ladder; at the top slide and jump in last moment to reach the ledge in the corner. Continue jumping from ledge to ledge anticlockwise until you find another ladder, light a flare, jump to grab it and climb only a couple of steps to see the camera view changing; jump back to a niche to get SECRET #3: Golden Ingots. Climb to the top to find yourself on a ledge overlooking the previous room. Pull the switch to open the door below and safety drop to ground floor.


Dangerous Swims


Take a deep breath and jump into the water, ignore the closed door (but remember this location for later) and at the end of the path swim up and pull the underwater lever, quickly swim back to the room you came from before get out of air. Now climb up the entrance ladder, in the next room jump into the water hole and swim back to the starting area with the pool. The door near the underwater lever is open so, swim there to find a room with a big fan; to the left of that fan there’s an underwater lever, the current is strong here but patiently Lara will fight against the current and eventually reach the corner where the lever is (no current there). Pull it and quickly swim back to the entrance and up to take a breath.


Back to the Exit


Do you remember the closed door you ignored in the underwater passage after the room with the second secret? It’s time to go back there so, swim through the other opening and follow the path to the room with the crates where a flamethrower awaits; jump into the water hole and soon you’ll find the open door, surface and jump diagonally to grab the edge of the window sill, shoot the glass window and run down the stairs.


Movable Blocks Puzzle


In this outside area you’ll find a thug, two crows and a dog; try to don’t go up the ramp and once the calm is restored pick up the small medipack the thug dropped. Now run up the ramp and take a running jump over the rolling barrels. There’s a pile of movable crates in the right corner. Looking from the bottom of the ramp, pull the very left crate once (to the ramp), now climb onto the crates and pull the very right crate (the one near the corner) out and aside so you can get access to the passage behind the metal fences and run ahead to finish the level.


September – 17 - 2017