V.C.S.L. 2


Level by Alberico


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, adapted from OBig's outline (reproduced below)


After a brief flyby through what appears to be an Egyptian Embassy complex, Lara stands ready to move off on the motor bike.  You won't need it in this level, however, so pull up into the leftmost circular opening in the E wall ahead.  Run down the passage into the next room, where you'll get a fixed camera angle.  Make a hairpin turn to your left and enter the W alcove for the SHOTGUN.  Return and pull up into the next unobstructed circular opening in the E wall.  Run forward and spook three bats.  Turn right and go through the opening to a fountain area.  When you approach the E alcove to pick up the flares you'll alert a herd of beetles, so run W under the double arches and look for the high jump switch to your left.  Activate it to open a gate in the previous room and to make the beetles mysteriously vanish.

Return to the fountain room and enter the S alcove.  Shoot the scorpion, push the floor lever to open a similar gate elsewhere, then check the W wall (just to the left of the double arches) for an unmarked ladder.  Climb up, shift left into the opening, and drop down.  Face N, jump up to grab the ceiling, and monkey swing over to the E side for SECRET #1 and drop down into the alcove for the REVOLVER. Safety drop to the floor and exit the fountain room N to trigger a cut scene featuring Von Croy, a helicopter and a base area.  Turn left and return to where the motor bike is parked.

Head N and turn right near the end to enter a new area.  Pull up into the alcove ahead for some shotgun ammo, then continue N into a more open area.  Shoot the large vases ahead, that flank what we'll call the church building.  The one on your left hides a small medipack.  Go down the N alley to the left of the church and enter the second opening on your left (just in front of the police car).  Follow to a long stairwell leading to a scorpion and an open gate at the end.  Pull down the wall switch and return to the alley.  Go around the front of the church and enter the N alley to its right.  Take the first opening to your right and go up the stairs to another open gate and a wall switch.  Pull it down and return to the previous N alley, to the left of the church.  This time take the first opening to your left, shoot the jackal waiting at the next opening, then follow to another wall switch.  Pull it down, reverse roll, return to the other N alley to the right of the church, take the second opening to your right and pull up into a passage.  Follow to a wall switch guarded by darts.  Not much you can do to avoid taking some damage as you pull down the switch.

Go around to the front of the church, go up the steps toward the closed door, and pull down the wall switch to your right to open it.  As you enter the lobby you find that this is not a church at all, but some kind of office building.  Pause at the front desk to pick up a KEY, then use it in the door in the N wall.  Don't dawdle, as the door will close in your face if you don't enter quickly.  Push the wall button at the end of the passage to create a minor earthquake, then reverse roll and run to the closed door.  Stand there a moment and it will open for you.  Return to the lobby to find that things have changed a bit.  

Head NE and shoot the approaching SAS.  Pick up the ID CARD he drops, then grab the UZIS from the nearby workstation.  Enter the E office and find some revolver ammo.  Exit and go past the Coke machine into a hallway.  An SAS comes out from the last door on your left, so deal with him first.  There's nothing in the room he was guarding, so note the key receptacle across the hall and find the KEY for it on a nearby workstation.  Open the door with the Key and enter the passage (without dawdling, as it will close in your face).  Push the button in the far wall to cause another earthquake.

Reverse roll and stand in front of the closed door.  Wait patiently for it to open, then go outside into another new area.  Follow to a slope leading to a laboratory and slide down into a passage.  You can hear the sound of swinging chains.  Follow the passage and turn left at the first chain.  Pull up into the opening for SECRET #2 and pick up the shotgun ammo, the uzi ammo and the large medipack.  Get back down carefully and continue past the chains.  Use the ID Card in the slot at the end of the passage to open the door.  Enter the control room and kill an SAS.  Go S to the pole and climb it, being mindful of the rotating blade.  Back flip into the passage, turn around and shoot the SAS.

Pull up into the higher passage and run forward into another control room.  There are hallways here leading to three closed doors, and your ID Card won't work in the nearby receptacle.  However, Lara will push open the W doors, so proceed along the passage and kill another SAS along the way.  Climb the pole at the end, facing S, get past the rotating blade and back flip into another control room. There's another ID CARD on the workstation in this area, so grab it and go back down the pole.  Head back to the previous control room and use the ID Card in the SW slot.  The E doors open, releasing another SAS.  Kill him, pick up the small medipack he drops, then enter the small room and climb up the ladder.  Back flip into a control room and pick up the nearby ID CARD (for which you'll have no use).  Go to the S alcove and push the floor lever to open the last set of doors below.

Get back down and enter the N opening.  As soon as you see Von Croy out of the corner of your eye you'll trigger a flyby where something is said in Italian.  Push the floor lever N to deposit Von Croy in the depths of hell and end the level.


This has been a great adventure. The level starts in a city where there are levers to pull to open the door of the base. In the meantime, bats and scarabs get on our nerves and SAS to come to terms with. We can find keys on the base operating the elevators; also we can find cards that open doors. However, there are a few questions. Before intruding the base there was a door on the left that I could not open no matter what I did. Should have I used a crowbar maybe? Almost at the end of the level on one of the hallways a black square remained on the ceiling in a corner. Might be the way to get into the hall with two gunman, but to no avail I tried to get in there despite of a redundant card I held at the end. I have found only 2 Secrets out of three, the third one must have been somewhere around. A trap door must have been there I guess but it doesn't work. Added sounds are great also the texture becomes this level. Aquariums were nice. There are no especially hard tasks on the level, we just have to keep running up and down a bit at the beginning.

Walkthru, pics and saves are available here: http://www.treditor.hu/english/vcslita2_eng.htm


Opposite the bike and slightly left pull yourself up on the wall to have the Shotgun. Slightly right of the bike pull yourself up again, head right at the fountain, pull the lever on the wall and speed up a bit to avoid meeting with the scarabs, and even if you are slow, pulling the lever will make those beetles disappear. At the fountain, next to the bench there is an unmarked ladder, climb up, then monkeyswing to the other side for the Revolver in the 1st secret. Pull the lever at the fountain, then go to the central square and to the church. I won't mention here all the pickups so go ahead to find them in vases and spaces. Beside the church there are 2 alleys on both sides with one door that hides a lever to be pulled. Here is how to do it:


second one on the left,
first one on the right,
first one on the left,
second one on the right.

Pull another lever at the entrance of the church to step inside and notice it is a base in fact.

Pick up the Key from the table and make use of it on the opposite side. Keep quite a pace to get in because it will be locked up after a while and will not open anymore. Push the knob inside and use the elevator. Arriving kill the gunman and pick up the Password Card. Find another Key-t on the table. Check each and every room for further pick ups and an UZI. On the tight corridor get into the room opposite the elevator also and kill the bad guy. Behind the table pull the trap door to come across the 2nd Secret. Use the elevator again, then at the first space where the chains are, pull yourself up to find the 3rd Secret. Go through the swinging chains and use the Card. Climb the bar while paying due attention to the rotating blades. Pull a back-flip to avoid dying nastily. Meet another gunman when arrived then get into another hall with three doors. Go left, kill the gunman then climb another bar with your back towards the wall to avoid the rotating blades again while pulling a back-flip. Another gunman and a Password Card awaits upon arrival. Use the card down in the hall with those three doors. Notice a door open behind you. Kill the gunman and climb up the ladder. Find another Password Card upstairs on the floor and push the lever. See the last door open with your Master waiting inside. Push the lever which ends up this level. Seems a bit unfinished to me.

Walkthrough By OBig

Translated By Ironman

Thank you to Akci for finding the first secret!