The Cottage.

9 secrets

Level by MpGrill-trle

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

In case you need one or more of the saves, you’ll need to download the saves folder. These savegames are made following this walkthrough, so if you took another route through you could miss some items in the saves.

The compass is pointing to the way Lara looks, so for the directions in the walkthrough the camera must be behind her.

The 9 Secrets are a quest by themselves; you must get previous secrets to use them for later ones. Tasks related to Secrets are in dark blue.

The Cottage.

Follow the valley, go towards the fence and hop over, open the door and inside open the next door, in the small cave, crawl through the crawlspace in the left (SE).


Climb up right and follow the bank.

Hop into the water, swim to the back wall, W and turn right through that opening, climb out in another cave.

Jump over the waterhole up to the corner SE (near a closed gate) and grab the crack in the E wall. Shimmy all the way left till you can drop on a higher floor. Go left and at the edge of the floor, back flip onto one of the break ledges and hop forward to grab the upper floor. Use the lever there, lever #1 for that gate. Backflip down onto a break ledge and hop back to the lower floor, drop down to the cave with the pool. In a chest in a niche S is a small medipack.

Boulder Trap.

Now go into the right hand corner in the back (NW), hop onto the small mound and face E to jump and grab the crack, go right around to the opening. Hop into the opening in the back and go left down to a slope, chased by a boulder. Run down along the left side, in the end turn right and hop up to a slope, you’ll have to hit the slope so you can slide a bit and jump over a spike trap to a ledge (savegame.0). Run jump E and climb the wall, don’t pull up, but go left around the corner first and back flip off. Go along this side and at the pit turn around to climb down the ladder into the pit, get Shotgun ammo from the chest. Go back up the ladder and run jump to grab the ledge E, well right of the Spikes. Use button #2 and the gate opens. Run through the spikes into the opening E and hop up right, a stand (or run) jump over the boulder slope to the SW will get you back. Safety drop down S, go up to the open gate (SE).

Through the gate go left first a collect a Medipack from a chest, go back and left to jump over the river onto a break ledge, hop a bit left to grab the edge of the slope and shimmy left along another break ledge. Pull up on the corner and turn left, hop twice using the other break ledges and grab the solid ledge.

Important Secret: Turn around and jump to grab the opening where the water comes from and crawl in to get Secret #1, the Sword. Hang out and shimmy left to the platform and jump back to the solid ledge.

Jump to another break ledge and run jump up to grab the opening. Look right and Lara looks at something on the floor; pick it up, as it is a Diary and read it (you will be notified when something is added in the Diary). Then step out the door to the outside.

The Blacksmith’s.

Now go to the house on the right: the Smithy’s house (W) and open the door. Open the next door and in the chest on the right behind the fire pit is Shotgun ammo. Hop back over the fire, open the next door and the next and watch a flyby.

Hall with the Fires, Axe of the Hunter.

Up on the stairs straight ahead is a gate and behind it is the Axe as you could see in the flyby.

The Spike Pit.

Go to the wall on the right (N) and the second furnace which has no fire, has an opening in the ceiling; step down into the furnace and turn around, jump and grab up and climb up.

On the top turn around again and jump over to the N, a camera will show a lever behind a pillar. Do a banana jump to the left (W) around that pillar (savegame.1). There is a lever there that will let a block come up in the pit. Stand jump down on the slope, slide and jump to that block. Climb the ladder and go straight in; go to the left to use the jump lever on the wall (W), the platform goes up.

Boulder Run.

Go back to the pit and get onto the trapdoor, turn around and jump/grab up to the climb wall (standing all the way to the right). Follow through and better save your game in the corner.

Best way is to sprint to the right (S) along the right hand wall and after the boulder #3, wait a tick (savegame.2) and then dive/jump over the rest of the boulders.

Just slide down and then walk to the edge. Only use Ctrl (nothing else) to grab the chain and go forward to get to the other side.

Another Spike Pit.

There are two Ravens hiding in that small bush. Turn around and hang from the edge, let go and grab a crack to shimmy to the left and pull up in the corner. Hop up into the opening on the left (W).

Go in and in the chest on the right is a Medipack. Go left (S) and behind those barrels is another Medipack, you have to duck to get it. Head in E, go right around the corner and use the lever to raise a platform in the pit and then follow through till you are back at the pit. Use the platform to get to a jump lever left around the corner. This opens a gate and a block appears in the pit so you can get back to that niche NW and up to the opening W (you can also just run back through the passage you came from).

Stand on the lower floor at the opening in the fence, face NE jump and grab the edge, hoist up at the opened gate. At the end, hop out left onto the arched ledge W, left around the corner is a lever opening a gate on the other end of this ledge. Walk to the stone pillar on the arch, face the wall and be sure to stand level. Hop back and grab the edge, shimmy to the right and pull up. Go N and up into an opening on the right, use the lever opening the gate below. Hop back through the opening, go left to the ledge and run off SE to land on the stairs leading up to the gate you opened. Go get the Axe of the Hunter.

Use the Axe; get over a Deadly Magic Trap.

Leave this place and go straight ahead to the valley (E).

Once outside, go to the wooden fence area on the right and to the wall (S) to use the Axe of the Hunter and open the gates. The first arch you see inside has a see-through Magic barrier, you can’t pass through it. So first go left from the gate and walk to the wooden block, pull/push it all the way through the gates towards the first arch and then push it against the wall left (E).

Climb on it and get into the crawlspace, follow through and drop down to the ground.

Make your way through the building. Avoid the two Tree huggers and jump to the left over the pit (E). Drop into the pit and get a small medipack from a chest, make your way back up in the SE corner (nasty). Go to the stairs in the E…

To the left behind that stone snake statue is a lever, it gives you Secret #2;   the reward is a trapdoor you can use later.

For the Old Key.

Go up the stairs and after the flyby walk out onto the bridge over a small lake. The entrance on the other side is closed by gates we need a Key for first.

Get on the bridge and at the waters edge dive in on the left. In the bottom a bit further is an opening, swim in and loop around the right and up. Use the underwater lever there (a gate opens). Swim out and to the right into the gate and avoid the popping spikes and swim up at the end.

Open the Doors.

Climb out on the right and go left up to the opening. At the spike pit, line up to jump onto the second slope left, run jump with a roll landing on the far end of the slope and jump again with a left curve to get to the next slope. Grab the edge as you slide off and shimmy left. Back flip with roll onto a ledge behind you. Don’t use the crack, but just hop NE to the next ledge. Turn left and hop to the lever, which will open some doors behind the ones you see.

To get back, hop back to the previous ledge, run jump W to grab the jump lever, which will raise a block in the spike pit. Slide and back flip, hop back SW and then a hop to that block (S), run jump into the exit (savegame.3).

Back in the hall, go straight and up into the niche to a room with a pool and waterfalls. Those spikes look nasty, but only if you want a pickup you need to jump one of those. Hop SW onto the spike ledge and side flip left onto the ledge with the chest. Face N and get Musket ammo from the chest. Hop into the water, climb out on the low ledge next to the entrance and climb up left. From here run jump onto the second spike ledge and side flip right onto a slope and back flip onto a ledge with a lever (save 4). This lever opens the front set of doors.

Swim back to the entrance, onto the ledge left and hop back into the entrance, go back to the hall with water and take a left.

The Mutant.

Go up into the open doors. Hop over a gap to the floor and run straight to the other side while a big Mutant comes from the doors left. Roll and hang from the side, drop and grab the crack, shimmy left and pull up inside. Throw the lever to open some doors above and a trapdoor goes up straight ahead (S). Go to the trapdoor and jump grab back up to the floor. With any luck the Mutant is running against the doors N, he wants in…

Go through the door on the left (W) (you can safely shoot the Mutant from here), jump to the pedestals and grab the Old Key and a small medipack.

Optional Secret Quest: Left of the medipack is that secret trapdoor you raised (at Secret 2), use the lever to open the doors where the Mutant wanted to go, must be something in there…Go back to where the beasty was and run into those doors N, the doors should close behind you. Secret #3sounded as you entered.

Draw guns and shoot the 4 wolves. Now go into the open doors where the wolves came out (N) and use the lever to raise a trapdoor under a jump lever SE, go to that trapdoor, mind the flames though and use the lever to open the doors (W) Hop back to the floor and jump in, hop over to the next challenge floor.

Doors open left and right, releasing two of those Mutants. You have to go in both of their rooms to use the jump levers and doors open W, jump in there. Now you can shoot them if you want. Hop over to the floor in the W room and get Secret #4, the Musket and a small medipack. Go back and straight ahead (E) to the second room, then go right to the next room where the first Mutant was.

Use the Old Key.

Leave left (E) to the hall with the shallow water and swim back through the spikes. Through the next room and up left in the back to get to the lake. Climb up on the bride left (E), go inside (shoot the raven) and left around the corner to find the gates you can open with the Old Key. Go through (left is a little dead tree and a closed gate left of it) and down the stairs and through the door. Go to a Big Hall.

The Big Hall, W side.

Jump from the floor into the alcove SW, over the corner (NW) to the next. Go through the gap in the pillar into the corridor.

Detour for a Secret, but brings you to the same place as through the corridor: Walk right to the pit, turn around and drop from the edge of the floor onto the waterfall below. Sliding backwards, grab the edge and shimmy to the crawlspace (bit right probably) to get in. Down into the room and up the stairs in the back, grab Secret #5, the Laser Sight and the Shotgun. Hop into the hole in the floor there and swim through, up and you are in the Dragon Hall, with one more secret added to your list.

Dragon Hall, Torch Puzzle.

Go through to the Dragon Hall, a hall with 2 Dragon Heads, 4 columns and some pools. Just hop down into one of the pools.

Climb out and go to the far right hand corner (NE) to use a lever raising a trapdoor (notice the wall torch around the corner isn’t burning).

Go to other side (S), find a pushable cage and pull it out three times, then push it left against the wall under the burning wall torch. Climb up and jump onto the pillar left(S). Run jump to the left (W) with a left curve, back onto the entrance ledge. Go up the first stairs straight ahead (W) and turn around, jump onto the trapdoor, then take an angled jump around the low ceiling to grab the niche S.

Pull a skeleton away from a stack of Torches and pick one up after you got a small medipack from the chest a bit further down. Throw a Torch down so it will end up on the entrance ledge below and keep track where. Maybe throw down some extra.

Drop down and take the Torch down to the ground floor, hop onto the cage you pushed under the wall torch and ignite your Torch. From the crate jump onto the pillar again and run jump up to the entrance ledge, turn left and go up the stairs E, hop over the gap and at the gate run jump right around the pillar N, ignite the wall torch (#1).A gate is shown, up NW…  (Look W and spot the ledge between the Dragon Heads, a climb wall leading up to it, we need the Sacrifice there, later).

Throw the Torch down to the lower floor and drop down (or jump into a pool), get the Torch and go to that unlit torch NE to ignite it (#2). We need to light one more torch to open it.

Take the Torch and make your way back up to the entrance ledge. Now go up the stairs straight ahead (W) and hop straight over the gap up onto the higher stairs, go up a bit and turn around to ignite the wall torch (#3), the gate at the top of the stairs is open.

The Cutters, the Devil’s Knot.

Leave the Torch, follow in and time running jumps through the 2 sets of cutters, right around the corner run to a lever in the back and open a gate with that. Jump back out, back through the first set of cutters and turn left there to run jump to the open gate behind the cutter. Get the Devil’s Knot, run (jump) out to the right and jump back to the exit (savegame.5). Go back to the Hall, just run straight down the stairs landing on the lower one and go up the stairs on the other side, use the Devil’s Knot to open the gate there.

Big Hall First Floor, Push Puzzle.

Follow up and jump to the niche on the right, grab the crack in the wall and shimmy left around to the next niche. Run jump with a curve into the next and stand jump grab the monkey bars. Go to the most left side and turn right, shimmy sideways onto the broken part and get into the niche. Well, the last jump is to the ledge with the wooden door.

Quite a detour for a Secret: Go to the end of this ledge and a banana jump around the pillar to get to the entrance to the Secret room, collect Secret #6, the Snake Head and Musket ammo.

Two ways to get back: Maybe you are able do a left banana jump to get back, but it is a hard one…

You can also drop down into the hole in the floor (SE) Go S, take a right to the Hall. Jump the niches as before to get into the opening W and make your way back up the E stairs, through the gate to the first floor and the same route as before to the wooden door E.

Open the door and find a room with a Push Puzzle. Go left, then to the right; push the cage twice, go right and pull the one there once.Roll and run back left around to the entrance and push the one there all the way in, you opened a passage.

For a Secret, hop back, turn left and push the cage all the way to the end, turn right and pull that one back where it came from (twice), go back into the other passage and left to where you opened another passage. Stand at the old door, all the way left against the wall and use the Sword you got in Secret 1 to open the door. In the chest is Secret #7, a small Waterskin. (We can use that for the little tree Secret, you saw earlier).

Boulders; the Sacrificial Dagger.

Go S into the bright lit passage, down the slope and a boulder triggers, get back and out of the passage quick. Wait a bit and then run after the boulder, a running jump from the first slope over the boulder when it is at the lowest point. Go up to more boulders, run jump through when they are both op left (or jump onto the left side of the ramp and run through). Grab the Sacrificial Dagger. Get back through the boulder traps to the Big Hall (savegame.6). In the Hall, safety drop from the ledge onto the bridge at the E entrance.

Secret Detour (can also be done later): Hop over the broken bridge to the middle. Go back into the left passage (S), through the door and up the stairs to where the little tree is. The nearest shallow water I could think of was left and right to the lake, to the right into the lake and down through the hole, the spikes tunnel and up in the hall with shallow water. Fill it there, swim back and up at the E bridge, go to the small tree and give it the water, the gate up left opens, so get in there to get Secret #8, the Devil’s Cup. Leave, down the stairs to the Big Hall and into the entrance on the right (E).

The Big Hall, E side: Silver Circles Key.

Go in and take a left, through a door and straight to another area.

It seems to be a big Barn. Go to the left into the far NW corner, back flip onto the slope and jump to grab the ledge with the moving block. Shimmy to the right and pull up on the outer corner and stand jump to grab the next one, then a run jump to the outer corner of the next and then a run jump to the ledge right of the last block (Or first hop and grab the last moving block ledge before you jump to the ladder ledge). Climb the ladder there and hop to the right, the ledge in the NE corner. Face W, stand two steps back from the slope and stand jump to the spike trap, then a running jump to grab the ledge straight ahead (W).

In the next corner is a ladder, go up and to some chests on the right, both have Musket ammo and Medipacks.

Go through S and through some spike traps to a lever activating the wheels. Water will fill the pools in the barn and a Tree hugger wakes up. Go back to the barn, I got onto the ledge next to the left side wheel (W) and dropped down into the pool; that is the side we need to go to anyway.

Spiked Ceilings.

Swim into the gap N, in the next room are spiked ceilings that can easily kill you, keep to the right hand wall at the first, then (at a closed gate) go left and along that wall to the next clearing, now to the right hand side again and into the back where you’ll find an underwater lever opening that gate halfway down this room.Swim back along the ceiling as all spikes dropped and go left into that gate and up; shoot the Gnomes in that room. Go get the Silver Circles Key from the chest and get back to the barn.

Use the Key, the Witches Broom.

Go through the passage S and straight through to where the Silver Circle Key can be used on the door left. On the table inside is the Witches Broom. But the door closed behind you… Look for a mirror on the N wall and shoot it, get through the crawlspace and follow the passage down to where a cut scene takes over.

Basements, Heart of the Witch.

Shoot the Servant, follow the corridor to the intersection and go left to pick up the Heart of the Witch on the left and Musket ammo on the right. You can combine the Dagger with the Heart to get the Heart of the Witch Sacrifice.

Secret Detour: Go E from there and left around the corner to where you can use your Snake Head to open the doors. Go in and use the Musket with Sight to shoot that little spiked ball on the ceiling; the gate opens up. Go in there and place the Devil’s Cup in the Statue. An item appears on the pedestal, go get that Secret #9, the Doll of the Witch. Go back to the Corridors.

Using the Sacrifice.

Now we have the Sacrifice, we can return to the Dragon Hall. Back up to the Witches room, out to the Big Hall and again the route through the niches to the W entrance (If you have been there, you can also use the “Secret #5 Route”).

In the Dragon Hall go right up the stairs (E), at the gate jump around to the ledge where you lit the torch and jump to the climb wall W. On the ledge you can place the Heart of the Witch Sacrifice in the bowl. Watch the flyby of a column of water appearing in the square pool.

Up the Water Column, open the N Doors.

You cannot jump in there, so I just ran off from the SW corner while holding Ctrl and landed in the trench. Swim through a small gap E to the square pool and go up that water column, climb out and get Shotgun ammo from a chest NE. The corner left has a big Devil’s button, push it to open the doors at the N side of the Big Hall and create a Magic bridge.

Dive back down, through the gap and left, climb out and use the cage to get back up to the entrance ledge, out to the Big Hall which is now has a magic bridge to the N doors you opened.Follow the niches right to get to the bridge.

Fight the Witch.

Run over the bridge, through to a Hall with a circular floor, run towards the back a bit and the room changes, shoot the “Servants” and the Witch. She will leave behind the Poisoned Apple. Run down from the W side onto a block and get to the ledge around the pit. S is a small block, place the Apple there (face N) and a gate opens across the Hall. Go along the left (W) side to get in there and follow up, run to the light to get out of this place.

If you found all Secrets, the ending is somewhat different. You’ll get to a different kind of passage, leading to the secret door of Hell. Go left and run to the door where the girl is waiting to end the level….

G&D - Nov 08-‘17