Level by Feder


Walkthrough by José


Opening the first door


Go out of the starting room and in the next one pick up the small medipack near the W wall, climb the rocky E ledge to pick up shotgun shells and exit through the S passage. Shoot a wolf and go to the NE cave, climb the opening in NE corner and continue to a room where you'll have to shoot a wolf and pick up the SHOTGUN and a small medipack on the ledge to your left. Back to the previous room, shoot a couple of wolves and pull the switch to open the door in the starting area.


Opening doors in the main room


Go back there and enter, shoot another wolf and take the first opening to your right, move the block to the N side so you can climb to the wooden ledge, climb the window and time the swinging blade, slide backwards, grab the edge, shimmy right and jump to the wooden ledge with the shotgun shells. Shoot the gorilla from that safe position and drop to ground floor. In the adjacent S room pick up shotgun shells, a large medipack and magnum clips. Back in the room where the gorilla was, jump to grab the edge of the hole in the ceiling (wooden ledge), shoot another gorilla and climb the window in the corner. Again, drop/grab the edge and shimmy right; continue to a balcony and pull the switch to open two large gates in a place you've not visited yet. If you want you can take a curved running jump over the balustrade to the ledge with the plants and pick up a small medipack and magnum clips. Safety drop to ground floor and go back to the door you opened time ago (turn around); this time continue to the end of the corridor.


First Skull Key


Shoot two raptors and climb the rocks in NE corner to the very top, step onto the tile near the door and it will open, slide down the ramps and get SECRET #1: shotgun shells and a large medipack. The door will open so you can go back to the main room. The double doors you opened using the switch in the balcony are in the N side, go there and locate a movable block in the corner near the entrance, push it twice and once more from its left side to discover the first SKULL KEY (no name in the inventory).


Second Skull Key


Now climb the rocks in the NE corner, and from the highest one you can take a running jump S to the ledge the camera pointed and get the MAGNUMS. Jump back to the ledge in the corner and continue jumping W, time the teeth doors and finally jump to the ledge with the small medipack. From here take a long running jump to grab the edge of the S roof, continue to the E side of the building, shoot some gorillas and pick up the second SKULL KEY. Safety drop to ground floor and open the E door with your keys.


Cascades area


Jump to the rock in front of you, turn right and jump to the safe tile with the magnum clips if you want, walk back through the spikes, climb the ledge you jump from and a final jump to the exit at the other side of the room. In the cascades area, shoot a couple of gorillas and approach to the edge of the abyss to pick up a large medipack. Drop from the right side where the plant is and take a long running jump S to another flat ledge, from here a standing jump to the lower ledge with the plants, run around the pillar and take a last running jump to the small ledge with the balustrade to get SECRET #2: a small medipack and uzi clips. Drop to the water below.


Rolling boulders cave


Now swim through the S opening and pick up the magnum clips, shotgun shells and a small medipack near the corners of the room, then swim up and through the opening in W wall, continue to a room with an underwater lever right from the entrance and look for an air hole in the ceiling (SE); go out of the water and quickly take some sidejumps left and right to avoid the rolling boulders. When calm is restored run up and pull the switch in the window sill (avoiding another boulder) to open a door in the main room. You can try to trigger a last boulder to get the uzi clips too. Go back to the water room and pull the lever to open the stone door, follow the underwater passage to a room where you can surface. Shoot a gorilla and climb the N ledge with the closed door; the door automatically opens and you're back in the main room.


Opening the temple doors


The door you've opened moments ago is in the W side of the main room go there and shoot a couple of raptors, pick up shotgun shells in the corner with the plants and climb one of the wooden ledges to get a small medipack if you want. Finally pull the switch to open the large doors outside. You can shoot one of the mummies if you want. Go back outside, turn left and go inside the temple.


Preparations for a secret (optional)


To get a secret later drop/grab the edge from the left or right sides of the pit and drop/grab the edge of either opening below; inside the short passage pick up the large medipack and pull the switch to open a door somewhere. Approach to the edge and take an angled standing jump with curve to grab the edge of the wooden bridge, hoist up and, back to the entrance save the game in front of the switch for a timed run.


Third Skull Key


Pull the switch to open the door and to activate the swinging blades and the dart traps too. Not very hard if Lara is at full health and you properly time the blades. In the next room shoot a couple of raptors and move the block near the E wall onto the obvious tile to open a door somewhere. There is a small medipack behind the W pillars at the other side of the room. Now face the closed entrance door and look to your right a bit to see a small opening in the wall near the first pillar; climb to the first floor, jump to the S arch and from there to the other side of the room (or directly a running jump from ledge to ledge), shoot a raptor and pick up the third SKULL KEY. If you want, you can jump back to the arch and take a running jump to the small S ledge to get the UZIS behind the flower pot.


Fourth Skull Key


Drop into the pool below and swim through the NE opening; there are shotgun shells in the first passage to your left; continue and pull the underwater lever, swim back and the access to the pool is now blocked, but pull a second underwater lever in front of the passage where the ammo was; now swim back and pull the first lever again to clear the exit to the pool and when you are there notice the open portcullis. Take a breath if you need and swim there to get the fourth SKULL KEY.


Fifth Skull Key


Go out of the pool and shoot a couple of raptors. Now go to the W and E passages where the mummies are (they will wake up when you approach) to the rooms behind the doors you've opened time ago (see previous paragraphs) and get SECRET #3: uzi clips, magnum clips and shotgun shells in one of the rooms; and a fifth SKULL KEY in the other room.


Moving pillars room


Now that you have all three keys, go through the S opening and use them to open the door; in the next room locate the switch hidden behind the SE statue to open the next door. In this big room, first shoot a couple of mummies and use the sloped block in NW corner to climb to the N platform. Don't pull the switch there, but jump to the nearby pillar and to the W ledge; pull that W switch. Jump back to the N platform and this time pull that N switch, that way the blocks allow you to reach the S platform so, jump there and pull the S switch. Now jump over the balustrade to the nearby pillar and to the W ledge, pull the switch there, jump back to the S platform, from there to the pillar in the middle of the room and finally a long running jump slightly to the right to grab the edge of the E opening; hoist up, shoot a gorilla and pick up the GOLDEN IDOL. The door opens.


Flooding the final room


From the entrance jump to the blue platform below and safety drop to ground floor. There's an opening in N wall so go there and climb to a room with a wall switch. Pull the switch to flood the previous room and swim there, explore the flooded area to find uzi clips and a large medipack, locate the underwater lever attached to a pillar near the S wall and pull it to open the exit door but two mummies are alerted too so go out of the water, kill the enemies and exit through the E door.


Up to the top of the final room


Climb the central block and jump to the high ledge, time the swinging blade and the teeth doors and from the ledge overlooking the main room take a running jump to grab the crack in the N wall, shimmy right, go to the corner and jump to grab a higher ledge, another running jump to the ledge in the corner, climb the block and go through the opening, advance a bit jumping backwards and quickly run back to the opening to avoid the rolling boulder, continue and from the end of the corridor jump to grab the edge of the highest  ledge, advance W and the door opens, shoot the mummy and pull the switch to open the exit door at the opposite side of the bridge; go there and run towards the daylight to finish the level.


November - 15 - 2017