Levels by thewolf


Walkthrough by José


[NOTE:] Thanks to Phil to provide the information to locate the first secret. [End note]




Opening trapdoors


Take a look around and eventually two warriors will wake up; you know what to do. Now approach to the edge opposite the starting point, jump to the small green ledge, to the biggest one and to the smaller one to your right with the small medipack. Now jump to the temple entrance (I could climb the lateral ledges the author shows in the JPG file but in my case the game never crashed, exe 4:3 full screen) and use the switches to open trapdoors in the starting platform. Go back there.


Dark room


From the first edge you find, turn around, drop, grab it and safety drop to the slope below, jump in last moment to avoid the spiked tile. Light a flare and explore this room to find shotgun shells, flares and M16 ammo. Light a flare, go around and find another spiked tile, walk to pull the switch, quickly go out of that tile and shoot the warrior or, simply avoid it and go to the opposite side where the gate is now open, jump to the floating ledge to your left with the large medipack is and safety shoot the warrior from there. In my game the warrior started to fly and disappeared in the space.


Spiked passage with rolling boulder


From this ledge, jump to the next floating green ledges and follow the path to the end, near the stone structure. From the last step look down to discover that there's still a lower ledge behind; drop down and pull the switch to open a trapdoor somewhere. Now climb to the previous steps and take a curved running jump so you can grab the edge of the spiked ledge, hoist up and an ominous music alerts you of the next danger. I found two ways to avoid the boulder:


1.- Walk slowly backwards and when you feel the boulder is triggered, take a running jump trough the spikes to the previous green ledges losing some health.


2.- Walk slowly forward and when you see the boulder moves take a sidejump left or right and continue jumping back and forth with right or left curves until you reach the end of the spiked passage.


It's your choice. Anyway, climb the block in front of you and explore the other side to find a small medipack and 2 X M16 ammo. I found and kill the flying warrior in this area.


First Legendary Plaque


Now climb the highest block and take a running jump to grab the edge at the top of the structure, advance a bit and dispatch another warrior. Locate the trapdoor you've opened moments ago and go inside the orange building to pick up the first LEGENDARY PLAQUE, 2 X small medipack, flares, 2 X shotgun shells and 2 X M16 ammo. Unfortunately one of the warriors is not very agree with this plunder, so you'll need to deal with him.


First Secret


Detour for a secret: From the back side of the structure where you can overlook the starting area, go to the very left corner of the green floor tiles, face the open trapdoor, jump back and when touching the slope jump with a left curve to grab the part of the orange wall directly over the slope under the building; it’s not marked as a ladder, but it’s climbable. Climb to the top of the roof and get SECRET #1: the Silver Dragon. This will awake the last warrior so shoot it even from the top of the roof (he will fly). Now go to the opposite (very right side) of the green floor tiles and take a standing jump to grab the edge of a rocky pillar in the corner a bit taller than the others, hoist up and jump to the next floating green ledge. From here I was able to shoot a flying warrior located at the top of the starting building. Finally jump to the next green ledge and slide to the starting area.


Multiple switches and fires room


Now take a running jump to the green huge island left from the starting Lara's position. Advance straight ahead and soon you'll get a camera view of your next goal: the second plaque. Pick up M16 ammo near the back of the island. Totally impossible to climb to the top from here so, from the tile the ammo was, advance a bit to the edge, turn around drop/grab the edge and drop/grab the edge of the opening below. Find a room with many fires and multiple switches. Notice that you can only access to 5 switches, but there are two more switches in the corners protected by fires.


Second Legendary Plaque


You can try every switch to see what fires trigger, but if you're impatient I can say you to pull, from left to right, the 1st, the 2nd and the 5th (pulling only the first and the second you get access to the switch in the right side, but it's a trap). Pull the switch in the left corner and go around to the other side of the room where you can easily jump to the tiles near the wall. But don't run too much; did you hear the dangerous music? Approach to the last tile walking slowly and wait a bit in the border so the fires turn off. At that moment you can climb the block, climb to the next to get the large medipack and continue climbing to the top to get the second LEGENDARY PLAQUE.


Timed cages and rolling boulders


Go back to the starting area and cross to the opposite side, to the bridge and to the building with the receptacles for the plaques. Enter and deal with two warriors (better go back to the rocky bridge, jump to the starting area and shoot them from there). In the next room with more dormant warriors (it seems that some doors are not well placed), there are two brown trigger tiles in the corners left and right from the entrance; stepping onto that tiles raise the cages in the opposite corners, but only for a short time, and stepping onto the tiles under the cages open the doors in the laterals of the room. It doesn't matter the door you choose, both lead to the same place, but one of the paths hides a secret.


Left door: run and jump through the corridor to escape from the boulders and turn right at the end, climb the blocks, pick up a large medipack and drop into the water room.


Right door: advance through the corridor to trigger a fixed camera; use the "look" key to restore the normal view and calculate a running jump to land exactly over the SECRET #2: the Jade Dragon; quickly pick it up, turn a bit to the right and jump back before the rolling boulders smash you. Climb the blocks and drop to the water room.


Rolling wheels room


Advance and in the next room pick up M16 ammo and shotgun shells. Face the room with the rolling wheels, notice that you need to pull four switches to open the exit door. In the corners there are niches where you'll be safe from the row of wheels, but only temporally 'cause to make things harder there are two more wheels moving in that ledges. This tasks will not be easy. Sure that they can be done in another way, but like Dutchy always said: “I did it my way”.


First switch: I started with the switches in the left wall. Once the group of wheels cross to the right side take a running jump and go diagonally to the niche directly opposite the one with the small medipack (take a look first and reload if you need it), wait for the single wheel to go out and go inside a bit to protect you from the group of wheels; once the wheels have gone, quickly go out and a bit left to the ramp and take a running jump towards the farthest switch while avoiding the single wheel, pull the switch and quickly turn left and take a running jump over the group of wheels.


Second switch: Run towards the other switches and repeat the same maneuver, but this time starting from the niche where the M16 ammo is. Pull the second switch and quickly turn left and run and jump over the group of wheels, taking refuge again in the niche opposite to the small medipack.


Third switch: To pull the next switch you can do a similar maneuver. From the niche opposite the one with the small medipack, wait for the group of wheels start to go back to the other wall and immediately run out and a bit left to the ramp but this time wait just in front of the closest switch; when the single wheel crosses to the right side, quickly approach to the switch, pull it, turn left and run and jump over the group of wheels.


Fourth switch: Run to the other wall, take refuge in the niche with the M16 ammo but unfortunately in this case you can't do the same trick. This is what I did: be sure Lara is at full health, wait in the niche where the M16 ammo is and wait for the group of wheels start to go back to the other wall; immediately run out and a bit left to the ramp and as you did before, wait just in front of the closest switch, but this time wait to the single wheel crosses to the LEFT side, quickly approach to the switch, pull it and quickly take a sidejump to the right losing some health (not enough time to avoid the knock from the group of wheels), roll and run down the ramp to finally get safe behind the open doors. Pew!!!


If you want to pick up the large medipack, wait for the group of wheels to cross, pick it up and run and jump to one of the temporally safe niches you used before, wait again for the group of wheels and when they're gone run down the ramp to the open doors.


Abyss with invisible ledges


Run down the steps and find yourself to the edge of an abyss. If you climb the dark block to your left you get a camera shot of a tiny ledges from the bottom of the pit. You can't see that safe ledges from above so you'll need to take a jump of faith. From the tile where the lamp is take a running jump directly to the orange building to land onto the first safe tile. Shoot a couple of flying warriors and to better see the location of the two remaining tiles you can drop/grab the edge and use the “look” key to see where they're located. So hoist up and take a running jump to the next one, a standing jump to the last one and a final running jump to the building.


Area with jumpers


Go inside and run up the left or right ramps (I did it from the left one); when the boulders start to move, continue running all what you can and take a running jump with curve to grab the edge of the ledge above the lava wall. Hoist up and take a running jump next to the green ball to your right to avoid the ball to your left. To climb the next slopes use the jumpers; with the first and the second simply run against the jumpers; with the third one perhaps you need to take a standing jump so Lara lands near the edge next to the slope; once up turn around and jump to the rocky ledge with a dark opening to pick up shotgun shells and M16 ammo. With the next two jumpers perhaps you need to do the same: take a standing jump so Lara lands near the edge next to the slope.


Third Secret


Once you're at the top, go to the ledge with the zip line and climb down the ladder in the right side, light a flare and pick up the large medipack, pull the switch to open a door above and locate the movable block opposite the tile where the medipack was; pull it out and push it blocking the entrance to reveal a passage. Pick up 2 X shotgun shells and SECRET #3: the Golden Dragon. Place the block again on its original position so you can exit, climb the ladder and use the zip line (optional: shoot the warriors).


Opening the temple doors


At the end you'll land at the top of the temple where you pulled the two switches at the very beginning. Pick up the small medipack, shotgun shells and M16 ammo. Pull the switch to open the temple doors and release a couple the flying warriors too. Jump back to slide backwards onto the sloped roof, grab the edge and safety drop to the floor, go inside the temple and the doors open for you to finish the level.





First rooms with knife throwers


Pick up the shotgun shells and the M16 ammo; approach to the door and it automatically opens. In the next room shoot two knife throwers; they will drop a small medipack and M16 ammo. Go to the door left from the entrance, in the right side behind the red pillar is a button to open it; two more knife throwers appear, dispatch them and pick up 2 X shotgun shells they dropped. In the next room, again deal with two more knife throwers, this time your prize will be 2 X shotgun shells and 2 X M16 ammo.


Causing a collapse


Run down the stairs and in the next room pick up a large medipack, shotgun shells and M16 ammo. Notice that there are three statues near the pillars and one pillar without statue; go to the pillar which has not a statue and move the bottom part (movable block) to generate an earthquake. Go back up the stairs to see the changes in the previous room. Climb the central blocks (beware of the falling debris) and go up to the room above.


The Throne Room Plaque


Go around the central wall and pull the switch on the other side to open a door in the starting area. Shoot another knife thrower and go back there. Advance and finally get the THRONE ROOM PLAQUE you were looking for. Pick it up alerting four knife throwers, who will drop 2 X shotgun shells and 2 X M16 ammo. Go back to the main room and use the plaque to open the last gates.


Final Fight


In the lava room jump down to the rocky ledge and save your game; when you approach to the throne the big King appears, and two knife throwers at your back too. Not easy to defeat them because the king easily can push you out of the ledge and you can't go near the throne or Lara will burn. My strategy: when the king appears, roll and go back to the T junction shooting the knife throwers; continue running to the left or right sides to the very end, holster your weapon, roll, drop and grab the edge (you can save your game when hanging). Use the look key to see where the boss is; sometimes it can happens that he goes away to the other part of the ledge, in that case hoist up, draw your weapon and shoot all the enemies until the boss approaches, then holster your weapon and drop/grab the edge again. If the boss doesn't go away when you're hanging, shimmy left or right, hoist up and run like fool to the far opposite side of the ledge where you'll drop/grab/hang again waiting for the boss approaching and (hopefully) go away this time. Then hoist up and shoot again at everything that moves. Repeat the same procedure until the boss is defeated. At that moment the adventure will end.


December - 21 - 2017