Forgotten Island.

Level by Samu.

Walkthrough G&D Productions.

Mentioned savegames are in this Saves Folder.

It was a regular afternoon and Lara was discussing with her colleague a mythical island in the middle of Pacific Ocean. The island is said to harbor a Crystal that provides great powers to its wielder. The people of the island were however, consumed by the power of the crystal and now the only inhabitants of the island are bloodthirsty animals and horrible monsters. This immediately raised Lara’s interest and she decided to go to look for this island and its magical crystal.

Through the Valley.

Go down the obvious path to the valley floor, go around the tree and climb up from the E side. Face NE and run jump to grab that rock pillar,  shimmy right and pull up to back flip with roll and grab the rock ledge behind you. Shimmy around to the other side and back flip onto a ledge. Shimmy around and run jump to grab the ledge with the plants, quickly get up, a step forward while turning left and hop backwards off the ledge, grabbing the edge. Go to the end of this ledge and there seems no way to proceed…

Hang from the sloped ledge on the right, against the wall and drop onto the ledge below, go into the tunnel and left, down to a small valley. From the block left you can get into the opening S, coming into the next valley, some Tigers will attack.

The Ancient Mask.

W up the stairs into the building, follow through W and go left down to the lower part of the big Hall, halfway down the stairs is a skeleton with Uzis. Downstairs go into the opening W and find a Timed lever on the right hand wall. It will raise a platform in the end of the passage W. Run jump in over a spike trap below, stand jump up to the block over a second trap, just run off off the other side (no jump), hop back and run jump over the wide trap turning left or right. This way you will be able to hop back and do a curved run jump onto the trapdoor. You have to jump on it, pulling up takes too long. Immediately hop forward as it is about to drop (savegame.0).

Throw the lever in that room to open a hatch at a ladder.

Secret: look for the crawlspace NE and go up for Secret #1, a Secret Gem. Drop out.

Go to the passage and jump grab the crack in the right hand wall, go left and drop onto the block. Jump back over the other traps.

Turn around, look up and grab the ladder. Climb off right or left and jump straight over to the other side of the Hall, use the lever there to open the trapdoor in the floor of the Hall below. Go up into the passage N and safety drop down onto the stairs with some health loss, or jump back as you came and go down the ladder. Shoot the two Tigers and climb down into the open trapdoor in the Hall floor. Go left into the corner so Lara hangs by her hands, when the blade opens, drop and grab again. Go down as far as possible over the next blade and drop/grab again. Now go right a bit, drop grab the edge of the opening and get in (savegame.1). In the next room on the left is a Medipack, then grab the Ancient Mask from the pedestal. Go back to the ladder pit, jump over the spikes into the opposite passage that opened. Go up another long ladder and emerge where it all started, at the Timed lever. Go right and keep heading E, back to the valley. Shoot more Tigers.

Boulder Trap.

Go around the tree into the cave E, and use the Mask to open the door. Drop down the hole and slide to a skeleton with Flares. Climb up straight ahead, turn around at the deep shaft and back flip onto a sloped block, jump again and grab the opposite slope. Pull up and simply back flip, hop back and run jump to grab the same slope again to escape a boulder. Wait a second and then pull up or the boulder will get you anyway. Back flip again and enter the new passage.

Straight is where that boulder came from, so take a right. Go up the ledge in the back, turn around and run jump to grab the opening N. Follow to a skeleton with a small medipack and go left into the wide tunnel, shoot two big Spiders. Go in again and around the corner is the top of the boulder shaft, be careful and jump over. In the smaller tunnel another Spider will come to play, use some tactics to deal with him without being bitten.

The Lake, getting a Torch.

Go in, crawl through and drop down. Get Uzi clips from the skeleton and head SE to come to a gorge with a lake and a building.

Secret: Hop into the lake, swim right around the rock and find a narrow gap N, for in for Secret #1, a Secret Gem, get out.

In the bottom, W, is an opening, swim in and follow through, up for air and pull up on the slope NW, back flip with roll and grab the edge of the slope (S). Shimmy left to the end and pull up, back flip onto a slanted rock, jump again and grab a crack. Shimmy  right and pull up in a passage, follow to an Uzi lying in the opening. Slide down backwards, grab and drop on a ledge. Go left (S) and jump a bit left to that waterfall.

Go through the water and find a stack of Torches, take one with you and jump back left to that grassy ledge, go left into the triangular opening, slide down and get to a Crawlspace with a spike pit in front. Stand in the grass close to the pit (not too close) and save. Now throw the Torch through the crawlspace (Spacebar) and make sure it is well clear from the spike pit.

Go left into the corner of the cave (SW) where you can grab up to an opening. Get down into the room with a burning lamp, go get the Torch and ignite it. Back up to the opening and stand on the SW corner of the ledge. Face NE and stand jump up into the opening and down the other side. Take it outside to the green ledge, look down E and in the water you can spot a block just below the surface. Stand on the lowest part of the ledge and run jump straight E landing on the right hand corner of the block, Lara will keep the Torch in hand!

Turn left and walk off the lower part of the block and Lara swims with the Torch, go E and right around the rock onto a slope to a tunnel. Turn around and run jump NE, partially through the water, to jump onto the ledge at the building. Drop the Torch against the gate there. We will pick it up here later.

Long Way in, getting the Torch inside.

Jump back to the tunnel, follow the tunnel and climb up to a skeleton with a small medipack and step outside, hop over the slanted part to the tip of the ledge. Run jump and grab straight N and get into the opening, follow through and hop left onto the balcony. Go inside and hop E down into the room below. The trigger pad there will open the gate for the Torch. Best stand back against the wall (face W), then sprint over the tile and get the Torch, back flip twice (savegame.2).

In the room you can ignite two bowls to open the door, take the Torch with you and drop it in the entrance to the Cutter Room.

Cutter Room.

You have to open that door left (and can take the Torch in later, but you don’t really need it again). To open the door you have to jump along the right hand side of the room to the far back.

Run after the cutter, jump right to the second one, jump back when the second comes back and jump back again to “get behind it” and to run to the back (SW) where you are safe. Face the next set and run jump when the cutter is going against the right hand wall so you’ll land when it just moved left. Then take a running jump straight to the next ledge with a bit of a left curve in the end. Turn a bit more left and immediately hop into the opening. Save and throw the lever to open the Door. Run out at the left corner, hop to the second ledge and a running jump to the safe corner. Run N after the cutter, jump right and jump back left, then when the first cutter goes into the back you can jump back again and go for the Torch (savegame.3). You don’t really need the Torch there, but you can use it instead of Flares.

The Symbol Puzzle for the Big Door.

Jump into the door, throw the Torch down and climb down the ladder after it. Pick it up and follow through, drop the Torch to pick up a small medipack and notice the Symbol over the gate right (#1). Get the Torch if you want and head into the passage left (S), follow through to a Jungle Courtyard. Along the opposite wall (S) is a big door you have to open, somewhere in front of it are some Uzi clips. NW in the corner of the building are Flares. Also NW, behind that big tree is another Symbol over a gate (#2) (different from the first). Up on the first floor (NE) is another Symbol Gate (#3). You can leave the Torch behind here.

The Symbol Pulleys.

Climb the tree, jump/grab up N onto the first floor. Jump SW and go left and jump over (E) to the big balcony. Familiar music starts indicating the arrival of no less than 4 Tinos Wasps. Shoot them avoiding contact as much as possible. In the room here are 4 pulleys and on the wall parts of symbols, with the pulleys you can put together the symbols over the gates.

#3 Gate, Push Puzzle:  

Only use the NE and NW pulleys, the rest fits the symbol (Symbols.jpg). Go out, right and jump to the balcony SE and over to the floor E, go left and hang from the floor, shimmy left around to the open gate. Go in and hop to the ledge with the small medipack.

Jump in behind the waterfall to get Secret #3, a Secret Gem, get out.

Swim into the passage S to a flooded room, swim in left (E) and climb out, loop around left to the Flood lever and drain the room with it. Go back to the room and left (S) is a block in an opening, pull it out 3x so you can push it under the opening up W. Go in where you got the block from and climb up to find a second block, which will have to go on top of the other block. So go around when you need to and move the block on top of the other. Then go back to the Flood lever in the E passage and flood the room again. Get on the blocks and grab the crack to get to the floor on the left. Push the big Face button there, #1 for the Big Door.

Back in the water and swim N, up on the ledge and jump out left to get to the First floor balcony, shimmy back around and jump back over the small balcony (S) to where the Pulleys are.

#2 Gate, Jumping Trapdoors:

If you followed the walk, use the NE and the NW pulleys again and use the SW too. Get outside and best get back down to the ground using the tree NW again to find the gate NW (behind the tree) open. Follow in and in the large room with the levers two 4 Tinos Wasps attack. We have to get into that opening up NW using the trapdoors on the W wall. Start with the lever in the middle, which stays activated longer, side flip to the right hand lever, flip left twice and use the left lever, roll (you can Save when Lara rolls) and run to the SE corner, jump onto the tip of the slope there and jump again to land on the walkway up S (pulling up anywhere will take you too long). Sprint and jump right (end with Ctrl) to land on the trapdoor under the ceiling and running jumps over the trapdoors to the opening (savegame.4). Follow through and push the Face button there, #2 for the Big Door. Safety drop down and go out E, to the tree and make your way up to the pulleys again.

#1 Gate, Cutter&Levers.

Use SE-SW-NW, get down using the tree (to save health) and go to those stairs NE, into the opening N, back to the first Symbol gate. Enter and come to a small room with two levers and a Cutter. Stand on the corner of the tile on the floor and hop to the ledge when the Cutter is at the lever, quickly use it and side flip away. Do the other one the same way and the gate opens (savegame.5). Hop onto the ledge to get into the gate and go to the next challenge, Darts and Spikes. Just get down, stand at the edge of the spike pit and stand jump over one by one into the niches with the face button. The Door will open this time. Hop back twice and go right into the shortcut back, pick up a Medipack and go out right, back S to the Jungle courtyard. Go up to the floor S and into the Door.

Through the Door.

Climb down; follow the rooms through cobwebs and to a passage to a bridge on the right.

Straight in the last room (S) is a trigger pad. Step on it to open a gate in the courtyard where we came from. Go back N, up the ladder and through the door loop left around to the gate you opened (on the higher floor). Go in to get Secret #4, a Secret Gem, get out and back through the Big Door to where you left off.

W into the bridge room and immediately left to the side of the bridge. Hang and drop/grab to the ledge below and throw the lever there to open the gate, run jump from the N side of the ledge to grab a crack and shimmy right to the bridge.

The 2 Ancient Masks.

Follow through to a bridge outside and a flyby kicks in. We’ll need two Masks. Go in and left, a Winged T-Rex will come for you, you have little time, so sprint and along the S side is a skeleton with Ancient Mask I. Save after every successful part.

The next will be a tedious task as we need to push a block under a face button. So we need to get that T-Rex as far as possible away from us every time, we can do that by letting him go through a passage to the lower part of the Temple while we seek shortcuts.

Go back to where you came in, directly opposite the entrance and stand jump down onto that push block in the lower section (W). Push it twice towards the door there: the T-Rex will be almost there now. Get back up to the top floor by sprinting through the “Staircase” N and get back to the entrance, hang from the floor and drop onto the block. Now push it against the door, the T-Rex has learned from his mistakes and is back already.

So get back up through the “Staircase” N and now he will be following close so we still need to get down to the block “shortcut fast”. You can use a trick move for this, stand a step away from the edge, facing the entrance and hop back, as soon as you are under the edge, hit Ctrl and Lara will end up on the block below (if you have enough health you can also just safety drop to the ground below). Push the block to the right, under the face button. Hop on the block and push the button. This time I had the chance to run to the SW corner, pick up a Medipack there and run back to the door opened next to the Face button. Go in and to the right, pick up Ancient Mask II. The door right opens and the T-Rex tries to get in (savegame.6).  But he’s too big…

The Magical Crystal.

Get back upstairs and trick him… Hang from the edge of the floor near the door W and wait till you see him below trying to grab your feet. Pull up and place the two Masks. Go into the door, (or hang from the floor again before you go in) and to the right you will come to a room with the Magical Crystal.

When you pick it up, the adventure ends…