BtB 2018 - 02 - Hope of Meridian.

Level by Mr XY

Walkthrough G&D productions.

Video Walkthrough by KillerGameplayz here  


Three days have passed since the last signal. Since then, we have no contact with the Station on Meridian...

Meridian is used as fully functional research and training facility. The missing crew consists of eight people, mostly researchers, whose job it is to explore the planet and study the alien architectures. So far Meridian was considered a peaceful planet. Neither flora nor fauna have been hostile in the past.

We send you in to investigate this incident. Explore the facility, find out what happened to the crew and decimate any dangers on your way. Good Luck!

The mentioned savegames are in this Saves Folder.

Tasks related to the Secret are in dark blue.

Secrets: 2

Lara arrived on Meridian. When you check the inventory, you will find some info about the items, but also: Explore the Facility. Find the eight researchers. Decimate any dangers.

Back Entrance.

Turn to the right and go NW along the wall of the Base and find a block against the wall, climb up into the ventilation duct. Left around the corner are Lasers, first go left and up into the crawlspace E for Uzi clips. Crawl back out against the left wall, run after the laser and back right into the passage. Now face SE and wait for the laser to go left, run in and duck under the high laser, crawl forward and stand up. Open the trapdoor and drop down into a dormitory, there are 8 bunks (this number is important later).

Through the Corridors, Teleport Station.

To the N is a button opening the door right, go through to the corridors, at the crossing with the big plant are big doors left, open them with button to create a shortcut to the front of the base where you landed with the Shuttle. Go W and come to the inactive teleport station. Take a right (N) into a passage to a glass tunnel, the door behind you closes and you are probably decontaminated, because after a while the doors open again (you have to run back to the closed door behind you and then wait). Go in the door N, at the end left is a door, on the right a ladder. Go up the ladder and back flip to the first floor corridors. Open the airlock in the other end and step out, notice the airlock straight ahead and a door on terrace on the right (SW).

The Movie Theatre, a Teleport Activation Disk.

Drop from the right hand side (W) of the walkway onto the brown block below. To the S is an open door, go inside and loop right around into the TV room. Right around the corner, in the windowsill is the Teleport Activation Disk. Go N up the stairs and right to open the door N, you are back at the ladder, ground floor.

The Teleports.

Go right, right through the decontamination tunnel and straight to the teleports; place the Disk in the terminal between them.

Right Hand Teleport, Up: Prepare for the Timed Run.

Preparing for a timed run. Take the Right hand “UP“ teleport. Open the airlock straight ahead (N), which is the one you saw when you were on the upper walkway before. Notice the green teleport. Go back into the teleport and step into the one you used before (red). Loop around right and step into the “Down” Teleport.

Left Hand Teleport, Down: Timed Run.

Pick up Light Sticks left and go right of the airlock into a passage, through the slamming doors and shoot the cover from the switch. This switch is Timed and will show that door on the terrace outside. Pull while pressing ‘look’, roll and sprint through the slamming doors, turn left into the teleport and run left into the other one, sprint straight out and roll on the walkway. Run-jump to the terrace SW (if you jump from the right spot, you can land there without Ctrl); run inside (savegame.0).

Right around the corner shoot a crate and climb up into the Laser passage, duck and crawl to the ledge, stand up and climb up when the high laser is going into the back and quickly run off the other end of the ledge before that high laser comes back. Duck and go right into the crawlspace to another laser-trap. Get on the ledge and duck to crawl directly under the button, stand up when the laser goes left, push and side flip right to the door, crawl in and jump down.

Pick up the Uzis from the pedestal left, go further into the quarters and left behind the shelves is a Crew Member’s Logfile. Read it.

It is not allowed to write down the door codes for security reasons, but I guess a few reminders won’t hurt anyone…

For the Storage, the four-digit code is:


The second floor has the same code but the third digit is replaced by the amount of beds in this facility (which is 8).

The codes to the Hangar are the last four digits of Tommy’s serial number. All three codes together are used to open the armory outside.

The Storage, the Rover Control.

Open the door N and you’re back at the ladder, climb down to ground floor and to the teleport station (left – E- and right). Go left to that big plant in the corridor and right there to get to the Code Pad of the Storage room. Type 1749 and go inside.

Straight and right on a ledge is a crate and under it the Rover Control. Back to the door and before the door go left at the window shoot a crate for 2 x Uzi clips and left a crate with a Survival Kit.

The Basement Key.

Get out the door, left and left to the teleport station and take the right hand one up. To the right, behind the flowerbed is another Code Pad, now we need to change the third digit into an 8, so 1789. Go in and take a left and an Alien Mutant shows up. Shoot it and go right where it came from, pick up the Basement Key at the window. Go back to the teleport and down. Loop right around into the left hand teleport and go down to the basement. Open the airlock with the Basement Key and follow through. In the wider room climb through the gap in the right hand wall and get Tommy (Plush) and the Hangar Key. The lights go out… Go back, shoot another Alien Mutant; go to the teleport and up.

The Armory.

Now that we have all 3 codes (Go to the Tommy doll in the inventory and look below “Use”, it has a serial number, take the last 4 digits (4710), add them (the two previous codes you used) all up to get the code for the Armory, take a right to the plant and if you didn’t yet, open the big doors behind (E of) it. Go out and right, loop around that blue mount to get to an opening SE, follow through to the code door and use the code (8248). Run after the low laser and duck before the high laser hits you and crawl right into the niche, face SE and crawl out into the back of the passage when the low  laser goes left. Go into the Armory to get Secret #1, the Plasma Gun and some Plasma ammo for it. Flip the switch next to the teleport to activate the green one and step in. You are back on the first floor, teleport station. Go left into the next teleport down to ground floor.

The Hangar, the Rover.

Go into the decontamination tunnel straight ahead (N), loop around left through the big door near the ladder. Straight through the TV room and in the corridor go right/right and follow through to come to a Code Pad at the Hangar. Go to the Tommy doll in the inventory and look below “Use”, it has a serial number, take the last 4 digits and use them in the Code Pad to open the door (4710). Before you enter, get the Uzi clips from the passage on the right (E). Just to the right inside is where you can use the Hangar Key, there is also an Alien guarding the place. Go and find the Rover. First flip the switch in the right hand corner to open doors to an Outer Courtyard. Ride to the Hangar and left to the outside.

Logfile – Newcomers, take the Rover out.

Park the Rover and go into the opening SW, in the back is a Log file – Newcomers and a Base Key on a small table. Check the Log file out… This is a message for the recruits in training. Where has everyone gone and where are these mutants coming from?

Go out, to those big doors on the left (W) and open them with the Base Key. Take the Rover through to the Valley outside the Base (This is a special vehicle, it can even go through water, so don’t be afraid. You can get stuck in the shallow water though, so just avoid it. Sometimes when you cannot get into the door of the Rover because of the un-even ground level, try the other door).

Take a right to the NE corner and park the Rover, jump onto the block NE a bit away of the blue Pyramid and jump into the gap in the corner of the rock wall to get Alien Totem 1. Jump out.

Take the Rover into the cave NW, follow the cave to one of those pressure pads and park it on top. Get out and go through the door you opened S.

Aquatic Section, Gravity Cube.

Go left and step into a teleport on the right. Turn left in the hall with the receptacle and look up in the passage along the E wall. Use the jump lever there and go back towards the teleport to find an open trapdoor (N). Go up the ladder to a basin, dive in and swim down to the bottom and in the pink plant is the Gravity Cube. Roll and swim back and up, down the ladder to use that Cube in the middle of the hall (face W). A cover lifted from a button just W of this receptacle, use that to change the gravity in the passages W and S, the water will be pulled up to the ceiling in both passages.

Gravity Game, Bridge Control Node I.

Go through the door SE, on the block and run jump up into the water to swim to the underwater lever, you’ll drop down. Hop on the block and around the corner an airlock opens right. Go out to the hall to use the Gravity button again and return through the door SW into the W passage. Side flip over the fire tiles to the other end of the passage, grab up to the block N and go down on the other side to open that airlock. Back onto the block and stand jump forward into the water above. Turn around and use the underwater lever. Wade back to the other side (S), pick up the Uzi clips on the way and step through the airlock left to the hall. Loop around left into the airlock you just opened.

Onto the block left, and now jump and grab the platform. Jump the platforms to the switch S to open a door N and jump back over the platforms to the block, down N and left is the open door. Inside is the Bridge Control Node. Get out and back to the teleport E to return to the surface. Left/right to the Rover and take it out of the cave, at the blue Pyramid right and going S stay close to the right hand rocks. Down to a lower part of the valley.

In the SW, hidden in the blue plants is Alien Totem 2.

The Greenery, Bridge Control Node 2.

Go to those blue pyramids and up the hill E keep left a bit to the far E and park the Rover on the pressure pad. Go through the door E and inside left through the automatic door and the next too and just around the corner in that passage is a crawlspace up right, get the Uzi clips. Go through the open airlock to the Greenery, pick the 2 ripe Munghi Fruits (small medipack) and get into the niche E, shoot the cover and flip the switch, the airlocks activate. Go through the now open airlock S, grab an Energy Cell and Bridge Control Node #2. When you want to go back to the greenery, the door closes and gas is escaping into these rooms from vents in the floor. Just stay close to the door till it re-opens. Watch the health, run to the Greenery and flip the switch in the niche again to open the other airlock. Get out to the entrance room and an Alien Mutant attacks. Don’t take medipacks, but use that Energy Cell in the SW corner next to the window, hop into the healing Pod to see your health going back up.

Taking the Heat, Bridge Control Node 3.

Back outside and to the S is where you can place the Bridge Control Nodes, or do it later, as you still one short. Take the Rover to the slope right of that bridge structure towards that building there (SW).

Stop near the top of the slope and get out. Go to the corner of the building (SE) and the slope and climb down, hop to the opening in the wall to get Alien Totem 3. Get back to the vehicle.

Drive it back a bit and down the slope to the lower valley S.

Stop at the bottom of the slope and get out. Go to the pillar NW, next to the slope and jump behind the pillar for Alien Totem 4. Jump out and get back into the vehicle.

Head left to the other end and right into the cave (behind the pyramid) and stop on the pressure pad.

Opposite the building and behind the pressure pad is a triangular opening in the rocks behind the pillar, go in to get Alien Totem 5. Get back to the vehicle.

Go into the building and left at the window is a Survival Kit. Left in the back is a teleport; get in. Upstairs in the room with the yellow pad an Alien Mutant will attack when you get close to the SE corner; better kill him first. When you step on the pad, the fire in the passage behind the windows will stop for a while, you can also see the last Node you need.

Run from the NW corner with a left curve over the pad, jumping to the passage SE, run around corners and right through the airlock. Sprint through the passage; time the spikes and sprint around the corner to grab Bridge Control Node #3, quickly run to the airlock. Go out, there are Uzi clips in the first part of the passage, just go over the pad, into the SE door, get them and run back.

Another way to tackle this, just time the spikes, get through and sprint to the end of the passage, open the airlock and now you have a short route to the Node

When you’re done (savegame.1), go into the teleport and right to get outside, take the Rover out of the cave to the blue pyramid valley.

Roll out the Bridge.

Go left and right up the slope to the bridge valley.

Detour for a Secret: If you have all 5 Alien Totems, you can go back into the Base, so ride left, right around the corner of the Base and follow the wall to where you can go in right. Drive through the open doors to the yard and park the Rover. Go into the room SW where you got the “Log-file – Newcomers” and the door on the right (W) is now open because you found all 5 Totems. Go in for Secret #2, the Magnum and 2x ammo for it. Back to the Rover and go left around, back to the Bridge. Park it in front of the open end.

Place the Node(s) and the bridge rolls out.

Save here and then take the Rover across and leave it on the pad so the trapdoors W go up. Enter W and run over the trapdoors…(Don’t even think of taking the Rover in there). Left and right are teleports. Take the left first.

Blue Valley, a Torch Puzzle.

Run to the far left corner (NE) to find a Torch. There are some spare ones. Run back to the teleport and once back, straight into the red one. Drop the Torch as soon as you get out of the teleport and go shoot that Alien Mutant, go around to collect 4x Uzi clips and a Survival Kit, pick up the Crew Tag near the door

No Body, no trace of a fight. How can eight people just vanish like that?

Push the button to open the door, go back to get your Torch and ignite it at that wrecked space probe outside. Back inside, into the teleport, straight to the blue one and run around the Blue valley to ignite the 3 Vases.

Time to find out what happened to those researchers…

A Blue beam appears, step in and be taken up to a Big Alien with a strange Artefact in his hand. Two researches, caught inside some force field are turned into Alien Mutants. Shoot them while hopping around and kill the Boss too, he will leave that strange Artefact.

With this thing they turned the researchers into mutants, I better take it with me…

Wait up… the Researchers were turned into Mutants… Then who were we shooting the whole time (6 of them and just now two more)….

Step into the blue ray W to get out of here, nothing left to do..

G&D- May 12-2018