Netslider's Home Level

Level by Luis Rodrigues (Netslider)

Walkthrough by Yoav

Start with Lara standing in her bathroom, there's nothing interesting here. Proceed to the bedroom, you will see keyhole left of the bed and if you look over the ceiling, you also see trapdoor. Leave this room and turn right, there's a closed door, turn back and go to other side of the floor past near the closed door to the attic and enter the first room from left. In the music you can look around and proceed the next fireplace room, past the fireplace and notice for closed door in the left corner, it's a type of combination with the library wall. Turn and get out of the rooms, turn left to next small bedroom and pick up the Door Key.

NOTE: The Door Key is matching for two keyholes, can use it in Lara's bedroom, could be a mistake!!! SO FIRST USE IT IN A KEY HOLE DOWN IN THE FIRST FLOOR.

Leave the floor and follow downstairs to the main hall, from both sides a closed door. Turn and go the left hallway into the kitchen, pull the switch to open the cooling room, nothing only meat as always in kind level like this. Proceed through the shortcut into the dining room, there go the next shortcut to the gymnasium, turn right back the hallway and go toward the closed gate with the keyhole. This is the right keyhole to use first with the Door Key, follow downstairs, turn right to the passage, you will come the aquarium place. Past the wooden box go to the end of the aquarium; you see a book, but first look through the right glass for the location of the key.

If you were to turn the book now you should know that it raises a block at Lara's bedroom, to reach the trapdoor, and will be blocking the key hole, so you might come back here once again to raise/lower as you wish. But if you follow this walkthrough,
leave the book a while

Climb onto the wooden box, then pull Lara into the opening above and drop into the aquarium. Start swimming faster as two crocodiles came over to Lara and they're starving, turn right between the wall and the glass, keep swimming toward the left corner and pick up the Door Key. Roll and swim back to get out of the aquarium and make your way back to Lara's bedroom, use the Door Key to enter into a small Secret room and pick up Binoculars, Flare, Uzi Clips and Large/Small Medipack. Now back to the aquarium and turn the book and once again back to Lara's bedroom.

Climb onto the block, turn face left and pull Lara into the opening above, follow upstairs to the attic. Draw your pistols and shot on those crates, look for closed gate on your right, proceed into the next room turn left and pull the lever wall, it will open three doors. Back to the first room, go through the open door downstairs, you'll see the second door that was closed before is open now. Turn right past Lara's bedroom and enter into the safety-deposit box room, go behind the middle wall and pick up the Training Disc 1.

Back to the main hall and proceed toward the gymnasium, go near the sloped platform with 3, there's switch to open the pool, also look very carefully for trapdoor merge with the floor. First pull switch to pass into the pool, nothing interesting to do so you might want to take a swim!?! Well all right, back to the gymnasium and pull the trapdoor, drop down onto a metal stairs, follow down into a large room. In front of you there's switch on wall, leave it and get in the room from the right, use the Disc on the machine, it raises up line doors, climb onto the long block, shoot the crate, pick up Ammo from the right and Training Disc 2 from the middle.

Get out of the room and turn right into the next room, use the Disc in the machine, a universal green soldier will show up, kill him and take the Security Key Card. Get out of the room and pull the switch on the wall, back to the main hall, the doors from the right are open now. Enter the security room and use the Card, get out of the room and go toward the treasure room. Climb onto the right alcove to turn the book, get out of the room, proceed to second floor and get into the music room. Keep going into the fireplace, the doors at the left corner are open now.

Follow upstairs, you will come to the roof with helicopter waiting for Lara to give her the present day flight in a helicopter to somewhere....