TR2 - The Untold Adventure.


Levels by thewolf


Walkthrough by Gerty.


There are 6 levels to play.

 -Each level has 3 secrets (Stone, Jade and Gold)

 -If you find all 3 secrets in a level you will get extra weapons and ammo

 -Extra weapons are also hidden inside the levels


-After the events of The Dagger of Xian the monks from Barkhang call Lara to retrieve a powerful artefact called "The Golden Angel" before the Fiamma Nera gets it into their hands. The adventure takes Lara to a Siberian castle ruin. There she must find a way into the vault in which the artefact is located. If the artefact gets into the wrong hands, it can cause mutations and also increase the owners strength.


links to the levels:

1 - Castle Ruins

3 - Fiamma Nera’s HQ

5 - Prison Escape

2 - San Marco 4 – Theatre Bizarre 6 - End of the Beginning

 Tasks related to Secrets are in darkblue.


Level 1 – Castle Ruins.

Secrets: 3

Get down to the ground and go straight, shoot a tiger. Find a block you can climb on to the right and climb up higher on another one to pick up the  Shotgun ammo.  Slide down and shoot another tiger.

Go sort of straight to a small lake and jump into the water. Swim through the hole in the bottom and follow through and swim up and climb out. On one side is a ladder and on the other a flight of stairs. Go up the stairs and jump in the water to avoid a boulder. Go back up the stairs again and use the lever.

Get down to the floor beneath and to the opposite wall with the ladder.

In the water below, the corner left of the ladder is a small tunnel, follow to the end to get Secret #1 , the Stone Dragon. Get back out. Now climb the very long ladder.

The Battlements, Watchtower Key.

One skeleton harbours a Medipack and a small spider and next to it is a block you can push. Pull it out and aside so you can get through and you’ll come to a battlement. There are some birds flying around and when they pester you; shoot them.

Climb up onto the left and jump into the body of water. On the far left corner is a small medipack. Swim to the other side and find the Watchtower Key in a small depression. You can climb out in the other corner on this side and pick up the Shotgun ammo. Go right and follow the rocky path until you see a ladder on the right attached to the wall. Take a running jump and climb up to the battlement.

The Vault Key.

Once on top, take a right and go to the far left corner to jump over to another battlement. Go straight along the tower, up the other side and jump down, take a running jump to the right for Secret #2 , the Jade Dragon. Jump back and go to the other end but halfway there climb up left onto the battlement and go over to the other side. See a building down there and jump to it. Jump to the next building for some Shotgun ammo and jump back to the first building. If you can shoot the tigers (below) already, just do so.

Jump back to the bridge and use the Watchtower Key next to the door. Shoot some spiders and climb the ladder to the floor above. Shoot more spiders then hop over to the windowsill and grab the Vault Key.

Use the Vault Key.

Make your way back to the battlement and go straight and jump back to the first battlement. Go to the other end and take the first opening on the right (halfway). Go down the steps there and slide to the valley.

Go to the smallest of the buildings (close to the other wall) and around the corner. Look up and from the small hill climb into the window. Drop down and grab the Shotgun ammo and a small medipack. Get back out and go to the front of the big building and enter. In the corner where some crates are get some Flares on the floor. Go to the corner where the trapdoor in the floor is and use the Vault Key.

Spike Walls.

Safety drop down and slide further. Jump over the darts and run straight, drop down and run a bit further onto the collapsible tile, drop in and wait for the spikes to pass. Then climb out and climb up at the far left corner. Around the corner, run over breakable tiles and jump over the knives. Pick up a small medipack and turn around, slide down backwards, grab the edge and shimmy left to a niche with Secret #3, the Gold Dragon. You also get a bunch of Grenade ammo and a small medipack. Drop down onto the ledge below, turn left and run jump onto that slope, slide down onto the next and drop into the room. Once on the floor, run to the middle and take a right in the indentation. On the left is a Medipack but just forget that. Push the block on the left in and as far as it will go and then safety drop even further.

T-Rex Cave.

Grab the Medipack and run along the right hand wall to avoid the wheels, grab the slide and go down. Tiger alert at the bottom. Go in and there is more Shotgun ammo near the crates. Go to the next area and watch out for a boulder, follow through towards a huge pit.

Go to the right and jump down to the ledge in the corner, turn around (back to the pit) and hang from the edge, let go and grab again. Hoist up and get the Flares.   

Turn around again, facing the pit and stand on the left, take a running jump with a slight curve to the left (because of the block above) onto a ledge where you can stand. Hop back and safety drop down and start sliding down backwards to end up at the bottom.

When you go forwards a T-Rex appears, kill it. Go where it came from (a bit straight and on the right) and around the corner is a slope. Of course a boulder will drop so take care. Go up the slope and climb higher, another boulder is waiting, so avoid that one as well.

In the next area is a door and a lever next to it, get in and first go around to the back for the some Grenade Launcher. Go step on the higher floor in the middle and the level ends.

Level 2 – San Marco.

Secrets 3

Lara drops in the water, swim back to the corners for Shotgun ammo and Automatic Pistol clips. Swim through the fence and get onto the jetty on the right. There is a Dog inside and a Bully shooting from a balcony from the left. Get the small medipack from the corner of the room, flip the switch in the other corner to open a door, get out and dive into the water. Swim around a corner and on the right is another jetty (opposite the boat); there is the door you opened. Watch your back and when the guy is dead, get Shotgun ammo from him as well as Flares from the table in the corner.

Climb the ladder and backflip. Follow though and at the windows loop around left. Shoot two guys and the both leave Automatic Pistol clips. In the gazebo is a Medipack.

Go back to the corridor and shoot out the windows. Go to the roof and notice the balconies on the left. To the right at the end of that roof is Secret #1, the Jade Dragon. Go back and jump to the balcony straight ahead.

The balustrades have a nasty collision, so stand well back and run-jump over and get Grenade ammo  from the last balcony. Jump back to the roof and now jump over the canal to the other side roof. Shoot out window and climb down the ladder on the left. Use the lever, kill the crook (small medipack) and either climb the ladder here and jump over to the other roof or back to the canal and swim over and use the ladder there.

At the gazebo go around the corner to the right into a passage. Kill the dog and go over the bridge.

Open the Gate.

The door on the right opened, light a flare and climb down a ladder. Shoot the rat and jump on the right into the water. Use the underwater lever and climb back out. Up the ladder and go to the bridge. On the right is an opening in the railing, jump from awning to awning and to that balcony where you shot your first baddy, pick up his Automatic Pistols, jump up to a ledge with a balcony where that door opened. Use the lever to open the gate in the canal and jump over the balustrade into the canal. 

Luigi’s Key.

You can kill the crook at the house if you want (he has no goodies), if not keep swimming and around the corner climb into the boat. Go straight and take a right. Follow through and get out at the jetty, wait for a guy to show up and shoot him for Luigi’s Key. There is another one roaming around and he has Shotgun ammo.  

Back into the boat, turn it around to go back where you came from, around the corner and straight. Drive through the gondolas’ and put the boat at the steps on the left. Kill the crook.

For a secret, swim back where the gondolas were and climb the crate on the jetty, jump to the red awning and to the one right, to the balcony for Secret #2, the Stone Dragon. Jump into the canal and swim back to the stone steps.

Go up the steps, use Luigi’s Key and enter. Of course you’ll be attacked and once he is dead (Medipack), get Shotgun ammo near the window. Light a Flare and then stand on that trapdoor in the middle of the room and fall down into water.

The Reservoir.

Follow through and get air at a Reservoir with all kinds of pillars in water.

Swim to the other end, roll and find the underwater lever on the right, opening a door. Turn left, swim straight to the opposite wall and right for Automatic Pistol clips, go straight to the corner and up onto the ledge, shoot the rats and go up the ladder. Climb off on the right through the opened door, shoot the crooks, there is Shotgun ammo in one of the corners downstairs, then go up to the balcony over the entrance for a small medipack the guy dropped.

Run and jump over the balustrade jump to grab the crack in the wall over the big doors and shimmy to the right, the doors below open up. Hoist up and go outside and jump over to the wooden building. Jump left to those awnings, go left jumping from one to the other and on that wooden arch is Secret #3, the Gold Dragon and a lot of Automatic Pistol clips as a bonus. Jump back to the wooden building, a crook opens fire from a balcony, take him out and jump over to get a small medipack. Jump back to the wooden building.

A Boat Race.

From this side (where the balcony is), face the canal and with the opening in the glass roof behind you, take two step back from the edge, then hop back into the opening and when Lara cleared the edge, use Ctrl so she ends up behind the shards into a window sill.

Run jump left or right over the shards and spot the TIMED switch on the wall. Now we need the boat. I jumped back into the window, up through the hole in the roof and straight over to the balcony we came from. Inside go left and down to the floor at the end. Out the big doors and spot the gate we have to get to. Your boat should be nearby, go get it and drive it around left to the wooden building, turn it around and leave it in front of the open door. OR you can swim to the boat.

Use the Timed switch, get outside fast into the boat and when you use Ctrl the boat goes faster, you’ll need that in the straight parts. Right around and right in the end, sharp left into the gate and over the wooden ramp. Immediately hit the down key to stop. Get out of the boat, swim through the mines and get into the next level.

Level 3 – Fiamma Nera’s HQ.

Secrets: 3

Turn right and get Shotgun ammo, on the walkway (over the Shotgun ammo) are Automatic Pistol clips. Go over to the other walkway and into the opening there. Go up the stairs and kill a dog and near the windows find more Shotgun ammo.

Approach the double doors and kill the crook when the doors open (Mediapck). Inside there are two more villains; one of them has Automatic Pistol clips.

Go up the grand staircase and loop around to the switch above the entrance. Facing the switch, in the left wall is an opening but that is for later and on the right a door you open by flipping this switch. Inside, just around to the right you can get Flares. Shoot the window (straight ahead) behind the curtains, go through it and shoot another crook and his dogs.

On the same wall is another window you have to shoot, when you go through more crooks are there. Once everyone is dead get Uzi clips and a small medipack. Go to the empty chimney and push the block in the back of the chimney twice. Go back a bit and climb up on the side and a door opens.

First go down right, push the block ahead all the way and climb down left into a dark tunnel, follow through and up to the gazebo in the fenced off part of the courtyard we visited. Get Secret #1, the Gold Dragon. Shoot the dog down in the tunnel and get back. Go up left to go through the door that opened.

Safety drop down and go to where you see those sword-wielding men. Avoid their swords and the fire in between and around the corner is another one, and even more around that corner. Best is to stand two tiles away from the flame and hop over then avoid the sword, etc.

The last passage is the hardest; from the niche at the last swordsman, a run jump over the last flames. Get a Medipack and the Conference Room Key and flip the lever. This lowers a trapdoor, so back you go but this time it is easier.

Through Flooded Basements, to the Conference Room.

Jump down at the trapdoor and slide down, as soon as you hit the second slope, jump (avoiding knives) into water. Swim through and up and in the next underwater room pick up some Uzi clips on the right, turn right again and use the underwater lever there. Roll and swim to the other end and through the open door to a canal. Swim to the left and find Automatic Pistol clips in the corner.

Swim back and go around two corners and get out at the jetty. Shoot the crook and go up the stairs back to the room with the grand staircase.

The Conference Room.

Go down and use the Conference Room Key on the left of the doors and enter. Shoot dog and villain and get his Automatic Pistol clips. On the table you can find 2x Shotgun ammo and on the wall on the right is a switch (opens a door) and in the other corner a lever (changes the chandeliers). Use only the switch for now.

Turn off the Fireplace.

Go back to the entrance and up the stairs and through the now open double door. Jump over the balustrade to the chandelier, take a right and jump to the smaller one and then to the window. Shoot it and jump down on the left for Secret #2, the Stone Dragon. Jump back again over the chandelier to the big one in the middle of the room.

Jump to the other big one and then to the right, to the smaller chandelier. To the window and get outside for a small medipack, back inside and to the large chandelier, over to the smaller one straight ahead.

Jump up right to the corner ledge and use the lever there to change the chandeliers. Back onto the last chandelier, then to the big one and right to the other big one and up right to the wooden floor. Loop right and jump to the brick ledge. Jump and grab the beam at the left side of the pillar, shimmy left and drop to the wooden floor. Go left, grab up to a brick wall and shimmy left, pull up and get the Uzi clips. Shimmy back to the floor, roll and run to the other side into the opening and a crook appears, shoot him. Throw the lever there to kill the Fire in the fireplace. Go back and run down left onto the big chandelier, turn right and jump to the smaller one, again to the lever right to change the chandeliers back. Drop from this ledge to the balcony below and grab the Grenade ammo, jump to the big chandelier and safety drop onto the table.

Into the Fireplace, Flooded Basement.

Now go to the fireplace. Jump in and follow through and after the second pillar on the left is Shotgun ammo. If you want, go back for air and swim in again. Keep swimming straight to the end and on the right is a broken window.

With a pickup: 

Go through and right, straight to the end and left through the windows, left through the opening and through a gap to get Grenade ammo there. Out through the same opening and loop right around. When swimming back you can spot a narrow gap near the bottom in the wall straight ahead, get in there, then up right through a gap near the ceiling and then swim sort of straight and find air. 

Swim to the other side and get out. Loop around right and jump from the block to the other side of the water. Then a jump to the wooden block sticking out of the wall; then jump to the switch in the alcove. Flip it and that opens the double door at the other side. Swim over and enter.

The Library.

Shoot a couple of crooks and go further and take a left after the first bookcase. In the corner is a pushable block (light a flare), pull/push it under the gap in the railing (on the other side) and get to the first floor. Shoot more crooks, or maybe you killed them already… one dropped a small medipack. From where you climbed up, go left to the back wall and use the lever, jump down to the pushable block and out the doors. Get Shotgun ammo on the right near the wooden door and shoot the window and a crook. Go through the window and on the right is another door and that one opens when you approach. Behind it is a canal. Dive in and swim through a gap at the other side, kill the 4 “TNT rats” and use the lever inside to open doors in the Library.

Back into the water and swim back to the Library. Go to the other end and the doors on the right are open now. Shoot the guy that’s coming in through the window and climb the bookshelves left and another one so you can jump over to the windowsill.

The Rat Detonator Key.

Shoot out the window, slide down the awning and jump onto the balcony. Then jump over to the stonewall on the left. Go to the wooden building in the canal, but for a pickup, scroll down. 

With a weapon pickup detour:

Grab the crack in the left wall, shimmy right to drop on the ledge in the corner, jump to the balcony and then to the roof of the wooden building, go straight along the wall and down into an opening in the corner for the Uzis. Climb back up to the roof and jump in the water. Get out at the wooden building.

In the far corner underneath the building is Grenade ammo, then climb out on the jetty and go into the corridor, a dog and a crook (has a small medipack) are in here. Once they are dead pick up the Rat Detonator Key and leave. Swim to the left and to the ledge there at the other side. Up the ladder and jump over the balustrade. Shoot out the windows and of course there is a guy you have to kill, go to the back and use the Rat Detonator Key to blow up a building, look through the window.  

Up the Ruins.

Go back to the Library (swim or use the stone wall) go left to the yard and jump through the windows, back into the library. Go through the big doors (left) to the yard (shoot the crook on the balcony) and right to the canal. Swim straight over to the blown-up building and climb all the way to the roof part.

Secret Detour: When you are near the roof, go into the window, right and into the last window, jump out left grabbing the roof; follow that roof to the end, shimmying along the edge. Pull up, back flip roll with a left curve so you’ll slide backwards off the lower roof; grab the edge. Use the drop/Ctrl trick to get into the open window, or shimmy right to drop onto the wall and jump into the window from there. Drop into the room, go between the two displays and turn left to shoot that window and get Secret #3, the Jade Dragon and a load of Shotgun ammo. Go out the big doors to the Library and make your way to the right, to the yard and into the canal to swim back over and climb the ruins to the roof.  

On the roof go through the passage and around the corner turn around and hop back a few times so you can shoot the guy that is following you. Get the Automatic Pistol clips near the end and slide down to the next level.

Level 4 – The Theatre Bizarre.

Secrets: 3

Immediately roll/jump so you slide backwards, grab the edge for a split second, let go and the boulders will not kill you. Turn around and loop around left for Flares.   

Clearing the Square.

Right of the boulders is an opening in the floor; jump down and on one of the crates in the corner is a small medipack. Go to the swinging crate and drop down. Go out of the room into a big square with crates. Shoot the crook and his dog (what’s new). From the entrance take a right another crook will shoot at Lara, he has Automatic Pistol clips on him. Go straight and around the corner of that small passage is a nasty dog and there might be a guy shoot at you from above (high up left). I followed through and back on the square with the crates go straight. Around the corner is another dog and its owner, he carries also Automatic Pistol clips and on the street is Shotgun ammo to be found.

Hopefully you cleared all the crooks and their dogs for a bit.  

Crate Puzzle, Up for the Entrance Key.

Go to the entrance and face the crates. Around the corner left is a pushable crate, push it in. Climb up and now push/pull the highest crate to the other side (as far as it goes). During the next part another crook showed up carrying Automatic Pistol clips.

Go back down to the first crate and pull it out and then push it left to the last row and then jump up and push/pull the top crate onto the lower crate so you can jump to the small house and get upon the roof. Jump over to the next house and into the opening on the roof. Shoot the crook; flip the button in the hole to open a door. On the roof behind Lara is a small medipack, jump to get it and back to the roof.

I then jumped to the next roof and from there to the roof opposite and shimmied all the way to the right (very long shimmy). You will see a small roof below; shimmy till the next window and a bit further and then backflip. You can then use the rooftops to get to the corner. Do shoot the bloke (you probably did already), jump over and look around there is some Shotgun ammo on the roof. Climb the ladder.  

Jump over a pit and get the Entrance Key. Go back out and down the ladder. Now jump over to the roof and make your way to the other side where the Fiamma Nera symbol is hanging. The secret is on the left side. You have to take a curved running jump to the left corner over the roof. Pick up Secret #1, the Gold Dragon.

Jump out and slide back to the roof. Jump to the next roof top and safety drop to the floor. Go to the Iron door and use the Entrance key to get in. Of course there is a dog and his owner waiting (leaving Shotgun ammo).

The Theatre.

Go a bit further and after the staircases there is an area with red curtains and doors left and right. Behind them are crooks, the ones on the right have Automatic Pistol clips the one on the left nothing.

Dressing Room, open the Elevator.

Go down and jump over to the stage, of course you get shot. Go to the right and watch out as two crooks are hidden inside the dressing room (one has a Medipack).

Get down, loop around to the left and find a button. This opens the elevator, so back to the entrance of this place. (you might get shot from above but it is hard to kill them now (always check where they died as they might leave goodies). In the entrance hall both iron Elevator gates are open but you need a Relay Box for the Elevator on the right, so take the left one. 

Notice the ladder in the shaft. Flip the switch to get the elevator down, then flip it again and run inside the elevator and ride up. Go right and shoot the two guys, one coming from the left and the other one from behind. One leaves Shotgun ammoFrom the passage take a right, around the corner and shoot a dog, doors open to the theatre.

If you go straight to the railing you can shoot a guy at the other side if you didn’t yet, going back pick up some Shotgun ammo and go back up the steps. Loop around to the right and around the corner, pick up Uzi clips left and in the end another door opens. Shoot the two crooks and get a small medipack and Automatic Pistol clips.

Find the opening in between the red curtains and go down to a small balcony. Flip the switch there to open a grey door and go back up. Go right to the other end and left around the corner are Flares, there is also another opening in between the red curtains to a small balcony and find some Grenade ammo.

Ventilation Ducts, Relay Box.

Back up and go over to the other side, around the corner to the corridor where you encountered the two crooks, go into the small opposite passage, back to the elevator. Flip the switch and wait for the elevator to go down, jump on top and climb the ladder into the opening you made.

There are two rats there and be carful of that fan. Walk slowly to it and jump/grab the edge. Hoist up and the next one just a hop (no Ctrl) to the next ledge.

Next part there are a number of crooks plus the guy on top of that building in the middle, he is carrying something you need. So either way shoot them all, you can jump to that building from this opening or jump down and take care of all the others and in a corner jump up the building to get the Relay Box.

Get down and search the crooks for a small medipack, Shotgun ammo and Automatic Pistol clips.   

Glass shards, getting back.

From where you came in, take a left and around the corner climb up to the left as well. Drop down on the glass then safety drop down, slide and grab the edge of a lower slope, shimmy to the right and pull up, backflip and flip the switch. Now slowly walk to the other end and climb up. Get Shotgun ammo from the right and leave through the door. Get the Flares in the corner and go through to the other side and leave to go to the elevator. Flip the switch and when the elevator is up, flip it again and run into the elevator and go down.

Second Elevator, Stage Control room.

Get out and run all the way to the other end, put the Relay Box next to the switch and flip it. Flip it again and run in and travel up. Get off the elevator and follow through, take a right up some steps. Get the Uzi clips. There is also a sort of Stage control room there with some switches. Flip the left one and get a screen. The right hand switch gives a screen of the stage, but it needs a Circuit Board first to get it to work.

Dressing Room, Circuit Board.

That is all for now, so back to the elevator and for an extra pick up, push the button and wait till the elevator goes down. Get on top of it and climb the ladder and get off on the right. Get the Medipack and you hear a trapdoor fall. Safety drop to the other side and you are back. Go to the elevator and bring it up, get in and go down (you know the drill). Get back onto the stage and go right into the dressing room and now climb the ladder and climb off to the right.

Turn around and jump via the collapsible ledge to the one with the Shotgun ammo OR take a running jump to the one in the corner and then get to the one with the ammo. Climb up on the trapdoor straight ahead, turn around and jump even higher to a brick ledge.

Don’t turn, but stand jump from the edge straight to that wooden beam and grab the crack, go left to a niche with Secret #2, the Jade Dragon. Turn around and just run down onto the brick ledge.

OR: Turn left and jump to the most right collapsible tile and hop to the brick ledge against the wall. Take a running jump to the crack in the wooden beam and shimmy to the left till you can pull up.

Walk further and slide down backwards along a wall grabbing the edge then back flip with roll grabbing the collapsible ledge, climb up and keep running (thus avoiding that sandbag) and drop down. Get the small medipack, follow through, slide down and kill the dog. Loop left and use the button to open the other back stage gate, then go left and then left and around the corner, at the next one a crook appears. Get his Automatic Pistol clips and go left into the next area. Pick up the Circuit Board and go through to the stage.

The Stage Control room, Getting Out.

Jump off the stage and go to the entrance, to the Elevator on the right and go up. Out of the elevator and left, up the stairs on the right and into that Control room. Place the Circuit Board on the right near the windows and you get a flyby from the stage, the back stage should be open, if not flip the right hand switch till you see the open back wall.

Go out and down the steps, go straight a bit and then take a right down the slope, the doors are open now. On the balcony are Secret #3, the Stone Dragon and some Uzi clips.

Back stage Boss Fight.

Now go back to the Elevator and down. Jump up the stage and kill the crook and as you enter a dog, another crook and a nasty boss person with 3x Grenades and a Medipack.

Don’t run for the Vreaus at the end, you might die…

Now walk slowly to the end of the stage and you drop down through a trapdoor and you end up in a cage. Run around a bit and there the level ends.

Level 5 - Prison escape.

 Secrets: 3


Push the button left on the opposite wall and DO NOT go out of the cell. Instead jump in the windowsill and turn around, hoist up. Follow through and at the end jump to the right, where those Flares are. Turn right and climb up and even higher, turn around and jump over, turn around again and go into the passage on the left.

You get to the top of the corridor outside the cellblock. There are guards down there and they will try to kill you. Better is if you jump over to the other side and then shimmy to the end, this way you won’t activate the alarm, pull up.

Turn around and jump over to the other side to get Secret #1, the Stone Dragon and jump back again.

Slide down and get all the goodies like Shotgun ammo, Pistols (the alarm goes off), a Medipack, then use the two switches on the wall to open all cell doors and the button near the window to open this room.

Red Security Pass card.

If you wait a bit, a thug and two guards come in one by one, shoot them and collect a small medipack and a Red Security Pass card. Get out and find 2x Harpoons on the middle table and Automatic Pistol clips on the last one.

Go down the left hand opening in the wall, down to the cellblock. In the first cell on the left is a small medipack around the corner; the other cells are empty. Make you way up the stairs again and loop around left to the upper cellblock. First cell on the right has Harpoons, the one on the left is your old cell (just push the button to get out).

Second cell on the right has Automatic Pistol clips, the other one is empty so make your way to the end and use the Security Pass Card next to the door.

Open the Hangar.

Watch out, guard (Uzi clips) and his dog around the corner. Follow though the dark corridor and watch out for the barrels of oil and another Guard (Shotgun) and his dog. When you reach the other end two more guards appear; one has Flares, the other one a small medipack.

Left and right are the sleeping quarters and in the right side one you’ll find Automatic Pistol clips on the top bunk right, the next top bunk left a button opening, and the last one left has Grenade ammo. Go to the other sleeping quarters; the middle top bunk left has the Harpoon Gun and Harpoons, the others are empty. On the floor in the back are more Harpoons. Back to the dark corridor and find the open door (second one) on the left.

The Hangar.

Follow through to you end up at a Hangar with a sea plane in it.

Shoot a window right, go in, right and loop left around the crates, pull the first one you bump into out once and climb over to get Secret #2, the Jade Dragon. Get out of the room and shoot the crook.

Get into the water and swim to the far left corner, there is an underwater lever; after using it, swim to the other corner near the other fan and the door there is open. 

Open the Plane.

Go in and around the corner, swim over the hole and get the Medipack. Go back for air if you like, then in again and down into the tunnel, up again and follow the tunnel to a basin where a frogman attacks, shoot him with the harpoon gun. Go up at the opening and end up at the other balcony, shoot those crooks on the plane. Flip the switch in the corner and jump over the railing so you can swim under the plane into the now open hatch. Of course the place is guarded (2xShotgun ammo, small medipack).

Use the button to kill the engines and back into the water, another frogmen is chasing you so get out of the water on the ledge near the left propeller and jump to the wing. If you didn’t kill the crooks, do it now and get Shotgun ammo and Uzi clips. Keep an eye on more frogmen though. Go into the opening at the tip of the left wing and of course kill the crook (small medipack) and climb the ladder on the left (in the dark). Get Automatic Pistol clips, Harpoons, Uzi clips.

The Hard Swim, a Yellow Security Pass card.

Down the ladder and go right and jump in the water. Swim to the fan and on the left near the fan is an opening; you have to swim as far as to the fan before going left (hard to get in). 

Go through and immediately swim to the right (as low as possible), next bend is to the left and then up. There is a crook (Shotgun ammo and a Yellow Security Pass card and a dog as well another crook up on a walkway. Climb on the crate and jump to the walkway. The dead crook has a Medipack.   

At the other end you can use the Yellow Security Card.

The Basins.

Go into the basin and swim to the other side, go towards the empty basin picking up some Harpoons on the way and take a left, jump over the pipe onto the grey ledge and left, jump down and use the switch there. You’ll fall way down in another pool, swim to the left and climb out at a pillar. Shoot the frogmen first if you see any. On the side of the pillar is a Timed button. There are frogmen in the water so watch your back.

Secret detour: Swim around the central structure to the big pillar in the opposite corner and you can swim up into an opening underneath, get  Secret #3, the Gold Dragon, Uzi ammo and Arrows. Swim back to the pillar with the Timed button.

Flip it, turn a bit left and hop back, running jump to the ledge against the wall, roll and take a running jump to grab the one in the corner close to the wall (best is when you hang, let go and grab again so Lara won’t swing). Pull up and curving right do a running jump to grab the next ledge and once up, side flip left. Go clock wise through this huge room, jumping from walkway to walkway. Shooting some crooks as well for a small medipack.

When you made almost a complete round you see an opening in the building, jump in there from the left side. Once in there shoot the crook for Shotgun ammo, go right or left to the back and jump up and pull the switch there. Get out, jump in the water and swim straight into the new opening there. If you didn’t shoot them yet; you’ll be chased by those frogmen. Keep swimming and end up in the basin you just filled. Pull the underwater lever on the right to open a door in the small basin and get out of the basin on the left.

A Green Security Pass Card.

Go to the crates in the back and grab the Automatic Pistol clips; then jump into the small basin and find a passage under where you jumped in. Swim through and get out in yet another basin. Shoot the two nasty guys for a Green Security Pass Card and use it next to the door. Go in and a bit further the level ends.

Level 6 - The End of the Beginning.

Secrets 3

Go through the door and if you walk around the Hub room a bit you’ll meet one nasty guys and three dog (Small medipack ).

From the entrance take a right and around the corner on the right turn the valve to open the airlock. Go down the steps and shoot two villains for M16 clips.

The crates with the faded markings are pushable crates. Pull both of them out and aside so you can push/pull the third (a passage opened up).

But if you move out all of the faded crates, you’ll find Secret #1, the Jade Dragon and the M16.  

There is nothing in the passage you opened yet, only a closed trapdoor.

Open the trapdoor.

So go back up to the Hub room and take a right again to the next valve and open the door. Shoot the resistance (2 x Harpoons), jump to the crate to get over the toxic pool, the other fellow has a Medipack.

On the right, between two crates is a switch (trapdoor opens). Jump to the crate and back over the pool and leave. Back in the corridor take a left and go back to the area with the crates. Go behind them and take a left.

Oil Drum Traps, Door Chip.

Best is to jump in backwards so you slide down backwards and grab the end. Shimmy to the right and pull up at the balcony. Stand at the edge facing the room and look down, see that small pool?

Hop back and take a running swan dive into that small pool. Swim through the passage and up and climb out. Watch out rolling oil drums and of course two villains (Automatic Pistol clips and small medipack).

For the next part you might need some heavy armoury, so take the weapon of your choice (Uzi works fine), you have to kill the dude (as well as his dog), as he has something you do need. He leaves Shotgun ammo and a Door Chip. Go to where you came in and take a right onto the balcony and cross it to the next opening and climb up the ladder. Push the button and pick up the Flares, go further up the next ladder.

 You are now in the central part of the Hub room.

An alarm sounds and in this room is a bloke with a flamethrower. In the back of the room are some Harpoons. Look for an opening where you can spot a valve (straight ahead from the ladder) and open the door.

Try to shoot the guy left first then go to the right, jump through the opening to the next walkway and make your way left to the other side by visiting the corpse to get the M16 clips. Now jump to the walkway with the door. Use the Door Chip next to the door, shoot the two blokes (Medipack and Shotgun ammo).

Around left and right are also some Harpoons.  In the far left corner is a button to stop the fans, so back to the balcony, dive into the water.

Swim first to the right for Secret #2, the Stone Dragon.   

The Diving Area Access Card.

Then go through the other tunnel for 3x Harpoons. Keep swimming through the passage and up at the end. Climb up higher and use the button straight ahead. Turn around and loop around through the opening and jump up the crates. We’ve been here before.

Jump over the water or swim to the left corner where you can get out. Go up the steps and kill yet another bloke he has a Diving Area Access Card on him.

Diving Area.

Go straight and in the central part of the Hub room, (with the fire) take a left and use the Diving Area Access Card just around the corner on the central pillar.

A trapdoor goes down, so turn right and go back into the opening you just came from, down the steps to the area with the hanging crate. Jump in the water and swim in the opening behind the pipes on the right (get the small medipack) and up at the end. You get shot by some frogmen as well as some guy up above. Kill the frogmen and get some air without being killed by the guy on dry land. Swim in and at the intersection on the right two more frogmen will try to kill you. Go back for air and swim in again and go right all the time. Get out and gather MP 16- and Automatic Pistol clips from the corners.

There is a slot for a Red Card in this room, so you will be back. Push the button next to the Card slot to open a Timed door somewhere and release a goon. Go back into the water and before you swim into the tunnel, pull the underwater lever on the left near the bottom to open trapdoors to another room.

Now swim in the tunnel (watch out, more frogmen) and this time at the intersection swim straight and dive down to that diving bell and get in underneath it. Get Shotgun ammo and a Medipack.

All the way on the bottom of this pool is Secret# 3, the Gold Dragon with a lot of goodies.

Get all the way back to the surface for air and then dive into the tunnels again. Go right, straight and left and up through those trapdoors you opened. Shoot the goon (small medipack), and pick up some Automatic Pistol clips near the door and then through the door into the area with the live goon and the dead frogmen.

Finally shoot the fool and this guy has a System Overload Card on him.

Use the System Overload Card, Timed Door.

In this new room, jump in the water and swim into the tunnel, go right all the time and get out on the right. Use the System Overload Card; then the Timed switch next to it. Go right and in the corner left is the door you opened. Go through and in the next room flames erupted on the floor, take running jumps to the far left corner and into the Timed door. Get you heave duty weapons out and follow through. From the opening to the room take a running jump (barrels) and shoot two dogs, one goon and one frame-thrower. Pick up a Medipack and a small medipack.

When you go to the door left, it closes, so push the button and another fame-thrower will try to kill you. Side flip left twice and roll and kill the guy for his Door Chip. Use it on the door on the right and immediately jump back a few times and side flip. Kill the guys and carefully walk to the chopper.  

The end.

Gerty - June 6 -2018