LB Advent 2018- Another Winter Forest.

Level by TeamXMas2018

Walkthrough by G&D Productions

Savegames mentioned in this walk are in this Saves Folder.

Many years ago, somewhere in Russia…

Follow the valley and don’t trample those little birdies… around the corner, under that wooden structure is a tree stump to the right, behind it is a Chocolate Frog (Medipack). Proceed and go up along the right hand side, to jump up into the cave entrance. Watch out for those dark Icicles, stay left and hop down, follow the cave and slide down to the lake along the left hand side. That water is freezing cold, better not get in. Go right and from the corner ledge you can jump to that island, to the next and finally across into the Courtyard. Climb up right and hop up into the passage leading to a pile of logs, push it out and down, then go pull/push it across the room into the hole in the floor. A gate slowly opens up, go back to the entrance of the hallway and go up right to that open gate; use the lever to open the door.

Library, the Stables.

Get down and left, through the door into a Library. To the right are two glass jars with marbles; one jar is missing. Go left to the shelf in the corner and push the book switch to open a trapdoor in the floor. Drop down and in the stables loop around right or left into the back where you’ll find an old crate you can push aside. Use the lever you revealed and the door in the other end opens up.

Small Garden, Golden Key, Empty Glass Jar.

Go through into a small garden, loop left to a ladder and go up to about that flag pole, back jump with roll off the ladder to grab the balcony. Go left into the opening and open the wooden shades. In the back of the attic is the Golden Key, on the floor. Go out, up left onto the crate and jump to the ledge above the gate to get the Chocolate Frog, now jump over onto the other balcony and grab the Empty Glass Jar. Safety drop down, go up the stairs left to that gate and open it with the Golden Key.

The Magic Beam.

Step through into the Icy Hall, go straight to the far left corner pillar and just walk up against it (your back to the entrance). Side step right to the corner and just use Ctrl and up to let Lara grab up. Use the monkey climb to swing over to the opposite corner, jump and grab the next pillar. Go left and jump/grab twice more to get to the corner block with the big button, push that to activate a Magic Beam. Get down and step into the beam to be transported to an Icy hallway where we need another key.

The Cottage, Marbles and the Crowbar.

So, go left into the cave, follow through to the Cottage where a flyby takes over. Go right and climb way up the snowy hill to the right hand side of the Cottage, hop onto the balcony and open the doors, when you go to the back a cute little snow owl comes in too. In the back, to the right is a trapdoor you can open, drop down and go to the corner right of the front door to get the Marbles and the Crowbar.

The Golden Key, Magic Dust.

Go out of the now open front door and to the cave straight ahead, wait up… That little Owl will bring you something, so go back and pick up the Golden Key. Now leave through the cave to the Icy Hallway and open the gate on the left with the Golden Key. Use the Crowbar on the lever there and turn around to see the Magic Dust that appeared in the Icy Hallway. Pick it up and hear the gate close behind you.

Using the Marbles.

Go back into that Magic Beam straight ahead, run straight through the little garden into the Stables, up the ramp and climb up to the Library. Turn right and go to the Jars, combine the Marbles with the Jar to get the Marble Jar and place it, a pole appears in the Courtyard. Turn right and go out to the Courtyard to climb that pole, way up and back flip. Roll and go straight through to a Valley.

The Tavern, Timed Run.

Loop right around and go along the Castle. Along the right hand side you can jump up to the opening under that Icy bridge (or back flip onto the slope and grab up to the pillar to jump in there). In that cave and up to the right, some boulders will drop, so, back flip onto the slope to trigger them and jump to the right to get out of the way fast. Jump up the slope and slide down to where the Tavern is. First locate that pillar with the Fire on top, far right. Then go left, jump to the next ledge and to the pillar next to the chapel, drop down to the ground. Go find that pillar with the Fire, on the back of it is a Timed lever that will stop the Fire for a bit. Pull, turn right and run fast to the second (tall) pillar with the dark slope in front, get up the slope and roll. Run jump back turning a bit left to grab the pillar, pull up and run jump to grab the pillar with the Fire in the middle. Pull up and run jump with a right curve to land on the balcony (savegame.0).

The Sun Plate.

Loop right and jump over to the balcony with the jump lever, use that to open a gate (1) in the rock wall just right of you. Drop down, go to the Tavern and left of it, grab up to that rock pillar and run jump to grab that icy ledge. Go left to the entrance (where you came down), straight and jump to the tiny ledge ahead, to the mushroom pillar and up to the top of that. Jump to the pillar and from there into the open gate (see 1). Follow through to jump over to the passage with the Sun Plate. Drop out of the passage.

The Tavern, the Matryoshki.

Go to the Tavern, open it by using the Sun Plate left of the door. Inside Lara will look at the burning Stove, that’s for later, to ignite a Torch. Go up the ladder left in the back and back flip off. Open the doors to the balcony and get the Matryoshki. Go back down the ladder and leave the Tavern.

The Gold Nugget.

Turn right and go to the back of the Tavern, in the rock wall opposite the Tavern is an opening; there is a pile of logs you can push once. Roll, get out and at the Tavern go left, straight to another opening in the wall. Hop over a pit to a room with a frozen pond. Go left and in that passage is that log pile you pushed, pull it out of the passage and when the camera goes behind it you can stop. Climb up to the logs and up to the wall, jump to the niche for Flares if you need them. Go to the other end of the wall, turn right and jump to the niche with the jump lever. Using that will bring out a rope behind you. Roll and jump out right to the pillar, to the rope and swing to get to that terrace with the Gold Nugget. Drop down and go to the passage where you pulled out the logs, go out to the Tavern and along the left side to the front. To the left are the big doors you can now open by placing the Gold Nugget on the wolf statue left.

Dacha at the Lake, the Gilded Plate.

Follow the valley (a reindeer is waiting on the right for you to play with) and in the end is a pillar, grab up to the back side of it to get the one and only Secret, a Chocolate Frog. To the right is the Dacha, go to the right hand wall (front door) and pry the Gilded Plate from the wall with your Crowbar. Now go to the lake, a bit to the right is a small hole covered with ice and a pile of wood on it (we need a Torch here). From that pile, go to the opposite side into the valley where you see a frozen waterfall.

Chapel, Matryoshka.

In the passage to the left you can place that Gilded Plate, a gate opens. Climb up right and go through that gate, walk slowly along the left wall passing the barrels and watch out for falling debris. Climb the ladder into a Chapel, turn left and walk to that wooden ramp in the back, on the floor, just in front of the ramp is the Matryoshka. Combine that with the Matryoshki you found before and get the Matryoshka. Go behind the Altar and with the Altar to the right of you, place the Matryoshka on the small table to bring out a rope.

The Torch and using it.

Now go up that wooden ramp, turn around and jump to grab the higher scaffold, the last part of this scaffolding will crumble when you walk on it, turn right and run jump to the rope (savegame.1-on the rope). Swing and jump to grab that jump lever. A door opens to the right behind the Xmas tree, go in and grab a Torch. We cannot ignite it here, so go down the hole in the floor.

Go out to the frozen lake, where you see the Dacha, take a right straight through the valley and the big doors to the Tavern, go in and ignite the torch at the stove. Go out and left, return through the big doors, the valley to the frozen lake and go to that pile of firewood. Stand on a corner, facing the Dacha and ignite the wood, this way you will not fall in and get burnt. Now you can drop the Torch (or take it with you if you want) and get down into the hole, go to a deep cave and find ledges to make your way down to the pool below. Go into the cave and follow to a hidden Ice castle.

Lady of the Lake.

The entrance is closed off, but outside, up in the right corner is an icy ladder. Jump up the slopes and climb up there and find the lever opening up the Castle. Back down and enter (if you brought the Torch you can ignite the candles and bowls), go to the Old Man and give him the Magic Dust… He will recite some spells and the lady of the lake is set free…


G&D - Dec 2018.