The 4 Secrets.

Level by abbath81

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

Follow the cave, shooting some scorpions, right around a corner and in the far end (SE) you can use a sloped block to jump up to an opening left and get a small medipack. Drop out, go back a bit and left up to the higher cave (W), shoot some bats and follow through to shooting some more critters till you come to a wide cave with a big pillar in the middle, slide down straight ahead (N) and find a waterhole on the right, swim through a long tunnel and climb out to a small cave where the gate opens up. Use the floor lever in the corner to open a door* far away (close to where we got into the water).

Go through the gate and left (N), then turn left again (W) and get back to the wide cave with a big pillar. Run jump straight N to a ledge, grab up right and roll, jump and grab the crack, shimmy left and pull up to where you’ll get a ‘Secret’, a Medipack (doesn’t count as a Secret though, only the 4 Artifacts do). Drop down from the opening and get down to the deeper part NW, up N to that door* you opened.

Inside keep left and shoot the Baddy, grab up to the pillar where he was and retrieve a small medipack he couldn’t reach. Go through the next door and get a flyby of a large Hall.

Big Hall with the slopes, the Uzis.

To the left is a vase; protected by a Baddy, shoot both and grab the Flares. Get on the block there, face W and back flip onto the slope and jump to grab the ladder, go left around and back flip onto the corner ledge.

Two directions to go from there.

N: Climb the higher block in the corner, jump over and then to a sandy ledge N. Shoot a scorpion and crawl under a fire emitter, time the next one to get to a floor lever opening a gate**. Go back, crawl under the flame and then turn left to spot an opening in the wall on the left (E), jump there, hop out to the right and get Secret #1, a Load (Trident probably). Hop back into the opening, jump to the ledge W and go jump back from where you came, the SW corner.

This time go E: Jump to the slope, slide jump and grab the ledge, at the end stand jump onto the left side of a long slope and jump to the left onto the high block, grab up through the ceiling to get to the gate** you opened. Get the Uzis and drop back down and drop down to the ground floor.

Underwater Maze, open gates.

Go through the opening N and several Baddies attack, one on the wall right. Use some tactics to deal with them. 2x Uzi clips are left behind; there are some empty vases around. Go into the pool and save facing W, swim through and keep to the bottom, going right where you can and end up at an underwater lever opening a gate*, roll, swim back going left and end back up at the pool.

For those of you that enjoy mazes there are two pickups in there. Swim in and keep left along the bottom to find a small medipack, roll and swim back N a bit, first left and then up left into the alcove with Shotgun ammo. Out and right (E), then left through the opening and swim to the right to the pool. Climb out W and go into the dark area NW, left is the gate* you opened. Save before you use the Timed jump lever to open another gate up in the E wall of the Hall.

Timed Run to the gate.

Roll, sprint as much as you can, go E along the left side of the pool and get up the slope along the N wall, grab a monkey climb to get to the central wall and jump over the gap to get to the gate E in time. Shoot the Baddy and climb up to an opening with a barrier you can shoot.

Up the Boulderslope.

Jump over the trench and jump back to let the first boulders drop in the trench, now go up slowly and get out of the way of the remaining boulders you trigger. Slide down left into the dark passage, ending up in a hallway with two gates and a receptacle for a Cartouche.

The Cartouche, Piece II.

Go straight onto the broken bridge in the next room, hop over the gap and turn right, jump onto the block on the column. Turn right and jump to grab the crack in the wall (W), go right around and pull up. Hop down for a ‘Secret’, a Medipackand Shotgun ammo.

Shotgun/Gate to Push Puzzle.

Run off the ledge into the water below, first climb out; loop left around into an alley and find the Shotgun in an alcove. Go back to the water, swim down left and loop right around, roll and go up to find the underwater lever opening a gate (X) for later. Now swim S and up, climb out, loop left around and shoot the Baddy. Grab up SW and follow the ramps climbing up a few times to come to a room. 4 Baddies will emerge from the holes in the corners; shoot them back down. Throw the floor lever and a Centaur will emerge from the door, or not if you shoot him fast with the Shotgun from close up. He will leave Cartouche Piece II. A gate opens up and you’re back in the hall with the receptacle.

Push Puzzle, Cartouche, Piece I.

Take a right to the bridge, hop over and enter the passage, go S (left side) and shoot a Baddy, who will leave Uzi clips. Left is the gate you opened with the underwater lever (X). But first go to the end and right, jump the columns to the farthest one for a small medipack. Jump back and now enter the open gate.

-Push the piece in front once and then left all the way.

-Move the other piece at the entrance into the alcove S.

-Pull out the one E and move it into the alcove right of the entrance (N).

-Next one out of the passage E (I had to shoot it first because it wouldn’t move?) and left to the first piece (N).

-Third piece out of the passage E, just far enough to enter.

-Push the next one (around the corner in passage E) once and then left into the alcove.

-Pull the next one once and then pull it to the right once (W).

-Push the next one once, go around it and push it back twice (into the opening).

-Pull the last one out once and to the right once.

Go in and get Cartouche Piece I, push the last piece back in there, pull the other one twice so you can leave. Go back N and left, over the bridge into the hallway and combine the two pieces to place the Ba Cartouche in the receptacle. Through the gate, hop right up to the ledge and follow the obvious path into that opening NE, jump over the Blades while sliding down and after the second slope, ignore the pickup, just run left a bit and hop up right into the passage to let the boulders pass. Now go back for that small medipack. Back up into that passage and push the button to open a big door at the S end.

Slide down and enter that door, follow in to a large hall with tall pillars. Jump to the one right, next taller one S and a Baddy shows up at the entrance, roll and shoot him. Now jump E, and left to that large wall NE, a Baddy comes climbing up at the other end, shoot him before he gets up. Climb down there where he came from and get a ‘Secret’, the Revolver. Climb back up and jump over to the opening SE, run down into the next room, shoot a Coyote and a Harpy.

Look for an opening in the floor in the back, go down and shoot the Mummy. In the dark SW corner is a small medipack and there’s also a hole in the ceiling, jump and grab up to a crawlspace from facing E to get Secret #2, a Load (Pyramid Key). Drop down and go back up to the room where the Harpy was. Climb the ivy in the far left corner (NE, not too high) and back flip, jump twice to get to the roof and enter the passage E.

Winged Mummy Maze, Cartouche Piece I.

Keep left and go down the ladder, empty vases, but from the left a Winged Mummy will emerge, took me one round with the Shotgun, from close up. Go into the first left (N) where he came from, hop up left and from there jump to the niche N for Shotgun ammo. Get down, the vase SE has a single Flare, only burns when you throw it away…

Go into the second passage N, right and then left around the corner, climb the ladder left. Go left/right/right/left and shoot the incoming Mummy. Go into the NW corner and left, shoot the vase for Shotgun ammo. Go back and sort of straight to that painting on the wall (E), take a left and follow the wall and left shoot the vase for a small medipack. In the distance (NE) you can already see Cartouche Piece I, a Mummy attacks before you get there.

Cartouche Piece II.

From this corner go to the wall S, around the corner and then take a left, right and keep to the right (W). On the right is the ladder, go down. Go straight S, first left and left to a Tomb, shoot the 4 Coyotes. Go get Cartouche Piece II, leave the room and take a right, loop left around the wall and shoot the Baddy. Climb the ladder in the end and combine the two pieces to use the Ba Cartouche straight ahead.

The Spike Corridor.

Go through the gate and in the room with the spikes, climb on the block right and jump over the grate with the spikes to the next block, climb up N. Up left you can see a Timed Jump lever.

Detour for a Secret, run jump straight N landing on a slope, jump again to get to the safe floor, hop back and grab the edge, drop/grab to the crack and go right, drop/grab again to get into the opening. Go right and shoot a bat, grab Secret #3, the Amulet of Horus. Go to the S end and up the ladder, up a block and down at the end, you are back at the Jump lever.

Run for the Burner.

At the other end of this Spike corridor is a burner blocking the way, the Jump lever will stop it for a while. Use the lever, roll and run jump onto that same low slope, hop over the hole to the secret room and climb up to the block straight ahead. Run jump straight down to the floor and run into the passage in the back (no need for this timed run actually, you can jump onto the slopes above it from a nearby block and I don’t have to explain you the rest).

Symbols room.

Look up above the symbols floor, first is a Scarab, the left one of the three. Hop a bit left to that OA against the wall (SW), turn right (NW) and hop to the Feathers in the middle of the field. Then to the Eye NW of it and turn W to run onto the Scarab next to it and jump to the Bird in the middle of the other side. The gate on the right will open on approach; go through.

Hall of Slopes.

(There are several ways to do this Hall, this is how we went about it).

Go up the ramp in the middle of the Hall and climb the grey pillar, turn left or right and jump to grab the ledge above. Again several ways to go from here…

Detour for a Secret: Jump to the ledge above the entrance (S) and climb into the crawlspace left, when you drop out of the other end, a ‘Secret’ will sound, take a step back to grab the Revolver ammo and hop back to safety drop down to the ground floor, get back up the ramp and up to the ledge.

Jump and grab the block E and left of the wall, a Baddy will appear on the ledge behind you, shoot him first. Grab up to that crack in the wall and shimmy all the way right, pull up and grab up S. Follow the ledge and jump over to the left. Behind that lion statue is a burner, so time it and jump over. Left is a closed gate, follow the ledge and jump over (another closed gate). Jump to the corner to push a button opening a gate (1) on the first level (SW).

Top of the Hall.

Turn right and jump to get to the ledge S, right of the slope, jump and grab the pole you see there, turn left, go up a bit and back flip onto a block on the E wall, go up the slope. Jump to the ladder on the pillar, go right around to the other side and go up a bit to back flip roll and grab the next pillar. Right around one corner and drop onto the slope, jump to back flip onto the central ledge, back flip again to get away from the edge and shoot the two Baddies. Throw the floor lever to open the gate (2) at that burner NW.

Go S, jump and grab the block right of the ladder, turn right and jump to grab the pole, turn around and back flip to the corner blocks and climb to the top. Slide down and at the end of the slope a jump with roll onto the slope ahead, jump again, grabbing the ladder, go up and left around onto the ledge from where you can jump to the next ladder wall, go right around to the back side and high enough to back flip onto the corner ledge NW. Slide down E, jump and jump again to get to that gate, this one will open when you approach.

Hand Of Sirius.

Slide down and jump the slopes to the flat ledge E. Turn left and jump to the blocks, go up to the one sticking out into the room.

Detour for a Secret: Jump to the pole S, turn around so you face the block you came from and back flip off the pole to a block SE. Turn right and jump to the alcove with Secret #4, a Load (Timeless Sands). Jump back to the block, to the pole and turn around to back flip to the blocks N.

Climb up to the highest block, jump grab up W to a block under a monkey climb. First go get that small medipack from the ledge W. You can actually jump to a slope S, jump again to land inside the opening we have to get to (SW), or go back a bit and use the monkey climb and jump the slopes to get in there. Around the corner is the Hand Of Sirius. Do safety drops down the end of that passage to get back to the entrance gate. Leave W and drop through the hole in the ledge into the pool, climb out and go up the ramp and up the grey pillar to the ledge.

Gate in the Pool, Underwater Maze.

Go to the SW corner, jump to grab the roof W, shimmy left to the end and pull up go down the slope and find the gate you opened (1). Go in and crawl under those Scissors, or run through if you’re brave enough. Throw the floor lever to open that gate in the pool. Go back out of this room and left to the end and jump to grab the sloped pillar, pull up and keep jumping slopes to grab a wall, jump to the next pillar and then to the corner ledge NE to retrieve the small medipack. Hop into the pool below, swim into the open gate, go straight a bit and a Croc will come for you, so first wait a bit to lure it back to the pool and shoot it from the floor.

We have to get to the far SW corner of that underwater maze, you can just swim left everywhere and get to some Shotgun ammo, then swim back going left where you can to get to an opening in the ceiling, climb out and climb the block, grab a crack and shimmy left around to get to a button opening a gate (3) where the Hands have to be used later. Hop left around the corner to the flat ledge and get down into the water, swim back to the pool (keep left where possible).

Gate NW, Hand Of Orion.

Up the ramp, up the grey block and up to the ledge, to the block E, along the crack to the right and up to the S ledge, jump to the NW corner as before and enter the gate (2) you opened. Use the Timed jump lever left, jump the pillars to the block in the back and get the Hand Of Orion. Hop into the pool and climb out left of the entrance (NE).

Go out, left and jump to the gate (3) in the N wall you opened before after swimming through the Underwater Maze. Use the two hands and step through the doors, slide down a slope and jump from the end onto a battle floor where a Huge Mutant Boss will try to push you off the edge. So stay clear of the edge and shoot him dead. After he’s gone, the gate N will open up as you approach.

RED ALERT!! DO NOT SAVE AFTER DEFEATING HIM WHILE STANDING ON THE GATE TRIGGER, when you reload, the gate drops and you’re stuck.


Run in and left into the alcove to avoid the boulder, take a right into the next part, light a Flare and sprint down, at the end jump (no grab) onto the block and go up the rest of the passage to slide down and get out to your Jeep where this adventure ends.

G&D, May 2019.