Level by thewolf

Walkthrough by José

The River

After the flyby don't wait for the enemies, but better go outside and shoot them from the distance. Pick up the AUTOMATIC PISTOLS and 2 X automatic pistols ammo they drop. Now go back inside the hut and look for 3 X shotgun ammo, the HARPOON GUN and 3 X harpoons. Go outside again and directly straight ahead to the canyon and see that you need a key to raise a bridge.

Detour to get extra pickups: it's not really necessary, but if you want some extra pickups you can take a long fall into the river below, shoot a barracuda and look for grenades near a wall. At the other side of the river there's an underwater opening, swim there and soon you'll surface to get a large medipack; climb up the ladder, shimmy left at its top and jump back, the door will open. Pick up 2 X shotgun shells and go back outside to the starting area.

Snowmobile Area

Anyway go to the hut and climb to the top of the roof, run to the other side and drop onto a lower roof to pick up M16 ammo; drop to the floor in the place where the snowmobile is parked (backside of the hut).

Detour for a secret: there's a nearby frozen lake, but not all the surface is frozen; look for a hole where you can jump into the water and drive the harpoon gun to kill a couple of barracudas. Near a corner there is a large medipack and near another corner a hole in the floor; swim there and continue until you can surface. Watch out for falling icicles in this area.

Get out of the water and use the flatter ledges in the right hand side to cross to the other side of the room, go through the opening and shoot a leopard. Now jump over the slopes so you can reach the rocky ledges above the entrance, continue and eventually you'll find an icy ladder; climb and you're back outside in the lake area. Turn left and jump over the slope, slide backwards, grab the edge and shimmy right until you can hoist up; then climb down the ladder, shoot another leopard and enter the room with the
SECRET#1: the Jade Dragon. Go back to the place where the snowmobile is parked.

The First Caves

Mount the vehicle and drive up the ramp to the starting area, turn left and park it in front of the closed door. Climb the icy block in the right side of that door and drop into the hole; continue to find a water area. Watch out for the falling icicles, turn left and walk to the corner where you'll find a ledge to get out of the water and shoot the barracuda. Just under this small ledge there is an underwater passage, swim through to find the M16 GUN. Swim back to the previous room and cross it to find an opening at the other side. Take a running jump with grab to land onto the ledge with the small medipack, drop, advance and stop to avoid the rolling balls. Continue to the river area and shoot a vulture.

The River Area

Detour for a secret: from the entrance, turn a bit right and take a running jump with twist to land onto the sloped ledge to your right (very tricky jump) sliding backwards, grab the edge and shimmy left until you can hoist up. Advance, shoot a leopard and find an opening in the right hand side, continue to the place where the rolling balls were to get the
SECRET#2: the Golden Dragon. Go back to the ledge overlooking the river.

This time turn left from the entrance and take a running jump to that opening (tricky jump), slide/jump to the next safe ledge and drop/grab the edge of the rocks and shimmy right to avoid the low ceiling. Jump to the base of the pillar with the flares and from that ledge turn right and take a running jump to the slope attached to the wall, slide/grab the edge and shimmy right to the very end, hoist up and jump back with twist and a left curve so you land onto another slope and immediately jump a couple of times to land onto a safe ledge.

Continue and when you reach the corner jump to the next ledge; advance some steps and turn right to see a small medipack at the bottom of another pillar; if you want to pick it up, take a running jump there (no grab) and another curved running jump to go back to the previous ledge attached to the wall. Continue clockwise and when you find a dead end turn around and walk some steps; jump to grab the edge of a higher ledge and follow the path to another cave.

Second Caves

Jump and grab the edge of the pillar with the sloped top to your left, hoist up and back-flip to land onto a flat ledge, turn right jump to grab the upper edge and find a small area with a closed wooden door. Forget that closed door and continue following the only possible path until you soon reach a huge area with a pool and a baddy mounted on a snowmobile.

Movable Blocks Puzzle

Draw a heavy weapon and try to shoot it from the entrance. From here, turn left and run next to the wall to find a hole with the GRENADE GUN. Explore this area; there's a pillar next to the small lagoon and you can take a running jump from the nearby rocks to grab the top edge, do it so and take another running jump to grab the crack in the opposite wall (beware of the low ceiling); shimmy right a bit, hoist up and go through the passage to find a movable icy block you must push once; then turn left and pull another movable block.

Roll, go back to the lagoon area and jump again to the top of that pillar, to the crack and back to the passage with the movable blocks; drag the second block once and go back to the lagoon area; drop, turn left and from the small block attached to the wall take an angled standing jump to grab the edge of the high opening you used before when going back to the lagoon area; hoist up and advance: this time the path is clear so you can pick up the small medipack near the corner and continue to a large outside area with many huts.

Huts Area. The Bridge Key

Shoot the vulture and explore the area to find automatic pistols ammo and M16 ammo on the roofs. All the doors are closed here, so jump into the central well and swim to finally surface inside one of that huts; pick up 2 X shotgun ammo and the BRIDGE KEY. Several baddies will appear so dispatch them and pick up the UZIS, shotgun shells and the automatic pistols ammo they drop. Go to the hut the enemies came from to get shotgun shells.

Raising the Bridge

Now the long way back to the starting area comes: go back to the room with the small lagoon and better mount the baddy’s snowmobile because more enemies are waiting for you in the starting area and you can shoot them with this snowmobile using the “Ctrl” key. Once the calm is restored pick up the M16 ammo one of them dropped. Now use the key to raise the wooden bridge, mount the red snowmobile and cross it.

Third Caves

Drive through the caves until you take a long jump over a pit (press “Ctrl” to take an extra boost) and kill a baddy with the vehicle.

Detour to get extra pickups: dismount and go back to an arched ledge next to the entrance of this cave, turn a bit to the right and spot a ledge with an opening; take a running jump to grab the edge (beware of the low ceiling) and enter to pick up a large medipack and uzi clips. There’s an opening in one of the walls so you can drop into the corridor and with a couple of jumps you are back with the snowmobile.

Mount and take another jump with boost through the arched opening, killing another enemy on your way; not possible to go across the right hand side so turn right, go to the end of the icy bridge, turn around and drive over the narrow pit to the icy ledge attached to the left wall; from this corner turn right a bit, go back all what you can and take another diagonal (tricky) jump with boost to save the next wider pit.

Detour for the last secret: park the snowmobile when you see a landslide danger sign, turn around and approach to the edge of the abyss; spot the opening next to the wall and take a long running jump there to get the
SECRET#3: the Silver Dragon, a large medipack and ammo for all the guns you have in the inventory (except the harpoon gun). Jump back to the ledge where the snowmobile is, mount and save your game.

Dangerous Driving

Drive fast through the cave while snowballs come from left and right; when you reach the outside area, you’ll need to follow the only possible path all around this large area driving the snowmobile over the higher ledges, taking some jumps over the pits when needed, avoiding rolling snowballs and killing some enemies on your way. Try to save after each jump. Eventually you’ll reach another large area with a building to your left near the entrance. Dismount here.

Huge Pit Area

Go inside the building if you want to pick up shotgun shells, back outside, turn left and locate the keyhole. From this ledge go running and jumping all around the perimeter in a clockwise direction until you find another similar building, shoot the baddy, pick up the small medipack he drops and enter to get the FROZEN KEY. Go back to the ledge with the keyhole the way you came and shoot a couple of enemies waiting for you (one of them will drop uzi clips).

Use the key to open a door at the other side of the pit, mount the snowmobile and take a jump with boost over the snowy ramp with a right curve so you land onto a small ledge attached to the wall; continue through the opening with the open door and advance to find yourself in the lower level of this huge pit. Now take a couple of long jumps with boost (the second one facing the higher part of the pointy ledge) to reach the other side of the pit; kill a baddy and finally abandon this area driving into the caves.

Fourth Caves

Now follow the obvious path killing more enemies, taking some jumps, avoiding rows of rolling snowballs and at the end diagonally driving over a slope in the right hand side to avoid a last pit until you find a dead end. Park the snowmobile here.

Second Frozen Key

Look for an opening in one of the walls, climb a block and a ladder and shoot the baddy inside the building. Note the keyhole and drop through the hole in the corner, continue down the steps to the lower floor, the door will open; pick up the grenades and go outside. Shoot a couple of leopards and further on a baddy who will drop the FROZEN KEY. Go back up to the upper floor with the keyhole and use the key to open the ceiling trapdoor.

Changing the Geometry

Climb to the roof and shoot another baddy, pick up his large medipack, cross the bridge to the roof of the opposite building and drop through the hole near the corner, drop through the next hole too and shoot another enemy. Don’t go down the steps this time, but through the opening in the wall; at the end of the path start to climb some blocks until you find an outside area with a bell where you will shoot a leopard; shoot the bell too and an earthquake starts.

Exiting the Level

Go back to the room where you shot the last enemy and this time run down the steps to find two more baddies to shoot. Go outside to see the changes. Now you can go back to the place where you parked the snowmobile and drive straight ahead up the icy ramps taking a last jump to reach the high opening in the wall. Even when Lara falls with the snowmobile into the water she will survive. Go out of the lake and run towards the trees to finish the level.

September – 07 - 2019