LB Advent Calendar 2019- CRISTMAS IN SEVILLE.

Level by Team Xmas.

Walkthrough G&D Productions. (revised Febr. 12-2020 due to missing paragraph)

Andalusia, Spain.

The Number for the Archivo.

Pick up the Archivo Book Rental from the table Lara was sitting at and on the next table is an Orange (medipack). In the S end of the street is a keyhole (keyhole) and left on that a square where the Archivo is, sadly closed.

A Warm Blanket.

So, after the picking up the Orange, turn around and go N, straight onto the Courtyard with the Cherub and to the right at the orange tree is a gate you can open with the button, go in left and open the big doors to the right in the back. The guy (DJ Full) at the Xmas tree is holding a pickaxe, but he won’t let go of it. So go up the stairs and left to find a Basket with a Warm Blanket in front of it.

Codepad Numbers for the Archivo, Almohad Dirhams.

Leave the house to the Courtyard, look left and spot a Memorial sign of the Giralda with the dates 1184 and 1198. Go left to the street and left to the homeless guy, stand next to the dog and put the Blanket over them and get  the Archivo Helpdesk Number in return. Turn around and go left through the street to the square with the Archivo and left into the street (E), to the right is a public phone, use your number.

The answer is a bit cryptic, but at least the gate opens up. Go into the gate:

Left Keypad Password: The year the Giralda construction began. (1184) Right Keypad Password: The year the Giralda construction was completed. (1198)

The Archivo opens up, go left to the second bookcase with all the red books and place your copy there, a painting opens up on a loft. Head W up the stairs to the loft and into that open painting to get the Almohad Dirhams.

Get out and right to go down the staircase E, just a bit down the stairs, you can grab up to the ceiling and go to a window, but that will have to wait till we have some firepower. So, leave to the street, left a bit and then go straight (N) to the Courtyard with the Cherub.

On top of the small Cherub statue in the middle of the Courtyard is Secret #1, a Vandal Ring.

The Barber shop, the Barber’s Scissors.

Head SW into the small square where a woman is waiting and talk to her. Open the Barber shop and grab the Barber’s Scissors from the mirror at the wall on the right (S). Duck, as you will be attacked and crawl to the other end of the shop. When they are gone a door opens and a Huge pair of Scissors will come for you (might take a bit). Run away and the barber will shout “Only Rock will defeat Scissors”. When you get the chance go to the table where the Barber is and get EssGee’s Rock Album (yeah, that will kill everything). Put that in the portable stereo E, down on the floor.

Festive Shark Plushie for DJ Full.

After the Scissors are gone you have the Barber’s Scissors and the door opens up again, go out and to the blonde at the Souvenir shop W. Cut the ribbon with the Barber’s Scissors and go in. On a table in the back is a Festive Shark Plushie for DJ Full.

The Lock pick.

Go out and left to the Courtyard, in to the gate on the right (E) again and follow up to the room with the guy (DJ Full) and the Christmas tree, place the Plushie on top of the other presents and you’ll get a Lock pick.

The Pick Axe.

Go upstairs and left to that lattice door (N), open it with the Lock pick. Go up the wooden slope right of the stairs and crawl through the opening in the wall. In the next room pick up the Large Desserts on on the left and pull a scaffold twice out of the E wall. Climb up and grab up W to a loft, push the button there to open a hatch. Jump over to the E side for another Large Desserts and drop down. Go back through the hole in the wall and up the stairs this time. Climb up the ladder to where that hatch opened up. On the back of the roof shack are two buttons, push them to open the birdcage, go in and grab the Pick Axe.  

Go out; look W and spot a lattice door on a blacony. Hop down W to the lower roof and run jump over the roof parts to get onto that balcony, open the door with the Pick Axe and throw the lever inside to open a gate* in an alley. Step back and grab up to the roof, shimmy right around the corner to drop onto a balcony with Flares. Crawl backwards off the W end and drop into the Courtyard.

Through the Sewers.

To get to that gate, go back into the street where we started (SE) and straight towards the house with the lock, take a right into the alley and then left to find that gate we opened. Open the manhole and climb down. Run jump to the ledge a bit right and then up into the niche in the wall on the right (W), throw the lever to open a gate**. From standing next to the lever, run jump out a bit left to the same ledge and follow through jumping the ledges to the gate** SE.

Inside take a right through the sloped passage up to another part of town. On a table on the raised terrace SW is a Glass of White Coffee, probably meant for Santa. Now go to the opposite corner of the square (NE) and find a scaffold between two pillars, pull it out at least twice and climb on and run jump onto the scaffold against the Tower. Run jump E onto the battlements….

 Detour for a Secret: Go left, up on the scaffold and either shimmy along the roof or jump the flat parts to get to the balcony, climb into the niche N and go up left through the gap in the pillar. Jump and grab the roof (W) and go shimmy left around the corner to drop on a terrace. Climb the block and jump SW behind the roof to find Secret #2, a Visigoth Eagle and Large Desserts. Back flip onto the roof you jumped over and grab the edge to safety drop to the square. Go back to the NE corner, onto the scaffold and jump to the ones at the Tower. Run jump onto the battlements E where we left off.

….Go right into the Tower and push the scaffold out, turn around and go left around, jump onto the scaffolds at the Tower and go left around onto the one you just pushed out. Climb up into the Tower, jump over the next scaffolds into the Tower S, nothing you can do there but to drop into the hole and land in water, get some air and swim into the tunnel NE. Follow around multiple bends to end up in a Roman Bath. Climb out and a flyby takes over, go up the stairs at the other side, loop left upstairs and go along the W wall into the back, push the button to open a door to Santa’s bedroom.

Coffee, Wheel of Churros and a Key.

On a table in the back are Flares, open the lattice door right of Santa and get the Euros (and a hint where to use them). Head back down the stairs and straight down the next staircase (SW), push the button to open the front door and step out to the square. Go left to that street vender and with the Euros you can buy a Wheel of Churros, combine that with the Coffee and go back to Santa to give that to him and he’ll give you a Key (and a hint where to use it).

Using the Key, Useless Broken Hook, a Pistol.

Go down both stairs, back to the square and into the sloped passage we came from before (NW). Jump the ledges through the sewer and head up the ladder to the alley. Take a right and open the door there with the Key.

Use the pickaxe to pry the Broken Hook (she takes it, but we don't need that) from the wall. This will release the rope and a crate drops. Climb the crate, jump onto the loft and push the button. This opens the door AND stops a fire on a roof. Jump into the opening N from the crate and from the balcony run jump onto the balcony a bit right, then over to the one left (W) and grab up to the roof so you can get to the top of the roof left (where the fire was) and grab the Pistol. That window above the staircase is shown.

Using the Almohad Dirhams, the Lute. 

Slide backwards down the S side of the roof, shimmy left to a wooden ledge and drop, then safety drop down to the alley.

Go E to the square and right into the Archivo, left up the stairs and turn around, shoot the window in the far wall and grab the ceiling to get to that broken window. Climb up right and in the room; you can shoot another window left. Get out to a balcony between the houses and use the lever left to raise a climbable cage. Push the button on the other wall and go in to give the Dirhams to the Instrument maker so you can pick up the Lute. Go outside and hop onto that cage that went up at the balcony. Without the Secret, just climb down to the square….

Detour for a Secret: From standing on the cage, grab up left to the roof, follow this roof to the far end (W) and get into the roof terrace. Go to the SW corner and safety drop into the garden below and get Secret #3, the Menorah from the bench. Go to the opposite corner and hop over the fence into the alley with the bike and go right to the square.

…Go NE and into the street where we started, straight to the Courtyard.

Shopping Mall Door Puzzle.

Go left (W) into the shopping center. In the end right around the corner into the Paella Bar and in the back left is a lever on a wooden panel, opening a blue door. Go back out and a bit right into that open door (SW). Behind the counter of that shop (ignore the lady) is another lever opening a door. Go out of the shop and loop around right into the next shop where you’ll find another lever in the corner on the left near the window (NE).

Out of the shop and straight into the next to find another lever on the right of the guy. Out of the shop and left then right into the flower shop and throw the lever right (you’ll get a message about throwing other levers again to open the door N in that Café.). When you go out and straight across, you can see that closed door inside the Café.

Go back to the Paella Bar (W end and right) and throw the lever there again, go out and straight into the shop with the carpets on the floor, use the lever behind the counter and you’ll see that door open up in the Café. Go out, right and second door left. Before you go into that door, pick up the Large Desserts and an Orange in the Café and then go through the back door (N).

The Music Venue.

On a table of the terrace NW is a Small Waterskin. Notice the harp, we need some music for it. Go through the passage E, open the shortcut gate on the right with the button. Go through the gate to the Courtyard. 

For some Holy Water, the Cathedral Key.

From the Courtyard go into the gate left (E), in the house up the stairs and through the lattice door N, up the stairs there and climb up to the roof once more. From the birdcage jump down and run jump to the first flat roof near the Tower. You can now shoot the window in the Tower and jump in there. Stand on the inside edge, face NW and back flip onto the white sloped wall, jump again to grab the crack in the dark wall, go left around and pull up on the floor. Climb the wall right and loop right around the Tower to the zip-line, use it and land on a ledge under an arch. Run jump NW over the fence, landing on the white roof, back flip to the roof behind you. Run jump onto the balcony W and shoot the window to get the Cathedral Key from the small table. Go down the stairs and open the front door with the lever.

The Cathedral.

Head E to the gate and open it with the button right, step out onto the square with the Souvenir-shop. Take a right and use the Cathedral Key in the lock SW. Enter the Hall and go right to the basin with the Holy Water, fill the flask (waterskin).

Use the TIMED lever on the S wall to raise a cage in the Hall, get there, climb on it and roll, run jump and grab the wooden ledge (W). Get up and jump to grab up left (S) to the corner ledge. Jump into the opening in the wall and go down the blocks inside that passage. When outside, first go down to the yard below. Go into the passage below where you just came down (NE) and throw the lever to lower a cage* as a way out for later. Climb back up the cage next to the passage and grab up to the stone block.

Jump up to grab the monkey climb and go to a crawlspace on the right, get in and run jump to the balcony to grab the Large Desserts. Jump over the fence to grab the rope, line up for the jump lever you can see in front of you and swing to jump and grab it, a door (X) opens up. You ended up in the basin with the Holy Water (if you haven’t yet don’t forget to fill the Flask- waterskin).

Go into the Hall and right to where the cage just lowered (if the cage blocking your way, it will be this one*, lowered in the passage in the yard). Go out to the yard, hop onto the ice in the small fountain and wait till it breaks to get the Orange. Leave through the door (X) on the other side (S) into the Cathedral.

Timed Run up to the Windows.

In the SE corner is a TIMED lever for a platform up left of you.. prepare the run: behind the Altar (S) are some scaffolds, move them as you see fit as long as you can get to the highest one fast and from the highest one you can run jump and grab that TIMED platform and jump up right into the big window. Hop and grab the crack in the pillar NW, shimmy to the right hand corner and pull up. Turn right and hop into the next, dark window. Shimmy along the edge of the ledge to the next window, hop onto the next pillar and to the last window. Throw the lever there to bring out a rope left of you. Swing high to jump into the window W and use the lever there to open a door in the SW corner of the Cathedral.

Hang from the edge and drop to a block below, go out that door right of the altar (SW) and right into a waiting room. Climb a wall in the corner left and grab an Orange upstairs. From the window run jump over to the passage S and use the lever to open the floor in the Cathedral.

But we have to be sure we have everything we need before going down there. Drop down, get back into the Cathedral and go left to leave (N), straight through the Hall to the square with the Souvenir shop.

The Crypt, Golden Skull Key, a Holy Cross.

Go straight to the Courtyard and loop right into the street, left into the dead end and give the Lute to the homeless guy, the manhole opens up.

Climb backwards down into a crypt, follow around the corners and look right for one niche without skulls, get in there to get the Golden Skull Key. Get down and climb the wall left (S), use the Key there to open the panel. Drop down into that room and go to the bowl to put the Holy Water in it. The Altar opens up and reveals the Holy Cross; go get that.

Down under the Cathedral, a Bag of Holy Powder.

Now it’s time to explore that open floor in the Cathedral, go back up through that panel, down the ladder into the crypt and climb up through the manhole at the other end. To the Courtyard (NW) and left to the square with the Souvenir shop, through the doors S and straight though the Hall to the yard and into the Cathedral side door. Go down the open floor and through a small staircase to a dark catacomb.

Left and right of where you come in are Reliefs you can use as button, pushing both opens a door. To the S and left, through a chapel and left of the altar is a jump lever up on the wall opening the door behind you (S). Follow that passage through the next chapel and use the lever right of the statue to open a trapdoor. Head into the tunnel (right of the lever).

In the first niche left is a dark coffin, look behind it to find Secret #4, the Visigoth Chalice.

In the last niche left is where that trapdoor opened. Drop down and proceed, in what seems to be a dead end is a Bag of Holy Powder, pick it up and the trapdoor closes. Crawl through the gap E and follow to a lever opening another trapdoor, climb out on the right and go left, back to that statue and put the Holy powder into the bowl left of the statue.

The Music Score.

Go through the gate, and even further down into the catacombs. In the next chapel left or right down the stairs and then find another Relief to push on the S wall. Another door opens in the dark catacomb, so back up S and follow through to the statue, right to the altar and left to the dark catacomb.

Left is the door you opened, inside shoot the two Moon Crescent symbols on the left and right wall, when you hear a metal sound, it is activated and a big trapdoor opens up just outside in front of the entrance door.

Swim through the flooded staircase to a shrine and open the underwater door in the back (S), swim in and use the underwater lever to open the shrine. Maybe first go back and up for some air, swim into the shrine and use Ctrl to drop the Holy Cross into the well.

Doors open up in the room above. Swim back up (S) and jump over the waterhole (S) into the room, straight through into a Mosque. Go to the ‘altar’ and get the Music Score.

Using the Music Score.

Head back N through the dark catacomb, straight up the narrow staircase and up to the Cathedral, leave through the door N. Go through the yard and the passage NE to the square with the Souvenir shop, straight N to the Courtyard and if you opened that shortcut gate, straight through the gate N (if closed; go left into the shopping mall and into the first door right and out the back door).

Left to the Music venue square with the harp NW and place the Music score........