Levels by Pablo David


Walkthrough by Josť


No compass in this first level so Iíll try to give directions the best I can.




Start in a room with a mummy and three skeletons (only the mummy is active), a couple of marked ladders you canít climb and a key on a pedestal you canít pick up. Look up to the ceiling to locate a small opening (to the right from the skeletons) and climb the unmarked ladder in the corner, go through the crawlspace and drop down from the other side (this time thereís a marked ladder).


In this room pick up the large medipack in a corner and use the fourth switch (counting from left to right) on one of the walls to open a door in another corner. Go there and pull a wall switch to open a door in the starting room; climb up the ladder and go back there.


If you want to get the first secret, donít go further into the corridor, but turn left from the entrance, climb the wooden block, crawl and drop from the other side to pick up the SECRET #1: a Golden Rose. Continue timing the swinging crate and drop through the hole next to the swinging blade climbing down the ladder.


In this room locate a wall switch in a corner behind a flower pot and pull it to raise a block in the opposite side of the room; climb that block (all the sides are climbable) and jump into the water. Locate the opening in one of the walls and swim through, surface and in the corridor with the burning tiles jump to grab the unmarked monkeyswing and cross to the other side. Soon youíll find a huge room with multiple floating blocks.


Jump onto the blocks to the corner right from the entrance to get a small medipack and a Golden Key (not appropriate names for the keys in this level). Detour for a secret: jump back to the block next to the entrance and continue jumping onto the blocks nearest to the entrance wall until you are on the block near the corner with the rose. Now turn left and take a running jump against the wall to land onto an invisible block and from here jump to the block in the corner to get the SECRET #2: a Golden Rose.


Go back to the visible blocks the way you came and continue jumping onto the central blocks in a counterclockwise direction until you reach the ladder on the wall, climb up to the top and advance clockwise, shoot a small scorpion, pick up the SHOTGUN and shotgun ammo and continue to the very end of the ledge to find an Ornate Golden Key.


If you want the next secret, on your way back go through an opening on your right near the tile where you picked up the shotgun shells and several blocks will raise in this new room. Beware of the unmarked deadly tiles left from the entrance. Go to the back of the room and climb a small block, a nearby block will raise so jump onto it (annoying fixed camera) and take a running jump facing the entrance to the next raised block, now another running jump to grab the rope and swing to the next raised block. A new running jump to the next raised block and run and jump to grab the next rope; swing to the raised block attached to the wall and take a last running jump to the raised block in the corner. The highest raised block is climbable so grab the face and shimmy around two corners to land onto the last raised block; finally jump to the opening next to the wall to get the SECRET #3: another Golden Rose. Safety drop down to the floor and go back to the main room.


Climb down the ladder and this time drop to ground floor. On the block in the center of the room you can pick up another SHOTGUN and 4 X shotgun shells. Next to the wall opposite the ladder you can pick up a Blue Ornate key. (I think the author forgot to delete this key after the testing)


Turn right and climb the ladder near the corner behind the columns. In this room go right from the entrance and pull a floating switch to trigger a spiked ball at the top of the red block; climb this block and continue climbing the ledge with the pole rope and even higher: a block will raise to your left on the next ledge. Jump to the next floating red ledge and wait few seconds so the block will lower, jump there and another block will raise in front of you; turn left or right, drop/grab the edge and wait a few seconds until the block lowers; shimmy right or left and pull up onto the ledge.


Take a running jump to the next floating ledge and see how the next ledge is burning. From the back corner of this floating ledge take a standing jump slightly to the right to grab the edge of the burning ledge, shimmy right to the corner and pull up: the flames disappear and you can safety take a running jump to the fenced ledge. Advance to trigger a burning tile near the next corner and raise a new block; donít worry, the unmarked wall near the corner is climbable, shimmy right and the block will lower, drop and get a Blue Artifact. Make your way to go back to the bottom of this room the best you can.


When you reach the main room turn left and next to this last opening thereís another opening with a sprinkler (remember it for later) go inside and use the climbable wall to cross over the deadly pool, drop, go down onto the lower ledge and take a running jump to save the next pool, climb the wooden block and pick up a Blue Key. Go back to the main room the way you came.


Now go to the diametrically opposite corner; there is a closed door but it opens as you approach. Shoot the ahmets and go to the corner where the spiked ball is, pull the lamp once to trigger a spiked ball in another room and pick up a TORCH near the wall opposite the entrance, light it in the corner with the fire and go outside to the main room. Do you remember the opening with the sprinkler? Go there and use the torch under the sprinkler to release the spiked ball in the room you came from; go back there and pick up a Green Artifact on the block where the spiked ball was.


After you exit go right and directly to the next corner with the ladder, climb up and drop into a room with a row of spirals. Go right to the corner next to the spiked ball and pick up a Scroll (only if you moved the lamp in the previous room). Now go to the opposite wall, climb the block and jump onto the top of the raised block, take a couple of running jumps to the next ones and drop behind the spirals to get a Golden Ornate Key. For a last secret go to the back of the pillar with the rose and pull the switch to release a rope, climb the raised block next to the corner and use it to reach the top of the pillar with the SECRET #4: a Golden Rose. Go back to the main room the way you came.


Now itís time to use all the keys and artifacts to open multiple doors in a corridor to the left from the row of keyholes. Use the scroll in a pedestal near the opening with the sprinkler in the opposite side of the room too. Now all the doors in the corridor are open, but if you want you can go through that opening with a wall ladder above for an extra gameplay area (not really necessary), to the right from the row of keyholes (this ladder is climbable, in case you missed something above); the door opens as you approach.


Optional: In this room beware of the falling spiked balls. Go to the corner left from the entrance to pull a floor lever and quickly jump back to avoid one of those falling spiked balls. Shoot an ahmet and two small scorpions and look for a jumpswitch to pull in one of the corners behind a flower pot. Climb the lonely block near the center of the room and jump to the top of the raised block to get the CROSSBOW and crossbow explosive ammo. Now drop through the hole next to the block to get a second Blue Ornate Key. To go up note that one of the faces of the hole is climbable.


Time to abandon the main room. Go through the corridor with multiple open doors and in the lava room jump from pillar to pillar clockwise until you reach the opening in the corner, pick up up to 6 X large medipacks and check your health. In the next room move yourself fast, go to the row of columns in the opposite side of the room to find a second Golden Ornate Key behind the one which's moved; use medipacks if necessary on your way back to the entrance; now go inside again, climb the block and jump onto the raised blocks to reach the high opening. You are safe here. Use the last key to open the door and safely drop to the floor.


Pick up the large medipack and, even when it's not necessary, use the pole to reach the high floating ledges and get a second Green Key (beware of the low ceiling). Back down to the floor, shoot an ahmet and locate the opening with the keyhole in one of the walls, climb there and I didnít need to use the key, the door automatically opened.


In the next room take the first beam to your right and climb down the ladder if you want 2 X shotgun ammo. Back up onto the beams and go to the opposite side of the room to find another ladder; climb down and when you are near the lava shimmy to the very left and jump back with twist and a right curve to land onto a safe tile at your back, jump to the ledge with the floor lever and pull it to open a door above.


Optional: there are more tasks to do here, but they are not necessary to continue playing or to get pickups (you can use the nearby ladder to go back up) so I think this can be a puzzle project the author never completed. From the safe ledge you land from the ladder you can take a diagonal running jump to the red ledge on the middle of the lava (note the nearby red ledge with the flames); a rope will appear, grab it and swing to grab the central lower part of the beam above (unmarked monkeyswing) and swing to the small ledge under the entrance (another rope will appear to your left). Climb the ladder and pull the switch to turn off the flames in the red ledge, but that's all. I went there and I found nothing on that ledge. Use the second rope to reach the small ledge in the corner where the shotgun ammo was, climb the long ladder and jump back onto the beam.


Anyway once up onto the beams locate the open door in a wall near the entrance. Climb there and pull up on a higher ledge, drop into the water hole and go out of the water in a very dark room, advance and a wall will fall. In the final room shoot a bunch of ahmets just for fun, or simply approach to the pedestal with the Amulet to finish the level.





This level can be played independently by opening the folder "Level Bonus! Egypt".


Shoot the harpy and jump over the small slope in the corner to the next room. The pillar next to the second pyramid is climbable (of course, unmarked), climb up to the top to get a Scroll. Go down and place the scroll on the floating stone next to the wall in the darker part of the room. In this part there is also a Blue Gem to pick up in the corner, alerting a new harpy; go back to the starting room and place the gem to open a door in the opposite wall, where you can get the UZIS and 3 X uzi ammo. Also look for a high opening in a corner and climb there (another unmarked ladder), drop from the other side, advance and ignore the pickups because a harpy is attacking the statue of Lara at the other side. Once the danger is neutralized, return and pick up another pair of UZIS and 2 X uzi ammo.


Go back to the second area with the pyramids and from the entrance take a hairpin turn to your right and cross the corridor to pick up the CROSSBOW, 3 X crossbow explosive arrows, the Hathor Effigy and the Ornate Handle. Shoot a skeleton and form the Portal Guardian to place near the pyramids.


Go back to the starting room and to the room where you got the uzis; don't enter but turn right to see the next open door in the corner and get 5 X large medipacks. I think this opens the door behind the tall climbable pillar in the other area so go back there to discover another large area.


Advance a bit and explore the small shadowed area next to the small pyramid to find a hole in the floor; the walls are climbable (of course, unmarked) so descend to the bottom and pick up a second Blue Gem; climb up and shoot a harpy. Slide down the ramp and shoot a demigod, go to the very NE corner and climb up the unmarked ladder to the top, pull up, shoot another harpy and place the gem on the receptacle. Now jump down (run off the edge diagonally) and go to the W wall between the pillars: a door disappeared here allowing you to going up the last unmarked ladder (facing N), jump back near the top onto the S pillar, jump onto the next pillar and finally to the W ledge. Shoot a last harpy and advance to the corner to finish the level.


February - 14 - 2021