Level by PedroTheGamer


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, with the help of steven35175's video walk



Follow the passage around the corner, open the door and step forward to trigger a flyby through a guarded parking garage. The MP isn't paying attention unless you get too close to him, so go in the other direction and find the SHOTGUN on the middle E table and magnum ammo and shotgun ammo on the table to the left. Go over to engage the MP (it takes five shotgun shells to kill him) and pick up the CABIN B KEY he drops. Go up the NE steps and open the door with your key.


The guard inside seemed to be distracted in my game and kept checking his watch for the time, so ignore him unless he becomes hostile and pick up the flares in one corner and a small medipack on the table. Pull down the wall switch in the alcove near the table to raise some car lifts down below. But first, vault up to your right next to the wall switch, turn around and jump to grab the hole in the ceiling, pull up onto the roof of the control room and find shotgun ammo on the central block.


Hop down, stand at the W edge directly opposite the right row of raised car lifts below, stand jump forward and grab an invisible platform. Pull up, stand left and take a running jump W without grab to land on the next invisible platform. Stand in the middle of this platform and take a running jump and grab to the last invisible platform. Pull up and hop down to the ledge for a useless GOLDEN ROSE (which I won't mention again) for SECRET #1. Safety drop to the floor and go back up the stairs to the control room.


Return to the roof through the ceiling hole and this time drop down to the S ledge and find a jump switch in the SW alcove. Activate it to open a floor trap door between the raised car lifts and go there by jumping over the railing (the only way I could find). Climb down the N ladder, hop down at the bottom for flares and shoot three huge rats. There's uzi ammo near the E wall, a large medipack in the NW corner and a wall button in the SW corner that opens a floor trap door blocking the S ladder. Climb down to a sewer area and shoot four rats, two on each side of the sewer.


Wade across to the N side and pull down the wall switch to open the gate beside you. Follow the passage to a crawl space and drop down the other side into a still lower area. Shoot eight more rats scattered throughout this room and find uzi ammo against the S wall near the SE corner. Activate a jump switch near the NW corner to open a gate near a huge spinning fan. Go around to the nearby N opening, jump into the water and swim into a reservoir. Find flares on the N ledge, surface and pull out N to find a button behind a column to your left. Push it to hear the sound of a rising platform, jump into the water and pull out E. Turn left at the wall and pull down the timed switch to raise a platform W for a few seconds.


Go there quickly, hop onto the raised platform and pull up left onto the higher block. Follow the passage around, jump NE to a ledge and then take a running jump with grab to glide into the N opening. Follow this passage around, jump the gap, climb the block, turn around and take a running jump E to grab the higher walkway. Pull up, go halfway across and turn left. Take a running jump E and grab the ledge. Pull up, hop down into the next room and pull down the wall switch to open a trap door near a spinning fan. Look in the N alcove for SECRET #2.


Get back to the walkway to face the W platform you raised earlier with the button. Take a running jump to it, hop W to the ledge and pick up the large medipack in the alcove. Go to the S alcove for grenade gun ammo and the N alcove for magnum ammo. Take a running jump directly into the water below, swim into the S opening and follow to the room you explored earlier. Open the door in the S wall, pick up the shotgun ammo and crossbow arrows in the passage and open the next door to a new part of the sewer. Shoot  two rats, wade across to the other side and climb the ladder in the S wall.


Back flip onto a balcony for flares and jump over the ladder hole to grab the S ledge. Pull up underneath the huge fan and run forward past the opened gate to open the door to a control room with two inert (in my case) guards. If you want to be aggressive, you can shoot the guards and grab the small medipack dropped by one of them. Otherwise, loop around right and take the LOCKPICKS from the small table before leaving this room. Go back down to the sewer, shoot two more rats, go across through the N passage to the other section, turn left and open the gate with your Lockpicks.


In the next room are two gates you can open. Start with the smaller W gate across the room, go inside and turn left to find a short passage with a wall switch at the end. Pull it down to lower a trap door that was blocking a ladder and return to the previous room. Your Lockpicks won't open the W gate, so exit E and open the larger gate to trigger a flyby through the vast area ahead.


The lowered platform is NE, so go there and climb the ladder to a ledge. Jump the ledges counterclockwise until you reach a wall switch that opens the gate you couldn't open in the previous room. Safety drop to the floor and grab the DYNAMITE you can see in the cabinet ahead. Exit N and turn left through two opened gates to a cluttered room with stairs leading up S. Follow past a broken railing and climb the block overlooking the vast area.


Jump SE to the ledge, then to the bridge, then to the E block, climb into the S opening and hop up to the broken steps. Jump two ledges to an alcove with a wall switch that opens a gate at the bottom of the empty reservoir. Continue jumping the ledges in a counterclockwise direction until you reach the first one against the W fall. Turn to face slightly NE, take one step back and stand jump with grab so that you glide onto the block with SECRET #3. Take a curved running jump E (low ceiling) down to the bridge, go across to the other side and make the counterclockwise circuit along the ledges once again until you reach the ledge from which you jumped to get the secret.


This time, hang from the S end and shimmy left around two corners to the next ledge, pull up and continue jumping ledges until you reach some pipes with a valve wheel. Turn it to begin the process of flooding the reservoir, jump up to the broken steps and continue your ledge-hopping until you reach a second valve wheel. Turning it fills the reservoir, so jump into the water below from the S end of the ledge and swim into the W opening. Follow the hexagonal passage to a different section of the reservoir where the water is ice cold and a brief flyby is triggered.


Turn to your right and quickly swim N to where a platform lowered. Pull out onto the ledge and hop up SE for a small medipack. Jump back into the water for brief spells to find shotgun ammo in the S alcove and 2 x uzi ammo in the W alcove (or wait until you've drained the reservoir). Get back to the ledge where you got the medipack, take a running jump and grab to the W bridge, pull up and jump to the W alcove to find two wall switches. They're intended to drain the reservoir, and in my case they did, but there's a reported bug that may require you to push one or both back up. After verifying that the area has been drained, make your way along the ledges for flares, safety drop from here if you don't mind losing some health, or jump back to the bridge and use the nearby ledges to get down.


Grab any ammo you didn't get earlier, drop down into the reservoir for flares and 2 x magnum ammo, and exit E via the hexagonal passage to the first reservoir. Run straight across to the wall switch and pull it down to raise a platform high overhead. You now need to flood the area again, so return to the second reservoir area and climb the same ledges as before to reach the two wall switches. Push only the left one back up (the one on the right creates some sort of barrier that keeps you from entering the hexagonal passage), jump into the cold water and swim back to the first reservoir. Surface, pull out and go through the E gate, turn left and go through both W gates and up the S stairs.


Follow the same route up as described earlier, all the way to the valve wheels. Go past the second valve wheel and jump SW to the raised platform. Follow the upper hexagonal passage to a gate and open it with your Lockpicks. Continue to a new reservoir area, jump the ledges to your right and shimmy past a column for 2 x grenade gun ammo. Take a curved running jump slightly NE to land in front of a wall switch. Pull it down to lower a trap door blocking a ladder and jump from here into the water below. Search the octagonal alcoves for 2 x flares and swim into the E passage. Surface and wade out into a cluttered room for the PHOSPHOR BOX in the SE corner.


Open the NW gate with your Lockpicks and follow the walkway around left for magnum ammo near the SW corner. Continue around the walkway for crossbow arrows, a large medipack and shotgun ammo. Climb the NE ladder past the lowered trap door, shift right and drop down to the ledge. Jump W to a landing, run past the steps, combine the Dynamite and the Phosphor Box and place it in an invisible receptacle underneath the red sign. Hop back and back flip into the water so the resulting explosion won't set you on fire. Pull out SW in front of a ladder, save your game and jump up to grab it. Keep the up arrow key depressed so that you immediately start climbing. If you hang from the bottom rung and then attempt to start climbing, you'll die for some unknown reason.


Pull up into the passage, face NW and take a tricky curved running jump to grab the crack in the column. Pull up into the left corner and run off to grab the alcove in the W wall. Pull up into the crawl space and follow around for SECRET #4. Crawl back to the opening and safety drop to the floor. Go to the NE ladder and use it to get to the landing where the explosion has blown the N door open. Get past the rubble to a button that opens the next N door. Shoot the MP in what appears to be a museum and ignore for now the inactive guard at the E end of the room.


Go N between the columns and engage this sluggish guard, as he drops the DIG KEY when he dies. Unfortunately, this also awakens the first guard, so deal with him as well. Go down the NW stairs to find shotgun ammo on the landing, and the NE stairs to find magnum ammo on the landing. Return to the previous room, look at the W wall for a grate you can shoot, and pull into the crawl space for the LASER SIGHT. Get down and step out onto the N balcony for a remote camera shot of the room ahead. Hop over the E railing and pull the chain two times to raise two blocks somewhere.


Return to the S room where the first guard was posted and find another grate in the SE corner. Shoot it and crawl into the duct system for a large medipack. Continue S toward a spinning fan and loop around right for a small medipack. Go back to the E wall and turn right to find a ceiling trap door in the corner. Pull it down, pull up S and stand at the W opening. The floor below is deadly, so hop right, jump to grab the crack in the N wall and shimmy left until you can pull up onto the W ledge. Follow to another ceiling trap door, pull it down and pull up into a higher passage. Follow E for flares and face a new room with a deadly floor.


Jump the safe tiles for shotgun ammo, crossbow arrows and 2 x magnum ammo on the W side of the room. Note the closed gate, go back and jump without grab onto the block against the E wall. Pull up, jump at an angle to grab the monkey bars and monkey swing around to a wall switch that opens the W gate. Jump up near the fence to grab the monkey bars, return to the beginning ledge and make your way along the safe tiles to the opened E gate. Run down the ramp to a wall switch marked "elevator power," pull it down and go back the way you came via the safe tiles to the beginning ledge.


Drop down into the duct system but don't try to use the crack in the N wall to get back across, because you'll die in the attempt (again for some unknown reason). Instead, hop down onto one of the facing slopes and jump back and forth, using the arrow key to bring you to the NE block. Hop into the E opening, turn left, hop down into the lower duct and go back through the crawl space to the museum.


Go around to enter the curtained S room and find shotgun ammo in the SE corner and  the CROSSBOW on the SW plinth. Next to it is a pushpiece. Thanks to the blocks that were raised earlier, you can push it along the track onto a marked tile at the end. One of two gates in a passage will then open. Exit this room, go NW in the hallway to find the passage with one opened gate, combine your crossbow and laser sight and shoot the placard through the bars of the first gate to open the second gate. Go on through and use the Dig Key to open the door.


Fight a force field at the doorway, go down the steps to a storage area. Note the timed S gate, go N into an open section and run left around the central fenced area to find shotgun ammo near the door to the SW building. Continue past the truck to the NW building, pick up the magnum ammo to the left of the closed door, ignore the door for now and climb the ladder on the E side of the building and find a wall switch on the N side of the block on the roof. Save your game for a tight timed run. The wall switch opens the S gate in the previous room, so kill the cut scene with the look key, run around the right side of the block, jump down and sprint there for SECRET #5. Your reward for getting there in time is a small medipack, 2 x shotgun ammo, 2 x uzi ammo and a large medipack. Push the SW button twice to re-open the timed gate and return to the wide open area.


Return to the NW building, open the door to trigger an exchange between Lara and a local worker where you're challenged to solve a "poozle," then grab the crossbow arrows in the SE corner before leaving. Go to the NE building, grab the small medipack to the right of the door, open the door to engage a guard and pick up the shotgun ammo inside the control room. Exit and go to the S side of the central fenced area to find that the access gate is now open (beats me what opened it). Go inside and run off right (don't jump) through the fence opening onto a lower block.


Jump the ledges counterclockwise to an E flooded room with a row of valve wheels. Counting from left to right, turn #2, #4 and #6 to drain the N reservoir. Go there, climb down the ladder and pull down the wall switch in the N alcove to open the door to the SW building in the open area. Go there, shoot the waiting guard and enter the building to find a card receptacle and a wall switch. Do nothing for now, go to the NW building for another brief exchange with the worker and pick up the ACCESS CODE CARD on his desk. Return to the SW building, place the card in the slot (cut scene of the floor in the dig area) and now pull down the wall switch.


Go back to the N gate into the central fenced section. Get back to the ledge near the flooded room, but this time hop down from the N end to the scaffolding below. Make your way to the lower level and find an opening at the NE end. Hop to the floor of the dig and find the floor opening you saw in the cut scene. Drop down from the W edge and grab the flares and shotgun ammo. Hop onto the nearby slope and slide down to end the level.