Level by thewolf

Walkthrough by Dutchy

3 Secrets.

The saves mentioned in the walk are in this folder (No idea if they work for you, because of all the settings before starting the game)

After a lengthy adjusting all kinds of settings the game can be started.

Turn right and run into the (we have everything but a compass) corner to shoot some spiders and then pick up Flares. In the other corner more Flares and spiders, I won’t mention those anymore, you’ll find them yourself.

Go to the stairs and facing them turn right and go through the corridor. In the big room are Uzi clips and Pistol clips on the tables and behind the piano is a small medipack, in the other end of the Dining room is a corridor leading to a large pit, so return to the Main Hall.

Head up the stairs and you’ll find 3 keyholes.

Go up the left side and left to the first arch, just right around it is Shotgun ammo. Go back and straight through the doorway, left is a ladder, go one floor down. Turn around and in the far end of the right hand wall you can spot a gap, indicating there’s a crack in this wall? So turn to the wall and jump/grab up to the crack, go shimmy left to a niche with a lever. The lever will open a gate* in the Library. Shimmy all the way back and run jump to the ledge in the other corner of the room, go into the doorway, find Shotgun ammo in a window and the Automatic Pistols on the ledge in the other doorway. Get back to the ladder and go up to the ledge above, through the doorway to the Main Hall, down the stairs and right around.


Then left into the wide corridor and come to the Library (be careful, the floor is dangerous at some places)… Left around the corner you’ll find M16 clips behind the first column, in the other side of the Library (left of the entrance) is that gate* you opened. In that yard a sack of bones will attack, but he’s easily dealt with. In the pool left of the entrance is a deeper part, swim through the tunnel to an underwater lever bringing out a jump-pad in the Library. Swim back and don’t immediately climb out left, but first wade up to the far shallow part (If you climb out left, you’ll be launched into the air and drop dead). Back into the Library take a right and get back to the entrance. Stand in the corner of the walls and Save, hop onto the jump-pad and you should end up on top of the bookcase. Look for a gate** in the right hand wall (seen from the entrance) and hop down to the landing around the room.

In the far side (left from the entrance) is a curtain, go through and find Secret #1, a Silver Skull. Back to the landing.

Go to the central bookcase and run onto one of the bright tiles, that gate** will open. Hop back to the landing and head through the gate and you’re back in that room with the ladder.

Dining Room, Timed Run, Garden Key.

Go left and then over to the far end through the opening to the upper part of the Dining room. Shoot the sack of bones and on the floor across the room you can see the Garden Key. Go left and jump the ledges to the one with the Timed button, it will raise a platform diagonally across the room. Save, push and quickly jump back to the entrance ledge, left to the other side and jump the ledges and the Timed platform (save.0) to get to the floor with the Garden Key. Safety drop onto one of the tables below and get back to the Main Hall, up the stairs and use that Key in the left hand lock and suddenly there’s a bridge over a deep pit.

The Garden, Catacombs.

Return to the Dining room, into the far left corner to where you can walk and run jump into that opening with the stairs, watch out at the top, a spike trap. Go over the bridge and shoot 2 sacks of bones. Go to the far end and left around and turn around before you pick up the Medipack at the deep pit. Hop over the big spider, run away to get some distance, then roll to start shooting the beast. Now go into the central area, find Grenades in the far left corner of the low hedge. Now go through to the building and take a right and in the far corner of hedge and fence are the Uzis. Get back to the middle of the Garden and on the Tomb are 4 levers, only use the two where the low hedge is missing (open). Get on top of the Tomb with a stand jump/grab from the low ledge and drop into the now open shaft in the middle. Pick up M16 clips there and wade up to the clanking doors, run through them and come to a place with a spike wall and deeper water. You won’t get hurt when you walk sharp left around the corner, keep going and walk into the deep part right at the end, dive down to where the Medipack is and wait for the wall to stop. Get out and climb into the opening next to that spike wall.

The Moss-Covered Key.

A Boulder trap, go down as fast as you can and from the last slope a jump over the water. Turn around and jump back over the boulder to find the Grenade Gun there. Grab up to the slope and back flip over the boulder. Knife traps, stand jump over the first and then you’ll have to do a run jump left around the corner to get over that whole assembly of traps in the next corner (save.1). At the next corner is a slope down to the right. Up left is an opening up in the wall.

Detour for a Secret: Go down that slope, roll and grab the edge, drop into the room and quickly get to the opposite corner to grab Secret #2, a Jade Skull from that deeper corner. Now get into the central shaft fast before the spike ceiling gets you. And swim through the tunnel, up against the current and up a shaft, climb out at the small medipack. Drop through the hole in the floor and you are back at the Knife traps.

Now go up the opening in the wall left of the slope, go up a bit and hop back grabbing the edge of the floor, drop to let the boulder go overhead and go back up into that passage, do the same thing again for the next boulder (hiding behind the drop off) and once more for a boulder hiding in the dark and go up, light a Flare and run straight through the next pit without stopping, then you can return and grab the small medipack where the skeleton is. Go up into the tunnel opposite the one you came from and come to a dark Hall, in the far right corner are Uzi clips. In the middle of the hall under the gazebo is the Moss-Covered Key, but arm yourself with a powerful weapon before you take it. A bunch of enemies show up, I blew most of them away with Grenades. There are two open gates in the side walls now, use the two levers there to open a gate in the back wall. Go up there and grab straight up, turn left and pick up the Grenades. Turn towards the slopes standing left and run onto the jump-pad to land on one higher up and then you only need to climb up to the floor. Go to a button in the corner next to the bed and push it to open the gate to the Main Hall. A fat Skeleton comes in, shoot him, go through the gate and left to pick up the Pistol clips. Then turn around and go to the keyholes at the top of the stairs. The right hand keyhole is the one… A trapdoor opens above that ladder.

The Music Room, 4 Buttons.

Turn left and go through the doorway in the corner, up the ladder and in the room above some skeletons attack. With your back to the ladder, inspect the left wall and find a block, pull/push it straight onto the white tile and a gate in the back opens up. Go through to the Music Room and left, behind the piano is Shotgun ammo. Go to the slopes in the other corner, hop onto the low one, hop to the next and then the tall one, a hop with no Ctrl onto the chandelier, run jump/grab to the one in the direction of the fireplace and then get up onto the fireplace, from the top stand jump/grab the highest chandelier and run jump/grab straight to the one at the painting. Run jump and grab the crack in the wall a bit left of the painting and go left to a gap in the pillar. From there you can jump and grab up to the rafters. Take care, a big spider will come and side flipping is out of the question here.

There are 4 buttons, on the wall above the painting, use the right hand one (left=death) and on the wall above the fireplace also the right hand one (left=spider), a gate opens in the room with the block. Turn right and hop back grabbing the beam to safety drop down onto the fireplace, run down the low end and hop with Ctrl onto the gap in the pillar and get the Flares. Slide down the slope right. Leave the Music room and go left at the block into the open gate.

Timed Knife traps.  

Up the stairs and in the wooden floor is a spike trap, just around the corner, but as you jump over, a Fat Skeleton will come for you. Proceed up the stairs, hop over another spike pit and find some Shotgun ammo. Then go left through the passage with the spike bags, after the second, on the higher floor, you can see another spike bag ahead and behind it are 2 Knife traps under a button. Turn left or right and there’s a block in the wall, push it twice and go out again, to the other wall and push that block twice too. Behind those push blocks are two Timed, white trigger tiles de-activating the Knife traps for a while. So, stand on one of the tiles, quickly run to the other one behind the block in the other room, get out and through the spike bag trap to use the button before the Knives start again (save.2). Another gate opens up in the room with the block… Get back through the traps, over the spike pits and into the room with the block left to the open gate.

Hazardous Library, to the Swimming Pool.

You’ll have to get to the far right back corner to find a ladder. There are a bunch of rolling blades passing through the aisles. This is the general direction: Loop right around the corner to a safe spot next to the pillar. Wait for the right moment and run left around the corner and stop on the pile of books (safe). Run through the aisle along the long bookcase and right into the aisle near the end. Diagonally to another pile of books. Right around the corner, following the blade and left into the safe niche, diagonally through all the blades there to the pile of books. Stand with your back to the stone wall and make it through the blades to the safe spot just before the last blade rolling along the far stone wall. When it goes left, run for the ladder, jump to grab it and go up fast (save.3). Go over the bookcases to an opening in the wall in the opposite corner. Run jump in there and stand left at the hole in the floor, turn right and run in with a right hand curve to grab the right hand corner of the slope below, quickly drop and run right into the opening, but not too far yet… Face the doors standing a bit right of the middle and turn left a bit, run jump through with a left curve and run left around into an opening, quickly jump over a pit where another boulder will stop and keep going with jumps over pits and then grab up into the safe opening in the far wall, roll to be sure (save.4).

Go through the passage, slide down into the next adventure and throw 3 wall levers before the spike ceiling gets you. A trapdoor will open in a corner, you will end up at the swimming pool (save.5).

Swimming Pool, opening the Floor Grate.

Left around is Shotgun ammo, then jump over one of the side ledges to the far end and get the Medipack right. Time for a swim, hop down into the water and turn around, so those big black gates are behind you. Down at the bottom is a gap in the wall (you can also climb out first at that side and get the Uzi clips from behind the left pillar). Swim through the gap and down, don’t turn but swim straight in the same direction passing an intersection, all the way to the end, around the bend and up, climb out and push button #1 for the floor grate. Swim back around the bend and straight, passing an intersection back to where you came in, go left and straight to a grate, take a right there, right around a bend and climb out to get to button #2 for the floor grate, it should now be open.

The Main Door Key.

Swim into the tunnel under the button, left around the bend and then left at the grate (right hand side), straight passing two intersections and up at the third should be where the gap to the pool is. Swim through and down where the grate opened to get the Main Door Key. Get out of the pool and shoot the two Fat Skeletons. Exit through the Black Gate to the Main Hall. Up the stairs and use the Key to open the gate in the far end of the Hall.

Detour for a Secret: Go down the stairs, loop around left and go to the far right corner of the Hall where you’ll find an opened trapdoor (opened when you use the last Key), climb down the ladder and go to the Gold Skull, don’t take it yet, but run into the niche left. Now you can grab Secret #3, the M16, Uzi clips, Pistol clips and Grenades. And not to forget, the Gold Skull, get back up the ladder and go to the Main Door.

The Font (Garden) Pit.

Out of the Main door go left and find some M16 clips. The other side (right) has Uzi clips. Go back and face the pit, slide down and jump to the pillar, stand jump down onto the next pillar with a roll to grab the edge, pull up and back flip roll to grab the opening. Go through and come to a graveyard.

Graveyard, a Moss-Covered Key.

Two Fat and one Skinny Skeletons attack (don’t forget to release Ctrl and press it again or you’ll keep firing at the already dead one). Go right towards that building there and more enemies attack, after dealing with them, go left of where you came into this section and find the pool, swim into a triangle opening in the left corner, behind the tree and in the next room is a lever to drop a block at the Key (probably a trap, disabled now). Swim out the other side and climb out left onto the ledge. Go up into the gazebo and pick up the Moss-Covered Key. A Fat one attacks, after dealing with him, hop down into the pool at the side we already visited. The other side of the Graveyard only has enemies. Go to the building and open the gate with that Key, another Fat Skellie appears.

The Swamp Area, a Boat Race.

As you go through the gate a Big Spider appears. Take the boat out (Up key is slow forward, use Ctrl the same time and you’ll speed up, we’ll need that later) and go to the far right hand pillar under the building. Park the boat with the stern against the base of the pillar facing the swamp. Jump out left, roll and spot the underwater lever in that corner under the boat. Save here and you can go investigate by swimming left and then keep going along the right hand shore, you’ll even find a tunnel leading to the Credits room (I believe) and further on, between the two stone pillars is the Timed gate we have to get the boat through. Get back to the underwater lever, or load the save and pull the lever, roll and swim up while the camera shows the gate. Hit Ctrl to get into the boat and go straight, speed up going a bit left and then go right around towards that gate and right through it, if you are able to do it in one go, don’t slow down, but go straight up the waterfall. You can also circle around the tree to speed up and go up the waterfall and along the canal…

The End.

D, 19/10/2021.