Level by Delca


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, assisted by Doggett TV's video walk for the initial release. This walkthrough documents the revised version of the level.



Begin in what appears to be an abandoned storage area. Another level with no compass. Turn back to your right and pull the lever to lift a nearby gate. Go through the dark passage and come to another storage area. The gate lifted in the side passage to your right, so go there and pick up a TR1 disc for SECRET #1. Exit, turn right into the next passage to awaken two bats and come to another storage area. Loop around left and pull the lever to lift the gates blocking the nearby passage. The opposite passage leads to a closed door, so go to where the gates lifted.


Start sprinting after entering, to give yourself an extra boost with a long running jump over the water to grab the walkway or even land on the other side. Mount the ladder ahead (action and up arrow keys only) and climb up to trigger a nice flyby through the outdoor area ahead.


Pull up right where there's a gap in the railing, shoot two rats, go around to your right and use the wooden ramp to take a sprint jump toward the far wall. Turn left and find CARVIER'S SECURITY PASS on the floor. Use the block against the wall to jump back in the other direction and note the closed door to your right. Pull up through the gap in the railing, go across to the far railing and use the flagpole jutting out from the wall on your right as a swingpole to get across to the other side.


There's an open door here, but first look to the left of that door behind the barrels to find SECRET #2, a TR2 disc. Enter the hallway and turn right past the closed door into a computer room where an onscreen message says you need a key. Insert the security pass in the far left receptacle to open the door you noted earlier. Return outdoors, use the block to jump over the obstacle as you did before, pull up through the gap in the railing, go around and hop down the other side. Look left to see the opened door. Enter to a fixed camera and find health pills near a closed door.


Crawl under the grate into an impressive rendition of the eponymous galleries. Run forward to the front of the last sofa and pick up a TR3 disc for SECRET #3. Go back toward the crawl space from which you entered (the doorway nearest you is blocked by lasers) and take the first opening to your right into a slightly darker exhibit room. Loop around right and see a slot where you can insert your security pass to lower a lighting contraption from the ceiling.


Vault up onto the central glass case, face the entrance and jump diagonally to your left onto the glass-encased exhibit. Face the wall, jump up and grab the lowered bar. Shimmy left and drop down onto another glass-encased exhibit. Turn diagonally to your left and stand jump to the ledge over the Mona Lisa. Crawl through the opening into a hallway and go down the steps, turn right down the next steps and left into the anteroom of the dig site you'll be visiting later.


There's nothing to do here now, so reverse roll and go toward the next exhibit room. Stand jump at the entrance over the low laser beam, pull up onto the glass exhibit case and crawl underneath the next set of lasers, but not too far. Stand up about halfway across, hang from either side and shimmy past the final sets of lasers. Drop to the floor, watch the lasers ahead going up and down, wait until they're up and stand jump over the lower lasers. Loop around right and take the health pills from the ledge. 


Turn to your right, shoot the small glass case next to the larger exhibit and take the VINYL RECORD. Pull up onto the larger exhibit about halfway down (past the higher lasers), drop down at the far end and hop over the lasers near the entrance. Use your security pass to turn off the lasers blocking the doorway. Enter the next room, go diagonally to your right and place the vinyl record in the machine. Music plays and objects rise from the floor behind you. The idea is to arrange those objects in their proper order in the middle row so that the light beam goes through those loops atop the objects.


So, push the middle object with two loops one time toward the record player. Move the object with three loops onto the circle nearest the record player and the object with one loop behind the first object. Go through the doorway to the origin of the light beam and pick up the UNIDENTIFIED ARTIFACT. Return to the previous room, go right toward the place where you crawled into these galleries, turn right into the next exhibit room and pull up onto the long glass case. Hop back twice from the far end and sprint jump over the lasers to land in front of the doorway. Turn left and use the security pass in the receptacle to the left of the painting of an angel applying the coup de grace.


A nearby laser is turned off, allowing your later return under circimstances where haste will be necessary. For now, proceed into the room with Egyptian exhibits and shoot the near left small case against the wall (the others are empty) for SECRET #4. Take the TR4 disc as your prize and turn around to see a jump switch on the column a bit to your left. Activate it and go around the opposite column to activate another jump switch there. Go to the short obelisk between the columns and take the ARTIFACT FRAGMENT. Combine it with the Unidentified Fragment, go to the sphinx and place the ANKH KEY in the receptacle in its chest.


The place fills with toxic gas as the door to the dig site opens, so quickly reverse roll, exit this room, crawl underneath the first set of lasers, stand up and sprint forward out of this next room, loop around left past the light beam into the next room, hop onto the short glass case, turn around and jump diagonally to your left onto the taller case, jump up to grab the bar, shimmy left, drop down, jump to the crawl space, crawl through, go down the steps, turn right, then left into the waiting room where the far door to the archaeological dig site is now open, and run on through.


Shoot two bats in the dig area and look behind the crates and barrels near the fork lift on your right for a TR5 disc, which is SECRET #5. Go past the other fork lift and near the wall pick up a piece of paper bearing symbols descriptive of the WHEEL. Hit the enter key for further details and go across the wooden fence through a fixed camera to a wheel with inner circles spinning in opposite directions. Reverse roll, go back across the bridge and up the stairs, turn left and pull the lever marked III (on the left). Reverse roll, go to the far wall and pull the lever marked I (again on the left) for a brief cut scene that ends the level.