Level by Denny


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, assisted by Doggett TV's video walk



Slide down to a dark area near a freezing cold water hole. Slide down further and go up to the W wall. Face the S block, back flip onto the slope and jump off to grab the block. Pull up and hop to the corner block, take a running jump E next to an alcove with a closed door on your right, hop E to the ledge and follow down to a wall switch that opens the door you passed. Go back there and crawl through the opening into a derelict vessel.


Note for later the Golden Star down SW, go across the water to the stairs and go through the passage to the S wall. Turn left to find a pushblock and pull it once. Go back a ways and hop over the railing into the partially flooded room below. There's another pushblock down there, but ignore it for now and go to the NE corner of this room to find a lower section that hasn't been flooded. Hop down and find flares on the far side of the crate. Pull back out to the flooded section and go up the red-carpeted SW steps to find a passage that was exposed by pulling the first pushblock.


Proceed to a hallway, go left for a large medipack and then go the other way to an unstable floor over a room with glass shards. Take a running jump over the gap to grab the flooring on the other side. Pull up, note the star receptacles and loop around left to find a wall switch that floods the area where you found the flares. Return there,  jump into the water and pull up into the N opening. Loop around right into a room with two crocodiles, watch out for the floor holes while doing battle with them and then walk gingerly NW. Hop up onto a ledge to a fixed camera, jump down S to a safe alcove with harpoons and uzi ammo, then jump back to the ledge.


Look down slightly NW and run off the edge with grab to glide into a triangular opening. Pick up the POOL KEY, run off NE onto a corner ledge below and shoot the waiting shark. Take a running jump SE to a slight opening containing a small medipack, jump into the water (not freezing cold) for shotgun ammo and quickly pull back out to avoid the piranha. Jump back to the corner ledge and follow around clockwise until you slide down near a receptacle for later. Jump into the water and swim through the E opening. Follow the passage just ahead of the piranha until you can swim up and pull out S. Shoot four crocodiles scampering around in the lower area to your left (like shooting fish in a barrel), then turn around and shoot the late-arriving shark at the water hole.


Hop down to where the crocodiles were, go toward the S wall, vault up right and loop around to find a floor trap door. Open it and drop down to face a trench with deadly water. Use the facing slopes to jump back and forth, using an arrow key to bring you W until you land on a flat surface. Search the shelves for harpoons and a small medipack, then pull down the wall switch to raise a cage somewhere. Get back across the trench the same way you came, land on the flat spot in the NE corner, hop up to the ledge and climb the ladder back through the open trap door.


The raised cage is near the water hole, so return there and use the cage to reach a higher N ledge. Climb up higher to the N wall and follow it around left (avoiding a sloped depression with glass shards) to a ledge overlooking the deck you explored earlier. The level has been revised so that you can no longer jump SW to grab the upper deck as you could before. Instead, hop down SE, jump to the top of the nearby dirt mound and take a long running jump SW with a left curve to grab the block. Pull up and jump W past an opening in the railing to the upper part of the deck. Shoot two rats to get rid of them, jump back to the previous block and take a running jump S to grab the next block.


Pull up, jump W to another section of the upper deck and shoot another rat. Note two receptacles on the N wall and take a running jump S over the gap to grab the ledge. Pull up, go around right and hop down to find flares and a floor lever. A dark cut scene provides no helpful information, so pull out and take a long running jump back across the gap (harder than it was before, try hanging from the edge and then pulling up and rolling before initiating the jump). You can't use the two blocks to get around to the other deck section because of the slopes, so you'll need to take a pixel-perfect running jump NE onto the corner of the block to your left. Save when you get there.


Jump over to the desk where you shot the two rats and make your way along the wooden ledge until you can hop into the NW opening that was featured in the illegible cut scene. A door has opened to provide access to a pushblock, so pull it once, go around and pull it twice more, get up on it facing W and jump up to grab the opening. Pull up, shoot two rats and deal with the crocodile swimming in a pool of deadly water. Go back to where you pulled up, hop down to a ledge against the N wall, jump E and walk down into the slight depression to find the AUTOMATIC PISTOL.


Return, run along the porch to the right of the deadly pool and find another pushblock. Pull it seven times so that it's directly underneath a Golden Star that you can see up on the W wall. Go back to where you found the pushblock to find an opening surrounding the first column. Hop down and use the Pool Key to open an underwater gate. Face slightly NW, stand jump to grab the edge and pull back up onto the porch. Go around the deadly pool to the E landing. Watch out for the holes with glass shards down below and make your way to a chest at the far end containing a small medipack and the CROWBAR


Return to the pushblock and use the crowbar to pry the KEYSTAR (1 of 3) off the wall. You're not through with the pushblock yet, so push it all the way to the N end of the porch, then pull it back once so that it's underneath a ceiling trap door (for later if you want the next secret). Return to the chest where you found the crowbar, hang from the E edge. release and grab and pull into the opening. Crawl forward, pick up the SHOTGUN for SECRET #1, go back and hang from the edge, shimmy right and around the corner and drop down to the upper deck. Drop further onto the lower deck and go around SE. Take a running jump with grab to land inside the window alcove, where you'll find the SECRET KEY CARD.


Safety drop to the ground and return N to the raised cage. Now you need to backtrack all the way to that ceiling trap door mentioned in the previous paragraph, using the route described earlier. When you get there, open the trap door, pull up twice, pick up the nearby harpoons and deal with two crocodiles waiting on the upper deck. Follow the alley S (where the crocs came from) and down in the corner you'll find uzi ammo. Continue W from there to a glass pit and take a running jump slightly NW to a flat corner ledge (or use the shimmy crack). Jump up to grab the crack and shimmy left past the glass pit. Drop down and walk forward to another glass pit.


Use the wall crack here as well to shimmy past the hazard and activate the W jump switch to open a door. Shimmy past the first pit, jump to the safe corner of the next pit and use the E crack to shimmy right and around the corner. Drop down and run counterclockwise around the structure to find the door that opened. As you enter you step on a trigger tile that causes the trap doors to fall in front of you. Hang from the edge at the right wall and climb down the ladder into the fire pit. Jump the corner ledges to a wall switch that lifts the trap doors once again. Return to the ladder, climb back up, jump to grab the trap doors, shimmy left around two corners and pull up to find the GEAR.


Safety drop to the ledge with the wall switch, jump back to the ladder and climb out. Exit this room, turn left and see the W jump switch in the distance. Go there, jumping past the slope next to the glass pit, pick up the large medipack and activate the jump switch for a cut scene of the pool with deadly water. Go back E to the corner floor hole, drop down to the  trap door you opened from below, drop down further and find that the deadly pool has been drained. However, the pulsating areas are still deadly. Hop down from the E side, grab the shotgun ammo and jump over to the NW corner where you opened the gate earlier.


Crawl inside and find a crowbar switch (face SW) that opens a door on the deck. Crawl back out and find a large medipack in the far NW corner. Ignore the floor hole you may have noticed as you passed by, which drops you down to an area of the ship you'll revisit when you have the second Keystar, and exit the crawl space E to the drained pool. Pull out N, turn right and go to the break in the railing. Drop down to the next deck, go around to the other end and drop down even lower, go to the NE corner and loop around to hop NE through the opening to the ledge below (the one you accessed by using the raised cage earlier).


Follow the ledge E, jump a gap and take a running jump at the end to grab a crack in the E wall. Pull into a crawl space, crawl until you can stand up and follow the ledge to the S wall. Take a running jump W and push the button to lower a rope behind you. Jump back to the ledge and go back N until you're close enough to jump and grab the rope. Swing forward and jump off W onto the central structure. Activate the nearby crowbar switch to open an underwater gate directly below you.


Drop down into the water below, swim past the opened gate and pull the underwater lever for another cut scene that's so dark that it conveys no helpful information (but you've just raised a second cage). Reverse roll, swim out and around left to pull out W. Follow the alley to the raised cage and use it to get back onto the same ledge as before. This time, pull up to the N wall as you did earlier and go around left to the opening overlooking the deck. Hop down SE and get back up to the next higher deck where you shot two rats in the same manner as you've done twice already. Work your way around to the NW pushblock and use it to climb up higher to the drained pool area.


Run along the pool to the left and turn left where you picked up the shotgun ammo to drop down E through a break in the railing. Go past the two receptacles and to the end of the S ledge extension. Take a running jump to grab the newly raised cage, pull up and hop up SE into the opening. Light a flare to see the glass pit below, walk around to the S wall and jump to the E ledge. Jump up higher N and even higher onto the SE block and finally to the NE block in front of an opening. Go on through and drop down onto the top of that metallic structure you jumped to via the rope. Grab the small medipack NE and move the pushblock against the S wall. Climb up on it and pry the KEYSTAR (2 of 3) off the wall.


Go to the N edge of the structure and look down to see a depression below. Slide down to land in the depression for SECRET #2 and pick up the GRENADE GUN. Slide the rest of the way down to the ground and return to the first cage you raised. Use it yet again to get up to the N wall and go around left to reach the deck area. This time you don't need to get to the upper deck. Watch out for the glass-trapped floor holes and jump with grab to glide into the S opening. Place the Gear in the receptacle to open a door (you also hear the sound of activating machinery). 


Exit this room by jumping over the glass pit and use the nearby blocks to reach the upper deck once again. Go around to the NW pushblock and use it to return to the drained pool area. Use the nearby pushblock to pull up past the opened trap door, then pull up further through the ceiling hole in the NW corner. Go up the steps and into the SW passage. Take the second left and enter the crawl space. Crawl around past the opened door and come to a room filled with pushblocks, many of which are red herrings.


Your goal is to open up a way to the SW corner, so begin by moving the lone block one time E and three times S. Get up on it and pull the NW block one time. Hop over the block you just pulled and push it one time E. Turn around and pull the next block one time E. Hop over it and pull the S block away from the corner. Hop over it and push the wall button to open the W door. Go there and follow the underground passage. Turn around at the end and stand jump to grab the ladder. Climb up to some steps and continue around to an open section. Loop around left through a blocky area until you come to an E ledge and hear snapping spikes.


Drop down onto the top of another section of the familiar structure and open the chest for the ROSE OF THE SEA (1 of 2). Go down to the SE corner and jump to grab the ladder. Climb up and back flip into a cavern near some glass shards. Grab the uzi ammo in the corner and follow the NE passage to the wall. Pull up left into a crawl space and hang from the other side but do not drop. Shimmy right around several corners over a trail of glass shards until you can pull up into another crawl space. Pick up the ELECTRICAL GEAR, shimmy left back to the first crawl space and return to the ladder. Jump to grab it, climb to the bottom rung and back flip onto the structure.


Face E a bit left of the SE corner (so you won't land on glass shards) and slide down to a flat area. Go to the grated depression over the fire pit you navigated earlier and pick up the hard-to-see UZIS for SECRET #3. Drop down to the wooden deck and shoot two crocodiles that are probably stuck in wall openings nearby. If nothing else you'll get rid of that annoying pattering of feet. Exit via the NE and SW corner holes down to the drained pool area. Go to the end of the E ledge extension (just past the chest where you acquired the crowbar) and look up to see a nearby bell. Use the shotgun to shoot it (again looking up) and open a door down below.


Drop down N, then E where there's a gap in the railing, and slide in front of the opened W door. On the small shelf you'll find the HEART OF THE SEA for SECRET #4, together with uzi ammo and grenades. Exit this room and loop around left, hopping over the W gap in the rocks and watching out for glass holes as you make your way to the NW hallway. Turn left and hop into the flooded ballroom. Pull out S and make your way over to that pushblock you've never had reason to use. Use it now to hop W over the railing and loop around right to go down the red-carpeted ramp to the other flooded room. Wade around to the SW corner and pry the KEYSTAR (3 of 3) off the wall.  


Go back up the ramp and hop down into the flooded room with the pushblock. Go up the S stairway, turn left and then right, take a running jump and grab, pull up and run forward to the star receptacles. Place the three Keystars to open a door to your left and enter a small room with a pushpiece in the far corner. Move it SW opposite the entrance door to open a trap door over the N ladder. Climb up, enter the crawl space and drop down the other side onto a ledge. Drop down E and S and go around down the steps to find a large medipack. Go back around up the steps to jump E over the obstruction and shoot two crocodiles. Jump over the water onto a stage with the piano and go through the phantom SE curtain to find a rear hallway with pushblock.


Pull the block once, get up on it and jump up to grab the crack in the E wall. Shimmy left, pull into the crawl space and drop down the other side into a room strewn with books. Approach the S light and reach up to grab the SCION for SECRET #5. Retrace your steps to the ledge where you dropped down, pull up S into the crawl space and return down the ladder to the room with the pushpiece. Continue to the star receptacles, take a running jump N over the gap, go down to the flooded room, cross it NE and pull out N. Walk out into the hallway, hop up NW and drop down into the water below. Pull out onto the nearby ledge and make your way around clockwise until you reach that receptacle you noted much earlier.


Place the Electrical Gear to open a door, which will take a little work to reach. Turn right and jump down into the water (the piranha had vanished in my game), swim through the S opening and follow around. Pull out S, turn left and use the raised cage to reach the N ledge. Follow the ledge E to its end, jump to grab the crack in the wall, pull into the crawl space and follow the ledge S until you can jump to grab the lowered rope you used earlier. This time, turn to your left to face the SW corner of the structure. Save your game and take a difficult jump off the rope with a right curve to land inside an alcove in the structure.


Go to the S edge and take a running jump to grab the higher opening in the S wall. Pull inside and hop down to face a swinging crate. Stand left facing W and time a running jump past the crate to  grab the next opening. Pull up, hop down and go around right. Take a running jump N to grab a crack in the structure. Shimmy right to where the door opened and pull inside. Follow around and slide down to trigger a long gauntlet of pile drivers. Time your way past them (not terribly difficult, but save in between), and when you finish they stop pounding.


Don't jump across the floor hole but turn around and hang from the edge. Drop to grab the opening below, pull up and push the wall button to open the W door above you. But first, turn around and place the Secret Key Card in the slot (facing SE) to open the E gate. Open the chest inside for another ROSE OF THE SEA (2 of 2). Turn around, walk to the edge, jump to grab the higher opening, pull up and take a running jump to land on the structure. Go N and use the raised cage to access the N ledge once more. Climb up to the N wall and go around left for one final trip to the deck.


Hop down left and use the blocks to reach the upper deck where you shot the two rats long ago. Jump up left to grab the crack in the wall and shimmy left around two corners to reach the other section of the upper deck. Drop down and place the Roses of the Sea in their receptacles. The door with the clock opens, and when you go inside to take the artifact the level ends.