Level by Delca


Walkthough by Phil Lambeth, with the help of Doggett TV's video walk



You have the choice at the beginning of playing either in Explorer mode or Survivor mode. The primary difference is that you can save anywhere in Explorer mode, but only by using a limited supply of save crystals in Survivor mode (of which you have none in your inventory at the beginning). Also, as explained in the builder's readme, Lara wears slightly different outfits in the two modes, and some jumps are tougher and some enemies are harder to kill in Survivor mode. In both modes the "compass" is actually a timepiece and therefore serves no useful purpose. This walkthrough documents the level as played in Survivor mode.


After a brief flyby, begin in an enclosed room. Pull the wall switch to open the door to a hub atrium populated not by kittens but by friendly monkeys. Go around to the other side of the column in front of you to find a ladder. Jump to grab the ladder and climb to the top of the column for a save crystal. Look to your right to see a ledge with a wall switch. Take a curved running jump to grab the ledge, pull up and use the switch to open the gate near the ladder column. Go there as you hear spikes snapping and take a running jump to activate the jump switch to lower the spikes surrounding DELCA'S KEY.


Pull back up to the wooden walkway and go toward the entrance. Hop down left near the palm tree and find a partially covered hole near the corner. Drop down into a dark area and follow to an opening that brings you onto a tree limb. When you pick up a second DELCA'S KEY two tigers come running. Follow the tree limb straight forward and turn to your right to find a crawl space at the base of a tree that leads to a room with the UZIS and flares. Return via the crawl space, follow the tree limb left and jump into the water. Find the floor hole underneath the limb and swim down for a small medipack


Surface and swim over to an adjacent limb underneath a skylight. Pull out and run forward past a ledge to an opening. Drop down to a wooden walkway and follow around to a slab with a small medipack. Return, pull back out and approach that ledge you passed by earlier. Pull up onto it and the gate ahead opens automatically. Return to the hub and follow the walkway all the way across into a dining area. Jump to grab the lower part of the awning either to your right or left and shimmy toward the entrance you just came through. Pull up at the wall and take a rolling back flip with a midair curve to land on the upper ledge for a save crystal.


Look up to see the ceiling monkey bars, save your game and take a running jump with a midair roll onto the awning, jump to grab the monkey bars and if you see an opening ahead, monkey swing toward it. Otherwise, turn around to see the opening and proceed. Drop down into the passage, run forward for uzi ammo (in Explorer mode) and open the chest for SECRET #1 and a Tomb Raider Gold CD.


Go back to the awning, drop to the floor, open the opposite gate with your two keys and enter an underground room. Climb the ladder at the top of the steps and go around to find a floor hole. Climb down the ladder, shoot two wart hogs and find uzi ammo in a dark side tunnel. Pull down the wall switch in the central column to open the gate behind you and release a half dozen or more wart hogs. You're back in a familiar cavern. Run forward past the steps through an opening to a wooded area where a flyby is triggered.


Note the nearby dynamite plunger and the sentry gun in the distance and follow the perimeter around to your right past an opening into a new area until you reach a boutique with a small medipack and a save crystal on the front porch. You've thus far thwarted the sentry gun, but you have no way at present to deal with it. Go back to the opening you bypassed and step inside to draw out two guards who drop a small medipack and uzi ammo.


There's nothing to do at the moment in this dig area, so jump into the water through the hole in the grated floor, avoid the jellyfish and look for a triangular hole in the wall. Swim through, surface and pull out into a control room. Run forward along the ledge toward the closed door and hop down right in front of a pushblock. Pull it once to open the door behind it and flood the area. Turn around, swim away from the pushblock and pull out near some steam-blowing fans. Loop around left into an alcove for a save crystal (flares in Explorer mode), then continue left to find a hole with a ladder.


Climb down to a lower room, run across to a wall button that triggers a flyby and floods this room as well. Swim back and past the still-active steam-blowing fans, turn left and find an underwater lever that opens the door beside you that you saw earlier before the place was flooded. Swim inside, turn left, follow up the shaft and pull out into a room with a save crystal, grenades and flares, and a chest containing a Tomb Raider II Gold CD for SECRET #2.


Swim back to the flooded room, turn left and squeeze past the pushblock into an underground tunnel leading to an opening. As you pull out you hear the sound of a door opening. Enter the dig area you visited earlier, shoot two guards inside, pick up the small medipack on the grated floor and locate the wall button where the cover has lifted. Push it to neutralize the sentry gun you saw earlier. Exit to the wooded area, run diagonally right toward the entrance and find the ladder on one side of a bent tree. Climb up and back flip onto a ledge. Go around the corner and jump to grab the pole over the entrance. Swing around, jump off with a left curve to land on the next ledge and proceed through the opening ahead.


Go down the steps toward the flashing light and shoot the guard down below. Pick up his ZOO PASS, turn right or left at the flashing light and loop around to find a receptacle for the Zoo Pass. A gate is lifted nearby. The passage behind you is flame-protected, so go to the lifted gate and crawl to a room with flaming floor grates. Jump up to grab the ceiling and monkey swing around the perimeter of the room. Drop and grab at the end, pull into the opening and run down into a room on the other side of the flame-protected passage.


Pick up the DETONATOR KEY next to the barrels and push the wall button to turn off the flames. Exit the control room, return to the wooded area and safety drop to the ground. Go to the dynamite plunger you saw earlier, insert the Detonator Key and wait for the explosion. Exit to the caverns, turn right there, vault up higher and follow to an opening on your right that contains a save crystal. The door ahead opens as you pull up, so proceed into a familiar hub room and continue straight ahead to an opening overlooking the wooded area.


Take a running jump onto the limb to your right occupied by a monkey, turn a bit left and jump to the shorter jutting limb for a save crystal. Continue clockwise with a jump to the next jutting limb, and jump from there onto the sloped roof. Slide, grab and shimmy right until you're just past the first fence you see below, pull up and take a rolling back flip to grab the tree limb. Pull up, turn left and take two running jumps onto short tree limbs (the second one being occupied by a monkey). Look left and take a running jump with a midair flip to land on the next tree sliding backwards. Grab, shimmy left, pull up and take a rolling back flip with a right curve to land on the ledge below.


Jump to grab the ladder on the nearest tree and climb to the top. Jump the truncated tree tops on this side of the room in a generally clockwise direction until you're facing a sloped tree near the corner (with the disabled sentry gun down below to your right). Take a running jump to grab the slope. Shimmy left, pull up, slide and jump to the next slope, slide and jump to grab the ledge and pull up. Go around the corner and jump to grab the pole. Swing around and jump off to land on the next ledge, from which you can easily jump to the corner limb for a save crystal. From the far left corner, take a running jump down to a flat spot on the roof.


The monkey won't bother you, so open the chest next to him for The Lost Artifact CD and SECRET #3. Jump into the hole in the roof and slide down into some water. Light a flare and follow the dark tunnel, keeping to your left, until you can pull out into a desert environment. Look for a dead body on the small wooden bridge ahead and pick up the WATERSKIN. Step into the shallow water and fill it. Go to the nearby dirt mound and pick up a LETTER that provides instructions on making an Offering to the Holy Kitten.


Go through the valley opposite the longer posted bridge into a small clearing for a save crystal and a MUSHROOM (1 of 2). Now go across that posted bridge and turn left to follow the ledge, jumping as necessary over the sloped portions, until you reach a clearing with another dead body. Look for the DESERT EAGLE and the LASER SIGHT lying conveniently together, then check a side passage for desert eagle ammo. Stand near the dead body and look up at the palm tree in the middle of the clearing to see two clustered coconuts. It might be wise for you to invest a save crystal here, so you won't waste valuable ammo trying to find the right place to shoot those coconuts with your combined tools (aim between them at their lower edge, so you're actually shooting the tree). Go over and pick up the COCONUTS (2 of 3), one at a time.


You're done here, so go back and continue along the ledge (staying to your right), jump a long gap and take the right fork to find another MUSHROOM (2 of 2). Return to the ledge, take the left fork to a palm tree bearing another COCONUT (3 of 3), then continue to the end of the ledge for the EGG. You now have all ingredients mentioned in the Letter, so jump toward the sun and slide down to the posted bridges. Run across to that dirt mound, where a flyby kicks in, a transporter beam surrounds Lara and sweeps her away to a temple somewhere.


Elemental Mask: Air


Grab the save crystal and drop down through the floor hole to face a choice of going up or down the ramp. Let's take the lower opening first. Step out into one of those TR3 goo-covered rooms where ghostly cadavers with holes in their chests hover lazily in the distance. Stand jump onto the near column for another save crystal, noting the different gravitational attributes of this room, then take a running jump onto the column to your left. Turn further left and take a running jump to the ledge jutting from the wall. Pull down the wall switch, turn around and jump the columns to a companion ledge against the far wall. Pull down that wall switch as well to hear spikes snapping and a strain of enigmatic music.


Jump back to the previous column, run off the far edge onto a slope, slide and jump off onto one of several grouped columns where the spikes have been disabled. Grab the save crystal from the central column and go to the last column in the group. Face the two-way slope to your right and take a running jump to land on its far side. Slide and jump to the next slope, slide and jump again with a right midair curve to land on a ledge in the far wall. Take the ELEMENTAL MASK: AIR from the plinth, turn around, go to the edge facing the floating cadavers and stand jump to grab the slope.


Pull up, slide and jump to the grouped columns. Go to the last one either right or left and take a running jump to grab the higher column. Pull up and take a running jump down to the lower central column and jump from there to the entrance ledge. Go up the ramp to the next room (a lava hub room where the required tasks can presumably be performed in any desired order) and the gate closes rudely behind you. Take the save crystal from the central slab and embark upon your quest for the remaining Elemental Masks.


Elemental Mask: Earth


Turn left from the save crystal and go through the opening. The gate doesn't close behind you as you run down the ramp, but a boulder is triggered. Take refuge in one of the alcoves to your right or left and continue down to a kitten-populated area. Go around the central structure into a sand-filled room and continue across to a spooky cavern with floating cadavers and a transporter beam on either side. Stand underneath the cadavers, but before picking up the GRENADE GUN prepare yourself for a battle royal. Four Tinnos monsters issue from the transporter beams, and of course the exit gate closes. When all monsters are dead a gate opens opposite the entrance, allowing you to enter and take the ELEMENTAL MASK: EARTH from the plinth. This in turn re-opens the entrance gate, so go on through to find that the environs have changed.


Safety drop from the ledge to the room below, shoot two scorpions and go to the back wall. Turn around, pull up onto the contraption with the rattling rotating blade and step forward at an opportune moment to pick up the KEY (rendered here in French). Hop back out of harm's way and find the keyhole on the far wall underneath the ledge. The key opens the wall gate on the other side of the room. Pull back up onto that contraption and jump from the corner into the opening. Climb either ladder back up to a familiar passage and go to one of the openings overlooking the room you just left. Take a running jump into the side alcove and go around to take a running jump to grab the rope. Turn so that you're facing the alcove with the wall switch, climb up to stop Lara from oscillating, swing forward and jump off to land in front of the switch. Pull it down to re-open the exit gate.


A third rope has dropped, so take a running jump (standing to one side of the switch) to grab it, jump to a side alcove and from there to the near opening. Go on up the ramp back to the hub lava room.


Elemental Mask: Fire


Turn left into the next room to trigger a gauntlet of flame-blowing devil heads. When the flames subside, take two standing jumps in quick succession and you'll be safe on the second translucent tile. Grab the save crystal, turn to your left and jump just to the right of the wall column for grenades, jump back and time two more quick standing jumps to land on a pathway marked with strange symbols. As you might guess, these serve as clues for navigating the next room.


Enter but stop short of the deadly goo. Take a running jump to land on the nearest tile, stand jump diagonally to your left onto the next tile, stand jump forward onto the next tile, take a running jump diagonally to your right to the next tile beneath a floating cadaver, and finally stand jump to your left onto the tile facing the passage that's guarded by a couple of kittens. Hop into the passage and run forward past the gate (which closes behind you), take the ELEMENTAL MASK: FIRE from the plinth and jump up to grab the ladder in the ceiling shaft. Climb up to a slope, pull up and jump back and forth along the slope, using the arrow key to bring you over to a flat corner. Some of the flashing perimeter tiles are deadly, so you'd best jump over them to the nearest opening. In the passage, loop around for extra UZIS and turn to face a room with a floor covering of flashing symbol tiles, many of which are deadly.


Stand jump onto the tile to the right of the deadly entrance tile. Note the symbol at your feet (a cross between a 2 and a 4), turn a bit left and stand jump onto the next tile bearing the same symbol. You've now got the idea, so take standing jumps to the next two like tiles to the right of the far opening and hop into the next room. A remote camera shows symbols displayed on the far slopes dividing this lava room. The familiar symbol is to your left, one tile in from the far wall. Stand jump onto it, jump to grab the next slope, shimmy right until you see a like symbol, pull up onto it, slide and jump to the far ledge.


Enter a room over the one with the flame-blowing devil heads. Slide down left or right to avoid the flames of a third devil head and jump to the ledge. Hang from the far side, shimmy until you're over the translucent tile below and release. Turn around and time two standing jumps back to the hub room, then turn left into the last remaining side area. 


Elemental Mask: Water


Jump into the water hole and swim into the next room. Stay high to avoid the springing spikes and note the lighted tiles in the wall ahead. A number of the tiles are unlighted, so light them by swimming close to the ceiling all around the room until you hear the sound of a gate opening, indicating that you've hit all the trigger tiles. Return for air if necessary and swim past the opening underneath the lighted tiles. Light a flare and follow the tunnel left into an alcove with deadly goo for flares, then continue to a shaft where you can surface and pull out onto a ledge overlooking another goo room with floating cadavers.


Grab the save crystal and stand at the edge. Light a flare to illuminate translucent tiles to your right, take a standing jump to the first one and a running jump to the second one. Turn right and jump to grab the ladder in the wall alcove. Climb up, back flip at the top and jump off the slope to grab the ceiling ladder. Monkey swing forward and drop down in front of a wall switch. Nothing seems to happen when you pull it down, but you know that can't be the case, so turn around and jump onto the facing slope, slide and hit the action key as you clear the edge so that you glide down onto the translucent tile below (yes, I know, a move of questionable legality). Turn left and take a running jump to the first translucent tile, followed by a standing jump to the ledge.


Face the cadavers, light a flare and take a running jump slightly left (between two cadavers) to land on another translucent tile. Turn a bit right and take a running jump to grab a final translucent tile slightly to the left of the far ledge and about a block's distance away. Pull up, hop down to the ledge and take the ELEMENTAL MASK: WATER from the plinth. You can now simply walk or run back across to the other ledge and over the lava in the next room. Considerate of the builder, no?


Follow around to a large medipack, but pick it up with the jump key depressed to avoid the springing spikes. Pull up into a higher passage and hear the sound of a door opening. Slide down to a familiar water hole, run around it into the hub room as the gate closes behind you. Turn around and jump to the ladder on either side of the closed gate and climb up to a ledge. Place the Elemental Mask: Water in the receptacle and safety drop to the hub room.


You now know the drill. Go around the hub room, jumping to ladders and climbing to ledges with mask receptacles until you've placed all four. On one of the ledges you'll find uzi ammo. Safety drop to the floor and find the HEART OF KITTEN on the central slab. You're immediately transported to an alternate hub area where you're under attack by Seth. Evade his bolts while darting to the four side passages for 2 x uzi ammo, a large medipack, grenades and a save crystal (your desert eagle has mysteriously vanished). When Seth finally dies a volcano is activated, and it's on a timer. You can use the only available ladder to climb up to a ledge with a save crystal if needed.


The exit tunnel is ahead, but for the final secret of the level you can (if you hurry) run and jump counterclockwise along the ledges and the head statues to a chest on the other side of the room for the The Times Exclusive CD and SECRET #4. Continue with your jumps around the room to the exit passage and proceed quickly with two rather pixel-perfect jumps over lava until you reach the opening with the palm trees beyond to finish the level with a brief concluding flyby featuring a hot-air balloon.