Level by PedroTheGamer


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, with the help of Doggett TV's video walk



Run forward through the opening and Lara will look at something beyond the crack in the wall. Turn left and crawl around the corner for flares. Lara also looks at the skeleton for some reason. Return and go E past the brick structure into a room with a deep spike pit that's occupied by another skeleton. Debris falls from the ceiling. Take a running jump over the pit to grab the opening on the right side. Pull up in front of an obvious boulder ramp. Sprint up the ramp and scoot into the opening on your left as the boulder rolls down.


Before you can recover, blocks appear at the top of both ramps to block your further progress, so go over to the ramp on the left side, hop into the S opening and follow to a small room. Take the small medipack from the NW plinth and pull down the wall switch in the W alcove (yes, the compass here is backwards) to open a trap door in the spike pit. Go back down either boulder ramp and slide down into the now-safe pit. Go S (spikes at the N end), save your game and take a running jump with a right curve into the alcove for flares.  Push the S pushblock two times to reveal a passage with a GOLDEN ROSE (yippee) at the end for SECRET #1.


Return to the alcove and slide down a couple of slopes to land in a pool of water. Swim to the bottom for a large medipack, surface and pull out N. Go up either N ramp, hop onto the block at the top and pull down the ceiling trap door facing E. Jump up N to grab the crack, shimmy right or left around two corners and pull up into the S crawl space. Crawl to a room with a central rock structure and hop over the mound partially blocking the E opening. Go up the steps as another block drops down to impede your progress. Turn right and go to an opening where a fixed camera warns you of the spike trench down below.


Hop down right onto a flat surface, go up the ramp and turn right into the opening. Run across SW into the alcove to avoid the triggered boulder, then continue up the ramp to a new room and watch more debris fall from the ceiling. Grab the flares in the corner before entering and watch out for a second boulder. Go to the N wall and pull up into a higher room. Run across and dodge the swinging blade to find a small medipack on the plinth. Go to the SW opening and Lara will look at another skeleton to her left. And for good reason, too, as the poor fella died holding what I'm sure the builder intended as a GRAPPLING HOOK GUN.


Time your way past four swinging blades in the SW passage and push the floor lever to shatter a tile covering an opening in the pool you just visited. Drop down E next to the floor lever onto a spike-free area and crawl W for SECRET #2 (there's no need to keep mentioning the worthless Golden Roses). Go back past the blades, loop around left and drop down into the lower room. Make your way NE down the ramps and when you reach that flat spot, stand jump into the opening. Return to the pool via the crawl space and the opened trap door and jump into the water after saving your game for a long swim.


Swim into the N opening, take the first right, then left, and follow to the W wall. Turn right and find more flares in the passage to your right (you think we might have enough of those now?), continue and stay left until you reach a place where you can surface and pull out to strains of foreboding music. You'll find yet more flares on a ledge against the E wall as Lara looks at a high jump switch. Go down the W ramp and jump to grab the pole (spike trap below) in the next room. Climb up and back flip into an upper room. Lara has no apparent interest in the two skeletons reposing here. Go up the E ramp to a still higher room, find the floor hole and activate the jump switch to lift a gate.


For a secret, go back down the W ramp, jump to grab the pole and this time climb up past two ceiling holes. Back flip into this higher room, go to the NW corner and kick in the lower tile to reveal a crawl space. Enter for SECRET #3 and return. Go up the E ramp to a still higher room and find the LASER SIGHT on the NW plinth. Combine the Grappling Hook Gun with the Laser Sight and shoot the swinging blue ball up in the SW corner to lift the S gate. Go on in and enter the dark E passage for a small medipack.


Return to the previous room, run down the W ramp and use the pole to get back down to the ground floor (remember to back flip over the spike tile). Go up the E ramp into the next room and jump into the NE water trench. Swim back to the pool, pull out and go through the NE opening. Ahead are two pits with a closed gate between them. Look beyond the pits to see four dark crystal-shaped objects hanging from the ceiling, two on each side. Shoot all four to bring down ropes. Starting on the right side, use the ropes to get across the pit and run forward while Lara looks toward the scales near the far wall. Pick up more flares next to the skeleton and find the opened N gate for the CROWBAR. A flyby shows you where to use it, and another gate opens somewhere.


Return to the pit, light a flare and find the crawl space in the S wall. Jump to grab it and pull inside for SECRET #4. To get back out, you need to face NE at the left corner and roll out so you won't drop into the pit. Use the ropes to get back across, loop around right and use the rope on the left side to get across the pit. Find the LARGE WATERSKIN on the near plinth and a useless COMPASS in the S alcove. Hop up N and enter the E passage. Head S up the ramp and scoot right to avoid one of two boulders. Trigger the second one by going into the next alcove, stepping forward and hopping back to safety. The E ramp ahead has two more boulders, so handle them the same way, using only one alcove this time. Trigger another boulder at the top of the ramp by stepping forward into the crossing and hopping back. Trigger the final boulder up N by walking backwards up the ramp (save first), then sprint back down to safety when it starts rolling.


In the next room enter the triangular E crawl space, watch the debris fall from the ceiling and pull up into the S alcove. Face W, turn slightly right, back flip onto the slope and jump off to grab the ledge. Pull up and go over the dirt mound into the W room. There are flares near the S wall if you care to go over and get them. Hop into the W passage with the squishy blocks and time standing jumps past the first two. For a timed secret, stand jump past the third squishy block and grab the trigger tile (which seems to work only once and thus will not reset). Save as you're pulling up, turn around and time jumps in the other direction past the squishy blocks. Run off the E end to land inside the pyramid below for SECRET #5 while the timed block is still lowered (you have 25 seconds from the time you leave the trigger tile, which should be plenty, thanks, Pedro).


Refer to the previous paragraph and return to the upper passage with the squishy blocks. Jump past them to the trigger tile, turn around with your back to the wall, stand jump to grab the ladder and climb down to the room below. Note the fancy apparatus at your feet and enter the S side room to find the SMALL WATERSKIN on the plinth to your left.


Return to the main room and use the ladder to get back up. Back flip near the top and jump past the squishy blocks one final time. Run off the E end to land on the pyramid, go down the boulder ramps to the room with the pits and use the ropes to get across. Exit straight W and continue all the way through the next opening. Turn left in the cave area and go down to the bottom. Pull up into the W opening and walk toward the spikes. Pull up right onto a flat spot, turn around, jump across to the next flat spot and hop up twice NE to the passage. Go down the ramp, side flip right over the obstruction, reverse roll and pry the KEYS OF SIRIUS off the wall.


Return to the spike trench and this time go to the opposite SE passage. Go down the ramp into a new area, and Lara will look left at a plinth. Go there for the HORUS WINGS and make your way down S to a lower room where you can hear the growling of a beast. Pick up the flares and push the floor lever to open the W gate. Step forward for a flyby of the room ahead, and when it's over save your game before venturing further. If you cross the threshold indiscriminately and step on certain tiles, spikes are triggered in an adjacent room, so you need to avoid those tiles. There are six chains scattered around the walls of this room, so carefully follow this procedure (if you should see a cut screen with snapping spikes, you'll know you've done something wrong and will have to reload to try again):


Walk forward two squares, turn left and walk N to the first chain. Pull it and turn right. Walk one square and stand jump over the next square. Continue W to the next chain (2) and pull it. Stand jump SW to the next chain (3) and pull it. Take a curved running jump S to the next chain (4) and pull it. Stand jump SE to the next chain, but don't pull it. Walk E to the next square, step down N to the floor and walk forward two squares, turn left and walk E three squares, turn left and stand jump S to the dark ledge tile, turn right and go to the next chain (5) and pull it. Retrace your steps as described above and exit E to the previous room.


The N gate should be open, allowing access to a room with three wall switches where the spikes underneath them remain dormant. Pull down all three switches to open the S double doors in the main room. Go there, continue through the next room and past the opened S gate in the next room. Go down the ramp to a room with active and dormant spikes. From the entrance, time a jump up SE and continue with another jump to a safe ledge. Turn around and take a running jump W (no grab) to land on a flat block. Pull up right, turn left and pull up higher two times. Run forward and push the floor lever to lower a trap door on the S side of this room.


Go back, drop down once and take a running jump S to a flat block. Look down SE to see the opened trap door. Hop and slide down to the opening, note the artifact embedded in the wall and jump E to grab the ladder. Climb down past the opened trap door and pull the chain two times before the mummy can reach you. A disguised door opens. Climb back up the ladder, back flip at the top and make your way N, being sure to jump over the dormant spike traps. Repeat the moves described above to get back up to the flat block beyond the floor lever passage. The opened door is up to your left, so stand jump W into the passage and run forward for flares.


Go back a bit and enter the S side passage. Slide down to a dark room, turn left and find a receptacle for the Horus Wings in the W wall. A cut scene shows spikes being lowered in the previous room, and a headache-inducing earthquake lasts for a few seconds. Go back the way you came, and at the entrance to the spike room crawl left to the wall and take a running jump and grab to the E ledge. Pull up and pry STAR PIECE 1 off the wall. A cut scene shows a closed door. Safety drop from the W end and get past the ceiling spikes into the S opening.  


Follow around past an unlighted wall torch and vault up to face a wide ramp. There are no boulders this time, so run up without fear, grab the flares and continue into a new room. Go around the central structure and through the N opening into a cavern area. Looks up high to her left. Pull up onto the block to your right and into the higher W opening. Turn left and find the PROPHECIES OF HORUS (1 of 3) on the plinth. Return to the lower cavern area and pull up onto the NE block. Stand at the raised section and pull up into the higher N opening. Look down into the area where you began this level and hop down to slide past the trap door you opened earlier. Run off the S end and slide down a couple of slopes to drop down into a familiar pool.


Fill your lungs with air and repeat that long swim you undertook earlier through the W passage. Wade out at the end, fill the large waterskin in the shallow water and combine it with the small waterskin to fill it and leave two units in the large one (for later). Go to the N scales and empty the small waterskin with three units into the bowl on the left. A gate opens somewhere, but not the one behind you. Swim back to the pool, pull out and go through the E opening. In the room with the two pits, use the ropes on the right side to get across. In the room ahead, empty your large waterskin with two units into the bowl to destroy that growling ahmet and to trigger a cut scene of a gate opening.


Return to the pit, but instead of using the ropes this time, locate the long ladder near the N wall and climb down to a dark area. Go through the N opening into a small room and take the PROPHECIES OF HORUS (2 of 3) from the plinth. Climb back up the ladder and use the ropes to get across the pit. Return to the pool, jump in and take that long swim back to the room with the scales. Pull out, go to the opened S gate and take the PROPHECIES OF HORUS (3 of 3) from the statue's hand. Exit, turn right and go down the W ramp. Jump to grab the pole with the spike trap underneath and climb up past the first ceiling hole. Back flip into the upper room and go up the E ramp to find that the S gate in the next room is now open.


Enter for SECRET #6 and go back down the ramp. Jump to grab the pole and climb up past the second ceiling hole. Back flip into the higher room and go up the E ramp. Turn left into the S room with the statue and hop into the W opening. Crawl to the other end, turn around and use the ladder to climb up to an alcove. Turn around, jump the gap, run up the ramp and turn right into the first opening. Climb the block and vault up into the narrow opening. Turn right and run up the ramp to an opening with a keyhole on your right.


If you like, you can drop down and search the skeletons for flares and the BINOCULARS, then climb back up via the SW block. Use the Keys of Sirius to open the E gate across the way and also activate the blade machine. Jump from column to column as you make your way to the opened E gate. Go through the crawl space in the next room and find receptacles for your Prophecies of Horus on the S ledge. When all have been placed the gate opens in the room with the two pits.


There's no need to deal with the blade machine again on your way back. Just drop down into the room and climb out SW. Go down the ramps to the ladder and climb back down to the crawl space. Exit to the main room, go down the W ramp, jump to grab the pole and slide down past both ceiling holes. Back flip above the spike trap and go up the E ramp. Take the long swim back to the pool, pull out and go through the E opening to the room with the two pits. Find the opened gate and enter to pry STAR PIECE 2 off the wall.


Exit, loop around right, and yes, you have to use the ropes on the left side now to get across. Jump up right, turn left and enter the E opening. Go up the boulder passages to the room with the small central pyramid, turn left and go through the triangular crawl space to the cavern, use the S alcove once more to reach the upper W ledge, continue to the room with the squishy block passage, work your way past the squishy blocks, climb down the ladder and go S to the closed door you saw in the cut scenes. Place the Star Pieces to open the door and go inside to trigger another brief flyby.


There are four tall mirror pushpieces in this room that must be properly aligned. Push the one to your immediate right four times S, four times W and one time S. Go back to the pushpiece you passed by while moving the first one, and push this one once N, five times W and two times N. Run forward to the third pushpiece near the NW corner and push this one six times E and two times S. Go to the final pushpiece SW and push it one time W, five times N and four times E. The sarcophagus should slide aside after all that work, revealing a floor opening you can drop down into to find a crowbar switch. Activate it facing N, pull back out and find that the S door is open.


Follow the passage to a room with two floor holes. Drop down into the water below, pull out and go through the S opening to a room with a deep pit. Grab the crack in the block to the left of the pit and shimmy right through a fixed camera until you can drop down on the other side. Go on through to the next area and attract the attention of an ahmet. Don't bother trying to kill it. Simply outrun it to the S alcove, pull the wall switch there and run to the dark SE corner next to the metal fence to find a second wall switch. The small gate in the W wall is now open, so run there and grab a TORCH.


Light the torch in one of the S flames, hop out of the hole and run to the central structure. Light five wall torches around the perimeter to open the gate in the E alcove. When you go there to pick up THE TIMELESS SANDS, the ahmet explodes. The SE metal fence has also lifted, so go there for an apparent level change.


Step forward to a ledge overlooking a lava pit. Take a running jump from one jutting ledge to the other, grab and pull up and run forward to the opening as Lara's theme music plays. However, we're not done yet. As you run up the stairs something bad happens. When camera control is restored, save your game in the midst of a raging earthquake. Go up a few more steps, turn right and locate the platform in the lava pit. Don't simply slide down, or you'll be crushed by a boulder. Slide and jump to the far side of the platform, take a running jump (no grab) to the breaktile platform ahead and slightly to your left, jump forward onto another boulder-trapped ledge, hop forward to the next breaktile, turn right and jump to the next breaktile platform, turn left and jump to grab the S opening. I would save again here.


Pull up, slide and jump to a row of three breaktiles. Avoid the swinging blade, stand jump to the lone breaktile and get past another swinging blade as you jump to a second row of breaktiles. Continue with a running jump to grab the S ledge as debris falls. Pull up and save in a separate slot. Walk forward to the edge of a slope and look down to see a hole to avoid. Slide down backwards on either side, grab the edge at the bottom, pull up and take a rolling back flip to grab the sloped pillar in the lava pool, shimmy as appropriate until you're facing the left breaktile, pull up and slide, jumping at the last instant onto the breaktile. Make your way along the lower breaktiles (you don't have to use them all) and the two breaktile platforms and finally to the S block (no boulder, thankfully). Save again.


Take a running jump S to grab the crack in the wall, shimmy right through a fixed camera and drop onto a breaktile. Reverse roll and jump to a breaktile platform and continue with a jump to a ledge in front of a N slope. Slide down to a level surface, run forward and pull down the wall switch as a spike wall approaches from your right. Take a rolling back flip and turn right into the wall opening. Save your game before triggering the next spike wall ahead. Run forward, continue into the next room with another spike wall and veer slightly left to drop into a floor hole. Allow Lara simply to slide without attempting to jump over lava pits until she lands on a stable surface as more debris falls. Save and run forward and hop back as a boulder rolls by.


Take a running jump to the first of several breaktile platforms. The rest can be reached with standing jumps, followed by a jump to the E opening. Run forward and activate the jump switch to the left of the closed door. The door opens to reveal a breaktile at the entrance. Use standing jumps over the breaktiles to reach the jutting E ledge. Turn left and take a walking running jump to the S ledge, hop forward to the corner ledge and pull up into the opening. Roll (don't jump forward) immediately to avoid most of the falling debris and  run counterclockwise around the lava pool to the E wall. Jump to the W pillar, wait for the debris to fall and jump to the next two pillars.


Face N, jump to grab the opening and pull up to face an obvious boulder ramp. You've done this before. Go carefully up the ramp and use the side alcoves to avoid three boulders on your way up. At the top, negotiate the breaktile platforms to get across the lava pool with standing jumps and a final running jump to reach the boulder-trapped ledge next to the N opening. Continue without jumping but by running over the corner into the opening and save.


Make your way down N (not too hard), turn left at the bottom and jump two breaktile platforms to the E opening. Run past a spike wall gauntlet, jumping over lava gaps along the way, and dive into the pool below. Swim to the N wall and find a shaft in the NW corner. Swim up to an underwater maze. Take the second right, swim to the wall and turn right, swim to the N wall and simply follow your nose from there until you emerge in a room similar to one you explored earlier. Go to the N statue and place The Timeless Sands to open the gates on either side.


Take your pick and go up to trigger another one of those episodes. Lara doesn't recover from this one, so her Escape from the Temple of Horus was illusory.