Level by ilariacroft


Walkthrough by José


Lara’s Home


Once you get the control of Lara, go to the S window sill to get a small medipack; there is a cabinet in the NW corner to get shotgun shells too. Now go to the fireplace in the E wall, enter and climb to the top; pick up the flares, the revolver ammo and the uzi clips. Climb back down to the starting room.


There’s a small table in the SE corner; pick up the Phone and after the conversation with Jean Ives, the level will change.


The Revolver


You can go up the steps to the church, but still we need some items first, so let’s explore the surroundings now. Turn left and go to the W side of the church; eventually you’ll find a couple of enemies; dispatch them and pick up the Car Keys one of them drops. Note the small square without vegetation (for later) and go back to the starting area the way you came. Use the car keys on the back side of the blue car parked in front of the church to get the Revolver.


The Lasersight


Now go to the right (E) side of the church, down the stone road you’ll find another enemy who will drop the Lasersight when die. For a secret: continue to the very bottom and look for a wall switch behind a tree located to the right of the opening; pull it and continue through the opening to find a small pool where a crow awaits; if you pulled the switch a trapdoor should be open in a corner of the pool with the SECRET #1: the Uzis and shotgun shells. Next to that corner you can find revolver ammo too.


The Shovel and the first Mosaic Piece


Go back to the starting area and locate the dark floor trapdoor near the fountain in the SW corner, combine the revolver with the sight and shoot the padlock to open it; climb down the ladder and quickly pick up the Shovel before the horde of small rats make you their snack. Once outside again go to the W side of the church and to the area where you found the first enemies, look for that small sandy tile without vegetation and use the shovel to dig a little (near its center, facing N) and get the Mosaic Piece; this will alert a wild boar.


The Fountain Key


Back to the starting area, this time approach to the church main doors and they will open automatically; enter but don’t go too far, turn left and move the column in the corner next to the E wall so you can climb it and reach the high wooden ledge. Once you are up, if you go left all the way to the N end of this ledge you’ll find a small medipack. Go back to the corner and jump to grab the crack in the S wall with the paintings, shimmy right and pull up on the window sill to get the Fountain Key.


The second Mosaic Piece and the Torch


Now go outside the church to the starting area and locate the big fountain in the SW corner, climb the block and use the key to open the trapdoor; jump into the water to get a second Mosaic Piece. Go back inside the church and this time to the left (W) wall and through the pentagonal opening (you can read a book to follow the history, on the small table to the right of that opening). Place the mosaic pieces left and right over the missing parts of the altarpiece and a small door will open in the opposite side of the church, under the high wooden ledge you were before; go there and enter to get the Torch.


First Red Stone


Go out and again through the pentagonal opening to light the torch with one of the small candles, now go N to the main altar and light the two candles to open a door somewhere. Go S out of the church and take a U-turn left and left to find the open door. One of the vases in the N side hides flares, and you can read another book here on the small table to increase your knowledge. In the W opening there is a pedestal with a silver cross you can’t pick up, and down the stairs there is a closed door, so what to do here? Note that the small table near the entrance is movable, so push it once against the corner (note the marks on the floor) to see a door opening somewhere.


Go outside and back down the stone road to the area with the small pool where you got the first secret; from the entrance, turn left and go a bit N and up the rocky ledges to find the open door. Pick up the flares at the entrance and use the vertical pole timing the fire emitters to descend to the very bottom of the cave and get the first Red Stone. Use the pole to go back up timing the fire emitters again, go outside and climb down the blocks to find the receptacle for this gem at the bottom of the stone steps.


Second Red Stone


Pick up the Shotgun on the entrance tile and advance through this canyon shooting a couple of wolves on your way; when you see a big tree, look up to spot a wooden bridge and climb the blocks to your left to go up there; cross it, and go through the next opening, pick up the shotgun shells, crawl under the dart traps and pick up a second Red Stone protected by a blade trap in the floor. Go outside, safely drop to the bottom of the canyon and continue N to the very end shooting more wolves to find the receptacle for this gem. (There are shotgun shells and uzi clips in front of this receptacle, in the dark corner.)


Big Lake Area


Advance and watch the flyby of the big lake area, showing you several places where you’ll need to go. The tasks in this area can be done in any order, so after dropping to the bottom of the pit (beware of the rolling boulders) and jump into the water, this is what I did:


The Swamp Map


Swim to the NW corner and climb the opening there, pick up the flares and the large medipack and walk slowly through the spiked passage; slide a bit down the ramp and quickly jump to grab the monkey bars, swing to the end, drop (there aren’t spikes on the last tile) and go inside the crawlspace. Continue until you reach an open area with a lot of wild boars and several mercenaries; if you wait in the corridor and don’t go out you’ll see how the mercenaries do the job for you and shoot the wild boars. When the coast is clear, go outside and kill the survivors if you want (these mercenaries won't attack if you are friendly with them).


Pick up the small medipack and the uzi clips next to the tent and go to the N wall, move the grated cage to the W and into the niche with the same pattern to raise a block in the SW corner: go there, climb it and jump to the high rocks, from there continue climbing and jumping until you reach the high suspended hut; inside pick up the Map, in which you will find the instructions to cross the swamp. Make your way to go down to ground floor.


Crossing the Swamp


Approach to the swamp and from the center take a running jump E to the first leave, a standing jump SE to the next one and a running jump E-SE to the next; now two standing jumps NE, a running jump NE, two standing jumps E and if you want the next secret take a running jump N against the wall, you’ll fall into the mud, but there is a small opening you can go through and get the SECRET #2: shotgun shells and a small medipack; take a running jump S and slowly advance to the last safe leave. Finally a couple of running jumps in a SE direction to reach the solid floor.


First Cogwheel


Shoot a couple of dogs and go to the back of the N tree to pull a lever opening a trapdoor at the top of the ladder on the S wall; go there, climb up that ladder and jump back onto the branch. For a couple of extra pickups, take a running jump E (no grab) to the top of the rocks and get a small medipack and shotgun shells; go back to the branch. Jump onto the next branch and grab the monkey bars, swing to the branch of the N tree and shoot a crow. Grab the ladder and shimmy left around two corners to the other side and get the first Cogwheel (a camera shows an UW door opening somewhere). Use the zip line and the safe blocks to cross to the W side of the swamp and jump into the pool under the cascade to go back to the lake area (beware of the spikes and pull the UW lever to open the exit door).


The Crowbar


From the lake, climb the ledge left of the cascades (NE corner) and continue climbing (note the mechanism where some cogs are missing) until you reach the top of the cascades, shooting a crow on your way and avoiding a rolling boulder. Jump over the first one, and drop/grab the edge of the rock to drop again and grab the top of the second cascade; go inside the crawlspace and note that one of the iron bars is different than the others; use the “Ctrl” key to pry it and get the Crowbar.


Timed Run


Turn around and climb up the ladder and jump back at the top; advance to find a room where you can use the crowbar to open the metal door. In the big room with the deep pit, use the horizontal pole to cross to the other side, pick up shotgun shells and uzi clips left and right and move the piece of furniture attached to the wall out and aside to get access to the next room. There’s a large medipack on a block into the deadly pit, pull the wheel switch 6 or 7 times and use the poles to swing to the other side, take a roll in front of the descending door if necessary. (To use the poles, press the “Ctrl” key to grab them but immediately release that key so Lara jumps to the next one just with a single twist or you’ll never get it.)


The Valve and the Second Cogwheel


Climb down the ladder, pick up the flares at the bottom and continue through the crawlspace and the dark passage, open the floor trapdoor at the end and drop to a small room; pry the Valve off the gray block, shoot the wooden bars blocking the crawlspace and go inside; continue crawling, shoot more bars and you are now at the bottom of the deep pit with the horizontal pole above. Shoot the bad guy, pick up the Uzis he drops and pick up the uzi clips on top of the elevator machine. One of the crates in the N wall is movable; pull it twice and push it all the way to the W so you can climb it and reach the high shootable window in the W wall; pull the switch to open the trapdoor at the top of the ladder and climb up to find yourself at the top of the pit. Go back to the previous room with the metal door you opened with the crowbar and use the valve on the metal piece attached to the pipe to dry the cascade, go back to the lake area and get the second Cogwheel.


Third Cogwheel


Swim W and use the UW lever to open the door, continue swimming (don’t even try to use the UW lever in the middle of the passage) and when you find the closed trapdoor turn around and pull the nearby UW lever to open it. Once on ground floor, pick up the revolver ammo near the NE corner, now go to the (for now) safe spike trap and get the third Cogwheel; quickly run out before the spikes pop up. Swim back to the lake.


Boulders Business


Now it’s time to use the cogwheels so climb again the ledge in the NE corner of the lake and place the cogwheels, drying the other cascade. Go through the opening the camera showed but don’t go too far or you are doomed (piranhas); simply take standing jumps onto the safe rocks in the water, (beware of the low ceiling) pick up the flares and take a last running jump to grab the edge of the safe ledge. Go inside the crawlspace and drop at the end to find a large medipack in a niche; climb the next block and quickly duck and go through the crawlspace to your left to avoid the rolling boulder, continue up the ramp and quickly duck again and go through the crawlspace to your right to avoid another rolling boulder; climb up the ladder, pull up but immediately drop and grab the ladder again to avoid another rolling boulder; pick up the shotgun shells, the flares, go to the wall switch in the corner and save your game. Pull it and quickly (it’s timed) roll and run and jump like a fool crossing the room to the other side before the door closes and while several boulders are going to smash you.


Spiders Cave


In the dark caves shoot a horde of small spiders, and further on, to her moms too. Use flares to explore this dangerous cave to collect some goodies: a small medipack, a large medipack and shotgun shells. For the last secret: look for a big spider web in the E wall between two pillars and with a plant behind; in the wall with the greenery where the plant is there is a phantom wall you can cross if you duck and crawl inside to get the SECRET #3: a large medipack and revolver ammo.


The Music Scroll


Anyway exit this cave through the opening in the SW corner; soon you’ll find a table with another book to read and a receptacle to use the blue gem in your inventory (you already started the game with this one); place it to open the double doors and find an old tomb where you’ll find the Music Scroll.


The Reliquary Key and the Holy Hearts


When you pick it up, trapdoors open in the ceiling so climb the tomb and jump to grab the ladder. Once you pull up, the trapdoors close and you can use the scroll in the receptacle next to the harp; when you do so the nearby coffins open and a couple of wraiths are released; quickly open the exit door and run up the stairs luring the wraiths to the pedestal with the cross. When the calm is restored, go back to the room with the coffins and pick up two Broken Key pieces (S side of the coffins), combine them to form the Reliquary Key and go up the stairs, outside and right inside the church, use the key in the keyhole behind the main altar and go inside the upper crawlspace to finally get the Holy Hearts. Several enemies will appear so quickly go out and deal with them; when all are dead, the doors will open, so go outside and approach to the chopper to finish the adventure.


October - 19 - 2021