Levels by Die Basis


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, assisted by Steven3517's video walk



Level 1: THE ZOO


After the brief opening flyby that ends with Lara in the motorized raft, drive forward a bit and turn right at the corner. Dismount (delete and left arrow keys) and locate the underwater lever on the nearby rock that opens the NW exit gate. Drive there carefully (you'll die if you get too far onto the rock wall) and emerge into what looks like a resort complex.


Turn left and drive SW toward a small island with a palm tree. Dismount and locate a narrow triangular opening at the lake floor. Swim inside for a RED GEM that counts as SECRET #1. Get back into the raft and drive clockwise around the island toward the large W building with the closed gate flanked by two wall torches. You can swim under the gate, but you may need to  get the raft in there later, so dismount and swim around to the N side of the building. Find the plant-obscured opening opposite the palm tree and swim inside to find an underwater lever that lifts the gate.


Swim there, pull up onto the entrance block to your right and hop onto the NE corner block. Take a curved running jump into the opening in the N wall, turn left and take a running jump and grab to the W block. Hop up N to the balcony and drop down the hole in the alcove. Follow to a wall switch that lifts a gate somewhere. Pull back out over the hole and jump over the railing into the water below. Wade out N toward the atrium and look W to see an alcove in the building you just vacated. Jump to grab it and pull inside for uzi ammo.


Get back down and run E past the atrium to the far wing of the huge white building. Find the wall crack near the NE palm tree and jump up to grab it. Shimmy right and pull up into the opening in the building. Pull down the wall switch to open a nearby gate, hop back down and find the opened gate in the W wall above a rock formation. Go there and back flip onto the slope. Jump off to grab the ladder, climb up a bit and back flip into a passage. Follow past the ramparts and about halfway down, hop up to your right and into the SE alcove to find a well-hidden wall switch behind the small tree that lowers a gate to a secret. Jump back up NW, continue E to an opening and for another pickup take a running jump SE over the railing and find MP5 ammo on the balcony. Jump over the railing to an interior paved section of the building.


Go down a bit to the W alcove and pull down the wall switch to lift the gate to the outdoor area. Hop over the railing onto the S balcony for uzi ammo and find a small medipack on the E balcony adjacent to the steps. Continue N, and just past the statue turn right into a shopping area and find MP5 ammo and uzi ammo under the awnings on your right. Stand left of the awning where you found the uzi ammo and jump up to grab the crack. Shimmy left and pull up into the alcove for the MP5. Get down, grab the large medipack in the E alcove and get the flares under the NE awning. At the end of the short E alley is the gate you opened earlier, so go inside and pull down to switch to move the nearest red car behind you away from the TRAPDOOR KEY.


Exit W, and on your way out note the inaccessible wall switch on the central column. On the other side of the same column is the receptacle for the Trapdoor Key, which in turn lifts a platform that allows you to pull down that wall switch. A gate lifts above a balcony, so return to the spot where you found the small medipack, jump SE over the railing onto the roof, slide and grab and shimmy right until you can pull up and back flip onto the balcony where the gate lifted. Hop up and down the other side onto an outdoor balcony where you'll find the HOUSE KEY (cut scene showing where it goes).


Jump over the railing into the water, wade out and run NW toward the huge building. The gate you lifted earlier is just to the right of the first lamp post you come to, so hop up there for RED GEM SECRET #2. Hop down and keep going NW. Just around the next corner is the receptacle for the House Key. Use it and hop up right. Follow the passage to a wall button that lifts a gate somewhere and lowers a block beside you to provide a short cut back to the front of the building.


Go back outside, loop around left past the secret alcove and hop up the rocks and into that W opening you visited earlier. Back flip off the slope to grab the ladder, shift right past the opened gate and drop down into an outdoor passage. Make your way up to the zip line and ride it all the way down to the far side of the atrium before releasing. Draw your pistols and await the arrival of a couple of parrots. You can see the piranha swimming in the water below, so refrain from jumping in. Jump to the column with the palm tree and from there to the bridge, go across E into the enclosed walkway and jump SW from the other end to a higher ledge.


Pick up the flares, turn to face SE, save your game and back flip onto the slope in the W alcove. Jump off without sliding to grab the ceiling, monkey swing to the S wall, release and grab, shift left and pull up to a still higher ledge where you'll find a large medipack. Step out to face the rope, jump to grab it and swing forward to jump N to the other side. Crawl E into the cramped space for a small medipack and MP5 ammo. Go W and slide down the slope to an office.


Loop around right and take the UZIS from the small table, note the nearby keyhole and pull down the SW wall switch to lift the S gate. Move the pushblock into the atrium and along the wooden walkway to the corner. Climb up on it, jump to grab the ceiling and monkey swing to the S ledge. Drop down, pick up the uzi ammo and take the ZOO OFFICE KEY from the small shelf. You know where that goes, so with your back to the wall stand jump down to the block with the palm tree and take a running jump to grab the wooden walkway. Pull up, return to the office and use the key to open the SE door.


Follow the passage through a phantom curtain to a ticketing area. Loop around left in this fenced section to note a keyhole for later. Hop onto the SW crate for uzi ammo and, since you don't have a ticket or any money to buy one, jump over the turnstiles and look S for MP5 ammo next to the large gate. Exit E to the outdoor area and go to the steps. Turn left through the archway and continue to a central square that serves as a hub area.


Run past the tiger cage, turn right and go through the E archway. Run along the left side and stepping on the low ramp provides an onscreen hint about how to keep moving forward. Go all the way to the E wall and jump up right next to the lampstand to grab the roof. Shimmy right until the roof goes slightly upward, pull up there and take a back flip at the very last instant to clear the fence behind you and land in the water. There's a hard-to-see floor hole between the two rock formations. Swim down and find an underwater lever that lowers a nearby trap door.


Surface and pull out onto the landing, where a baby dinosaur is waiting. Pull up higher S, find the overhead monkey bars E and monkey swing to the SE corner. Turn left where the trap door lowered and jump to grab the higher N ledge. Pull up and run forward, hop into the window alcove, hang from the edge and shimmy left to the next window alcove, which is partially open. Pull up and hop down the other side to target and shoot three or four baby dinosaurs. There's a closed gate in the W wall requiring a key you don't have, and spikes block your way counterclockwise.


For a secret, jump into the water and find the opening in the rock formation near the NE corner. Swim inside for RED GEM SECRET #3. Exit, get uzi ammo in the W alcove, surface and pull out onto the lower wooden walkway. Pull the switch on the W bridge support to open a gate blocking access to a key. Hop up NW to the higher wooden walkway, turn right and go up the bridge to the S opening. Hop up, hang from the other side and shimmy left along the wall crack to the next window. Pull up, stand near the SW corner and jump to grab the awning. Shimmy left around the corner, drop to grab the alcove where the gate opened and pull inside for the DINO HOUSE KEY.


For a pickup, jump SE down to the wooden ledge, hop NW into the alcove with the large medipack and drop down into the water. Pull out and make your way laboriously back up to the central W window as described two paragraphs ago. Hop down the other side and follow the lower walkway to the keyhole you noted earlier. Use the key to open the gate above you and hop inside. Pick up the nearby small medipack and pull down the wall switch to open two gates.


Exit to the walkway, go up and jump W to grab the higher section. Pull up, turn left and follow through a plant-covered opening to find yourself in one of the cages in the jungle exhibit, and fortunately it appears to be unoccupied. Grab the uzi ammo near the S grated fence and go to the NW corner where the gate opened. Go straight across, drop into the trench for a large medipack and continue into the next room to find the SNOW LEOPARD HOUSE KEY on the raised slab. Grab the flares and small medipack, exit and turn right into the hub courtyard.


Take the W opening and go between the cages to a smaller courtyard where someone is cooking dogs (one would hope that these are hot dogs and not real dogs). Go through the N opening and hop up E to find the receptacle for your latest key. The cover lifts from the wall switch on your right, which in turn opens the gate to the snow leopard cage. Shoot three of the critters as you enter and go E into their sleeping quarters and into the S side room for a large medipack and flares.


Exit and go S into the cage for public viewing, hop onto the rock and jump NE to grab the opening. Pull inside, pull down the wall switch to open the gate to the N side room below, drop down and go there for uzi ammo. With your back to the wall, jump S to grab the ladder and climb up to the enclosed walkway over the cage. Go to the far end, push the button to lift a gate in a bathroom somewhere, and drop down to a familiar room. Push the wall switch back up to close one gate and open another, slide down W and go down the S alley to find a button that opens the door to the bathroom. Side flip over the railing for uzi ammo, then enter the bathroom.


Hop into the S alcove, turn around to find the opened gate and jump to grab the crawl space. Pull inside, flip out at the other end, pull into the short N crawl space for the BLUE FUSE and note the screen shot showing the receptacle behind the hot dog stand that you probably missed earlier. Get down, push the button to open the door and exit to the alley in the jungle exhibits. Loop around left to the hot dog stand, place the fuse to douse the flames so you can turn around to grab the TIGER HOUSE KEY. That shouldn't be far away, so go E under the arch to the hub area and keep going E into the next wing.


Your destination keyhole is to your right. Use the key to lift the cover from the wall switch, which in turn opens the gate. There's another gate just inside, which is opened by another wall switch. Unfortunately, the one behind you closes, so draw that MP5 or uzis and shoot three tigers inside the cage. Check these sleeping quarters for a small medipack and uzi ammo, then enter the public viewing area. Go all the way to the S wall, pull up into the crawl space, flip out into a corridor and go up the steps to find the YELLOW FUSE on a plinth. The gate in front of you opens automatically, so drop down outside the tiger cage. 


Head W, and just past the cage with the desert landscape enter the NW opening and follow up the ramps to the receptacle for the Yellow Fuse. The gate behind you opens, so jump into the water and swim down for the LOCKER KEY on the partially sunken chest. Surface and pull out W for MP5 ammo and uzi ammo, swim back across E and return outdoors. Loop around right, hop over the turnstiles and continue with a hop over the railing into the small office area. The NW keyhole you noted earlier will receive the Locker Key and lift the gate so you can go through the phantom curtain.


In the next room is the HAND OF RATHMORE. When you pick it up the N gate opens, so go in and grab the flares to your right, hop up NW and down the other side for a large medipack, pull up onto the ledge and jump W for MP5 ammo, and finally hop into the E opening and go up the ramp to a hallway. Follow around to an opening that leads to the outdoor area where you began the level. Safety drop to the ground and run S to the beach. Jump into the water, swim to where you left the motorized raft.


Mount the raft and drive through the W gate you opened much earlier. Go left around the central tower and jump out onto the W ledge. You can jump to the bridge connected to the central tower, but there's a closed gate that may be intended for a later return visit. Save your game, place the Hand of Rathmore in the chest of the crucified cadaver and the trap door will open at your feet. Slide down the ramp and jump with grab over the spike pit at the bottom. Draw a powerful weapon and do battle with four ahmet hounds waiting for you in the cavern ahead. When the last one dies there's a change of topography. Hop down into the central hole to finish the level and hit the escape key to start the next one after viewing your stats.




Lara slides down a dark star-studded chute, but this time there are no traps or enemies waiting for you. In the cell-like room below, find uzi ammo in the SE alcove, MP5 ammo in the SW alcove, and the gate in the alcove between them opens automatically when you step inside. Enter what appears to be a pool room, but the pool is actually empty with deadly goo at the bottom. Look in the near right corner for flares and hop up onto the E block for a spare MP5.


Go to the pool's edge near the W wall, note for later the nearby wall opening and hang from the edge. Drop to a safe spot in the corner and crawl toward the N passage. Stand up, follow to a ladder, pick up the THISTLE (the trap door overhead drops)and climb back up to the room where you began the level. The Thistle goes in the nearby snake-head receptacle to open the W gate and two hellhounds immediately attack. Loop around right for a large medipack, then cautiously approach the S steps to trigger a swinging flamepot.


Time your way past it and look for the W opening at the bottom of the steps. Time a running jump NW over the goo pit to grab the opening, pull up and follow around for RED GEM SECRET #4. Go back the way you came and pull down the wall switch next to the steps. Go up the steps, climb the ladder and pull up where the gate opened. Run forward, take a running jump and grab over the gap, pull up and loop around left in the next area to find a wall switch that raises a block near the goo pool. Go back to the gap, run off SE onto the corner block below and hop down to the opening you noted earlier.


Return to the goo pool, hop onto the raised block and go to the far corner. Turn around and jump up SW onto the higher block and from there to the suspended platform. Turn left and take a running jump to the jutting E ledge and deal with two rats. Go up the steps and find uzi ammo in the NE alcove. Step on the nearby trigger tile to lift a gate in the S wall of the goo pool. Jump back to the suspended platform and take a running jump with grab over the cadaver to glide into the S opening below.


Go to the end of the passage, pull up right into a cell and go through the E opening to trigger a boulder that rolls onto a trigger tile in the cell that in turn raises another nearby block. Continue through the NE opening to find the raised block. Get up on it and take a running jump to grab the higher W ledge. Pull up and loop around right and left for 2 x small medipack in the window alcoves. When you approach the dog statutes they suddenly hatch to release two hellhounds.


Jump SW over the railing, slide and grab and shimmy right over the goo pool until you can pull up at a flat spot. Jump forward and go into the small room ahead. Take a running jump into the SW passage for a small medipack, jump back and do the same into the SE passage for uzi ammo. Hop onto the slope so you slide down facing forward and jump over two spike traps to land on a ledge overlooking a pit of deadly goo. For a secret, look down right (SW) to see a partially obscured opening in the wall. Jump down there with grab and run forward for RED GEM SECRET #5.


To get back, stand jump SE from the opening to grab the slope, shimmy left a bit, pull up and take a rolling back flip to grab the N ledge. Pull up and go around to the left side of the central tower. Jump W to the jutting ledge to awaken Sophia, hop forward to the next ledge to trigger a swinging flamepot and quickly get past it to make a clockwise circuit of the tower, using the blocks to get up higher where Sophia's deadly bolts can't reach you. Hop to the ledge against the E wall and take a running jump S to grab the corner column. Shimmy right around the corner and drop down into an enclosed section. Pick up the large medipack and pull up W. Stoop down at the corner bush and grab the hidden MP5 ammo.


Pull down the wall switch to open a nearby gate. Slide backwards down the slope, grab, pull up and take a rolling back flip to grab the N ledge. Pull up and repeat your clockwise circuit around the central tower to that SE corner column. The opened gate is to your right (W), so jump there and pull up higher N to find a cage in the small upper courtyard. Push it over the edge, and a gate lifts to your right. Hop E over the middle of the wall and go past the opened gate into a fenced stairway.


Wait for the arrival of two torch-wielding natives and go up the steps to the entrance of a building for which a key is required. Loop around left and find the ladder in the wall of the deadly goo trench. Climb down and shift left to drop down into a passage. Run up the ramp (no boulder trap here) and follow to a floor hole. Jump over the deadly goo and continue up the ramp until a boulder is triggered just before you reach the embedded crystals on your right. Reverse roll, run back down the ramp and jump past the floor hole just ahead of the boulder. Go up the ramp a second time and turn the corner. The metallic floor ahead is spike trapped, so jump to grab the ceiling and monkey swing past the hazard.


Continue to a more open area and push the E wall button to lift two gates, including the one behind you. Reverse roll, go to the floor hole and safety drop to the fenced stairway. The opened gate is to your left in the N wall. Go there and loop around right to find a large medipack in the window alcove and uzi ammo in the NW corner. The hole in the NE corner appears to be filled with deadly goo, but it's just harmless water, so jump in for the CROWBAR. Exit this area and run past the building entrance to the S wall. Open the crowbar door and enter a small cell. Pull up into the E windows for MP5 ammo and uzi ammo.


The W gate opens when you step on the trigger tile under the floating cadaver, so enter another small cell as the gate closes behind you. Find the SW MP5 ammo and pick up the REALM KEY at the end of the NW passage. The small gate ahead opens, so crawl through and flip out near the fenced stairway. Go up N and open the door with the Realm Key. Enter what seems at first glance like Venice on Venus and stand right at the gap separating the ledges. Take a running jump over the gap to trigger an approaching boulder, turn to your left and take a running jump N to the block, hop NE to grab the wall crack next to the closed gate and shimmy right to pull into the crawl space.


Flip out into a small room with a small medipack and pull down the wall switch on the block to open the SW gate and the S gate on the other side of the deadly goo. Hop up into the window and take a running jump down to the central ledge. Continue with a running jump S to the stable block in front of the opening and hop down for a small medipack. Pull up S for the REUNION MASK and hop back down to find a hard-to-see wall switch beneath the entrance that provides no clue as to what you've just done.


Jump back N to the central ledge and follow to the opening in the E wall. But first, turn right and jump with grab to the block in the SE corner. Pull up and jump SW into the window opening and take a running jump to grab the S ledge that has a timed spike trap. Don't pull up immediately but shift left around the corner, pull up and take an immediate running jump W to grab the higher SW corner block. Pull up and face the higher N block. This one has a timed flameblower, so take a running jump to grab it, shimmy left around the corner, pull up and take a running jump E to grab the still higher block. This one isn't trapped, so pull up without fear and jump to the highest S block. If you linger too long on this one a boulder will drop to crush you, so quickly turn around and take a running jump to grab the jutting N ledge.


Pull up and ready a powerful weapon to kill two torch-wielding natives. Grab the MP5 ammo on the ledge to your left, run forward into the next room and take a second REUNION MASK from the raised slab. The floor trap door behind you opens, so climb down the ladder in either the N or S face and safety drop to the central ledge with a slight loss of health. Go to the E opening and hop up and down into the next room. Use the Reunion Masks to open the E door between them and slide down the long slope to Sophia's lair. Quickly go left (N) and take cover behind the column. Know that you can jump up NE to let the green crystal replenish your health when you most need it, then run to the E side and push the button to open the gate up to your left.


Hop up into a dark cave-like room, loop around right to find flares in the alcove and go to the edge of the pool with deadly goo. There are three translucent platforms suspended over the pool, so use flares to detect their presence. You can reach the nearest one with a standing jump from about the middle of the room. The next one is SE, and it requires a running jump (grab not necessary). The last one is almost due N and can also be reached with a simple running jump. Hop into the NE opening and shoot three hellhounds in the next room. Take the TRAPDOOR KEY from the E block, then get down and push the block away from the E alcove to reveal RED GEM SECRET #6.


Pick up the small medipack near the closed S gate and go to the exit passage. A metal platform against the N wall has been raised, so use it for a convenient shortcut back to the W side. Go to the SW opening and hop down left into Sophia's lair. There's a keyhole for the Trapdoor Key on the nearby column, and you'll be safe from Sophia's bolts as you insert it. The trap door above you opens, and you'll need to expose yourself briefly as you get into position to jump and grab the ladder in the E face of the column. 


Climb to the upper ledges and loop around right for a large medipack. Note the red gems that serve as the nose for the huge mask in the W wall. Use your pistols to shoot it and a similar gem appears on the N mask. Shoot that one as well and watch the ensuing flyby as those two masks explode. You're not finished, however. Make your way counterclockwise along the ledges, jumping the gaps where necessary, until you reach the NW corner. Turn the wheel on the block there to release the boulder hanging over Sophia's perch and watch her die. Pick up the nearby large medipack that you may no longer need and safety drop from the gap in the N ledge to the ledge below.


Go around to the W side and take a running jump E to grab the platform that was raised when Sophia died. Hop up onto the translucent block for another HAND OF RATHMORE as Lara's theme music plays. A second translucent block has appeared up in the NW corner, so jump there as the W gate opens. Take a running jump to grab the ledge, pull up and run up the ramp toward the ladder. Look in the alcove to your right for the EXIT KEY and you'll hear the sound of a door opening. Climb the ladder to a familiar room and use the Exit Key in the S receptacle to lift the adjacent gate. Go on through, drop down into the water hole and swim forward for a screen showing your stats.


Hit the escape key, swim forward, up the shaft and surface. Pull up N and back flip into the alcove to trigger a flyby through the zoo complex, culminating in a cut scene of a hot-air balloon descending to whisk Lara away as the level ends.