TR Advent Calendar 2021 Ė A Christmas Eve


Level by PedroTheGamer


Walkthrough by manarch2


NOTE: There is no compass in the inventory (even if the statistics are called so).



After the initial flyby, Lara is standing in front of closed gates. In your inventory is already a Party Ticket and you are also provided with a Belgium City Map. Iíve put some numbers on the map Iíll refer to during the walkthrough. At the moment you are at (1).



The Quadbike


Run up the hills on either left or right side of the gate and jump on the ledge above the gate so you can drop down on the other side. A quadbike is already awaiting you here on the left, but first go to the right end of the street, climb over the ledge and find a package of Flares in the hole. Get up and find a ladder above you on the right side of the ledge, get up there and open the doors to get into a small room with a Snow Flake as Secret #1. Now return all the way and mount the quadbike. Follow the street around the corner and drive to the next crossing. Dismount, go into the passage to the left and find Waffles on a pedestal, which work as a small medipack. On the left wall, behind the last vase, is a crawlspace. Follow it to a room where you can find another Snow Flake for Secret #2, then return outside.


The Blanket and the Toy Bear


Back on the quad drive to the front of the cafť (2), dismount and enter the cafť by opening the door on the right side. Grab the Waffles from the near most table, then open the door on the far corner of the room and run down in the cellar. Use the switch to open a window somewhere in the town, then head back up, exit the cafť and drive the quad to where you came from, then straight at the junction, but stop soon afterwards. Dismount, climb the block to the right (3) and from there jump up to the ladder. Jump from platform to platform around the house until you reach the windowsill; on the platform ahead are more Flares so first go there before entering the bedroom. Get the Blanket from the bed, the White Bear Toy Gift from the pedestal on the other side and also the Christmas Cookies (large medipack) on the desk. Exit this room and head back to the quadbike.†


The Hotel


Drive further along the road and when you see a small park with an open gate to the left, stop and head to the other side to see the entrance to a hotel (4). Push the telephone button to open the doors to the hotel. Get in and jump behind the reception on the right to find a Snow Flake for Secret #3. Run upstairs (donít save here!) and into the left corridor. Follow through until you see an open door on the left, enter and talk to Amalia. Afterwards you can head out again, a screenshot shows a door being opened near the start of the level, but thereís also another passage in the hotel now free to explore. Head back to the central hall of the hotel, then straight and to the other end of the corridor. In the crawlspace at the far-right corner a grate has lifted, so crawl through and climb up in the ducts. Here you can save again.


The Ducts


Climb down in the crawlspace to the left, turn around and in the room with the lasers run-jump to the block; from there you can get onto the ledge in the corner and use the switch to open the door in the laser room. Drop back onto the last block and jump there. In the next area jump to the slide and make your way across the lasers. On the other side, get into the crawlspace. At the junction, you donít have to go left at all as there is a dead end. Go right first and get Flares, then return and crawl right until you can drop down, then crawl and drop again. Follow the passage into a storage room with movable boxes.


Box Puzzle


Donít try to move the smaller boxes or the game freezes. You donít need to move any of the boxes at the floor anyway. Climb on the left-hand ledge and push the upper box to the other side, then drop down and find the switch on the box below the central walkway (the one facing the room) to raise the box onto the higher floor. Donít use the other switch behind the block yet. To get up, climb the only wooden box in the center of the room and stand-jump to grab the higher ledge. If you had used the switch, this passage wouldíve been closed for some time. Move the box in front of the trapdoor, then drop down, climb behind the block and use the timed switch to raise the trapdoor. Now climb the blocks raised by the first switch, return to the box and move it over the trapdoor and onto the marked tile at the end of the passage; you have to climb and crawl over the block twice on the way. A door opens elsewhere; now you can return all the way to the hall with the lasers, use the other slopes to get to the other side and use the crevice to shimmy back to where you came from.


The Homeless


Run-jump to the far block over the lasers, then into the passage left and climb up, then go right and crawl back to the hotel corridor. Get down; to the left of the stairs is Toy Normal Crossbow Ammo on a pedestal. Donít go any further in the left corridor as you could actually finish this level prematurely here. Exit the hotel and mount the quadbike, drive a long way to the homeless man (5). Place the Blanket on the laundry basket facing the sign and you receive both an Empty Box and a flyby for a hint on where to put it. Back on the quadbike, drive to the homeless woman (6). Combine the Empty Box and the White Bear Toy Gift to get the Gift Box and place it on the pile of gifts. A screenshot shows you a still closed door but you also receive a Bunch of Keys.


The Library


Drive to the library (7), open the door with the Bunch of Keys and enter. Climb the bookshelves, then jump over the balustrade to the left and at the end of the table row left is Paper. Use the bookshelves to get to the other side of the room, facing the long row with books the rightmost tile is climbable. Get up here and find the Snow Flake for Secret #4. Get down to ground floor again and exit the library.


The Mansion


Use the quad to drive all the way back to where you once found the quad, around the corner (8) is a closed door where you can use the keys to open it. Inside get the Christmas Cookies and open the door to enter a house. Left behind the Christmas tree is a timed jumpswitch. You have to do several jumps to get to it as object collision is making life hard here. Use it and backflip with a twist, run upstairs, right around the corner and follow the balustrade to the open door to the left. Inside is the Snow Flake for Secret #5. Exit this small room. Go left and find a table with Flares on it. Now go to the door on the other side of the room, open it and then open the door to the outside balcony. Get the Pencil and return to the inner hallway, back to the stairs. Before going downstairs, open the remaining door right of the stairs and get even more Flares in the bathroom. Exit this house, go back to the quadbike.


Hotel Storeroom, Some Money


Drive back to the start of the level (1), now dismount and climb left over the small ledge to the inner courtyard with Santa waiting at the sleigh. Ignore him and enter the bakery (9) behind him. Approach the owner for a small conversation. The screenshot shows a long opened and explored passage on the second floor of the hotel, but actually a grate on ground floor has opened up. Return outside and head all the way back to the quad.† Now get back on the quad, drive all the way to the hotel (4) and enter. Head right of the stairway on ground floor and in the rear right corner is the crawlspace leading to the newly opened storeroom. Loop around the left boxes and use the switch to open a gate in front of a pushable box somewhere outside. On the other side of the storeroom is a door opened by the block puzzle, so enter and in the room with many shelves search the far right one for 500 Euros. You can leave this area by the crawlspace now, then go out of the hotel.


Crowbar and Letter


Back on the quad backtrack all the way to the bakery (9) and give the guy the 500 Euros (didnít he just want 300?). After another conversation get the Basement Shop Key from the desk and open the door to the left with it. Inside is the Crowbar on the table to the left behind the shelves. Search the right shelves for another Snow Flake and Secret #6. Head back out and return to the quad. If you follow the right-side path on the map to the post box (10), you can take a stop at an alley to the right (four park benches before the church entrance) to find a Snow Flake as Secret #7 very close to the wall. Now drive to said post box and combine the Paper with the Pencil to get a Zip/Alister Letter. Put it into the postal box (exactly on the other side of where one might think) and receive the Empty Box.


Underground Lasers


Now drive in front of the fence (11) in the same street where you can find the door to the movable box opened in the warehouse. Pull out the box at least once, then climb on it and jump over the high fence. Follow the street around the corner, then find another switch on the left-hand house which opens a grate around the corner. Crawl in here, drop in the corridor and follow the path ahead to a junction. Grab the monkeyswing to get over the right-hand lasers, use the lever at the end to hear another grate opening, then return. Follow the other passage now through the crawlspaces and enter a room with lasers and monkeyswings. Jump to the left and right ledges to use the first two of a total of five levers. Now use the monkeyswing to get to the other three, best is to keep the far middle one as last. Also, you can get Flares on another ending of the monkeyswing. Tip for experts: You can use the banana jump between the two far ledges to speed things up a bit. Anyway, after having used all five, you can jump to the ramp from the ledge with the last lever, then to the safe ledge. Either use the crevice to get to the next ledge or shimmy there using the crevice in the wall.


The Conveyor Belt


Climb into the crawlspace and arrive at another switch which is actually timed. Use it, return and get into the right-hand crawlspace, get through to the end and jump to grab the ledge over the fan before it restarts again. Follow the crawlspace and drop into another warehouse room with conveyor belts. Watch the cutscene, get the Toy Crossbow Normal Ammo from the right table and open the door to get into a control room. The puzzle doesnít make too much sense, so just use the lever #1 to get access to the next lever #4, use it for lever #2, then the same for the last lever #3 which you have to use at least five times to get the Toy Crossbow from the conveyor belt. The grate in this room opens, so get into the crawlspace. Drop into the sewers on the other side. Lara is looking at something on the floor in the middle, so go and pick up a second Party Ticket, making the first one obsolete. Head on and use the switch to open the trapdoor on top of the ladder which leads back outside. Use the block around the corner to jump over the fence back to the quad bike.


Hotel Warehouse


Now backtrack on food and by quad all the way to the hotel, but, instead of going there, find the door (12) to the left of the hotel park. Open it with the Crowbar, at the end of the passage open the doors with the Bunch of Keys and enter the cellar of the hotel. Go right and find Flares on a table. To the right of the door, in the corner behind a box is a Snow Flake for Secret #8. Head back and open the door to the right of the exit manually. Enter the warehouse and go right to find the Drink Glass stuck inside the shelf Lara is looking at. Search the central cabins for Waffles and Christmas Cookies, more Waffles can be found on the blocks at the end of the room. Go right here and up the stairs, use the lever to the left to open a trapdoor in the cellar of the cafť you visited a while ago. Return all the way back out.


The Sewers


Return to the quad and drive to the cafť (2), enter, run downstairs and safety-drop in the sewers. You can see a lever far ahead over the (ultimately deadly) water so jump on the ramps and make continuous jumps back and forth curving into the direction of the lever. Finally jump into the passage with the lever, use it to open a door at the other end of the water and get there with the same technique as before. Jump into the passage and come to a larger water area. Dive into the water and hurry to swim below the fence to the right (on the left side is a small gap), then climb up right to find another Snow Flake for Secret #9. Return through the fence, climb up to the right and find the opening.


Troubles in Water


Drop into the water at the end, the current will take you further but be sure to navigate safely between those fans. After the third corner, you have to swim against the current into the right-hand passage. Climb out at the end, push the switch and a door opens back in the sewers. If you want to find another package of Flares, swim back through the passages where the fans have stopped working. Around some corners you can pick them up, then return to the last switch. Use the crawlspace to get back to the start of this sequence and find the open door in this area; notice the frozen water on this side of the sewers and a special marked tile that at the moment is frozen as well. Push the switch inside to create a hole at said tile, return to find it around the corner, dive in there and quickly swim through the passage, right, in the hole, then at the end climb out left or right (not ahead!) and push the switch to open the door. Before leaving take the Church Key from the pedestal with you. Now you have to backtrack all the way to the quad, through all sewer rooms, the cellar and the cafť.


The Church


Drive to the church (13) and open the doors with the Church Key and enter. I had no problems with saving here but you might want to be careful inside.


Four levers have to be used to open the trapdoor behind the altar and a jumpswitch to open one even higher up. There are also four ladders, one in each corner.


Near left ladder: Not (yet) needed when you go right first.

Near right ladder: Climb up, jump over the platforms and use the lever. Jump back, then run-jump to the slope, shimmy right and climb up for Waffles and Flares. Jump over the other platforms to the second lever. Now jump to the ladder on the left, shimmy (in climbing position) around the left corner and drop to grab the jumpswitch.

Far left ladder: Climb up, shimmy left around some corners and backflip onto the platform, from there to the lever, then drop down.

Far right ladder: Climb up, shimmy over the slope, drop and jump on the ledge. Get to the lever, use it and drop down.


Head to the pole behind the altar, climb up and backflip on the first floor. Behind a bookcase to the right of the pole (looking from the church entrance) is the last Snow Flake for Secret #10. Jump back on the pole, climb up to the top and backflip in the passage. Follow it, climb up and enter another puzzle room with five levers. Use the first, second, third and fourth lever from the left to activate a cutscene. Head back down on the floor level of the church where a passage has opened up between the benches. Enter the wine cellar and behind the small standing barrel in the room left around the corner is the Lasersight.


Some More Money


Use the quad to drive back to the manor with the garage (8). Enter the hall, combine the Drink Glass with the Empty Box to get the Drink Present and place it on the table with the presents, facing the wall left of the door you came from. A trapdoor opens upstairs, so go there, climb the ladder and backflip into the attic. At the other side you can get another 500 Euros from the pedestal. A grate opens in the hotel warehouse. Return all the way outside.


Saving the Party


Drive to the alley next to the hotel (12) and enter the warehouse, then run to the end of the area (donít save here!). Find the open grate in the far-left corner, pass the crawlspace and shoot the lock with the combined Toy Crossbow + Lasersight. Climb the ladder, use the switch to open a door in the last room, return there and use the Toy Crossbow again to shoot at the guy in front of the switch. Watch the cutscene, then use the switch to open a trapdoor near a shop.


Ameliaís Gift, Party!


You are already outside, so mount the quad, drive to this shop (14) and crawl through the passage (donít save until you get out again!) Get on the ledge above the lasers, shimmy left and climb up. The grate opens and Lara finds herself in the shop, looking at a certain shelf in the second row. Get Ameliaís Gift there and give the shop owner the remaining 500 Euro so that you can leave the shop through the now open door.† Return to the hotel (4), run upstairs and left, then into Ameliaís room. Here you can place Ameliaís Gift on the small table next to the door on the right wall. One of two doors to the party room opens. Head downstairs, then right and give one Party Ticket to the girl at the reception desk to completely open the way to the disco. Head in, you might want to step in front of Amelia to see Lara dancing a bit. Head out if youíve had enough of the party, exit the hotel and the level ends with a concluding cutscene.