Level by Team Christmas 2021: Jesus C.Croft, Justin, Kubsy and tombraiderxii


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth. Video walks have also been provided by Steven3517, by Saki Croft and by kapil4417037.



Begin inside a café. After a futile attempt to buy a cup of coffee, exit to the village square and note the hungry homeless guy propped up against a column to your right. Go through the SE archway, looping around right through an alley to another part of the village. Turn right into Evertless Beauty, a dress design shop that looked more to me like a bar, and engage in a brief conversation with Amanda. You learn that if you find "all the secret baubles" (you're not told how many here, but a text file in the level download reveals that there are 14 in all) you can return here to "unlock a special reward."


Exit, turn right and keep right to enter Spinlight Records for another game-delaying conversation with the owner. You may have noted that each conversation is stored for later reference in the PDA you're carrying. Exit, turn left and then right underneath an archway and look right to see some crates you can shoot to access a crawl space hole with a jump switch. Activate it to open a door next to the nearby forklift. Hop out of the hole and go SE to the opened door, enter a store room and hop on the crate for flares. Jump to the larger trash bin, face E and jump to grab the ladder (or the monkey bars, I'm not sure which is correct). Use the up arrow key to "climb" the ladder and pull up onto the platform.


Reverse roll, jump to the balcony with the sofa and vending machine and jump again to the smaller SE balcony. Activate the jump switch to lower the spears blocking the W opening, take a running jump over the railing to grab the larger balcony ledge, pull up and enter another storage area.  Go through the NW opening, jump onto the small octagonal building and open the chest for SECRET #1. Get down to the ground and head W along the street. Turn left at the snowmen and hop onto the snow piled against the N wall. Turn around and jump to grab the ledge with the statue. Pull up and hop twice S to another ledge with a statute, side flip left and pull up S to find a small chest with SECRET #2.


Jump N to the lower roof of the next building, slide, grab and safety drop to the pavement, losing a little bit of health. Go under the arch past a lone beggar and run into someone named Sam for another game-delaying conversation. After it's over, continue W into a courtyard and hop over the stone wall into a park area. Go to the NW corner to find a wall switch that opens a door next to a sewer. Return to the courtyard and run S past a couple of buildings until you can turn right into a small alley. Loop around right and open the small chest for SECRET #3.


Exit the alley and find a ramp to the right of the stone wall enclosing the park. Slide down to the water's edge and face the sewer entrance. Runjump NW to grab the block, pull up and runjump NE onto the slope ahead without bumping into the jutting pipe. Jump without sliding to land on a stable surface and continue with a runjump to the ledge with the statue. Runjump N to grab the floating crate, pull up and runjump to grab the N ledge. Pull up, run into the alcove where that gate opened earlier and open the chest for SECRET #4.


Return the same way you came. The jump back to the crate is tricky but makable if you hang from the edge, pull up and reverse roll before initiating your running jump. When you reach the ledge just before the slope, you'll need to jump into the icy water and swim hurriedly back to pull out onto the S ledge. To get back up to the village, run through the shallow water a bit past the tree, pull up right two times and take a running jump over the tree to grab the higher N ledge. Pull up and return to the street.


Turn left and run S past four street lights and turn right at the bend in the street. Continue E past a parked vehicle and hop from the nearby snow pile onto a corner of the E cross monument.  Walk around to the NE corner and take a running jump to grab the ladder/monkey bars ahead. Climb up to the platform and jump over the railing onto the balcony in the adjacent building. Make your way clockwise around the building, jumping as necessary, until you the roof of the connecting building. Take standing jumps N to the top of the roof, where you're greeted by a remote camera.


Turn around and side flip left onto the sloped part of the roof, slide and grab and drop next to a lady beggar, say hello and take a running jump NW down to a ledge jutting from the next building. Hop to the roof, slide and grab and shimmy left around the corner where you can pull up in front of a fountain. Go around the fountain to an outdoor lounge where someone appears to be meditating. Hop over the NW section of the railing to find a chest containing SECRET #5. Return the way you came and safety drop to the street from the jutting ledge.


Go through the S alley to the square with the cross monuments. Get to the ladder/monkey bars the same way you did earlier, climb up to the platform and this time take a running jump to the ledge jutting from the roof of the N building. Stand jump N over the sloped portion of the roof and slide down to an enclosed section where you'll find small snacks and flares. Get back to the jutting ledge (making sure you jump SE and not straight S), jump NW onto the sloped roof, slide and grab and shimmy right as far as you can. Pull up and back flip onto a balcony. Pull up W onto a flat spot and save your game for a tricky curved running jump SW around the corner of the building to land on a balcony occupied by another beggar.


Locate and climb the ladder to the top of a chimney column. Hop back, grab and shimmy right around corners to the long E edge of the roof. When you reach the equivalent of the third block, release to drop down to a flat surface. Jump N to the next two flat surfaces and take another tricky curved running jump around the corner to grab the edge of a balcony. Pull up, go around to the other side and see the crack in the wall up to your left. Jump to grab it and shimmy right around two corners to drop into a window alcove. Hop onto the sloped roof, slide and grab and shimmy right around three more corners until you pull up onto another balcony.


I know, this is becoming wearisome, but humor me and take a running jump slightly NW from the far end to grab another balcony. Pull up, go to the far end of this balcony and hop down NE to the sloped roof below. This may be a bug, but in my game the surface where I landed was stable and Lara didn't slide down to the street. I could then turn in place and stand jump N to grab the ledge jutting from the next building. Jump W to the next ledge, turn left and take a running jump over the railing to land inside the S balcony. Open the chest for SECRET #6, jump back to the previous ledge and safety drop to the street near the wall-enclosed park.


Turn right and follow the street N past the street lights as you did earlier, but this time go to Joan of Arc's Dance Floor as you turn the corner. Patrons are waiting in line to get in, and the lady bouncer posted at the entrance isn't exactly friendly. You weren't in a dancing mood anyway, so continue E and turn left at the crossing. You'll come to another square, so follow the street underneath a bridge and turn left to where Lara is looking. Shoot the panel beyond the trash bin and pull the bin away from the opening in the S wall. Go inside and turn around to find a ladder. Jump to grab it and climb up to a balcony.


Jump over the railing to your right to grab the roof. Shimmy left to  a corner ledge but pull up instead of dropping down. Hop forward and slide down the other side of the roof onto a balcony with a chest containing SECRET #7. Stand jump SE to grab the roof, shimmy left to the corner and safety drop with a modest loss of health. Head E under the bridge again and go to the vehicle next to the trash bin you moved earlier. Surprisingly enough, it too can be moved, so pull the vehicle three times N so you can get up on it and jump onto the central column. From there you can take a running jump slightly SE to grab the open balcony on the left.


Pull up, step forward and jump up (action and up arrow keys only) to grab the crack in the column. Shimmy left around two corners and drop down into an alcove. Face the S window and shoot it. Take a running jump there, grab and pull up. Hop down into the room and note the red exclamation point on the dresser in the corner. They're actually a pickup that appears in your inventory as SOME EUROS. Jump over the sofa into the window, take a running jump N to grab the alcove and safety drop from the lower right corner.


Use the moved vehicle and the central column to get back to that open balcony. This time, jump the balconies N and pick up the small snacks. Jump to the slope ahead so that you slide down backwards, grab the edge, pull up and take a rolling back flip to grab the jutting ledge. Pull up and jump up NW into the window alcove. Hop back, grab the edge and shimmy left along the crack toward the next window alcove but release before you get there to activate the jump switch. You hear the E spear gate opening as you drop to the street, so reverse roll and head toward the bridge. Before passing underneath it, turn right and hop onto the snow bank. Face the Tomb Raider as E and stand jump to grab the top of the structure. Pull up, turn around and stand jump slightly SE to grab the top of the bridge. Pull up and go around right to find a chest with SECRET #8.


Get back down to the street and enter the E square to trigger a burst of foreboding music. Turn left and go up that little walkway to face the statue of the lady pretending to be Atlas. Back flip onto the slope and jump off to land on top of the statue. Note that the SW balcony has an open section, so jump there and continue to the higher SE balcony. Look down SE to see the water gushing from the building in three places. Stand jump with grab into the alcove of the nearest opening, go on through to the next water flow and open the chest for SECRET #9 (face S while being careful not to slide down the slope).


Slide down into the pool, pull out and return to the entrance to this square. Go across the little bridge into the Christmas Market to trigger another superfluous (the necessary information being always stored in your PDA), game-delaying conversation. There are several other booths in this market, but the only one presently open for business is the candy store (middle of the N wall). Go there and buy a COMBO DESSERT with Some Euros. A note on the door of the booth behind you says the owner had to close down but is available nearby if needed.


Go to the SW booth where some business is being transacted and hop onto the roof. Ignore the owner's protests and go to the green block. Jump up past the block, grab the ladder and pull up to the exterior roof of the market. Hop onto the SE block while enjoying the Gregorian chant and jump over the barbed wire into the enclosure. Shoot the crates for hefty snacks and small snacks and push the floor lever to lower a block on the roof. Use the adjacent block to jump SW out of the enclosure and go to the S ledge where the block lowered. Jump over SE and from there to the ledge on the S building.


Jump E to the next ledge and N to the balcony on the stone column (yes, I know, there's lots of jumping in this level). Jump from small balcony to small balcony until you reach an annoying fixed camera. Face N and jump up to grab the crack, shimmy around to the next balcony and drop. Go to the far end and drop through a break in the railing onto the crate below. Hop down N into the enclosed trench and open the chest for SECRET #10. Climb back out, pull up to the fixed camera and continue your trek N along the balconies. When you turn the corner and start heading W, hang from the edge and shimmy right to a small balcony where the fixed camera mercifully ends.


Jump to grab the crack in the column, shimmy right around two corners to the other side, drop to another short balcony sequence and pull up S. Turn around, jump up to grab the ladder and climb to still another balcony sequence. Follow around counterclockwise if you wish to divert for another secret, ignoring for now the crossing to your right while enduring another fixed camera and jumping as necessary along the way, until you reach a wall that's too high for you to climb. Save your game, face SE, side flip left onto the slope, slide and grab. Pull up, take a rolling back flip and grab the W column. Pull up, take a running jump S to grab the balcony and pull up to open the chest for SECRET #11.


Jump back N to the previous column, safety drop from the E edge and hop to the E balcony. Unfortunately, you now have to backtrack quite a long distance to get back up to those upper balconies. Refer two paragraphs back and repeat the moves described there and in the next paragraph. When you reach the upper balconies once again, go around counterclockwise again but this time take a right at that first crossing. When you reach the N end take a running jump to grab the ledge (note the ladder and monkey bars below), pull up and go around right. Jump to grab the roof, slide and grab and shimmy left until you can drop onto a crate.


Ignore the floor lever for now and follow those glass panes to a crack in the wall to your left. Jump to grab it and shimmy right around two corners to drop next to a chest for SECRET #12. Return to that floor lever and push it to lower the two glass panes (so you can get back up later if necessary). Drop down onto the green crate and hop to the street. Follow the street W and S, and turn left under a familiar bridge. Turn left again once outside and follow the narrow street through the tunnel to the square with the café in the N wall. Turn left there and approach the homeless fellow. Share your Combo Dessert with him while he shares his woes with you and gives you the FACTORY CARD.


Go back the way you came, all the way to that green crate underneath the glass panes that dropped. Pull back up to the enclosed area with the floor lever and climb the ladder/monkey bars that were pointed out earlier. Pull up to the balcony to a fixed camera, go around right as before and jump up to shoot the glass panel in the roof opening. Take a long and tricky running jump into the opening. It helps to keep the up arrow key depressed. If you miss and start sliding, simply grab, pull up, take a back flip and try again. You'll eventually land on a glass panel similar to the ones you lowered.


Turn around and place the Factory Card in the terminal to open the glass panel and drop you onto a crate near a basement section. Hop down, stand at the opening and look right. Take a running jump to land on an upper beam and hop down from the E end. Go through the nearby crawl space to trigger a flyby through a large abandoned basement. When you can stand up, go around left to trigger some event that bears investigation. Continue forward, jump over the first set of pipes and crawl under the second, pull down the wall switch in the E alcove and reverse roll to go past the door you just opened into a storage room.


Pull up onto the crate in the SW corner, shoot the smaller crates for flares and pull up N into an alcove with a chest containing SECRET #13. Get down, exit, turn right in the main corridor and Lara will continue talking to herself. Go past those large pipes to the W wall, back flip onto the pipes and jump to grab a high crack in the wall. Shimmy left, pull into a crawl space and follow around until you can stand up. Jump up to grab the ceiling, monkey swing over the spike pit and drop down in front of another crawl space. Follow to a wall switch that opens another door somewhere in the main corridor.


Step down onto the crate, hop over the fence and loop around left to find the opened door. Enter and pull down the wall switch on your right to lower two trap doors beyond glass panels in the main corridor. Exit to trigger a flyby that gives warning of some ominous creature lurking nearby. When camera control is finally controlled, giving you the ability to move along in the game, run forward a few steps to trigger yet another game-delaying cut scene. Turn right and shoot the first glass panel. Safety drop down the trap door shaft and slide to a flat surface. Face S, save your game and slide down the next slope past active steam blowers. A boulder is released behind you, so hit the look key to restore the camera, draw your pistols, turn left and slide down the last slope. Shoot the barrier, holster your pistols and jump to grab the rope just ahead of the boulder. Swing forward and jump off into the alcove ahead.


Face SE, shoot the barrier and jump to the S opening. Go up the ramp, vault up onto the raised slab and jump up to grab the ladder. Climb up past more steam blowers, get on the ladder ahead and navigate a series of ladders and monkey bars until you reach a jump switch. Release to activate it, slide and grab, pull up and take a rolling back flip to grab a platform, pull up and jump W with grab to the opened gate. In the next room with a subway track, hop across to the NW corner and shoot the crates for MORE EUROS and small snacks


Go to the SW corner and up the ramp to a higher floor. There are four stacked crates in the area that you must shoot. All are empty, but a door then opens in the W wall, allowing access to a control room with a wall switch that opens gates above parallel conveyor belts. Get on the larger crate at the end of the conveyor belt and jump up W to a catwalk. Walk out onto the jutting E section and take a running jump to grab the catwalk over the pipe. Pull up, run left and pull up higher. Grab the monkey bars and monkey swing W. Do a zigzag right, release from the end and grab, pull up and turn left. Pull up onto a higher catwalk and jump over to the NW corner.


Shoot the glass panel and jump with grab into the opening. Go left first and pull down the wall switch to open a glass panel trap door in the small cave behind you. Drop down to a control room to find another wall switch N (static cut scene). Climb back out, return to the catwalk and get down to the floor with a series of drops from the SW side. Go to the N wall, hop over the crate and find a triangular opening in the wall. Enter and follow around to a small room with pushblocks.


Move the crate on your right (NW) two times E. Get up on it and pull the upper crate away from the N wall. Push the next upper crate one time E to reveal a crawl space. Get down into the next room (nice animation when you try to flip out) and step forward to trigger a dragon wearing a Santa Claus hat. Endure its bad breath during another wearisome game-delaying conversation. When camera control is restored, turn right and go through the W doorway into a dilapidated bathroom. Open the stall on the right in the N wall (the others are empty) and pull up into the crawl space in the right corner.


Get down into the locker room and find the wall switch that opens the door leading back to the bathroom. But first, pause by the vending machine and use More Euros to buy a small jug of MOCHA. Offer it to the dragon, whereupon he shrieks with joy and goes off somewhere to enjoy his java. Hop down into the shallow pit where he was, and when you pick up the COFFEE BEANS the N door opens. Follow to a room where the chocolate bars are stored and push the floor lever to lower a spear gate above the conveyor belts you saw earlier. Grab the CHOCOLATE on the E crate before leaving and return S to the large room with the catwalks.


Use that larger crate on the conveyor belt to reach the lower catwalk and make your way around counterclockwise until you reach the monkey bars. But this time, jump down SW to where the spear gate lowered and go up the ramp to your right to a wall switch that opens the nearby door. Go on through to an outdoor corridor that leads to the village. Turn right (S) at the bridge, continue to the next crossing, turn right (E) again and go across the little bridge into the Christmas Market. Go to the booth at the very back, where you can face W and hand the Chocolate to an appreciative attendant. In return, he gives you a SHINY GOLD BAUBLE, not to be confused with those secrets you've been collecting.


Exit the market, return to the street and turn left, turn right when you get under the larger bridge and turn left at the next square to enter the Café where the level began, and where you see on the counter two red exclamation points that weren't there before, one over the cash register the other over a coffee bean grinder. Place the Coffee Beans in the latter, pick up the COFFEE GROUNDS and place them in the cash register. Sidestep right and grab a cup of high-test COFFEE. Exit the café and loop around left past the taxi through a narrow N alley into the next square.


Continue N past the snowman and turn right at the library. Run past two more snowmen through the W opening and turn left. Follow NW to that young lady named Sam, who now sports a red exclamation point over her head. Give her the Shiny Gold Bauble, engage in some idle chitchat and look for the PICKAXE (which serves as a crowbar) that should have appeared in your inventory. Go back the way you came, past the two snowmen and turn right just past the library, hop onto the piled snow at the end of the short alley and pull up right onto the balcony. Open the window to enter the library and loop around the sleeping guy at the desk to place the Coffee next to him to wake him up.


After the inevitable game-delaying conversation, sidestep right and pick up the LIBRARY KEY. Locate the floor trap door near the SE corner, open it and climb down to the first floor of the library. Use the Library Key to open the N doors and enter the lobby. Turn left, run past the stairs and through the E opening to a reading room. Go to the central checkered floor and jump from the S end to grab the upper ledge between the broken railing. Pull up, turn around and take a running jump to grab the monkey bars. Turn around, transfer to the ceiling and monkey swing N to the left of the obstruction to find a jump switch. Activate it to lower a nearby trap door to your left.


Get back up to that S ledge and this time turn left or right and go around to find another trap door at the N wall, one that's blocking a ladder directly below. Jump S to grab the angled monkey bars and use the down arrow key to reach the lower ceiling surface, turn left and just keep the up arrow key depressed as Lara works her way up past an opening. Shift left and drop down into an attic. Go around to face a steampunk scaffold, jump over the gap to grab it, crawl over it and continue around past a pushable statue.


Push the floor lever to lower the scaffold and return to the statue. Push it down through the opening, and of course you'll drop down with it. Push the statue N onto that ornate tile and a gate blocking an alcove lowers somewhere. Exit W to the lobby and make a sharp left to run up the stairs. Loop around left and jump W over the railing to grab a crack in the wooden shelf. Shimmy left around the corner and pull up into an alcove over a suit of armor. Step forward and push the button, safety drop to the floor and go partway up the NW stairs to the landing. Jump E to grab the chandelier, pull up and turn right. Take a running jump with grab into the N opening and pull down the wall switch to lower the trap door that was blocking the ladder.


Jump back to the chandelier and continue with a running jump S to grab the next chandelier. Pull up and take a running jump with grab to land inside the S alcove. Push the button to open double doors at the top of the NW stairs. Don't go there yet, however. Safety drop to the floor, go through the W opening into a den and shoot the stacked crates to your left. Pull the statue from the N alcove where the gate lowered and move it around between the larger crate and the stone block (note the design on the top of the stone block). Go to the S wall, shoot the stacked crates and move the statue there in a similar fashion.


Return to the lobby, go right up the nearest stairs and through the opened double doors at the top. Go to the back wall of the next room and note the clue on the wall mural. Turn around to see four wall switches, two on either side of the doorway. From left to right, pull down the first three and hear the sound of a block rising. Get back downstairs and turn left into the den with the statutes. The one on the left (N) has been raised, so push it onto the NW stone block bearing a marked tile on top.


Return upstairs to the room with the wall switches, pull down #4 and push #3 and #2 back up. Go back down to the den, and now you can push the other statue onto the SW stone block. You hear the sound of a trap door opening, so return to the room with the wall switches and go to that mural at the back. The pool beneath it is now accessible, so jump into the water,  swim into an alcove and pull down the ceiling switch to lower a spear gate in the N wall of this room. Go there, enter the alcove behind the desk for the BOOK ROOM KEY (you may have noticed that the names for the pickups are just as unnecessarily lengthy as the conversations are).


Go downstairs and go to the entrance of the Historical Artifacts room between the staircases. Use the key to lower the spear gate and enter to trigger--you guessed it. The spear gate has lifted again while Lara was talking to herself, so find four book switches, one in each corner, and pull them all to open a trap door high up in the N wall. Climb the ladder in the W wall and navigate to the open trap door, making use of the animation with which you're now familiar. Pull up into an attic to find the IRON EMBLEM on the table. The spear gate lifts when you pick it up, and since the climbing animation doesn't work in reverse, you'll need to safety drop with a modest loss of health.


Exit to the lobby and continue straight across S to return outdoors. Enter the square ahead that's guarded by a single snowman and enter the narrow SW alley. In the next square, use that snow pile across the street from Joan of Arc's Dance Floor to jump onto the corner of the E cross monument. Go around and jump to grab the ladder/monkey bars and pull up onto the platform as you did earlier. Since the bouncer won't let you into the dance floor, you'll need to sneak in. Turn left and take a running jump to grab the S platform. Pull up and make your way SE and S with jumps as necessary until you reach a platform where you can see all the action taking place inside through a window to your left. Hop SE to grab the sloped roof, slide and grab, shimmy right past the statue and pull up at a flat spot. Shoot the windows, jump up higher and activate the crowbar switch to open the grate beside you.


Drop down into a game room and activate the jump switch in the N wall to open the gate to your right. Go through the passage to the raucous dance floor where Ayesha Erotica may be performing. Turn down the volume to suit your taste and go around right to face a ladder. But first, turn left at the top of the ramp and jump E over the railing onto the roof over the bar. Turn around, locate the jump switch and activate it with a curved running jump to open something (cut scene was too dark to tell) somewhere. Run past the gyrating patrons on the dance floor and look for another jump switch on the far end of the bar. Take a running jump over the stool that's in your way to activate it and lower a nearby platform.


Go to that ladder you saw earlier and climb the W face. Pull up onto the lowered platform and time a running jump N past the swinging crate to grab the balcony and pull up. Follow around to the alcove and pull down the wall switch to open one of two gates blocking a passage near the game room. Go back to the opening in the railing and safety drop to the floor. Go up the ramp and climb the N face of the ladder. When you get to the grate and think you can go no further, turn right and continue upward. When you reach the chain, drop down onto a triangular platform and face W. Take a running jump over the railing and grab the opening. Pull into the crawl space, light a flare and follow the lengthy passage until you reach an opening near a no-smoking sign.


Take a curved running jump N across the gap and grab the opening. Pull up to find a wall switch that opens another gate in the blocked passage near the game room. Safety drop to the dance floor and go through the S opening past the game room. Continue down the winding ramp to the basement and find a wall switch on a block next to the pool table that lowers the lighting rig in the dance floor. There's another wall switch on the other side of the other block that makes a further adjustment to a hanging platform.


Go back up to the dance floor and climb the E block. Take a running jump to grab the E ladder and climb and monkey swing a long distance across the room and around the spinning globe. As you approach the wall clock, veer left and drop down at the end onto a balcony. Turn left and jump N over the railing to grab more monkey bars. Shimmy left until you reach the ladder surface, then shift left past the obstruction until you reach more monkey bars, then shimmy left until you see the opening above you. Pull inside, hop SE to the balcony and approach the guy (DJ Full, which must stand for "disc jockey") with the red exclamation point over his head.


Present him with DJ Full's New Single and he'll reward you with a second IRON EMBLEM (on the table behind you). Go to the rail opening near the N wall, climb to the bottom of the ladder and release. Run to the NW corner and safety drop to the disco floor. Run across to the W side of the room, go up the ramp and return to the game room where you entered the building much earlier. Climb out the window and slide down to the balcony. Safety drop to the street and run N and W past the people waiting in line to get into the dance floor. Turn left and follow the street N just past the taxi cab to your left. Pull up right into the opening near the street light and slide down backwards to drop into some icy purple-tinted water.


Swim forward quickly through the short passage and pull out at the ceiling air hole. Pick up the small snacks and shoot the jugs for 2 x flares. Go to the other floor hole at the E wall and place the Iron Emblems in the receptacles beneath the wall torches to open the trap door that was blocking the floor hole. Drop down into a dark cave, light a flare and follow E to a paved area. Turn right, approach the N crossing and wait patiently for a boulder to roll down from your right. Go quickly up the ramp where it came from before a second boulder is triggered (they keep coming ad infinitum) and get through the crawl space ahead. Drop down the other side and open the chest for SECRET #14.


Now, having found all secrets, you need to work your way back to Evertless Beauty to collect your festive reward. But first, get out of the crawl space, wait for the next boulder to fall and run after it down the ramp. Turn right into the alcove and wait for the next boulder before pulling down the timed wall switch to open a gate. Reverse roll, exit, turn right, run down the ramp and turn left into the first opening. Sprint past the timed gate before it closes.


Hop with grab into the SW alcove and pull down the wall switch to lift a trap door. Get back out to the ledge and stand jump down S onto the raised trap door. Enter the crawl space and emerge in a multi-colored room. If there's a clue here, it eluded me. Pull down the wall switch in the red alcove, then the wall switch in the green alcove. Trap doors are raised beneath the wall panels over the E pit. Jump to the purple one, then to the corner ledge, then N to the lower one and finally N again to the lowest one. Jump down W toward the opening and meet two slow-moving crusaders.


Run past them through the green-tinted passage and await their arrival in the next room. Lure one of them up the ramp and use your body as a decoy as he lifts his sword and whacks the wooden structure behind you to pieces. Side flip to avoid taking damage, lure the crusader toward you once more, run back up the ramp and pull up right or left into an upper room. Pull down the S wall switch, go over to the N wall and pull up onto the ledge. Turn left into the alcove where the gate just lowered. Search the small chest for the SMALL BRACELET and drop back down to the room where the crusaders seem to have disappeared.


Exit E and jump to grab the first raised platform. Pull up, and instead of jumping to the next platform take a running jump to grab the ladder that has appeared in the E wall. Climb up and transfer to the monkey bars. Follow the ceiling tracks through a fixed camera (hit the look key to restore camera control, making things much easier) and continue climbing until you're close to the ceiling. Take a rolling back flip to grab (or land on) a wooden bridge, pull up and turn left. Follow around clockwise to another small chest containing a BRONZE BUCKET. Go W past the wood supports and come to a deep pit.


Take a running jump without grab onto the tracks and turn right before you reach the crossing with the perpetual boulders. Pull up past the opened trap door and jump into the nearby water hole. Swim quickly W through the icy water and pull out facing the river you saw much earlier. Take a running jump N to the shallow water and continue to a couple standing next to a bench. Climb the rocks behind the bench and make your way N to return to the street the same way you did before.


Turn right, follow the street until the snow piles run out and turn left into the E opening. Continue through the small square past the twin snowmen and the library and follow the street to the bridge. Continue S past the yellow forklift and take the first left into Evertless Beauty. Listen to Lara and Amanda restore their apparently fractured relationship and see that a BONUS OUTFIT VOUCHER has been added to your inventory.


Exit to the street, turn left and go under the bridge. Turn left again as you return to the square with the Café. Enter and turn left to see your waiting friends. Walk toward them to trigger a bonus conversation, after which you can hit the escape key to watch the group partying to an upbeat vocal arrangement (don't try to understand the lyrics). Quit the game when you've had enough.