Level by Team Christmas 2020 (yes, that's correct): Matie, Jesus C.Croft, Sponge, dinne, AgentXP, DJ Full, LoreRaider, Dreamfall and tombraiderxii


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth. Video walks have also been provided by Saki Croft and by Stephen3517



The game starts with a flyby reminiscent of movies in the old days, where a narrator would read from an ancient tome to provide background information necessary to an understanding of what the viewer is about to see. But we're then subjected to a lengthy discussion among Lara and her friends in a library setting, and if you sit through the whole thing you'll finally start the game proper about six minutes after you clicked on the executable. However, the builders have mercifully provided players the option of cutting immediately to the action by hitting the escape key.


Run forward through the cave as it gradually narrows. Pick up flares and continue to a clearing. You've still got a long way to go, however, so take the left path toward the full moon and follow until you can see the eponymous castle in the distance. Continue past a couple of large trees and look for the plantus firmus (I'll call it a small medipack from now on) on the snow pile. Approach the castle doors to initiate a conversation with the caretaker named Armand, followed by a flyby featuring key-stealing imps who do a fair imitation of Donald Duck.


Go back the way you came, toward the full moon and around to nearly where you began the level. Look for a N opening in the rock wall to your left and follow through a crawl space until you can stand up. Pull up left into a higher passage, follow to a dead end and pull up even higher. Follow to an opening that overlooks the forest and step forward to find the CEMETERY KEY on a branch of the dead tree where the imp tossed it. For a secret, stand close to the dead tree, face E and take a curved running jump around the rock wall, jump immediately when you land on the other side and walk forward to find FRENCH FRIES for SECRET #1, together with flares and a van du diesel (which I'll refer to hereafter as a large medipack).


Slide down N toward the fenced-off cemetery, run around to the front gate and use the Cemetery Key to open it. Run W past several graves and push two buttons to open the door of a raised tomb behind you. Go there and enter to find a wall switch that causes a large Celtic cross to materialize, float over and become affixed to the back wall of the castle. Exit the tomb to see the same symbol now marking all the surrounding graves. These symbols act as steering wheels, so go back to the entrance gate and face the chapel (W).


There are three graves on this back row nearest the gate. Turn the one on your right (N) two times, the one in the middle three times, and the one on the left (S) one time, so that all three symbols are facing the chapel. Now go to the second row of graves and turn the one on your right one time, the one in the middle two times, and the one on the left three times. The six cross symbols harmonize with the large one on the wall, and the back castle door opens.


Go right, and from the second step take a running jump to grab the chandelier. Pull up and stand forward with grab to glide into the N alcove, where you find a wall switch that lowers a block in the S wall. Go there and pull the crosspiece out of the fireplace to reveal a wall switch. But first, move the crosspiece onto the marked tile between the suits of armor and watch it turn slowly. Go to the fireplace, save your game and pull down the wall switch to raise a timed block (you can hear the timer clock ticking) in a nearby lava room. Reverse roll, run across the room, down the steps and around the corner to face the lava room. Use the timed block to reach the first of three chandeliers without grabbing and pulling up. Don't dawdle, because when the timer expires the block not only lowers but the chandeliers catch fire (along with you if you haven't safely passed them), so continue with running jumps until you've reached the S side.


Pull down the wall switch on the back side of the Celtic cross to cause two ledges to extend over the lava pool. The gate to your right also opens. Step out E onto an open balcony, loop around right or left and climb down the ladder to summon three mummified knights. They can be killed with your pistols and in fact explode rather nicely. Don't get complacent; however. After they're gone a much more spritely knight appears. When he dies explosively a gate squeaks open at the SW corner of this room. Go there and take the KNIGHTS TEMPLAR CROSS from the plinth.


Climb back up one of the ladders and return to the lava room. Three more mummified knights are lumbering toward you, impervious to the flames, so deal with them before they can reach you. Jump to the first extended ledge without bumping into the chandelier and deal with two more mummified knights. Jump carefully between the chandeliers to the next extended ledge and hop over to where you see the four lady statues. Go past them and insert the Knights Templar Cross in the receptacle to lower the N spear gate. Hop up into the alcove and pull down the wall switch to lower an underwater spear gate nearby.


Jump into the water hole surrounded by the lady statues and swim past the W opening where the spears lowered. Follow the winding passage to an outdoor area and surface. Swim W a short distance and wade out to your left onto the snow-covered bank. Look around to see you're in the middle of a building complex. Go SE toward the back door of the castle and pause for a small medipack near the small dead tree. Pull down the wall switch to open the door and release the talkative Armand. After the cut scene, where all the boulder-pushing work is done for you, take a running jump SE to the rock ledge and follow to a small medipack partially hidden in the weeds.


Don't proceed further along this ledge, but instead pull up S and follow the higher, snow-covered ledge in a counterclockwise direction, jumping as necessary until you can slide down near the chapel entrance. Go inside, pick up the crossbow arrows to your left and push the button to lift a door outside. Exit, loop around left and jump into the water below. Swim E under the raised door and into a labyrinthine area. Keep to your right, continue through a narrow opening and you'll soon reach a ramp leading upward. Allow the current to grab you and deposit you into a partially flooded crypt.


Grab some air and swim underneath the coffin in the N alcove near the NE corner. Find the small passage and grab the CRYPTOCURRENCY for SECRET #2. The grates you can see on the floor are trap doors, and you can actually open them while underwater. There are three pairs of these, so open them all (face the handles and press the action key) and watch the released coffins float to the surface. Surface and pull out onto the W balcony next to the suit of armor and take a running jump to the nearest coffin (nice effect, bobbing in the water). Take a running jump S and grab the next coffin, pull up and hop with grab into the W alcove. Pull down the wall switch to lower a lion's head so you can shoot the gem in its mouth without benefit of revolver and laser sight. Hop back to the coffin, walk to the E end and look right to locate the lion's head. Draw your pistols, stoop and fire to shatter the gem and blow up the gate behind the suit of armor.


There are two more lowered lion's heads in the area, so get back to the first coffin and jump slightly SE onto the third one. Locate the second lion's head near the SE corner, stoop and shoot the gem to cause another explosion, turn to your left and locate the third and last lion's head in the N wall past the broken column. Somehow your bullets will go through the column and shatter the gem to lower the E spear gate. Jump there and pull the now-accessible chain three times to trigger a beautiful flyby through the castle complex. The drawbridge lowers, Armand goes across to open the massive double doors to the next building, and you're magically transported to the same bank where you waded out earlier.


Loop around left across the bridge. For a pickup, turn right and follow to an alcove at the NE corner of the building. Ignore the inoperative wall switch and pick up the crossbow arrows, then return to where Armand is patiently waiting at the entrance. After some tiresome dialogue, which you can skip if you wish, only to be taken to. . .more tiresome dialogue which on this occasion must be endured to its conclusion, note that a LOCKED BOOK has appeared in your inventory. 


Run S down the hallway, turn left at the balcony and go down the dark E hallway. Pause for flares on the first small table to your left and continue to a larger crossing hallway where you'll find shotgun ammo on the table beneath the mounted trophy heads. Go straight across into the E den, hop over the table and see the invitation to exchange pleasantries with the elderly gentleman warming himself near the fireplace. If you accept, you're given a rather obscure hint about paintings displayed in another wing.


Return W to the balcony, go downstairs and loop around right or left to find an opening underneath the staircase. Shoot the wooden barriers, making sure you get them all (you'll see why later on), and hop down into a small chapel. Shoot the fragile crates so you can pick up a large medipack, search the small tables against the N wall for flares and, since you can do nothing further at the moment, go back upstairs and this time go down the W hallway. At the crossing hallway, take the large medipack from the table beneath the mounted trophy heads and continue N past closed doors into the ballroom. There are two wall switches in the middle window alcove. Pull down the one on your right to open those doors back in the hallway, then pull down the one on your left to open the SW door across the room.


Head SW into a sitting room with various paintings on the walls. Intriguing music starts playing as you approach the ones on the E wall, reminding you of that earlier hint. Each of the five paintings has a wall switch underneath it. Just for fun, save your game and pull one down at random to see what happens. The correct order is as follows, numbering the paintings from left to right (the hint is to pull down the switch to which the lady in the painting is pointing): 5, 3, 2, 4, 4 again, and 1. A red curtain rises near the dark SW corner, so go there and pull up into the alcove for SUIT ARMOUR (LEGS). Go into the adjoining S room and pull down the W wall switch to open the double doors leading outside.


Go outdoors onto the balcony and locate the giant snowball behind a wooden barricade with the full moon looming above. Shoot the barrier to release the snowball and watch the ensuing mayhem. Go to the W end of the balcony and jump over the railing. Slide down to a wall switch and pull it down to lower a spear gate behind the spot where the giant snowball was originally placed. Jump into the water below, swim across to the broken railroad tracks and pull out. For a pickup, turn left and hop the ledges E to a small cave where you'll find shotgun ammo. A closed grate bars your further progress, so return to the broken railroad tracks (it was easier for me to just swim there) and go through the S opening.


Imp sounds greet you in the next room, but ignore them and continue S to the next room. Shoot the small crate for crossbow arrows and crawl under the nearby beam into the N passage. Shoot another small crate that's blocking your way and run forward for the PORTABLE TORCH. Note that it remains in your inventory without requiring you to tote it in one hand. Crawl back under the beam, return through the room where you heard the imp sounds and jump into the water. Swim E and wade out at a familiar spot to your right just before you reach the lowered drawbridge. Loop around left across the drawbridge into the building where Armand seems to have vanished.


Take the flares from the table to your left and proceed up the first flight of stairs to the landing. Turn left into the dark W hallway and Lara's attention will be drawn to the second window on her left. Use the reach-in switch there to open the door across the hall behind you. Reverse roll and enter an unkempt room. Loop around right and shoot the barrier blocking the alcove for shotgun ammo. Go the other way and follow around down a ramp to a wine cellar where two baby spiders attack.


Go left (N) to the wine caskets and Lara looks left at a steaming pot. Stand in front of it and press the action key to find that it accommodates your portable torch, but all that apparently happens is that you've dipped it into something flammable. Moreover, you're still holding it, so light a flare or draw pistols to make it go back into your inventory for later use. On your way out, shoot the crate on the SW table and hop up for a large medipack.     


Go back up to the hallway and turn left. Go upstairs to the second floor and take the right (E) hallway. Continue to the den where the elderly gentleman is still sitting and he'll give you a new hint suggesting a little arson if you're so inclined. Light the torch in the fireplace, return to the stairs and continue across into the W hallway. Loop around right at the wall to go outside and find the statue shielded in ice. Use your flaming torch to melt the ice, note for later the attachment on the statue and return to the stairs. Go down to the landing, loop around right or left into the chapel you visited earlier. If you failed to shoot all the wooden barriers the first time you were here, you'll have to drop the torch (which goes out), shoot them now and go back up to light the torch again.


Go down the steps and light the wooden panel blocking your way. Wait for it for shatter and continue down to get a view of a delightful wading pond. You have more work to do with your torch if you want the next secret, however, so turn around and go back up the steps, hop into the opening and exit the castle S. Go across the bridge, turn left and follow the ledges E as you did earlier. Since you're now carrying the torch and therefore need to be more precise with your jumps, you might want to save first. When you reach the end of the lower section, you can't now pull up S as you did before. To get to the higher snow-covered section, walk as far E as you can and stand jump SE to a flat surface. Face W, jump onto the slope, back flip to the facing slope and jump off with a left curve to land on the higher ledge. Make your way W, jumping as appropriate, until you can slide down near the temple entrance.


Walk W to the ice bubble next to the pine tree and stoop to melt the ice. You can now walk up to the tree and take the hanging EIFFEL TOWER ornament for SECRET #3. Slide down toward the tree and run W to the castle entrance. Return to the chapel where you burned the wooden barrier and go down to the steps to the wading pool. Loop around left, jump up to shoot the barrier in the E alcove and pull inside for the EMPTY BUCKET. Hop into the pool to fill the bucket and exit to the main stairway. Go up to the second story and empty your bucket into the fireplace to douse the flames (the elderly gentleman has disappeared, so he can be of no more help). Take the CROWBAR from the ashes and exit to the hallway.


Turn right (N) and go to the dark room at the end of the hall. Turn right again into a connecting parlor and take the left passage to find a crowbar switch. Activate it to open double doors back in the previous hallway and return there. Exit W to an outdoor courtyard and pick up the small medipack near the dead tree. Locate and shoot the wooden barriers, enter and climb the ladder to your right. Pull up, turn around and hop up into the alcove for shotgun ammo. Drop down, get back up the ladder and step out onto a balcony that leads seemingly to nowhere. Return to the courtyard down below and find an alcove near the NE corner. Hop down, turn your back to the wall and save your game for a timed run.


Pull the chain, hop out of the alcove and run across the clearing to the opening with the ladder. Climb up to the balcony, run around to the far end, climb over the structure, run forward and hop down in front of the timed door. Enter and go up the steps to a room with marked trigger tiles on the floor. Don't step on any of them now, but either jump over or go around them into the E corridor. Push the button to raise a swingpole outside and re-open the timed door. Exit to the balcony, again avoiding the trigger tiles, climb back onto the structure and this time jump W to the next structure. Turn left and stand jump to grab the raised swingpole. Swing around and jump off onto the next section of the roof. Turn left and hop down to a connecting bridge of sorts.


Jump up to grab the E roof and shimmy right around two corners until you can drop down to a flat spot on the other side. Turn around, jump up to grab the E roof and this time shimmy left until you can drop down onto a balcony. I'm not sure how one would be expected to know that the wall light can be pilfered, but step forward and remove the LAMP from its fixture. Get back to the timed door (which has remained open) by jumping over the railing directly to the lower balcony and up to the room with the trigger floor tiles. One of the five light fixtures on the N wall has a missing bulb, so place the Lamp there to lower the SW corner block.


Go there and pull down the revealed wall switch to trigger a pattern of colored lights. Your task now is to lower the companion SE corner block to your right, so it's time to use those floor trigger tiles with the help of the color clues. Step on the SE (red) tile, jump over the center tile onto the NW (green) tile, then to the SW tile, then across to the NE tile, and finally onto the center tile. The SE corner block goes down, so go there and pull down the wall switch to trigger more flashing colored lights.


Begin the next exercise by stepping on the center tile and then jump to the SW (blue) tile, take a running jump to the NE tile, then jump to the green NW tile, back to the lowered NE tile and finally to the SE tile. The door opens in the middle of the N wall, so go there and take the SUIT ARMOUR (TORSO) from the plinth. Exit this room, get down to the courtyard and into the building to the main staircase. Go down to the landing and loop around into the E passage. Turn left at the opening near the wall and go downstairs to an empty room. Activate the crowbar switch in the NE corner to open the gate and shoot the corner crates inside for flares and crossbow arrows.


Go to the W opening overlooking a sewer, hop to the ledge to your right and take a running jump to grab the crack in the S wall. Shimmy right until you can pull into the crawl space, go forward and pull up higher, follow around left to an opening. Follow the passage counterclockwise, jumping two gaps, and run off W onto a slope so that you can jump off facing forward and grab another crack. Shimmy right around corners until you can pull up into the W opening. Loop around left down a ramp and follow the dry channel to a deep room guarded by two mummified knights that you can shoot from the safety of your elevated perch.


Don't drop down yet. Instead, turn right and jump to the broken column. From there, make your way counterclockwise around the room, jumping and shimmying as necessary until you reach a wall switch in the SE corner that opens gates down below. If you should miss along the way and fall to the floor, you can use either the slope near the entrance or the ladder to get back up to that first broken column. Walk to the end of the wall switch ledge and jump NE into the next opening. Pull the pushblock from the wall and push it over the edge to the floor below.


Get down, crawl over the block into the E alcove where one of the gates opened and push the block onto the marked tile. Go across the room into the W alcove and move the pushpiece onto its marked tile. There's a similar tile near the S wall which now acts as a trigger tile when you step on it to open the gates on the central column. Use the ladder to climb up to the entrance perch and take a running jump S to grab the column. Pull the chain to flood the room.


Turn around, surface paddle out of this room and follow the channel to a narrow opening that you couldn't access earlier. Swim inside and follow around to a plinth with the SUIT ARMOUR (ARMS). Pull down the ceiling trap door and pull up into a familiar hub area.  Go past the opened S gate and up the stairs to a familiar hallway in the castle. Head to the main stairwell and go up to the second floor. Turn left into the W hallway and loop around right at the connecting hallway into the courtyard where you melted the ice around the statute. Use the crowbar to pry the PURPLE GEM off the statue and go back indoors.


Turn right (N) in the hallway and go into the ballroom. Place the Purple Gem in the vacant E wall receptacle to raise a block beside you. Climb up on it and take a running jump to grab the first chandelier. Jump to the next chandelier and from there jump and grab the high opening in the W wall. Pull inside the crawl space and follow to a jump switch. Activate it to open a floor trap door down below and safety drop from the opening with a slight loss of health. Step forward and pry the SUIT OF ARMOR (GROIN) (ouch) off the wall.


Pull out of the hole, exit to the hallway and return to the nearby courtyard with the statue. Go down the NW steps past the closed N door that requires a key. Loop around left at the bottom and pull up onto the ledge near one of the ballroom windows. Follow the ledge W, jumping the gap from the higher right corner, and slide down into a partially flooded cave. Wade out and activate the crowbar lever on the raised slab (facing SW) to open a gate behind you. Before entering, pull the nearby chain (light a flare so you can see it) to lower the gate at the mouth of the cave.


Go through the N gateway and shoot the small crates in the next room, three of which hide flares, a small medipack and crossbow arrows. Hop onto the larger crate near the center of the room and stand jump to grab the ceiling monkey bars. Monkey swing to the S wall, release to grab the crack and shimmy left to a ladder. Climb up a bit and take a back flip (you'll turn automatically without having to roll) to grab the first of two swingpoles. Use them both to reach the ladder in the N wall, climb up, shift left and drop to a ledge. Follow this cave S and shoot two mummified knights. In the next area take the left (E) path and locate a pushblock. Push it forward and it will fall off the edge.


Hop down after it and take a running jump to the S bank. Run forward and pull down the timed wall switch to lower a gate above and behind you. Reverse roll, run back and jump to the pushblock, continue with a running jump to the N opening, pull up and loop around left through the other opening to the timed gate (which stays down if you get there in time). Pull down the wall switch inside to raise a block and hop down SE from the ledge toward the timed wall switch. The raised block is further down E, so make your way there and use the block to access the ladder in the W column. Climb up to the veranda and turn left to jump and grab the snow-covered roof. Shimmy right around the corner, pull up a little more than halfway and back flip onto the rocky slope. Jump back and forth, using the right arrow key to change Lara's trajectory until she lands on a stable surface.


Hop up right, take the SNAIL from the tree for SECRET #4 and pick up the nearby shotgun ammo and small medipack. Face E, side flip left onto the snow-covered roof, slide and grab and shimmy left around the corner all the way to the next corner (or if that's too slow for you, drop down to the first level ledge you come to and then jump the next two ledges E). Pull down the wall switch to lower a gate around the corner in the next building. You'll get there soon, so for now, safety drop facing E and hop down near the alley separating the two buildings. Run E along the water's edge and find a small medipack near the next tree.


Jump into the water there, swim a bit N and look right for an underwater lever that lowers a block not far away. Swim back the way you came, wade out and run back W to that alley separating the two buildings. From the bottom step, climb the ladder in the E wall to the opening where the gate lowered. Hop down into the small room and vault into the grated opening on your left for the SCOPE. Exit, climb back down to the alley and go up the steps to the courtyard. Loop around right into the hallway, loop around left and return to the main stairwell.


Go N into the arched hallway at the top of the stairs and pause for the large medipack on the small table to your right. Continue along the hallway to a musty library where you'll meet Marianne the Librarianne. Approach the bare statue in the N alcove, combine the various armor segments you're carrying and place them on the statue to trigger another conversation lamenting the continuing lack of a headpiece for the suit of armor. After Lara equips herself with the SHOTGUN, walk E away from Marianne and turn right to find the open bookcase.


Go down the steps as the bookcase closes behind you and note the unlit torch in the alcove to your left as you turn the corner. No problem, just pull out your portable torch, go back up a few steps to light it and then light the alcove torch to open a door in a castle hallway. Continue down to the dungeon and put the torch away for later use by drawing your pistols. The cell grates down here are climbable, so line up with the chain hanging from the ceiling near the middle of the room, go either N or S from there and jump up to grab the cell grate, jump back without climbing to grab the chain, turn to face E and slide down a bit (but not all the way or you'll drop down to the floor) and jump off to grab the next chain. Without sliding up or down, jump forward to grab the ceiling and monkey swing to the E wall. Release to activate the jump switch and the cells will all open up.


Light a flare and explore the cells for flares, a large medipack and 2 x shotgun ammo, then go to the SE cell to find a water hole. Jump in and swim along the passage until you can surface and pull out. Shoot three baby spiders and shoot the E and SW wooden barriers. Go through the SW opening (the E opening is presently blocked) and follow the passage to a ghostly indoor courtyard. Save your game before pulling down the timed W wall switch that lowers a nearby spear gate. Reverse roll and run to the SE rock pile, jump onto it and turn left to jump and grab the N swingpole, swing around and jump off to grab the ledge, pull up and run diagonally left past the timed spear gate into an enclosed balcony. Turn right and pull down the wall switch to extend a platform near the spot where you pulled up.


Exit to the previous ledge, jump up to grab the extended platform and pull up. Jump W to grab the ladder and climb up to a higher ledge. Pull the chain near the W wall to lower a heavy weight that cracks the floor below and then rises again. Drop from the ladder to the ledge below, stand jump toward the suspended weight and grab the chain to which it's connected. Climb nearly to the ceiling, face slightly SW and jump to grab the ceiling, then monkey swing to a shorter chain. Transfer onto it (quite tricky, you need to be straddling it precisely), slide down a bit (but not too far) and jump off S onto the balcony. Push two buttons, one on either side, to retract part of the cracked floor and expose a lava pool.


Hang from the balcony, shimmy to the right corner so you can release and slide to the floor without losing health, and jump up to the flat spot in the SE corner. Use the swingpole to get back to the ledge with the timed gate, pull up onto the extended platform and climb the ladder to the higher ledge. Pull the chain again to lower the heavy weight, and when it rises it brings up some lava with it. Get back down to the former ledge, pull out your portable torch and light it with the flaming lava. Run off NE, hop up into the N opening and follow the passage around to the room with the water hole. Enter the E passage and burn the fossilized spider web that was blocking your way earlier.


Put your torch away for now and follow the subterranean passage to trigger a brief flyby where Lara walks forward and takes the BOOK KEY from a spider web. You're already losing health by the time camera control is restored, so hop back toward the cave wall and start firing away at the attacking spiders. You're likely to use a medipack or two during the battle (but as explained in the readme, the shortcut keys might not work, forcing you to pause the game). When all is quiet, go through one of the S openings to find a pushblock. Pull it once, go around to the other side and pull it once more, go back around in the other direction into the revealed S passage.


Turn left at the closed door and go down the steps to trigger the first of several consecutive game-delaying cut scenes. The escape key doesn't help here, so you have enough time to go to the bathroom or pour another drink or perform any other desired productive task. When all the conversations have come to a merciful end, save your game so you won't have to endure them a second time and climb onto the bookcase next to the now-whole suit of armor for crossbow arrows. The next bookcase E has shotgun ammo. Get down, hop over the railing onto the long bookshelf and drop to the library floor. Exit S to the hallway leading to the main stairwell and look for the crawl space about halfway down the hallway to your left.


Enter the crawl space and follow the passage to a small room. Shoot the small crate for crossbow arrows (I've about given up hope of getting any of the explosive variety), then shoot the wooden barrier in the SW corner to expose a wall switch that lifts a couple of the paintings in the library. Return there via the crawl space and loop around left to find a ladder. Climb up to the upper ledge and go to the globe (which is a pushpiece) at the E end. Pull it W and shoot the wooden barrier so you can move it across the raised painting onto the long bookshelf. Shoot the wooden barrier next to the next raised painting and move the globe to the N side of the library and onto the marked tile between the two small bookcases. A painting opens in the W wall. Before going there, grab the large medipack on the table against the E wall.


Hop over the railing onto the long bookshelf, go to the W end and jump up to grab the chandelier. Pull up and take a running jump with grab to land inside the W opening. Step forward into a belfry and find the ladder on the E side of the hanging central block. Climb to an upper room and quickly draw your shotgun to blast an advancing skeletal knight over the S opening (he won't fit in the hole you just pulled out of). Take the TOWER LOWER ENTRANCE KEY from the plinth (cut scene of a keyhole from the distant past that's a lot closer than you might expect) and go out onto the S balcony. Stand jump W onto the sloped roof, slide and grab and release to grab the crawl space below. Safety drop to the ground, turn around to find the keyhole and open the lower door to the tower.


Go inside and drop down through the central floor hole. Slide to a wall switch that opens the gate above you. Back flip onto the slope and jump off to grab the floor hole opening. Pull up and go to the opened N gate. Take a running jump and grab the tall column. Pull up and push the cross off the edge to the ground. Look out N to see a number of columns bearing suits of armor, some red and some green. Make a note of their positions and save your game for a platforming exercise.


Take a running jump to the small balcony extending from the NE column. Vault up, jump N onto the sloped column and jump off to grab the E column. Jump to the next E column and from there to the E ladder. Climb up to the break in the column, turn right and take a curved running jump from the higher part to grab the S block.  Pull up and enter a courtyard featuring a row of seven wall switches. Remembering those colored suits of armor, pull only those switches corresponding to the green suits: From left to right, 1, 3, 6 and 7. The NE block lowers, so enter the passage and find flares in the next room.


Pull the chain on the raised slab to open a trap door in the bell tower, and a cut scene discloses the location of that elusive crossbow. Go to the S wall and look left for crossbow arrows. Activate the crowbar switch at the other end to open the nearby door and find yourself back inside the castle. If you want the next secret, however, go back the way you came through the room with seven wall switches and jump from the balcony into the water below. Loop around right to that underwater lever you pulled earlier. Pull it again to raise a block at the balcony you just jumped from, swim SW and wade out onto the beach, run forward to the familiar alley separating the two buildings and run up the stairs to the courtyard.


Loop around right to enter the castle, loop around left and follow the hallway to the main stairwell. Continue across into the E hallway, turn left at the crossing and continue N to the door you opened with the crowbar switch. At this point you may be scratching your head and saying WTF to yourself, but indulge me. Continue N through the next room, exit to the courtyard and find the raised block on the balcony. Climb the block and pull up E onto the roof, jump slightly SE to the next roof section, continue with a running jump SW to the jutting ledge with the statue, and finally hop SW for flares and a miniature FRENCH HORN for SECRET #5.


Safety drop to the beach and deal with the illegal slopes occasioned by those awkwardly placed boulders, return SW to that familiar alley, go up the steps and loop around right into the castle. Loop around left once inside and return to the main stairwell. This time go all the way downstairs and exit S. Turn right in front of the drawbridge and follow the ledge W to meet up with Armand, who once again delays your progress with a desultory conversation about imps and mirrors. When you're so able, run just past him and loop around right onto a snow bank. Hop up and vault E onto the block, walk up SE as far as you can, save your game and take a tricky running jump SE to the flat ledge below.


Walk forward, stand jump to grab the roof and pull up. Use the flat spots to jump higher NW until you can finally hop E over the railing onto a balcony. Enter the bell tower, hop up N and climb the ladder past the lowered trap door and pull up to a fixed camera. Walk forward and take the CROSSBOW from the plinth. A cut scene provides a hint of how it's to be used. Get back down to where Armand was (he seems to have disappeared again) in your usually efficient manner and go across the drawbridge to the opened S double doors.   


Go on through to the clearing, note the patch of dark weeds to your left, combine the crossbow and scope if you haven't already done so and look up E to see a crystalline shattered fairy (1 of 6) that you can shoot. Do so, proceed a bit further S to the next patch of dark weeds (the ones closer to the E wall) and look up W to spot another shattered fairy (2 of 6). Continue S along the snowy path until you reach another patch of dark weeds. Look up NE for the next shattered fairy (3 of 6). My, isn't this fun? Continue along the path in the same direction to the next patch of dark weeds (near the N opening) and look up SE to spot the next shattered fairy (4 of 6) in the distance. When you shoot this one, you get a brief cut scene of an imp conference.


Continue along the path in the same direction. When you turn the corner and start heading N, stop and look up left for the next shattered fairy (5 of 6). Proceed a bit further N, look up ahead and find the last shattered fairy (6 of 6) on the hilltop. Watch the ethereal flyby as the imp conference is rudely disrupted. Take the long trek back the other way toward the castle, and as you turn the corner and approach the opened double doors, look left past the dark patch of weeds near the two pines to find a triangular floor opening. Hop in and crawl to what looks like a secret man cave built by a feudal lord to escape his missus whenever necessary. Face W, take the GREEN GEMSTONE from the nook and return to the castle via the drawbridge.


Go up the main stairwell to the landing and around to the opening in the back. Continue down the steps to the wading pond and go around or through it to the W wall. Use the Green Gemstone to open the gate and slide down to an underground pathway. Follow around, shooting a baby spider along the way, until you trigger a flyby through the hellish area that awaits you. Shoot the crate for a small medipack and run off S onto a block. Drop to the ledge below and hop down N to a flat spot for crossbow arrows.


Walk to the NW corner and stand jump to grab the jutting ledge. Shimmy left around the corner, pull up about midway and take a rolling back flip to grab the column behind you. Pull up, take a running jump to the ledge ahead and make your way around clockwise to the block against the W wall. Pull up onto it, turn right and stand jump to grab the higher ledge. Pull up, run forward past a metal fence and an empty crate and stand jump N down to a dark ledge. Walk to the end and pull up to a higher ledge. Time a running jump NE onto a ledge past the flame blower and hop around the corner onto the jutting ledge. Walk forward, time a standing jump curving left toward the next flame blower and quickly hop back before the flames return. When the flames again subside, take a running jump SW. If you miss the flat spot and start sliding, the short fence will keep you from falling.


Pull down the wall switch in the E alcove to open the gate in the metal fence you passed a bit earlier. Exit, turn left and jump S over the fence. Save your game and take a running jump SW onto the slope that faces the column in the lava. Slide, jump and grab the column. Pull up and repeat the clockwise trek to the block against the W wall as described in the previous paragraph. Turn right, stand jump to grab the higher ledge and pull up near the metal fence. Go past the opened gate into a cave filled with baby spiders and jump onto the central block for refuge. The sneaky little critters are smarter than you might think, so you'll probably have to hop down from the block periodically to kill them all.


When that task has been accomplished, use the block to take a running jump S to grab the upper ledge. Pull up and stand jump forward toward the opening. Run forward, pull up into the crawl space and drop down into a short corridor. Pull down the wall switches on either side of the red curtain to raise it, then go down the steps to enter a magnificent hallway. Grab the flares and shotgun ammo on the table to your right and continue down the hallway to find more shotgun ammo on the next table. Progressing further triggers the appearance of a talking lion who warns Lara and backs up the warning with three mummified knights and a giant warrior.


Turn around and run quickly around the corner before the warrior can generate his deadly blue lightning bolts, and find some stacked blocks that can be used for protection, together with crossbow arrows and additional shotgun ammo in the adjacent alcove. After all enemies have been vanquished, a burning chandelier will drop from the ceiling, giving you another opportunity to light your portable torch. Do so (stand at the high corner) and go to the far SE corner of the hallway to burn away the wooden structure. You are now able to climb the blocks there and shoot the wooden barrier blocking the crawl space in the N wall. Having done that, take a running jump to grab the swingpole and swing around to grab the crawl space opening.


Pull inside and follow to a small library. Pull the E chain to lower a ceiling trap door and return to the hallway. Climb the blocks near the alcove where you found the ammo and pull up past the opened trap door to a connecting wooden walkway. Follow to a lavish bedroom and hop through the mirror against the S wall. Go to the fireplace, light your portable torch and jump back through the mirror to light the fireplace in the first bedroom (a crawl space overhead is opened). Put the torch away and go to the NW corner. Face N and jump up to grab the crawl space (invisible here, but not in the corresponding corner of the other bedroom). Pull inside the cramped space and pick up the CARILLON for SECRET #6.


Get down, go to the E window and move the nearby table one time N and four times W against the foot of the bed. You may have noticed in passing that in front of the mirror separating the two bedrooms a golden apple surrounded by darting lights has appeared, but you're inadequately adorned at present to be able to pick it up. Vault up onto the table and pull up onto the canopy of the poster bed. Take a running jump NE to grab the top of the fireplace and pull up next to a crawl space. Enter and shoot the wooden barrier. Vault up to a jump switch, activate it to open a door just outside the bedroom and get back down.


Enter the connecting foyer past the opened door and turn left up the steps past the bodies of some dead knights into the N hallway. Save your game and run forward to awaken two mummified knights. While evading them you can search the sofas, benches and tables situated against the walls for flares, 2 x shotgun ammo and 3 x crossbow arrows. When you defeat those knights the three dead mummified knights you passed in the hallway come back to life to take their place, and then finally the lion will make his appearance at the other end of the hallway.


While you're trying to avoid it, other lions will pop sporadically out of mirrors in the walls and up near the S chandelier, accompanied by a brief blue flash of light. Your task is to shoot these mirrors before the blue light goes out, and of course this is made more difficult by the constant harassment of the lions. You can shoot the lower mirrors with your pistols, but you'll need to use the crossbow to shoot the one up in the ceiling. There are four in all, and you might wish to save in a different slot after shooting each one (you'll know you've succeeded by the sound of breaking glass). When all have been shattered you can finally concentrate on the lion.


When he dies the NE double doors open, so go there and ignore for now the empty crates and pushblock near the entrance. Follow around and up the steps to a ladder. Climb up to the tower, and when you've pulled up back flip onto the slope and jump off immediately to grab another ladder. Climb up still higher and repeat the same maneuver two more times until you finally pull up into the outdoor winter night. Take a moment to admire the surrounding vistas if you like, then use the zip line to reach a triangular ledge on the main castle building. Hop back onto the ledge below and drop to the veranda.


Enter the N doorway and go up the winding staircase to your left to trigger some dialogue and a flyby clue. Go back down and follow around to your left to a stairwell that will bring you down to the main floor. But first, approach the NW candelabra to release a bunch of fireflies and see "Enchanted chandeliers: 1/10" appear on your screen. Go downstairs and loop around right into the NW alcove to find a chain that raises the large W curtain. However, as you approach the pentagonal opening the red curtain again descends to block your way and the suits of armor scattered about the room hatch to release mummified knights that start lumbering toward you, although not all at the same time. When a total of six of them have been exploded, the W curtain rises once again.


Approach the two candelabras in this room (2 and 3 of 10), proceed to the W landing, go downstairs to the dining room and note how a lighted candle skitters along the floor to stay beyond your reach. There are three more enchanted chandeliers in this room (4, 5 and 6 of 10). Go through the E opening and down more stairs to another candelabra (7 of 10). Pull down the nearby wall switch and enter the N room to find Armand waiting inside. Approach him and press the action key for a clue regarding the wall paintings. The five paintings hanging on the E wall each has a wall switch below it. We don't have finger-pointing ladies to serve as guides this time, but the painting in the middle seems different from the others. Pull the switch below it and step back to pick up a SHEET OF PAPER with four clues that are somewhat less than a model of clarity.


Approach Armand once again and note his ramblings. Go past the drawn curtains S and push up the switch on the W wall to open the S double doors. Don't go outdoors yet. Instead, return up the winding steps to the dining room. The roving candle is poised between the two tables as you enter, and it will slide playfully away as you enter. Pursue it around the room until it's once again in its position between the tables near the E opening. Find the pushpiece table near the foot of the staircase on the opposite side of the dining room and move it once E, once S and two times E. Vault up onto it, jump up from the back edge to grab the ceiling and monkey swing E toward the candle. Drop down at the end and the reclusive CANDLE will appear in your inventory with a despairing shriek.


Hop onto the S table for a large medipack, go toward the W stairs and hop up onto the NW block to activate another enchanted chandelier (8 of 10). Go upstairs to the entrance room and note the lion's head mounted up on the E wall. Loop around left and go up the steps to the landing. The final enchanted chandeliers (9 and 10 of 10) are up here, so when the last one has been triggered wait for the second CANDLE to appear and grab it.


Exit SW to the veranda, approach the tower and note the break in the railing to your right. There's a ladder there, so climb down to the ground and make your way clockwise along the snow banks around the castle. When you get to the back, you'll find near a pine tree a large medipack, flares and the FRENCH FLAG for SECRET #7. Go back the way you came, hop over the railing to the left of the ladder and walk up NE. Stand left facing the tower in the distance. Hop back, stand jump forward onto a slope and jump without sliding to land on a stable purple-tinted surface.


Look down below to your right and see a small chest on the ground that's protected by spears. Step forward, climb the block to your left and take a running jump E to activate the jump switch. The spears surrounding the chest lower, so hop down there and open the chest for the CROISSANT and SECRET #8. Climb the NE block, hop over the railing and enter the castle. Turn left past Armand and go up the winding steps to the dining room. Continue to the W stairs and go up to the large room where you encountered all those mummified knights.


You need to shoot the gem in the mouth of the mounted lion's head on the E wall, but that's easier said than done. The crossbow doesn't seem to work from any angle (an explosive arrow would have come in quite handy here). The way I finally did it was to go upstairs to the landing, stand at the railing facing the lion's head and hop back three times. From there the gem shattered with a couple of pistol shots. Go SE where the bright light is shining through the windows and stand jump over the railing to grab the chandelier. Pull up and jump N to grab the next chandelier, pull up and jump E to grab the wall ladder. Climb up past the opened trap door and pull up into an open passage with a zip line at the end, but don't use it yet.


Turn your back to the zip line and stand jump W up the slope. Walk forward and stand jump over the roof to slide down to the other side. Run forward and slide down further, turn right and jump over the railing onto a balcony with a unicorn skeleton. Use the crowbar to pry the CHALK PIECE off the post and go back the way you came. Just before you reach the zip line, jump up E to grab the jutting ledge and pull up. Look up left to see a gap in the railing and stand jump to grab it. Pull up to a long balcony and go around to find another CANDLE. Enjoy the nice view and go back a short distance to stand at the railing facing E, directly between the sloped roof sections.


Look down and you can barely make out a translucent floating platform below you (toss a flare if you wish to see it better). Hop back and take a running jump to land safely on it. Take a running jump E to grab the next platform. Pull up, reverse roll and safety drop from the other side onto the platform directly below. Run off N to land on the next platform below and pick up the BAGUETTE for SECRET #9. Take a running jump W to grab the next platform under the castle window, shimmy left around the corner to the wall and safety drop with a slight loss of health. 


Hop down and pull up W onto the triangular ledge. Face N and stand jump to grab the swingpole. Swing around and jump to the roof, slide and grab and shimmy left around the corner. Pull up into the alcove and jump up N to grab the crack. Shimmy right around corners until you reach a ladder, then shift right the rest of the way around the next corner. Drop down onto a ledge with the SALT BAG and slide backward down the slope. Slide and grab and drop to the ground, find flares on the NW plinth and go S and W up the steps to a button that opens a door leading to a familiar room in the castle.


Turn right and go up the stairs to the landing, follow around and use the chandeliers and the ladder to get back up to the zip line you noted earlier. It's now time to use it, so ride it down to the tower and go inside. Shoot the crate in the W alcove for a small medipack, hop to the E alcove and turn around to jump and grab the ladder. Climb up to an alcove, shoot the crate in the adjacent alcove for shotgun ammo and use the W ladder to climb still higher. Pull up to the top of the tower and go to the N opening. Search the small chest to find a small medipack and release a candle wraith, note the cut scene and use the ladders to get quickly down to the ground.


Shoot the wooden slats blocking the opening, vault out and turn left to run back up the steps into the castle. Turn right, run up the stairs and go to the SW cross statue you saw in the cut scene. Wait for the wraith to self-destruct, then step forward and reach up to grab the CANDLE that magically appeared. Go back downstairs and approach the round table in the middle of the room. Place the four Candles, then press the action key again to place the Chalk Piece. The screen goes black for a few seconds, and when the lights go back on you'll find that a Celtic cross has been drawn on the table top. 


Before leaving, place the Salt Bag on the table and exit W down the stairs and across the dining room through the E opening. Continue down the winding steps to light your portable torch and go back up to the dining room and up the stairs to that round table where you placed the candles and salt bag. Set the whole thing on fire to unleash a black apparition named Tamzin. Save your game and prepare yourself for a battle royal with assorted denizens. When you've killed a half dozen or so, Tamzin will mount a skeletal unicorn and come after you.


Maneuver to Tamkin's front right flank and shoot her off her perch. Continue firing repeatedly at her chest as you would a knight until she finally succumbs with a mournful cry. The MAIN TOWER KEY then appears in a blue mist and the E door, which had closed to prevent your escape, re-opens. Don't leave yet. Go upstairs to the landing and enter the SW opening next to the doorway. Go up the winding steps, use the Main Tower Key at the top to open the gate and trigger a conversation with Noah and Marianne and some concluding cut scenes that bring together a few of the elements encountered during the game. Enjoy the scenic flyby as the credits roll across your screen. Watch it all the way through to the end; it's worth it.