Levels by Reza


Walkthrough by Josť


Thereís no need to jump into the pool (or at least I found nothing there) so letís get some pickups first, press the button to open the door to your left and in the next room pick up 10 X large medipacks, 10 X small medipacks, 10 X flares, 10 X revolver ammo, 10 X shotgun normal ammo, 10 X shotgun wideshot ammo, 10 X shotguns, 10 X uzis, 10 X uzi clips and 10 X revolvers.


Run up the stairs to the top and ignore the button and the closed door for now, go through the corridor to its left and continue to the very end to find a high crawlspace in the corner; go through, approach to the border and turn 45 degrees to the left, facing the slope press the Alt + up arrow keys to roll and land onto the slope, slide and jump to the next flatter slope, go around and press the button to open a door somewhere, go back to the slopes, jump into the water and swim around to the pool in the starting area.


Go back to the room where you got all those pickups and locate the ladder next to the entrance, climb up to the top and pick up the VINCIíS KEY. Climb down the ladder and run again up the stairs to the corner with the closed door and the button; this time press it to open the door, enter and continue to the very end of the passage to find yourself on a sort of terrace overlooking the starting area where you can use the key. Do it so to open a door in the streets below jump over the wooden fence to land into the water, get out and locate the open door in one of the walls.


For a secret: go through the corridor to the right of the open door and climb a block at the end to find the SECRET #1: a Golden Rose (thereís not a secret chime but the secret counts in the inventory).


Go back to the open door and continue to find a lava room. Turn right and advance until you find a crawlspace, go through and continue to find a passage with lava, take a running jump to grab the crack in front of you and shimmy right a long way until you can pull up into another crawlspace, crawl to the very end and again do the same maneuver (approach to the border, turn 45 degrees to the left, facing the block press the Alt + up arrow keys to roll and land onto the block) to reach the top of the block to your left; take running/standing jumps counterclockwise from block to block, climb up the ladder in the corner and jump to the ledge overlooking the initial lava room.


Use the blocks to reach the ramp and note the blue water hole in the corner; jump there to get the SECRET #2: another Golden Rose. Jump back to the ramp and to the higher block in the corner, climb the opening to your left and now you have the opportunity to use all the weaponry you got at the start; shoot up to 5 lions from this safe position and drop into the room. Nothing interesting in the pools, so climb the ladder in front of the entrance and drop down through the hole next to the closed doors.


Advance and turn right at the junction; there are openings left and right and in every room you can press a button attached to the big pipes to open doors at the other side of the junction. Press both buttons and go there; in the room to your left youíll find another big pipe with a button to open the double exit doors and in the room to your right a lava room where you can take a diagonal standing jump to your left and get the SECRET #3: a final Golden Rose.


Back to the exit doors up to 5 gladiators will attack; dispatch them and take either left or right hand passages to find a hall where 5 giant gladiators are waiting. If you want to fight with them be patient and shoot them relentlessly (it took me about 90 shots with the shotgun), but they will drop nothing; if not, you can simply go through the arches (or up one of the left or right ramps), jump into one of the pools and swim to the block with the artifact above; when you try to get it the level finishes.


May ó 13 ó 2022