VR Training

Level by Charles Kane

Walkthrough by manarch2

Pick up the 
Golden Rose for Secret #1 in front of you. In the cabinet to the left are ten HK Guns. In the shelf to the right are the Iris, a Chloroform Soaked Cloth and ten Bottles of Chloroform. You might want to drop in the water, but nothing is inside and it's rather buggy to get out of it. Ignore or shoot the five scientists in this or the next room, head on through and at the crossing go right and left. Push the button, exit and go right, straight and right to use the next button. Head out and straight into the next room where you can find another Golden Rose for Secret #2 on the boxes. Head out, right, straight and right to push a final button. Back out, left, right and climb the ladder. Run into the next area and climb the ledge ahead to find the last Golden Rose for Secret #3. Climb down, to the left and dive into the water. Swim towards the next Iris to finish this level.