Level by BigFoot


Walkthrough by G&D Productions


1 - Milady Florentine.


Swim a bit forward and wait out the cut scene, swim straight (up is air) into the Main Hall where you’ll see a lever on the wall straight ahead (N).


Drain the Main Hall, the Pump Section.


You can’t use that lever yet. Only way to proceed for now is swimming to the right (E), go into the tunnel, up and turn around to climb out, you’ll get a Notepad. Take a left, grab some Flares and follow through and pass through a doorway with a swinging chain. This is what we call the Pump Section. There’s a receptacle for an object and left (S) is a room, go in there and to the far end, use the Pulley to drain the Main Hall. Make your way back as you came. Drop into the empty tunnel and then into the drained pool and this time use the lever in the N wall niche; a trapdoor opens in the E section.


For a Secret; go up into the passage S where you came out of at the start, this time there’s no water so no current. Follow all the way to the end and left around the bend to pick up Secret #1, a Golden Rose, a Medipack and Uzi clips. Get back out to the Main Hall.


Go into the W opening, up the ladder and take a left to the Pump Section, left through the doorway with the chain and back to the right (S) to the flood Pulley.


Flood the Hall again and go back N and through the doorway on the right to the E section, around the blue balustrade into the chamber there (E) and find that opened trapdoor, the shaft below should be flooded. Swim down, into the tunnel W and then left into the next one (S), just follow through.


2 - Da Vinci’s Demons.


Swim to the end and up for air. Swim back down to the bottom and get the Revolver with some Ammo from the skeleton. Go back up and climb out at the NW ledge for more Revolver ammo. Then jump to the SE ledge for the Laser sight and put it on the Revolver, shoot the target above the NW ledge.

Now swim back down and into the S tunnel where a door opened. In the next pool, climb up onto the bronze pillar and face S, hop to the spike pillar when they are about to go down and immediately hop to the safe pillar where you’ll get a new Page for the Notepad (so, we’re looking for 4 Golden Stars). Jump through the spike trap into the room and jump back out again as a Fire wraith will come for you. Make your way back in, grab a Medipack on the right.


W side: (but I don’t think it matters which side you do first)


Take the right hand passage S and pick up Flares (Look into the room S and spot the keyhole on the S wall, that’s for much later when we come back here). From the Flares go W to a large cathedral like room. Go down the ladder under the entrance and run across the room, use a slope SW to jump/roll to it and grab the block under the passage W. Face E and run jump to grab the jump lever on the pillar to turn off the gas and stop the flames on the pillar. Go back E and up the ladder and run jump/grab to the rope W (hop back from the edge and take an extra step back). Swing high and jump off to the pillar, run jump/grab to the ledge with the lever and open a gate where that Fire wraith was. For a small medipack, get into one of the passages W, time the flame and run in. Go down the hole back to the bottom of the large room and across to go up the ladder E. Go left /left into the newly opened door and a horseman (technician) shows up. In the far N are Uzi clips.


Golden Star 1, the 4 Pools Puzzle.


Go into the nearby opening W (notice the ladder with a closed hatch above) and find more Uzi clips N, go left to a room with valves on pipes and you’ll get a new Page for the Notepad. There are 4 empty pools in the back (W). Look in the Notebook for clues. There are some Flares between the benches under the clue on the wall (NE).


(Solution: from L to R – turn the 4th valve ( III-I), the 3rd (I-IV), then the 1st (IV-II) and as last 2nd valve (II)).

Now you can go along the S wall to the pools and swim to the other side of each one, climb out and get into the next one.


In pool 4, climb out E, collect a small medipack and go left around into the W section and shoot a horseman there. In that back room is a lever on a block opening that hatch above the ladder. Leave SE, use the lever to open the exit and head E, to where the valves are.


Detour for a Secret: Go back to the valves, use valve 3 (from the left) to drain pool IV and go to the S wall, right and straight W through the gate you opened. Take a right to get to drained pool IV and drop in. In pool 4 is a tunnel N, go in, up the ladder and back flip off. Turn around and grab Secret #2, a Golden Rose. Back out to pool IV and climb out W. Now you’ll have no other choice than to make your way back through the pools and head out E to the valves room.


Leave E, go right around the corner to reach the now open hatch above the ladder. Go up and back flip off to get Golden Star 1. You can see the other Stars through the fences. Get back down and leave E, go right around corners to the next quest.


Pit with Pillars, Golden Star 2.


There’s a pit with 20 pillars, some will trigger that door across the pit to open. Take a right (NE) and head W along that side, pick up Uzi clips. Then go up a ladder NW to the floor above the pit. Go E and take a right around the corner, shoot a Horseman. There’s a floor with 20 pads and some have symbol on them, make a note of which ones.

(To open the way to the next Secret: step on each of those symbols now and a block will go down giving access to the Secret room later, you can just walk over the floor).

Then get back down that ladder NW and go to the pit. Jump only over the pillars that are under a symbol on the floor above and the door will open.

(Solution, first row right, second row one to the left, third row straight W and 4th row one to the left again


Go through the opened gate and use the lever in the back (right) between the pipes to flood the pit.


Secret: In the NE corner is a door and just in front of it is where the block lowered after stepping on the symbol tiles, crawl underneath the door and get Secret #3, a Golden Rose, explore the room to find a small and a Large Medipack, Flares and last but not least the Uzis and Uzi clips in the window next to the Flares.


Get out of the room and out to the flooded pool. Swim to the S side and down through the tunnel, climb out and go up the ladder SW. Get through the chain trap heading W, follow through finding another chain and then in the doorway right a spike AND chain trap. Through a doorway on the left (E) around a corner all the way to the end (S) and left is a small medipack. Go back a bit and through the opening right (E) to find Golden Star 2. Drop through the trapdoors behind you, head S and left into the Main room.


E Side:


Cog Wheel.


Facing S, take the left hand passage, straight ahead is that room (with big Vases) where we use a Key later, so take a left just before that room into a Big Hall, two Horsemen roaming around here. On the lever block E are Revolver ammo and a small medipack (in the SE corner are Uzi clips). The lever will raise a pillar in the middle of the room, get up that pillar and jump to the Cogwheel switch N. To the S are a spike ledge and a door, have the Revolver ready. Pull the Cog about 6-7 times, roll while drawing the Revolver and aim for a target ball inside the room behind the lowering door, hit it and the spike trap will be disabled. Pull the Cog some more, roll and run a bit forward, stand jump onto the pillar and a running jump/grab to the spike ledge. Run to the door and if needed, roll against it to get inside.


A Torch puzzle.


To the right (W) we need a Torch, so go left and come to the Hall, jump and grab the crack in the pillar, follow the route (you can figure this out) and end up in a hole in the opposite wall (N). Get down and grab Flares, go down even further and find a pedestal with some Torches, open the doors W with the lever, grab a Torch and go through the door to the Hall, ignite the Torch at one of the fires and leave it close to the raising block, use the lever to lower it, put the Torch on it and raise it again. Get up to the pillar, grab the Torch and run jump onto the spike ledge, leave the Torch there on a spot where you can grab it quick. Back to the Cog, use it and hop down onto the pillar, run jump up to the spike ledge, grab the Torch and throw it underneath the lowering door. If you’re lucky you can just roll inside with the Torch, otherwise you’ll have to do the run again to get yourself inside too.


Go ignite the wall torch on the right (W) and the doors open up, go inside and loop around, there is a lever opening up a door (x) in the hub room.

(For a next Secret, take the burning Torch with you (or get a new one; see above) as you leave and drop it in the E section near the entrance to the next quest)

Leave E to the end of the passage, safety drop down into the Hall. Leave the Hall W; take a right and right again to find the door you opened (x). Go through and the E section layout seems pretty similar with the W side.


Swimming for Golden Star 3.


Take the first right and come to a flooded tunnel. Hop in and nothing much you can do than let the current take you, around a bend and then close to the metal wall go up into a shaft and climb out, use the lever and hop back into the water. Go through the opening in the metal wall (S) and keep right and up through that hatch you opened. Pick up Flares while going up some steps and go left to a ladder, grab the Uzi clips there and climb up. Follow through shooting a Horseman and come to a pedestal with Golden Star 3. Another hatch opens up.


Go back the way you came and when you hop into the water, keep swimming right around and down to that hatch, swim past a cutter, a spike trap and another cutter to climb out at a Timed lever. On the block is a Medipack and the lever will close off the far end of the underwater tunnel. This will stop the current for as many seconds as shown on the screen. Not going for Secrets, scroll down to “Getting Out”.


Secret Detour: The lack of current in the wide tunnel is also your ticket to a Secret.

Pull, roll and jump into the water, swim quickly past the traps, no time for lining up, you have to do that while approaching them and when through the hatch, go out N through the metal wall, follow the wide tunnel left around the bend and just right after the next narrow part is the narrow tunnel to the right, follow through (down) and swim past the Secret stuff, go up for air first (in the end). Swim back a bit and grab Secret #4, a Golden Rose, a Medipack and a small medipack. Swim back out to the wide tunnel and let the current take you, go up for air in the grey shaft. Swim S through the wall and left down the hatch and traps tunnel to get back to that Timed lever we pulled last.


Getting Out.

Pull the lever, roll and jump into the water, swim quickly past the traps, no time for lining up, you have to do that while approaching them and when through the hatch, go out N through the metal wall, follow the wide tunnel around the bend, swim straight and up in the grey shaft just before that closed metal wall and climb out.


Fiery Elevator, Golden Star 4.


Back in the E section go right/right to the next quest and you’ll get a preview of what’s coming (for a Secret, throw the burning Torch down the slopes). Slide down forward along the middle of the right hand side, jump from the end of the slope onto the next so you’ll slide facing down the slope, here you have to jump and grab a jump lever above the slope to switch off the flames at the bottom (Leave the Torch here). Hop down and throw the lever, stand near the SW corner facing W and shoot a target (pistols will do) through the gap in the wall, then one more NE in the N wall and the fire at the top of the shaft is gone and a door opened. Go in, pick up a small medipack and follow the passage down to where you can slide down onto those big slopes again, but this time you can get under the elevator, safety drop down (for the Secret, take the Torch down with you, it should be on one of the extinguished fire tiles).


Secret: find and ignite 5 wall torches scattered around these rooms and a door opens up in the N room, go get Secret #5, a Golden Rose, a Medipack, Flares and Revolver ammo. Drop the Torch.


In the room N is a ladder, go up almost to the top, back flip roll and grab another ladder behind you, do this one more time and you’ll get to a higher passage. Left around the fence are some Uzi clips, then follow the passage to Golden Star 4. The trapdoors open up, safety drop down, go to the S end and right to that entrance Hall, place the 4 Stars in the windows N and you’ll create a way to cross the Tank, run jump out through the spike trap, swim around to that platform on bronze pillar N. Run jump and grab the top of the pipe N and go up that looong ladder, all the way up to a lever.


Moving Platforms.


This lever will start the machine operating the platforms along the W wall, jump onto the first one and wait for the flame thrower to be down and run jump onto the second platform. Here I did a diagonal run curving right to the next platform (it should be far enough up from the burner below) and an immediate running jump through to the safe ledge ahead. Go left around and shoot a Horseman. Follow through to a room N, jump up onto the higher steel floor and in the window is Revolver ammo. Enter the passage N and a flyby takes over (Just coming into the large room, there’s a hatch in the floor, you can open it from facing N and it leads down to the tunnel below, maybe in case you drop into the pool with the current. You can get back up at the hatch?).


Follow through, around the pool to the room with the bright pillars. To the E is the Statue with the Jump lever on its nose and to the W is a hall with a Horse.

Enter the Hall with the horse and a Fire Wraith shows up, take him to the pool where the statue is and get back. N is a door with a Medipack in front and a keyhole right of it.

On the W wall is a lever starting a timed run, back flip/roll and sprint out the Hall, down the ramp to the statue and jump right or left in the water, swim to a Timed block at the back of the pool and get on (best from facing E), roll and jump onto the moving platform, then to the statue.


Go over the statue to the nose and hang down to use the Jump lever opening the statue up. Go inside, looks like an alien ship and pick up another Uzi and a Gold Key from the skeleton. Notice the Gem receptacle E and go back to the Hall with the horse, open the door N and use the lever left around the corner. A Horseman will come out of a door S. Shoot him off the horse and finish him off. Pick up the Horseman’s Gem. Take that into the statue and place it into the receptacle E, the ship powers up. Go out, underneath and swim up where the hatch opened. Shoot the box W to get a Gemstone and see a door opening up (you might have spotted that one before). Get out, swim W and climb out, go W and left, around the pool there to the open door SW (W wall). There’s a ladder and in the room to the right is a lever opening the hatch above the ladder. Go up the ladder and if you would like to find the “Easter Egg”; a bit above that grey, stone relief, do a back jump to a ledge and find a message and also Bigfoot’s glasses. Jump and grab back to the ladder and go up into the darkness.


3 - Milady Florentine/part 2.


Follow the narrow passage, left is a small medipack and slide down, shoot a Horseman. Follow the passage E, through the doorway with the chain (yes, we’ve been here) and opposite the pool you can see N is the block with receptacle for that Gemstone. Go S into the area where the Pulley is and look N from the Pulley, the door in the central fenced off area is now open. Go use the lever to raise a platform in the N pool as you can see. Go out, left around out of the room and right through the chained doorway. At the blue balustrade you can get into the water, swim out to the pool and get out at the platform. Go shoot a vase SE for Uzi clips and then head N through the doorways and to a hallway with grey pillars.


A Gold Key.


Take the one NW going down to a split level Hall with a pool, up above in the center of the room is a Key with a cage around it. Look up between the pillars E to spot the target ball, shoot it to open some doors on the upper level (Secret hunters; spot the jump lever up E above the pool). Go back up the stairs SW, left around through the hallway with the grey pillars and up the stairs NE to the upper level. Enter one of the two doors E, both lead down to a small labyrinth, take a right (N), shoot a vase for Uzi clips and go left around the corner. To the right is a lever in a niche, opening a door in the pool below. Run around the labyrinth to spot two receptacles for Owl Coins (on the central pillar) and shoot another vase SW for more Uzi clips. Leave at the E end and up to the hall.


For the Secret: walk onto the higher edge of the pool, look over the edge, spot the jump lever below and hang down to use that.

Two doors to the Secret open up, next to what seems to be a room with a Key. Not going for the Secret? just dive down.


Swim down and into the opened door S, follow through and climb out, go up S and down into water again. Follow the winding tunnel to the S and then to the E end, get out.

Crawl under each reach-in switch, time the flames and stand up to  use them, then duck again. Doors open E, go into the room and on a pedestal is the Gold Key.


If you used the jump lever, the doors to the room E are open, go in to collect Secret #6, a Golden Rose, a small medipack, Revolver ammo, 2xUzi clips and Flares.


To the Streets, a Book for a Crowbar.


Leave and make your way back to the Hall, climb out NW and go use the Key in the Keyhole, go up the steep hallway into a corridor with a crowbar lever. A Page for the Notepad appears, as well as two Fire wraiths. Take those back down to the hall with the pool and make your way back up to the crowbar lever corridor. In the corridor left (S) is a scroll to the left you can read it by using Ctrl, turn around and open the blue double doors to a bedroom W, shoot the incoming horseman. On the higher floor S are two stone lamp posts, one is in a window, the other isn’t. Move that one in the window S of it and a bookcase opens up to the right. Go in, use the lever to open a bookcase in bedroom 2. Go out to the corridor, right and after the big vase right through the blue doors. First go look on the bed through the canopy, you can see an Owl Coin there, but we can not get it yet. So, carefully enter the open bookcase N, turn around and climb down a long ladder. Go left around to a lever opening a hatch behind you. Climb out to the street.


Head N and left around the church and straight S to a fence, watch the cut scene and then head back, looking for a tree in the shape of a moon, there are more, but the Book is found where there are some benches at the far S end of the street. So, back to Maximilian and give the Book to get the Crowbar.


Push Puzzle, First Owl Coin.


Make your way back to the open hatch, down and up the ladder to the bedroom and into the corridor. To the left (N) and use the crowbar lever from facing S. 2 Pushable statues become available after the doors E and W opened, move the W one into the corridor S and onto the little grey tile at the E wall, past the big vase (the statues should face each other as the clue on the scroll states). A small blue sphere will appear above. Now move the other statue to the first little grey tile right in the corridor. Go N and in the room with the crowbar lever a door opened N, follow in and in the passage with the horseman is a higher room right, you can pick up the First Owl Coin there. Make your way back to the bedroom corridor.


Head over to the far end where you can open another door (S) with the crowbar. A long and winding route through several passages, a Horseman and finally you will see a Scroll to the left, examine it.


Symbol Puzzle, Gold Key.


NE of the Scroll is an open doorway, left of the golden door, and at the end of the balcony is a lever that will open a door close to the Scroll, leading to a puzzle room. The big church doors also open and the shape trimmed trees in the street are shown.


Secret: Side flip left over the blue balustrade, and behind the statue of Florentine (SE) is Secret #7, a Golden Rose. Go back to the Scroll.


Go into the door you opened (S), the clue on the Scroll was the shape of the trees in the street, how they are trimmed. The puzzle field has 6 rows of 3 tiles. So we need the shape of 6 trees, go through the big church doors, right around and make a note of the shape of the trees. Go back inside and to the puzzle room. Jump onto the correct tiles and the door S opens, go get the Gold Key (you’ll get a screen of where to use it).


Solution: X is wrong, V is correct, you may step on the floor next to the field, but not on any of the other symbols.



XVX (cresent moon)

XVX (cresent moon)

XXV (full moon)

XXV (star)

XVX (star)

VXX (cresent moon)



Secret hunters: behind the curtain NW of the puzzle floor you can climb up into a windowsill for Secret #8, a Golden Rose.


Using the Gold Key, opening the canopy, Second Owl Coin.


Go out of the room N, there’s a small medipack in the NW corner of the puzzle room.

Leave the puzzle room, go out the big doors N to the street, right around and to the open hatch at the second star tree, follow down and up the ladder (you can use ‘ledge jumps up’) and in the bedroom to the keyhole SE, a door opens above the bed canopy. Climb up and use the Pulley in that small room, this will lift the canopy. Drop down and climb into the bed to grab the Second Owl Coin. Leave NE to the corridor, go left and in the room with the crowbar lever, down right, follow to the Hall with the pool and go SW up the stairs and left through the hallway with the grey pillars up the staircase NE to the upper floor, right into the labyrinth and at the junction go left, then right, just past the lever we used before and opposite the lanterns is a passage to where you can place an Owl Coin. Do this at the other side of the labyrinth too (if you didn’t yet, shoot a vase for Uzi clips while you’re at it) and use the second Coin, the cage will lower. Make your way up to either side of the upper floor and from the N or S side you can access the plateau where the cage lowered. Pick up the Catacombs Key, the door out of this area opens up again and a Page will be added to the Notebook.


Using the Catacombs Key.


Go down the staircase SE, in the Hallway with the grey pillars through the door S and through the next doorway, into the pool with the platform and swim through the opening E. Climb out and head E, dive down into the wide shaft and into the tunnel W and in the next shaft S, the current takes you and you’ll drop down where you did before.


4 - Da Vinci’s Demons/part 2.


Swim through S and down in the shaft and S, up in the pool with the spike pillar. Get into the S section again (where you used the 4 Stars) and in the S end is the Keyhole, open the doors. Well, by the looks of it Da Vinci was playing around here for sure… Go through to the next room S, with a weird contraption in the center.

Go around the back to the W room where you’ll find a Golden Rose on a stick. Read the Page for the Notepad.


Ending with the Breastplate (only if you have at least 5 Roses, look below for the ending without):


In the N wall are 5 small niches, place the Golden Roses (if you have them) there, the door W opens up. Go in and get the Mechanical Scarab with Key. Back into the room with the Golden Rose.

To the N is a small room, in the left corner is a lever stopping the machine right of you. Go back to the room with the weird contraption and on top is a pedestal where the flames are now gone, go grab the Necklace of the Archangel. A door opened, that one is back in the room N from here and left, but is leading to the exit. We’ll take that later.


Head to the doorway E, use the Scarab on the tile before the spike traps and run after it. Straight through to the room with the Breast Plate, go left through the opening and read the Notepad. Check the Scroll on the pedestal left. Use the lever N to stop the flames and grab the Breast Plate. Back through the spike passage to the room where the necklace was.


Ending without the Breastplate:


To the N is a small room, in the left corner is a lever stopping the machine right of you. Go back to the room with the weird contraption and on top is a pedestal where the flames are now gone, go grab the Necklace of the Archangel. A door opened, that one is back in the room N from here, so go out N, left into a room with a platform and propeller underneath. Grab up to the platform, pull the chain and watch… Jump to the balcony, use the lever and run into the dark.


Hit Esc and it’s not over yet, go up the ladder, use a lever around the corner to open the hatch and climb out onto the street. Head W and around the bend to meet up with Maximilian….