Level by Olympus Mons


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, guided by Doggett TV's video walk



Run along the corridor past a closed door and come to a room where you'll find shotgun ammo (note that the shotgun is already in your inventory) and a large medipack. Go back to the closed door and open it by pushing the nearby wall button. Enter a wider hallway and step inside the opening on your right to alert two thugs, one of whom drops the DIVING POOL ACCESS CARD and the other shotgun ammo. Go into the room they came from and search the perimeter for a small medipack and 3 x automatic pistol clips. Exit this room and loop around right in the hallway to face the receptacle for your Access Card. But first, search behind the shelves for flares and automatic pistol clips.


Return to the hallway, turn left and then right into a small room with shotgun ammo and automatic pistol clips in the back corner.  Exit, turn right again and explore the area behind the long shelf for shotgun ammo and automatic pistol clips. You can now return to the receptacle you saw and open the nearby door with the Diving Pool Access Card. Step inside to alert two dogs and three thugs, then go around to collect the dropped AUTOMATIC PISTOLS, automatic pistol clips and shotgun ammo.


In this large new area there's lots to explore. In the near corner you'll find a pair of elevated pushblocks. Push one of them two times toward the entrance, revealing a third pushblock. Turn around, push the second pushblock out of your way and pull the third pushblock toward the second pushblock. Go around it and drop down into the revealed passage to find the STONE DRAGON for SECRET #1, along with 2 x shotgun ammo and 2 x automatic pistol clips. Pull out of the passage and continue your exploration. In the opposite corner of the room are two more pushblocks. In the middle of the room is a large pool. Near the control panel opposite the entrance is a small medipack.


Go to the second pair of pushblocks, pull the one on your right to get it out of the way and pull the other one away from the wall to reveal a large medipack, shotgun ammo and automatic pistol clips. Jump into the pool and find an underwater lever that opens the door in the wall behind you. Swim on through the connecting passage until you hear the action music indicating that you've alerted two frogmen in the next pool, then flip turn and swim back so that you can pull out and await their arrival with your favorite weapon drawn (you may have to swim down again to lure them out of the passage). 


When peace and quiet are restored, swim back to the second pool and search the perimeter near the back corners for (1) a small medipack and 2 x harpoons and (2) the HARPOON GUN and 2 x harpoons. There's a ceiling hole where you can get air if needed between pickups. Look for an underwater lever on the back of the middle column on your right as you enter the pool. Pull it to open a trap door in the hanging block near the back wall of the room. Swim up, surface and pull out near a hallway that's booby trapped with collapsing floor tiles. Walk up to the near edge (it's marked if you look closely) and take a running jump to the other side and grab as the tiles drop below you to reveal the deadly glass shards that would otherwise have impaled you. Pull up but don't yet run forward, as barrels are rolling toward you from the side passage. When they come to a halt, they'll be followed close behind by four thugs and a flameblower guy, so prepare for a battle royal.


When all is done, pillage the corpses for 2 x shotgun ammo, a large medipack, the UZIS and 2 x uzi ammo. In the next room note the closed door to your right and go up the nearby ramp to a wraparound ledge. Loop around left, shoot the glass paneling (one's enough unless you happen to have a destructive bent) and enter a control room. Push the wall button in the back corner to open the door next to the ramp and return there. Step inside a room filled with crates and hop back quickly as two dogs attack. Among the barrels to your left you'll find a large medipack and uzi ammo. Between two of the crates near the steps to your right you'll find a small medipack and automatic pistol clips


Go up the steps, save your game just in case, and do battle with four blade-tossing baddies who unfortunately don't drop anything. In the hub room ahead turn left and go to the opening of a room filled with deadly water. Take a running jump to grab the nearest column, pull up when the crane is moving away, jump quickly to the next column ahead and to your left and stand jump in the same direction to the next column. By this time you're probably being fired upon, so turn to your left, jump to grab the higher column, pull up while turning left and take a running jump to the next column, and finally stand jump between the gap in the railing and shoot the waiting baddy. In the left corner is the JADE DRAGON for SECRET #2.


Take a running jump and grab to the previous column and make your way around to the first column the same way you came. Turn left and take a running jump to grab the central column. Pull up in a corner so the moving crane won't hit you, turn right and time a running jump down to the next column. Step forward quickly to the far edge to avoid the moving crane, jump left to the next column and from there past the gap in the railing to the surrounding ledge. Shoot the thug, take his automatic pistol clips and go to the crates stacked in the corner. Climb them for uzi ammo and return to the gap in the railing.


Jump the column tops in a generally straight direction, exercising the same care as before, until you reach the ledge on the other side of the room (you may be able to target and kill the waiting baddy before getting all the way there). Grab the large medipack dropped by the baddy and find the GREEN ACCESS CARD on the raised corner slab. You're through with this area, so return to the entrance via the column tops and go straight across the hub room into the opposite opening.


Turn the corner left, jump over two glass shard pits, wait for the barrel to start rolling toward you and back flip onto the safe area as the barrel falls into the second pit. Jump back across and follow the corridor to another glass shard pit. Instead of hopping around the corner, stand jump forward to grab an opening, pull up into the darkness and step forward to pull up higher. Walk forward, turn right into the opening and navigate past the glass shards into the opposite opening to find a dog and a thug. After dealing with them and picking up the thug's small medipack, grab the GOLD DRAGON for SECRET #3 and go back the way you came.


Hop down left into the corridor and follow to a deep room with sloped columns. Start at the shorter yellow line and take a running jump to grab the first sloped column. Pull up, slide down the other side and jump twice to land on a flat column. Stand jump onto the next slope, jump twice without sliding and grab the taller column. Pull up, take a running jump without grab onto the next flat column, jump to grab the higher corner column, pull up and face left. You'd best save your game here, as the next jump is rather tricky. Take a running jump onto the slope ahead, slide ever so slightly at jump off at the last instant to grab the next slope. Pull up, slide and jump off onto a lower column. Stand jump to grab the next slope, pull up and jump off to a safe area where you'll find the RED ACCESS CARD.


Getting out of here is a piece of cake. Jump to the grouped columns, walk forward to the highest one, pull up, slide and jump to the entrance. Return to the hub room, being mindful of the glass shard pits, and turn right toward the opening where you see the flames. On either side of the entrance is a receptacle, one for the Green Access Card and the other for the Red Access Card. Insert them both to extinguish the flames, go through the dark passage and continue to a floor hole. Simply run off into the water below and swim along the winding passage until you reach a crossing.


You'll want to take the left passage, but first swim up the shaft for air. Return to the left passage and follow to the end for automatic pistol clips, uzi ammo and a large medipack. Go back for air, take the passage on the right this time, swim up a ramp and surface. Wade out into an anteroom where you'll find 4 x uzi ammo, then go through the opening and prepare to do battle with two blade-tossing baddies. Beware, these guys are tough to kill and will require quite a bit of your ammo supply. One of them leaves behind the CHAMBER KEY. Continue further into the room and use the Chamber Key to lift the gate in the far wall.


Enter the next room to trigger more action music as a chicken monster makes its appearance. When you defeat it the level comes to an abrupt end.