Level by XianDani


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth. Video walks have also been provided by Doggett TV, by Saki Croft, by Steven3517 and by kapil4417037.



Lara dives from a motorized raft to explore an underwater derelict, unaware that she's being observed from afar by a marauding crew with similar intentions. When camera control becomes available, loop around left and pull an underwater lever, swim around right and N past the opened door. Continue to a gate you can open with the action key, swim into the next room and surface. Wade quickly up the S stairs, draw your pistols when you can and turn to shoot the pursuing fish


Jump back into the water and swim down into the SW corridor to find the CROWBAR at the corner. Go back for some air, then swim down through the hole in the floor and toward the N wall. Just past the piano to your right is another underwater lever that opens the NE door next to you. Swim through, surface and pull out in the next room where you see a ladder for later use. Turn around, shoot the crate and jump over there for flares. There are two flame blowers overhead, so go around to the NW corner, face S, jump up to grab the ceiling and time your way past the flame blowers to the opening in the S wall.


Drop to the floor in the next room, note the flame-protected wall switch and take a running jump E past the swinging chain to grab the ledge, pull up (you can still take damage from the chain) and go left into a dark alcove to pull down the N wall switch. Go to the S wall and take a running jump back W to grab the ladder. Climb up to find that the flame you saw earlier has gone out, so hop into the floor hole and pull down the timed wall switch that extinguishes the flames along the E wall for a short while. Jump back to the ledge with the swinging chain, pull up and take another running jump to grab the ledge with the flame tiles. Pull up and get through the crawl space before the flames return.


In the next room you can shoot an empty crate and note the broken wall switch to your right. Go around and push the floor lever to flood the previous room, lift an underwater gate and release a fish.  The flame tiles have also been extinguished, so return there and shoot the fish before jumping into the water and swimming past the opened S door for the CABIN KEY. Go back, look on the floor SE for shotgun ammo, pull out W and drop down N. Jump into the water and swim S through the passage to the central multi-deck area.


Surface for air, swim along the middle deck to the E opening that appears to lead to the rocks outside the ship, turn right and go through a triangular opening to your left for shotgun ammo. The opposite triangular opening leads to a closed door, so swim N just to the left of the windows and into the alcove ahead for flares. After grabbing more air, swim to the SW corner of the lower deck and open the door there by pressing the action key. Swim inside and loop around left into a room with crates. Look behind the crates near the SW corner for a small medipack, surface and wade out via the winding ramp.  


Pull out onto one of the lower crates, get up on the higher, lighter-colored crate and shoot the panel across the way in the S wall. Jump E past the streaming water, go up the winding ramp and shoot the crate in the NE corner for harpoons. Save your game in front of the nearby timed wall switch and pull it down to raise a platform behind you. Turn to your right and run toward the barrels, jump W over the railing onto the nearest crate below, take a running jump W onto the raised platform and quickly jump up and grab to pull up into the S opening. Go around for the ENGINE ROOM KEY 1 and return to the ramp.


Enter the SE passage and pull up higher. Shoot the crab in the next room, grab the SE uzi ammo and activate the crowbar switch to hear the sound of a trap door opening. Return to the previous room and find the opened trap door in the N floor hole beyond the twin streams of water. Swim down into a small room and grab the hard-to-see SHOTGUN next to the barrels for SECRET #1. Return to the room with the crates, exit NW and listen for the heavy breathing of a frogman. It would be nice if you could lure him back into the room with the crates and engage him at close quarters there, but he's too smart to follow you in. Swim into the flooded deck area, up through the floor hole and quickly wade up the S steps while turning around with weapon drawn to kill him.


Go around the upper deck to the N end and use the Cabin Key to open the double doors. Go around either side into a new deck area and grab harpoons to the right of the grandfather clock. Shoot the crab that was creeping up on you and continue S into a flooded section of the deck. Swim along the staircase and turn right into the first bedroom where you'll find flares. Exit and continue down the hall to the next bedroom and look next to the bed for ENGINE ROOM KEY 2. Exit and swim back the way you came. Wade out at the stairs and shoot the baddy who has recently arrived. Pick up the HARPOON GUN he dropped and find that it works both in and out of the water.


Return S to the multi-deck area, jump into the water and swim down to the lower deck and through the NE opening next to the piano. Surface at the ladder in the next room and pull out to face a closed door and two keyholes. Follow the ramp up and use your Engine Room Keys to open the E door. Go inside and follow the passage to a water hole. Jump in and swim down to a passage that brings you to a small room. Look for flares in the gap between the crates, surface and pull out S at the ladder. Go up the ramp and take the right (S) path.


In the next room stay right and climb down the ladder at the far end of the walkway. Drop down into shallow water and hop up onto the SE crate. Jump up while firing your pistols to shatter the panel in the S wall. Hop up into the alcove and save your game before pulling down the first of two timed wall switches. Two conjoined platforms are raised. Quickly go back, climb the NW ladder and turn left to pull down a second wall switch you may have missed before. Two more conjoined platforms are raised to form a bridge nearby. Loop around right and take a running jump E to grab the leftmost raised platform.


Shimmy right and around the corner to pull up S onto a walkway before the timed platforms drop. Run forward and push the floor lever in the S alcove to open trap doors and release a crate that tumbles down into a cargo hold. Safety drop to the deck below, drop down at the N end of the opened trap doors to land on a level surface and slide down S. Jump with grab to land inside the opening and run forward to a wall switch that opens a door down below. Turn around, take a running jump back to the level surface, turn left and stand jump NW down to a ledge. Light a flare and note the symbols on the W wall panel.


Ignore the nearby S ladder for now and climb down the ladder in the NW floor hole. Hop to the partially flooded lower level where the crate tumbled down and splash around to attract the attention of two crabs. Shoot a chest near the SW corner for shotgun ammo. Hop or pull up onto the ledge in front of the E opening and follow into a room with flares on your left. In the E wall is a bay with five wall switches. Remembering the wall design you noted earlier, pull down only 1, 2 and 4, counting from left to right. A gate lifts somewhere, so exit W and run across the shallow water to the W end of the room. Pull up onto the ledge, loop around through the opening and climb the ladder to an upper ledge you visited earlier.


Jump onto the bridge spanning the room, run to the other end and jump NE into the opening where the gate lifted. Take the CIRCUIT BREAKER from the barrel and return W to the previous ledge via the bridge. Now you can climb that S ladder you ignored earlier. Shift left near the top and drop down next to a wall switch that opens the E door. Hop up there and proceed to a new room with lowered central trap doors. You can get on the SE crate, pull up S into the alcove and try to pull down the wall switch, but it won't budge. Instead, climb the NW ladder, ignore the timed wall switch to your left as you pull up, go through the N opening and turn right to face a flame-protected corridor. Place the Circuit Breaker in the receptacle to extinguish the flames and lift a gate, and go around to the S opening.


Hop down and follow the walkway E, loop around onto the steps and wait for the fish to arrive. Jump into the water and swim down the floor hole to a lower deck and exit S into the open ocean. Stay left along the ocean floor, pause along the way for uzi ammo and you'll soon come to an opening that leads to an underwater lever that opens a door in the side of the ship. It also attracts another fish, so exit and swim E up to an air hole where you can pull out and either kill the fish now or deal with it on your return trip.


Hop up into the N opening, jump into the water hole and swim down for the ENGINEER KEY. Return S to the open ocean and swim back N to the ship, entering via the door you opened with the underwater lever, and follow down the shaft and along the passage to a small room with flowing water. Pull out for flares and go up to the SW alcove to find a keyhole for the Engineer Key. Enter a new section of the ship and climb down the E ladder. Go down a couple of steps and grab the harpoons on the nearby ledge, then climb down another ladder to find an empty crate and a wall switch that opens a trap door somewhere.


Climb back up the previous ladder and go S along the walkway to where the trap door opened. Climb down the ladder in the floor hole to another empty crate and follow around to a flooded section. Jump into the water for flares and pull the W underwater lever to raise one block while lowering another. Pull out of the water and find the nearby floor lever that affects more blocks in the same area. Return to the ladder, climb up and run across to the N side of the room. Go up the steps to your right and climb the next ladder to the deck with the moved blocks.


Hop S onto the first block and take a running jump to grab the next one. Pull up and hop into the alcove on your right to find a wall switch that lifts a door somewhere. Jump the blocks back to the N ledge, turn right and climb the ladder down to the next lower deck, go across S and climb down further to the flooded room. Push the floor lever back to its original position (cut scene of blocks rising and lowering), climb both ladders back to the upper deck and hop over the railing onto a new raised block. Take a running jump S to grab the next block, pull up and continue with a running jump to grab the S ledge.


Pull up and go to the E opening where the door lifted. Stand jump a bit left to grab the duct remnant, pull up and take a running jump across the water to grab the pyramid-shaped column. Shimmy left around the corner, pull up and back flip onto a duct remnant with shotgun ammo. Face S, hang from the edge, drop and grab the opening below. Pull up into the duct and follow around the corner. Pull up right, shoot the panel ahead and drop down to connecting passages with a pushblock at the end of each one.


Pull the W block once, go up the steps and shoot the panel next to the N block. Enter the revealed passage, find the crawl space and get inside. Shoot another panel, hop down and shoot a small chest for flares before opening the cleverly disguised W crowbar door. Go around the corner and crawl underneath the flame blowers. You can stand safely in the NE corner next to what looks like but isn't another crowbar door. Shoot the W panel and hop into the alcove when the flames are down to grab the UZIS for SECRET #2. Hop back quickly and get around to the other side of the first pushblock via the crawl space and main connecting passage.


Push the block two times W, go up the steps to the second pushblock and pull it once S. Go around via the side passage and the crawl space to get to the second block and pull it once W to clear a path in the main passage. Return there and go N up the ramp only to find your way blocked by a third pushblock which doesn't pose as much of a problem. Pull it twice and push it aside to open a path to the W room where you'll find uzi ammo next to the barrels on your right. Prepare yourself for a long swim, jump into the water and enter the NW opening.


Turn left, swim up the steps, turn right and follow the outer deck a long way until you find an opening to your right. Swim to the back right corner and down the floor hole, follow the passage around corners until you can surface for air. If you like, you can swim back to the deck and turn right to find a large medipack behind the second block to your right. Pull out at the ladder, go up the ramp and hop up into the NW alcove to find a wall switch that lifts a door somewhere. Hop down to the ramp, go up into the S duct and pull up left into a crawl space. Follow around, drop down the other side and shoot the panel.


Hop down into a wide corridor and take the flares from the small table. Go to the other end of the corridor and activate the jump switch up in the SW corner to open double doors somewhere. Go up the nearby steps, hop down the floor hole and find the opened double doors NW. Go down the steps to a lower deck riddled with glass shards. Jump across to the N side, pick up a hard-to-see TORCH (there are several of them scattered here and there) and jump back over to light it on the flaming pipe. Hop up S, go up the steps and use the debris to jump up to the higher deck.


Exit W to the wide corridor, turn right and go through the NE opening into a side passage. Hop up E and down E, drop the torch long enough to deal with a crab and then toss the torch onto the wooden flooring. Wait for that section to catch fire and crumble when fully consumed, hop down from the N side onto a block and safety drop to the floor. Pick up a book with the odd name of PASSENGER MEAT and go to the NE corner and take the UPPER DECK KEY from the bedside table. Exit S, shoot a crab and look left for uzi ammo. Pull up out of the bedroom and shoot the baddy that was waiting for you on the upper deck.


Return to the wide corridor via the W passage, run S past the steps and use the Upper Deck Key to open the SE door beside you. Hop right onto the S ledge and jump over the water with grab onto the N ledge for a small medipack. Jump back to the N ledge, hang from the edge and shimmy left along the crack and around the corner to pull up in front of an opening. Go on through, hop down for flares and go through the SE opening into the next room. Yes, they're all starting to look alike, are they not? Shoot the small chest for uzi ammo and hop up the debris in the SW corner to find a crawl space leading to shotgun ammo.


Return and locate the pushblock near the NE corner. Move it four times S, get up on it and take a running jump S to grab the upper duct. Pull inside, turn left and enter the crawl space to trigger a flyby through the hazardous room to your right. A grate keeps you from getting there, so continue to crawl N, flip out at the end and shoot the panel. Hop down to another area that seems so familiar but really isn't. Shoot a small chest for flares and move the pushblock E and S underneath the wall switch so you can pull it down and open the NW door. 


Jump into the water hole and swim to a submerged room similar to all the others. Continue through the N opening and follow to some steps. Wade out and get up onto the crate opposite the closed door. Face N and jump up to open the ceiling trap door. Turn around, jump up to grab and pull into the duct. Crawl to the other end and drop down to a lower room. Shoot a crab and note for later the nearby pushblock and the closed door in the NW alcove. Pull down the wall switch in the adjacent N alcove to open the door and release a baddy. Pick up his shotgun ammo and move the pushblock E and N past the opened door and into the next room (you'll need to shoot the empty chest to get it out of your way).


Turn around, hop N onto the crate and pull up S into the duct. Crawl through, flip out the other side and push the block further into the N room. Move it four times W, get up on it and find a higher pushblock. Push this one two times N to reveal a passage and enter a small room for SECRET #3. Pick up 2 x shotgun ammo, get on the crate for uzi ammo and shoot the small chest for a large medipack. Exit to the previous room with the flowing water, continue into the larger room and pull down the SE wall switch in the far corner to open a door other than the one you may have expected.


Note the nearby keyhole and go up the ramp to the highest level of the room. Locate the ceiling monkey bars, face E and jump up to grab them. Monkey swing to the opening in the E wall where the door opened and drop down. Run forward onto a ledge and shoot the small chest for flares. Pull down the timed wall switch in the NE alcove to raise a platform beyond the swinging chain. Reverse roll, run out and take a running jump S onto the right side of the timed platform. Turn right and stand jump W to grab the crack in the wall.


Shimmy left until the camera view changes when you're over a slope. Save your game while hanging. Drop, slide just a bit and take a rolling back flip to grab the protruding block. Your jump needs to be precise, or you'll miss the grab and fall into the deadly water. Pull up and activate the jumpswitch in the N wall to raise some platforms. Turn around and take a running jump S onto the upper ledge for the ELECTRICAL ROOM KEY. Jump back to the block and use the raised platforms NE to time a running jump NW past the swinging chain down to the ledge next to a ladder. 


Climb the ladder to the upper ledge, exit left and monkey swing back to the higher section in the next room. Drop down and go to the SE keyhole to open the door with your latest key. Enter a small room, grab the small medipack in the corner and push the button on the machine to de-electrify the water you see in a cut scene and also in a previous room. Use the monkey bars in the larger room to get back to the upper E doorway, climb down the ladder, splash through the now-safe water and jump over one of the slopes to get to the S side of the room. Grab the SHOTGUN near the SW corner and return.


Climb the ladder, monkey swing to the previous room, drop down and find the jump switch in the W wall. Take a curved standing jump to activate it and open the door up in the SW corner. Go there, enter the next room and trigger a cut scene

whereby twin hydras are awakened and the door shuts behind you to prevent your escape. Face the hydras bravely and save ammo by firing at them only when flames appear in their mouths. Avoid what appears to be the closed trap door during the battle, because you'll fall right through it as if it weren't there, then you'll drown because you won't be able to pull back out.


When both hydras have been vanquished, pick up THE CROSS OF SAFIRE, whereupon the trap door opens for real. Jump into the floor hole and swim to an underwater lever that opens cargo bay trap doors in the main room and also the exit door to the room above. Return, exit S and find the opened trap doors. Jump into the water and follow the NE passage until you can pull out into a new area that looks the same as all the others. Go across to the E side of the room and target two fish swimming about in the water. Jump in and swim through the W opening, grab the flares on the crate in the next room and note the nearby symbols on the S wall panel.


Pull the underwater lever in the W wall to lift a door somewhere, turn right and open the barred door in the N wall. Don't swim inside yet. Instead, return SE to the previous area, surface and pull out. Go up the ramp, pull up into the NE opening and monkey swing over the water to the opening in the E wall where the door lifted. Drop down, step inside the passage to trigger a boulder-like crate and hop back while it tumbles down the ramp. Go up where it came from and find yourself in a room with four wall switches. Remembering the designs on the wall panel you noted earlier, pull down only the two rightmost switches (NW and SE).


Another door lifts somewhere, so exit to the monkey bar opening, safety drop to the walkway and find the opened doorway near the SE corner. Hop inside and follow to the next area. Grab the flares along the way and hop into the water. Pull the underwater lever on the NW column to lift a timed platform against the E wall, quickly swim there and use the platform to access the adjacent block. Take a running jump onto the SW crate, shoot the S wall panel and pull up into the opening. Enter the crawl space, drop down the other side and shoot another panel.


Hop down to a deck area, shoot two crabs and enter the SW cabin to find the ALARM CLOCK on the bedside table. Return to the deck, pull up into the W opening, pull up right and return via the crawl space to the previous room. Swim across to the N side, pull out and go through the passage to the next room. Jump into the water on the N side and swim through the W opening into the next room. Turn right, swim into the N room, surface and pull out. Go up the ramp and through the doorway into the next room, shoot the crate ahead and pick up the DYNAMITE.


Go around to the W wall, combine the Alarm Clock and the Dynamite and place the BOMB on top of the metal panel. Back flip away from the blast that tears a hole in the side of the ship. Lara is underwater when camera control is restored, so swim W to exit the vessel and trigger a concluding flyby whereby Lara uses the Cross of Safire to sic a hydra on the remaining marauders while she rides off in her motorized raft. Enjoy the closing credits.