Levels by Naxheel


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth. Video walks have also been provided by Doggett TV, by Saki Croft and by kapil4417037.



Level 1 (optional): LARA'S HOME


Run forward and push the button near the bed to open the closet door. Go inside to find it empty except for some flares. Exit the bedroom to the landing and go left all the way around to the NE corner. Push the button that opens the door to your left, enter the music room and find more flares on the NE window ledge. Go up the steps into the adjacent W room and go to the back left corner for still more flares. Go back to the SE corner where you'll find a pushblock in the S wall. Pull it into the room, push it aside and enter the revealed alcove to find a button that turns off the flames in the fireplace.


Go there and climb the E ladder, shift right and drop down into a passage. Follow down several dark levels to a room with two pushblocks. Pull the lower one once, push the higher one once to reveal a third pushblock, and pull the third block once N and once W. Go around it into the revealed opening and push a fourth block to access the attic. Loop around right past a useless pushblock to find two pushblocks side by side near the W wall. Pull the nearer one once, go around behind the other one and push it away from the BASEMENT KEY.


The remaining pushblocks in the attic are red herrings, so return to the previous room and be sure before leaving that you pull down the W wall switch to open the kitchen door downstairs. Get back up to the fireplace ladder and climb down to the library/lounge.  Exit E and S to the landing and go downstairs to the entrance hall. Enter the NW hallway and use the Basement Key to open the door. Go down past the empty cabinets into an aquarium viewing area. Move the pushblock to the other end of the red carpet and use it to pull up N through the ceiling hole. 


Follow to a water hole, jump in and swim clockwise around the aquarium viewing area. Don't stop to pick up the translucent blue object you see on the floor, or you'll die (not very nice, builder). Continue around the building and look for the DOORWAY KEY not far from the SW corner. Return to the aquarium viewing area and exit up the basement stairs to the entrance hall. Turn right into the gymnasium (where you can practice some moves if you're so motivated) and continue N to the indoor pool. Go behind the diving board and push the button to open a door in the entrance hall.


Return there and find the opened door at the SE corner. Pull down the wall switch in the alcove to open the timed door behind you. Reverse roll and sprint N across the entrance hall and past the lowering door into the trophy room. Look around if you like, hop up to the NE window ledges and push the wall button two times to open the exit door (okay, that was a rather fruitless visit). Return to the entrance hall and go through the SW hallway into the kitchen.


Loop around left and push the button to open the door to the freezer compartment. Someone forgot to let poor Winston out, and he's been frozen solid. Grab the flares near the hanging ham hocks and exit the kitchen and turn left into the dining room. If you like, you can push the button at the SW corner to play some Lara theme music on the stereo. Exit to the entrance hall and approach the front door. Use the Doorway Key to open it and go outside toward the motorbike to finish the level.




I was hoping that the leftover flares would be carried over from the house level, but no such luck...


After the introductory remarks and flyby, follow the path in a steady rain but walk carefully so you won't fall into two hidden spike pits soon after you turn the corner. The next pit at the exposed rocks is safe, and this one has the SHOTGUN and 2 x uzi ammo. Pull out and continue along the path (and yes, there are more hidden spike pits to avoid) until you come to an apparent dead end. Stand at the SE ferns and look down to see a flat surface you can reach with a rather tricky running jump (keep the up arrow key depressed). 


Go to the wall and jump up to grab the crack. Shimmy left around the corner until you can pull up in front of a crawl space. Crawl until you can stand up, grab the flares and pull up several times to emerge at the forest path. Head E and you'll soon trigger a cut scene warning of awakened wolves down below. Even though you have unlimited pistol ammo, as you would expect, you still have to load up from the inventory screen before you can use the pistols initially.  Slide down, kill two wolves and look for more flares next to the NE grass.


Proceed SW toward an open area and flush out another wolf. For a secret, go back and loop around right at the dead tree to find an opening in the rock wall. Proceed to the lair of yet another wolf and pick up the shotgun ammo. Go to the SW corner and pull up through the ceiling hole into the S alcove for a RED GEM that counts as a precursor to SECRET #1. Return to the open forest and run past the first large tree. However, be wary of the quicksand that surrounds the other trees. Jump over or go around the quicksand to the W side of the glade for desert eagle clips, shoot a wolf and go to the SW corner where you can jump up to a higher ledge.


Turn around and take a running jump N to the nearest tree limb. Pick up the small medipack and hop to the next limb. Use the tightrope to get across E and hop to the adjacent limb for flares. Hop back to the previous tree and go around to find a ladder on the trunk. Climb up and Lara will transfer to the monkey bars. Turn around, monkey swing to the end of the limb and you'll drop onto a cliff. Walk forward E and hop down next to a floor hole. Safety drop to the block below and jump to grab the S crawl space. Pull inside, crawl forward and flip out the other side into a cave.


Crawl S though an opening for flares and drop down two times to find an opening with a crawl space. Crawl through, turn around and light a flare before hanging from the other side. Shimmy right and around the corner through a fixed camera. When you can go no further, release and drop onto a breaktile, side flip right onto a slope and jump back and forth, using the right arrow key to bring you over until you land on a flat surface. Go SE onto the sloped block, jump E, pull up N onto a higher ledge and wait for all the bats to arrive before jumping over to the timed W wall switch.


Save your game, pull it down and turn left to jump over the gap. The timed gate is on the ledge below a bit to your left, and you can get there only with a tricky running jump with grab (so you don't bump against the upper ledge). It will likely take you several tries. When you get through you'll slide down to another wall switch that raises a block in the next room while you're being attacked by a demigod. Open the NE casket for a large medipack, the NW casket for shotgun ammo, find a receptacle on the central column for the Red Gem and place it to remove the casket behind you and expose a floor hole. Hop down and crawl to a GOLD SKULL that apparently only completes SECRET #1.


Pull back out and use the raised block to grab the N ladder in the ceiling shaft and climb up to a passage. Pull up left, go around the corner and get past a couple of teeth door traps. The door ahead opens automatically, bringing you to another cavern area. Take a running jump to grab the N ledge, pull up and take another running jump N to grab a wall crack. Shimmy left around two corners and pull up at the end for grenades, light a flare and shimmy back past the first corner and pull up into a crawl space. Flip out into a hole and crawl out W. Hang from the other side, shimmy left around the corner and pull up at the next corner.


Walk forward, pull up onto the ledge, go left and jump up to grab a crack near a crawl space. Pull inside and crawl forward and a bit left toward the blue crystals you can see in the distance. When you can stand up, wait for all the bats to arrive and go to the crystal on your left (S). Hop down to a lower ledge and take a running jump S across the gap to grab the far ledge. Shimmy right past another blue crystal and pull up at the corner. Take a running jump W, turn right and follow the next ledge to the end. Face slightly NW and save your game for a tricky running jump to land on a slope. Slide and grab, shimmy left, pull up and back flip onto the slope behind you. Jump off with a left curve to land on a flat surface and loop around left.


Stand jump S onto a slope, jump off onto the next slope, slide and jump to land on a ledge next to a blue crystal. Shoot the bat and stand jump with grab to land inside the S alcove. Hang from the edge and shimmy left around two corners, drop just past the second corner and grab the crack below, shimmy left until you reach a ladder surface, take a rolling back flip to land on a slope, slide and grab and shimmy right around a corner and pull up onto a flat surface. Light a flare, side flip right onto the next slope, slide and grab and shimmy right through a fixed camera until you come to a stop, pull up and take a rolling back flip to grab another slope, hang left and pull up to slide a bit before jumping off to engage two wolves you've been listening to for some time.


Locate the ladder in the E wall and climb up to a crawl space for GOLD BARS and SECRET #2. Climb back down, go through the E passage and stay left to find shotgun ammo. Continue E and turn left at the wall to find a water hole. Jump in and swim further down through a floor hole. Swim E through the tunnel and head upwards until you can surface near a waterfall. There's shotgun ammo you can grab just below the surface in a SW alcove before pulling out on the nearby ledge. Go up to the NE corner, jump up to grab the moss-covered ceiling and monkey swing along the greenery to the W opening. Drop down and pick up the GOLD COINS for SECRET #3, and 4 x uzi ammo is also added to your inventory.


Drop down into the water, swim back down and through the tunnel and up through the ceiling hole, surface at the floor hole to fill your lungs with air, then swim down to find a floor shaft near the W wall. Swim down and start heading S to finish the level.


Level 3: HIDDEN BY NATURE         


You start this level where you left the last one, underwater, which is why you were advised to fill your lungs before proceeding. Turn right and follow the passage past a narrow opening, turn right again and continue to an open area where you can surface for air. If you like, you can swim back through the E passage and stay relatively straight until you reach a small medipack against the far wall.


Wade out W and stay knee-deep in the water as two wolves attack from the darkness ahead. Venture forward a bit to flush out a third wolf and go up to an opening in the NE wall. Vault inside, flip out to your right into a floor hole for flares and shotgun ammo, pull back out and return to the wall opening. Stand right facing E and jump straight up to grab the ledge overhead. Shimmy right to the corner and pull up onto a flat spot. 


Hop forward and pull up for flares. Light one of them, save your game, stand jump E to grab the ceiling and monkey swing toward the wall. Turn right and follow the tracks in a clockwise direction until a fixed camera kicks in. Face the blue crystals you see in the distance, drop onto a slope and without sliding jump to land on a breaktile. Side flip or run to your left onto a ledge. Stand at the back corner and stand jump to grab the spike-trapped ledge. Shimmy right to the corner, pull up and walk carefully to your right.


Jump SW up a couple of blocks, shoot a bat and take a running jump to grab a ladder. Climb up and Lara will transfer to the ceiling. Turn around and monkey swing to the

E wall, drop onto a ledge and stand jump N onto a breaktile row. Take a running jump immediately upon landing and grab a block. Pull up, shoot another bat, pull up even higher into a crawl space, follow around and when you can stand up, turn around and jump to grab a ladder. Climb up to the forest and trigger a flyby of the modernistic house not far away.


Run up to the right side of the waterfall and take a running jump through the water to land near a pile of GOLD COINS for SECRET #4. Jump back to the rocks and loop around left to pull up N. Wade through the shallow water and go up and around to the left side of the house to awaken a wolf under the carport next to a dead soldier. Pull the body away from the window for uzi ammo and continue clockwise around the house to meet another wolf. Continue E to awaken four wolves all at once, deal with them and return to the NW corner of the house and pick up a hard-to-see TORCH.


Drop the torch near the wood panel at the NE corner and go around to the end of the bridge. Loop around right at the rail opening and slide down to the shallow water. Run forward, pull up at the stone columns and pick up the flares next to the left column. Between the two columns is a floor trap door. Open it facing N and climb down the ladder to a basement area. Shoot a couple of baby spiders, light a flare and make your way to a SW room where you'll find a spare SHOTGUN behind the column in the back corner. Shoot two more baby spiders and climb onto the crate on the other side of the column for shotgun ammo.


Pull the shelf away from the E wall, go around it and push the other shelf aside to reveal the CROWBAR. A cut scene shows you where it's to be used, on that wood panel where you left the torch. Exit this room, note the receptacle in the W wall on your way out and climb back up the ladder. Head W through the shallow water and turn right into the first alley you come to. Pry the WIRES loose with your crowbar and climb back the ladder to the basement. Place the Wires in the W receptacle to light a fire inside the house, climb back out, get up to the bridge with a few standing jumps and return to the NE corner of the house. Stand at the right side of the panel and open it with the crowbar. Pick up your torch and enter the house.


Loop around right and light the torch on the open flame. Go back to the fireplace (which you can't light) and leave the torch there. Move the dining room table W through the broken window and onto the patio. Get up on it and jump up E to grab the roof. Pull up and hop over the railing to find the STEEL KEY at the nearest corner. Follow the railing around to the other end for shotgun ammo and go back down to retrieve your torch. Go up the NW stairs and go just beyond the S spider web to greet two baby spiders, continue up the next flight of stairs and use the Steel Key to open the door.


Toss the torch onto the wooden flooring and wait for it to catch fire and crumble. Don't drop down yet, but instead stand at the SE corner of the floor hole facing S, jump up to grab the ceiling hole and pull up onto the roof. Go to the E side at the spot where you can see a gap in the trees ahead, hang from the edge and drop down next to a ceiling hole. Hop through into a bathroom with uzi ammo and GOLD BARS for SECRET #5. Push the button to open the door with a wolf waiting on the other side. Exit to the landing, go back upstairs and drop down the burnt floor hole into a room with veggie art. For a most unpleasant surprise you can save your game and push the three paintings from left to right to see what happens. The proper order is broccoli, coconut and hot dog, whereupon a block lowers in the fireplace. The wall button opens the W door that leads back to the landing.


For a couple of incidental pickups you can get back up to the roof, go to the W side and drop down three times to an enclosed patio for 2 x uzi ammo. Pull back up one level, go around the house to the ceiling hole, hop down into the bathroom and go downstairs to the fireplace. Step inside and go down the stairs to a room affectionately known as a man cave. Shoot the jars, pick up a small medipack and move the SW vase away from a GOLD SKULL for SECRET #6. 3 x desert eagle clips will also be added to your inventory. Grab another SHOTGUN beneath the portrait of Lady Di and take the artifact fragment from the plinth to end the level.




After the tech-challenged FMV and short flyby, check your inventory to see that you have PAINTING FRAGMENT #1. Run forward into a parking area and engage a guard. Continue into a warehouse and hop up the crates in the corner for uzi ammo. Get down, locate the pushblock and pull it four times S to form a bridge with the crates. Hop up onto it and wait for two dogs to arrive. Pull the higher pushblock away from the E wall to reveal the DESERT EAGLE.


Go to the N part of the warehouse and use the crates to hop up E next to another pushblock. But first, jump S over the railing and loop around left for desert eagle clips. Return to the pushblock and move it S underneath the monkey bars. Jump up to grab them and monkey swing to an enclosed balcony. Drop down, pull down the wall switch to lift doors nearby and get back down to the floor. Exit N to an interior hallway and go around left into a dark SW area patrolled by a guard. The S door opens as you approach it, so enter a bathroom to a fixed camera and start kicking stall doors open to find a large medipack in the fourth one.


Exit to the main hallway and head N past a door that opens automatically to your left, shoot the attacking dog and continue E around the corner past some crates. When you reach the S section, turn around when you start hearing footsteps, shoot the guard and take his shotgun ammo. Note for later the dark opening in the E wall. Return to the automatic W door, go inside and take the stairs going down. Proceed through another automatic door to your right at the -1 landing and kill the waiting guard before he can run to the room marked "Waffenlager" and close the door. Enter that room for 3 x uzi ammo and go into the side room for the GRENADE GUN. Ignore the button, which just opens and closes the door.


Exit to the hallway and return to the automatic NE door. Take the stairs to your left and go all the way up the top level. Search the plants on your right at the entrance for a small medipack and look left to see three windows. You can shoot them all, but if you hop down past the SE one you'll be out of the range of the sentry gun that's perched high up on the N wall of the next room. Run SE over the glass ceiling and shoot the panel in the S wall. Enter the duct, crawl until you can stand and pick up a TOMB RAIDER II GOLD plaque for SECRET #7.


Get back to the room with the glass ceiling, shoot the SE window and pull up to a hallway with an artistic floor design. Grab the uzi ammo in the dark SE corner and go to the N end of the hallway. Note the keypad next to the closed door and, since you're not yet ready to use it, return to the previous room and run across the glass ceiling to the W window you shot out. Pull up and note that the door across the hall is open. Enter, shoot two guards. pick up the OFFICE ACCESS CARD dropped by one of them and loop around left to find a DISK suspended over a translucent cone.  Note the code on the access card (2306), return to the keypad you noted earlier and punch in those numbers followed by the star key to open the adjacent door.


Enter a small office and search the cabinet on the far right (stand right up against it) for the LASER SIGHT. Exit to the hallway, shoot the NW window, vault up inside to draw the attention of the sentry gun and hop back to safety. Go down the hall to the SW window, hop down left and go around the glass ceiling to get closer to the N wall. Combine the desert eagle and the laser sight, use the binoculars if necessary to pinpoint the location of the sentry gun, then shoot the red and white canister attached behind it to blow it to bits.


Pull out through the shot-out W window, turn right in the hallway and go down the steps to the "E" landing. The door to your right opens automatically, so step into a familiar hallway and follow clockwise around to your left to that dark opening in the E wall. Enter and pull down the wall switch next to a shaft. Look up left in the shaft and shoot a fuse box in the N wall to lift a grate next to it. Light a flare, jump to grab the pole in the shaft, climb up a bit and turn to your left to face a crawl space where the grate lifted. Jump forward to grab the crawl space, pull inside and crawl to a steep slope.


Slide down, look to your right for a small medipack and stand left or right at the W slope. Save your game, slide down, jump at the last instant to grab the ceiling and monkey swing past three flame blowers. Drop down into a corner at the end where you'll be safe, wait for the flames to subside and jump up to grab the W crawl space. Quickly pull inside, turn left and crawl to an opening with a brief fixed camera view.


Save your game again, walk the tightrope across a pool with deadly water, enter the crawl space on the other side and crawl over a grated floor and around the corner to a floor hole where you can flip out. Immediately crouch and wait for the guard to come around the counter where you can engage him at close quarters with your favorite weapon. Pick up the PASS CARD he dropped, stand S against the counter and jump up to grab an opening and pull up into the alcove for a large medipack. Drop back down and go around the counter into a lounge.


Use the Pass Card to open the N door and shoot the nervous guard whose footsteps you've undoubtedly been hearing. Grab his shotgun ammo and follow the familiar hallway to that closed Unterkunft door. Open it with the Pass Card and enter the sleeping quarters. Shoot the guard, search the area for a small medipack SW and locate the SE stairs. Go down to a locker room and search the E locker on the right for shotgun ammo. Go SW to the privacy area and kick open the stalls for a small medipack. In the S shower section is a floor trap door in the corner that you can open.


Fire a grenade down the hole before dropping down to eliminate the waiting rat. Follow the duct to another floor hole, drop down and you'll see a long ramp that signals an obvious boulder trap. From where you're standing, shoot the panel at the bottom of the ramp, run down to trigger the boulder and open a trap door, hang from the edge when you reach the opening, drop to grab the crack and shimmy right as the boulder rolls by. Continue around the corner to the next corner and drop onto a small flat ledge.


Hop NE to an open area, shoot two rats and go to the E wall. Stand against the end of the cylinder and jump up to grab the grate. Pull up, turn around and stand jump to grab the S crack. Shimmy right around three corners over the deadly water and pull up into the alcove for the UZIS. Shimmy back the way you came, drop down and find the ladder in the N wall. Climb up, shift left to drop onto a walkway and shoot the waiting rat. Follow the walkway to an outcrop and jump past the gap in the railing to activate the E jump switch and open a trap door. You'll drop onto a slope, so jump over the barbed wire and go S to face the pool of deadly water.


Save your game, toss the flare if you're carrying one, slide backwards down the slope and grab the ladder. Climb to the bottom, release and slide and take a rolling back flip to grab the pole. Climb up a bit and jump off to grab the wall. Release, grab the crack (you wouldn't make the grab if you were holding a lighted flare) and shimmy right until you can pull up into the opening. Pick up the RELAY BOX and    


Stand jump to grab the pole, turn around and jump off to grab the wall again, but this time climb up to a ledge with barbed wire and walk carefully to the W end. Jump up to grab the slope, shimmy right around the corner and pull up. Go to the cylinder, find the nearby pole and climb up past a ceiling hole. Turn if necessary to face the ladder, jump to grab it and climb up further past the opened trap door. Pull up into a stairwell and go up to the "E" landing and past the automatic door into the hallway.


Go around to the SE opening, climb the W ladder opposite the wall switch and pull up into a small room with uzi ammo. Place the Relay Box in the receptacle and get back down. Pull the E wall switch back up to bring the elevator down, ride the top of it until it stops descending and pull up into the S crawl space. Grab the uzi ammo and drop down the other side to a stairwell. The lower door will open automatically, but first go up N for 2 x uzi ammo. Go down to the W room and enter to trigger a demigod. Stoop and pepper him with uzi bullets and he'll eventually succumb.


Navigate around the pools of deadly water into the S alcove,  pull down the wall switch to open the N door, pull down the wall switch there to open the W door and before leaving look both E and W for 2 x uzi ammo. Go W into a laser-guarded hallway and ignore for now the automatic door to your right. Wait for the upper laser to move away, hop over the first stationary laser, stoop while the upper laser makes another circuit and repeat with the next stationary laser. Enter the next room, shoot the guard and grab his uzi ammo. Note for later the keypad in the SW doorway and go E down the stairs.


In the lower hallway turn right and climb the ladder past the SE ceiling hole. Pull up into a duct and crawl past the steam blower to a place where you can stand up. Shoot the wall panel and slide down to a hallway with a glass floor. A cut scene shows a guard shutting doors, presumably to block you in (or out). Grab the desert eagle clips at the E end and go back W. Turn left (not right) and go down the ramp, destroy the sentry gun and shoot the guard you saw in the cut scene. Take his desert eagle clips and use the Pass Card to open the door at the N end of the hallway and release a dog.


Enter the control room, push the corner button to open the doors closed by the guard and pull down the wall switch to open other doors elsewhere. Enter a storage room and go around the crates to find a motorbike. Get on it, exit the storage room and drive up either ramp to the upper hallway. Continue past the opened doors and dismount when you reach the next hallway with stairs ahead. Turn to face the E wall, light a flare and make a note of the code (1996) at the right corner. Go all the way up the W stairs to find yourself back in a familiar hallway. Go to the SW doorway and punch the code into the keypad to open the door.


Enter the control room, go to the S lockers next to the office and the panel on the right will open upon your approach. Enter the safe and pick up the HITACHI HISATURN for SECRET #8. Exit to the hallway and go downstairs to mount the motorbike. Ride N past the green-tinted enclosure (note the laser barrier) and ram through the glass wall to set off an alarm. Turn left and mow down a couple of zombie attendants, dismount and jump into the pool. Swim into the S opening past a closed door and pull the underwater lever to lift a gate at a corner of the pool and also to block off the passage behind you.


Turn left and follow the passage, fighting the current created by a spinning fan, turn right at the wall and return to the pool. Surface, pull out SW (note the disk behind the glass window)and go back to the SE corner of that green-tinted enclosure. Side flip over the first laser, pull down the wall switch to shut off the alarm and side flip back the other way. Return to the pool room, stand at the gap in the railing and take a running jump N to grab the swingpole. Swing around and jump off to grab the corner ledge. Pull up, face E and jump up to grab the ceiling. Monkey swing over the water and drop down in front of a passage where the gate lifted.


Follow around to a control room and pull down the wall switch to lift another gate elsewhere. Return to the pool, jump into the water and swim across to pull out SW. Deal with two guards who arrive, go to the laser passage and side flip over the first one as you did earlier. Crawl under the next two, stand with your back against the S wall and side flip left when the lower laser moves away from you. Jump over it on its return trip and vault up to greet another zombie attendant. Loop around right into the passage where the gate lifted and pick up the DISK you saw from the other side.


There are two receptacles in this room that accommodate the Disks you're carrying. One gives you a cut scene of a jump switch, the other shows a gate lifting below that jump switch. Return to the laser passage, wait for the laser to move away and hop up E into the green-tinted enclosure. Avoid the raised central slab for the moment, lest you end the level prematurely and miss the final secret, turn around at the entrance and activate the jump switch. Time the moving laser back to the S wall, vault up and jump at an angle over the first laser. Crawl under the next two and hop over the last one at an angle.


Loop around right up the W stairs, get past the lasers in the N passage, turn right into the dark E passage and go down the steps to find that one of the pools has turned to pure water. Jump into the now safe corner hole and swim along the passage until you reach the CASTLEVANIA SYMPHONY OF THE NIGHT for SECRET #9. 2 x uzi ammo and 2 x large medipack are also added to your inventory. Backtrack to the interior of the green-tinted enclosure (the two guards have their back to you and are not a factor), pull up onto the raised slab and pick up the artifact there to end the level.




After another game-delaying and essentially useless FMV, followed by an introductory flyby, check your inventory to make sure you have PAINTING FRAGMENT #2.


Grab the large medipack from the corner block and exit the hut to a glorious outdoor setting with a cloudless and sunny sky. Let's pray that it lasts. Find a place to grab and pull up onto the roof of the hut for extra UZIS and 3 x uzi ammo. Look down from the W side of the roof to target and kill two guards. Drop down to where their corpses lie and grope around in the plants next to the NE palm tree until you find and pick up a small medipack.


Go to the short pier, resist the temptation to mount the jetski and jump into the enclosed bay. Swim E to the colorful marine plants for desert eagle ammo and go across to the SW pink anemones to find the HUT KEY. Pull out onto the pier and climb the cliff back up to the hut. Go around and enter NE, loop around left and find the SW receptacle that accommodates the Hut Key and lowers a trap door to your left. Climb down the ladder, slide down to a sandy floor and hear the flapping of wings outside.


Pick up the desert eagle clips, open the small chest for the SPACE SWORD that registers as SECRET #10 and shoot two scorpions. Jump back up to the ladder and you sort of know what to expect after you've climbed up and exited the hut. Shoot three harpies disguised as female dragonflies, get down to the pier and mount the jetski. Turn it around and drive through the N tunnel, drop down a waterfall to a lower stream and turn to face the W wall of falling water. Dismount (delete key for left and page down key for right), pull out onto the N ledge and stand jump to grab the W wall. Shift left around the corner (the animation may cause some problems here) and continue toward the falling water, then climb up a long distance to the ceiling, where Lara will make her automatic transfer and turnaround.


Turn left at the corner, time your way past a flame blower and drop down onto an invisible platform in front of a wall switch that lifts an underwater gate. Hop back two times, drop down into the water and pull out quickly onto the N ledge to dispatch two crocodiles. Jump back in and swim into the NE tunnel. Follow into an open area with uzi ammo SE and a small medipack hidden in the N seaweed, continue through the NE opening and follow to a W side opening over an ornate floor tile. Stay right until you reach a ceiling hole for air (which you'll need to return to at least once).


Go back the way you came, turn right into the W side passage and come to a ceiling switch that opens a pair of trap doors somewhere. Continue forward to find shotgun ammo and a spare SHOTGUN in the alcove to your left. Return for air, and if you want the next secret save your game before venturing forth. This time swim E, take the first right and follow around to a floor hole. Swim down the shaft and through a short tunnel to a shaft leading up. In the small room swim straight forward and turn right to find the DEEP AQUA MIRROR for SECRET #11. There's no air pocket up here, so don't waste time looking for one. Return the way you came to the ceiling air hole, then swim N and up a slight ramp to the opened trap doors.


Pull out, shoot two scorpions and go S to awaken a skeleton. Face the lava pool with assorted traps and save your game in anticipation of the tasks ahead. Take a running jump W to grab the breaktile near the left wall. Pull up, run over two breaktiles and don't stop on what appears to be a safe ledge (it's blade trapped). Continue in one motion with a running jump to grab the next ledge, and now you can pull up safely. Time your way around the flame blower (don't even think about using the NE ledge as a short cut) and jump up to grab the crack in the column. Shimmy left around the corner onto a ladder, climb down a bit and shimmy left onto the blade-trapped ledge.


Pull up to trigger the blades and hop back with grab to avoid them. Pull back up and time the flame blower ahead with a running jump to grab the E ledge. This one is safe, so pull up, turn left and run over the breaktiles and blade-trapped ledge to take a running jump onto the safe column fragment down in the lava. Stand jump W to grab the flame-protected ledge, shimmy left around the corner and pull up in front of an opening. Pull up higher and pry the MARS SEAL off the far wall with your crowbar. Turn around, run a couple of steps forward and jump up to open the ceiling trap door. Jump up E to grab the crawl space, pull inside and crawl to a floor hole. Flip out onto a slope and slide down to the room where you pulled out of the water earlier.


Shoot the waiting scorpion, jump into the water and swim all the way back to where you left the jetski. Get in it, drive into the S channel and turn left at the waterfall to go up a ramp. Continue forward at the top and turn left at the wall to ride the next waterfall down N. Turn right, dismount onto a ledge and shoot a crocodile if you wish. Go through the N doorway to face a room with deadly water. Some of the column tops ahead are trapped, so don't dash haphazardly forward.


Drop or run off onto the low block beneath the entrance. Stand jump onto the NE block. Take a running jump NW onto the low block next to the wall. Stand jump N onto the slope and jump off to grab the higher E column but don't pull up. Shimmy around two corners to the other side, find the ladder surface and climb about halfway down. Take a rolling back flip onto the slope and jump to grab the ladder on the next column. Climb up and pull safety up to the top. Stand jump to grab the rope hanging from the ceiling, turn to face the opening in the N wall, swing forward and jump off to land inside the passage. Crawl through and emerge in a room with a deep pit.


Turn around to face the entrance, stand at the E edge of the pit and hop back to grab the ladder surface. Climb down a bit, shift right around the corner into a fixed camera, climb down two rungs from the ceiling and take a rolling back flip to grab a wall crack. Shimmy right around the corner and drop down onto a safe ledge. Save your game here. Grab the N crack, shimmy right around two corners, hang from the middle and release to drop onto a slope, slide and jump with a roll onto the next slope, slide and jump at the last instant to grab the top of a slope. Pull up, slide down the other side and jump off to grab a ladder. Climb up to the opening, turn around and jump up to grab the ceiling.


Monkey swing W and drop in front of a passage. Loop around right, step into the E opening and take a running jump over a spike pit into the far alcove to avoid being squashed by the boulder that falls from above. Turn right, pull up three times and pry the MERCURY SEAL off the E wall. Pull down the W wall switch to flood the area, jump into the water hole and swim around to an open section. Pick up the shotgun ammo and swim straight up from there to surface and pull out into a familiar room. Exit E and crawl back to the opening that overlooks the room with the columns and deadly water.


Stand jump down onto the slope slightly to your left, jump to grab the ladder on the column and climb to the safe top. Stand jump to grab the rope, turn to your left and swing forward to jump off with grab so you'll land inside the S opening. Go on through, hop into the waiting jetski and get a good head start before driving S up the waterfall ramp with some effort. At the top make two right turns to emerge in an outdoor area and trigger an idyllic flyby.


Dismount on the NE bank and go toward the E building, noting the block structure along the way. When you reach the bridge, hop S into the water and find the underwater opening under the bridge. Save your game, make sure you're at full health and swim past the opening down the shaft and make your way past two circular blade traps. Swim up the shaft, surface and pull out into a dark room. Look NW for flares and into the E alcove for a small medipack, go up to the S plinth and take the GARNET ORB for a rather jarring SECRET #12.


A wraith will start pursuing you as uzi ammo is added to your inventory, so return the way you came, pause for air if necessary and get in the jetski. Dismount to the bank, go to that block structure you noted earlier and combine the two painting fragments you've been carrying around all this time. Place the SELENE PAINTING in the W receptacle to open the doors to the building behind you and attract two harpies. Pull up onto the block, which has also generated a wraith catcher, so you can deal with all three enemies at the same time from up there.


Ignore the E building for the moment and jump N over the moat to kill two scorpions. Continue along the path to awaken a skeleton, watch out for the spike pit and take a running jump just past it to trigger a boulder that rolls down from your left. Pick up 2 x uzi ammo and shoot two guards who are coming toward you, one of whom drops more uzi ammo. Go back S, jump over the moat and go across the bridge and up the steps into the E building.   


Vault up right into the dark S passage for 2 x uzi ammo, then go over to the dark N passage and activate the crowbar switch there to open the N gate further into the room. Hop down right for flares, then vault up past the opened gate to confront a trio of swinging blades. As you step forward a cut scene shows three menacing guards standing at the entrance. You may as well go back and deal with them now. They drop nothing, so return to the swinging blades and time a standing jump N past the first one. Do the same thing quickly (because of the wall dart traps) to get past the second one, then take an angled running jump right or left to reach the ledge past the third one.


Step forward and shoot two scorpions scurrying about in the dark lower area, where you can also see a rotating multi-blade trap. Stand left facing the blades, and when they start moving away from you run after them while staying close to the wall and turn right to enter the E crawl space. You can stand just in front of a squishy block. Time a jump past it, note the keyhole in the column to your left and continue to a closed gate where you'll find 2 x uzi ammo. Go back to the N floor hole, hop down onto a slope, slide a bit and jump to grab the ladder in the ceiling hole. Climb up and shift left at the top to trigger a cut scene of an awakened gladiator.  


Drop down and follow the short passage to a floor hole where the gladiator is stomping about in the room below. There's also a swinging blade you'll need to contend with, so hop down past the blade as the gate slams shut behind you. Get up close to the gladiator, who's surprisingly hard to kill, and start by exhausting your desert eagle clips (it takes roughly 30, and you may have enough if you've been exercising proper conservation strategy). When he dies, he drops the GATE KEY, so vault up to the N altar for a large medipack you probably no longer need, and ditto for the shotgun ammo you'll find on the ledge to your left.


Pull down the W wall switch to re-open the exit gate and do the same with the E wall switch to convert the slope in the previous area to block steps. Leave this room S, turn left and jump to grab the  ladder in the N face of the shaft. Climb down and drop to the steps. Climb up S and pull up into the passage with the squishy block. Use the Gate Key to lift the E gate, go inside and pry the JUPITER SEAL off the wall. Turn around and exit this room to find that a second squishy block has been activated in the passage.


Get past both squishy blocks, enter the crawl space and wait for the rotating multi-blade trap to move to your right. Get through, stand up and turn left. Staying close to the wall, exit S and get past the three swinging blades the same way you did when coming from the opposite direction. Continue to the fountain room, shoot two new guards posted right and left, go to the E wall receptacles and place the three seals (the one on the far right is already there) to open the S double doors. Go there and approach the "thank you for playing" memorial in the next room to finish the adventure.