TR5 Level by Charles Kane

Walkthrough by Treeble


As the level begins, run forward and to the right into a restaurant of sorts. Pick up a LOAD KEY on the table and run straight down the corridor to unlock the second door with it. Just behind it, you will find another LOAD KEY and a small water hole. Fall into it and scour the bottom of the water room below to find a total of six golden roses, minding your oxygen bar as you do so.


When that's done, swim back up to the motel through the same water pit and run towards the restaurant, but follow the light steel wall to the left and around to the end of the corridor. Unlock the door there, examine the cupboard for many medipacks and take the LOAD KEYCARD near a toilet in the back.


This keycard can be used multiple times. You could swipe it on the first reader you come across to open all bedrooms in this corridor, but they're all empty. Go back to the previous corridor to find another card reader, swipe your keycard to open the three nearby bronze doors. There's a cupboard in each of the three rooms, open all three of them to retrieve a total of thirty golden roses, then press the button you'll find in the far back room to open a door right opposite your current position. Open the final cupboard for many flares, then swipe the card one last time to finish the level.