TR1 Level by Drobridski

Quick guide by Treeble


Things to keep in mind:

     Saving and loading are disabled by default

     Your health bar is never visible, not even when you suffer damage

     No weapons (none are needed, but you can't draw 'em to check your health)

     No medipacks


Welcome to hell. In this place, you'll find yourself repeating the same room well over a dozen times. It's not exactly difficult, but a single mistake might, and most likely will, cost your life and your dear progress.


When you enter a room, take the side passage to the right, line up a jump over the center of the slopes so you can veer to the next slopes and get across. I found that backing Lara into the wall was enough to prevent her from overshooting to her doom. On the opposite side, you face the realest, ever present, threat in this level: a swinging cross over a burning pit.


This worked 99% of the times for me. Walk to the edge and sidestep to wall on the left side, so you can turn around and grab the crevice above. Shimmy to the right exactly three times. That should get you right on the first part of the wooden beam, wait for the cross to swing past and quickly resume shimmying to the other end. Go up the crooked steps to find a note, GOD IS DEAD?


Picking it up opens the door in the entrance, so work your way back the exact same way. Walk to the edge of the fire pit and sidestep to the wall, then shimmy no more than three times. Be especially mindful on the way back, if Lara's shadow goes over the edge of the floor, you might need to line her up again otherwise the half pixel of her hand that goes past the divide in the wooden beam will spell out your doom in no time. Then jump over the slopes and you're back at the entrance, safety drop to the floor below.


Rinse and repeat. A lot.


Eventually you'll find a WARNING note instead. After picking it up, when you return to the entrance of the room you will find the slope leads you into a pitch black chamber. Stand in place until a ghastly shadow spawns in front of you. Follow it in straight lines from a short but safe distance; if you get too close, you'll get hurt, and if you stray from the path you'll die instantly. Every time the wraith makes a turn, you'll notice Lara goes up a small step, that's the exact safe spot for you to turn and keep following it. Don't lose sight of the wraith and soon enough you will be lead to the ending message.