TR2 Level by Masked Goon

Walkthrough by Treeble


As you step forth you'll hear the frantic jiggling of keys of an unseen enemy; don't worry about it just yet. For now, go up the first two steps of the stairs ahead of you and pull up on the beam over the door for shotgun shells. Turn around and spot a similar ledge on the opposite side of the room, use the lockers in the middle to leap across and find an opening up in the darkness behind a pipe.


Follow the ventilation tunnel to the trapdoor and fall into the room where a thug has been running in circles. Flick the switch by the door to open the exit door but before going back down, get a small medipack from the elevated floor and press the nearby button to see the first door you came across open as well. As you go downstairs, an armed thug will open fire, so kill him and loot his body for automatic pistols clips.


Cross the next passage, making a mental note of a red keycard lock on the right, and enter the next room where two dogs rush towards you. Go up the ramp they came from, minding the rolling barrels, and get flares before going around the corner. Climb up the ladder and look at the walkway above you: part of the railing is broken, so line up a jump to the surrounding sloped ledges and backflip through that narrow opening to land on the walkway.


The door ahead requires a yellow keycard, all in due time. Right now, jump and grab the opening across from the broken railing and pick up more flares before venturing into the darkness. Now would be a good time to save your game. Light a flare and slide down the slope, preparing to jump and grab a flat platform as you slide down a second slope. Turn left and spot a ledge in the dark corner, and from that point you can do a running jump to land on a narrow safe space in front of the ventilation fan. Face away from the fan and jump to grab the crevice on the opposite side, shimmy all the way left and pull up, then roll and do a running jump over a slope to the opening behind it.


As you turn around the corridor, you'll come across a slope that spells instant doom as it leads you right to that same fan. Carefully jump over it and turn around: there's a small passage above and to the left of the one you just came from. Line up a jump and pull up there. Flick the switch to lower a trapdoor elsewhere and retrieve more flares. You have a couple of different methods to resume your regular path: you can approach the ledge you came from and do an angled gliding jump (hold down Action) to land in the opening below, beyond the slope; you can pull up on the ledge near the flares and safety drop to a slope and retrace your steps; or you can use that same ledge but instead of dropping to the slope, tap backwards and press Action late so you'll drop and glide into the opening below instead of grabbing the edge.


Once you're past that deadly slope, slide into the next dark room. A thug observes you from the distance, nothing you can do from here, so take a running jump to a small medipack on your right and then back. Grab the corner of the central pillar and pull up, as long as you steer clear from the center you should be clear from the swinging hook, so take this chance to gun down the thug. Now you need to line up a running jump to the next pillar, minding the hook, and onto the platform the thug was. Loot uzi clips from his body and do a running jump towards the switch in back, the giant fan in the room is no longer operational so hop back over the pillars to get there.


Go through a dark corridor all the way to the end, where you'll find a switch which opens a couple of doors nearby. Just past the first door, you'll spot that trapdoor you've opened earlier on, so drop in and claim SECRET #1, the silver dragon. Cross the next doorway and down the ladder to a control room of sorts. Take the SUBMARINE WORKSHOP ACCESS card and prepare for an ambush as three thugs rush in from a side room. Loot their bodies for shells and a large medipack, then enter the small room they came from. The button on the wall will bring you some peace and quiet, and you get some extra firepower from the table in the shape of AUTOMATIC PISTOLS.


Time to return to that yellow lock, so go up the ladder to the previous room and up the ladder above the secret trapdoor as well. Work your way to the walkway at the top like before and open the door. A thug will be shooting at you from beneath, so dispatch him and approach the hanging submarine. There are two points of interest here.


First, you need to get to the lever on the opposite side from the door, you can jump across thanks to the hollow spaces behind the supporting pillars. From the lever, if you turn around you'll spot a shiny yellow dot in the far back corner, that's our next goal, so return to the previous platform and do a long running jump to the flat top of the hanging submarine. Step forward to avoid slipping down and line up an angled jump to that platform where you'll claim SECRET #2, the gold dragon and a large medipack. Save your game before trying to jump back on the sub as the railing has a rather large collision box (alternatively, you could take an unintended shortcut and slide off the submarine to glide into an opening below the slopes near the edge of your current platform).


Work your way down and cross that room where the dogs once attacked you, a thug is possibly expecting you this time around. Go down to the other side of the facility and press the button to open the double doors. You're now at the bottom of the room with the hanging submarine. A thug hurries towards you to gift you automatic pistols clips. Pull the faded block in the back twice to climb to a walkway above and go up the ladder to find the second lever, push it to lower the hanging submarine and then climb down to the ground floor.


Go up the scaffoldings near the entrance of the area. Before jumping to the lowered submarine you could get some shells over the door, and from the top of the submarine you can reach a platform where a thug once stood and left behind automatic pistols clips. Most importantly, however, is jumping from the top of the lowered submarine into the opening in the wall (the same one you'd have slid into from the secret as pointed above), kill a thug inside for his UZIS and flick the switch to open the double doors below your position.


Safety drop to the floor and enter the storage room in the back. Two armed thugs are expecting you, so once they're done for loot their bodies for shotgun shells and the DIVING EQUIPMENT ACCESS card. Inspect the stacked crates: in a hole in the corner you'll find a small medipack; in the middle, a CIRCUIT; and right next to it, a series of pushable blocks. Easier than it looks. Pull the one in the lower floor once, (get the automatic pistols clips hidden beneath it,) then move the first of the two upper blocks to where the circuit was, that way you can get shotgun shells and proceed to pull the third block once and thus revealing SECRET #3 in the corner: the jade dragon plus a GRENADE LAUNCHER, grenades and a small medipack if you've gotten the previous secrets as well.


Open the yellow door next to the conveyor belt. The following room is filled with blades and saws, so carefully step in. As you go around the corner, grab a crevice above the row of saw blades and shimmy all the way to the left, then dodge the next three blades to return to the submarine room. Exit through the door you came in.


To the left, climb up the ladder and find a slot to put that circuit in, opening the exit doors below. Don't rush in just yet, we've still got that red pass in our backpack, so instead go up the short flight of stairs and left to find the red lock and open the door to find the HARPOON GUN, harpoons, flares and a large medipack. Now retrace your steps back to that open door beneath the circuit panel.


Go fetch the bundle of harpoons you see underwater, then turn around and spot an underwater lever. Mind your oxygen meter as you explore the opened trapdoors below you. Swim through the left opening, beneath some pipes, for the next underwater lever, then loop around the wall to reach an open door in the right side opening, dodging a scuba diver along the way. Surface for air then proceed to harpoon said diver so you can assess the situation.


Explore the bottom of the underwater room for harpoons and a small medipack, and you will also find an underwater lever on one of the supporting pillars. An underwater trapdoor opens nearby, granting you access to another underwater lever which, in turn, will raise a trapdoor at the top of the room. Hurry back to surface and use said trapdoor to climb out of the water to shoot another scuba diver and the challenged thug who cannot reach you as long as you stay on the trapdoor.


Take his small medipack and, from the raised floor in the corner, jump and grab a ledge above. Throw a lever to flood the room below, drop in and find another opening in the ceiling. Swim past the control room and outswim one last scuba diver before a strong current pulls you to the end of the level...