TR1 Level by Fevermind / Sabbath

Walkthrough by Treeble


The adventure begins as Lara slides into a cave... Head forwards and down the path to your left to find yourself on a broken bridge in a tall room. Safety drop to the bottom and collect the small and large medipacks scattered about, then find the tallest corner of a sand mound below to jump and grab the other end of the bridge.


Moving on, you'll find yourself at the edge of a massive cave area. Don't drop down just yet, instead look at the wall to your left to spot a crevice, grab it and shimmy all the way to the right. Do a long running jump to the tall rocks opposite the entrance and from there you can reach a sandy ledge with a switch at the end, pull it to open a door next to the entrance. Safety drop to the ground and cross the room, drop into the water pit and pull out on the other end. Jump over the deep pit and throw another switch, then return to the previous cave.


Go up towards the open door in the corner and get a small medipack before running down the long corridor to a room with five pushblocks. Four of them are obvious enough, just move them to corners of the room, and the purpose of the fifth one, in the middle, will be clear: move it to the side to reach the newly opened door high up, also revealing shotgun shells once hidden beneath the block.


Get a large medipack from the very edge of the corridor before falling into the water pit beyond. A panther steps forth, deal with it before going up the sandstone steps in the back to the next chamber. Notice a locked door by the wall, then dispatch the two crocodiles in the central pool so you can drop in yourself and pull the underwater lever at the bottom, making a quick stop for shotgun shells along the way. The door opens up, revealing a block you can pull out and use as a stepping stone to climb up onto that wall.


Throw the two wall switches in the center of the room and proceed through the hallway. When you get the SHOTGUN, you'll realize you're back at the room with the five pushblocks; cross it in a straight line to return to the cave area which has been flooded since, so you can swim around the central rock pillar to find an opening on the floor. At the bottom end of this underwater passage, pull up and run down a corridor to the next door which will open upon approach.


You find yourself on a dry ledge over a massive cave with a waterfall to the right. There are a couple closed doors within sight, for now run between the two columns in the middle of the bridge and face left to find an underwater passage, get in there. Lara's theme plays as you pull out of water in a room with several wall switches and a pushblock. Your goal is to reach the opening in the ceiling, so let's get started, shall we?


Pull down the five wall switches marked with a moth motif to open two doors right across the room. While you're here, grab that pushblock and place it between the low bridge and the water pit you just came from. Facing the open doors, first jump into the one on the right side. At the bottom, you'll see a marble plateau with five raised pharaoh tiles: jump over all five of them without touching any of the lower marble tiles and the door in the back opens up. A switch behind it drops a trapdoor in the room with the moth switches.


Return to said room and loop around to the right to jump through the other open door. You'll notice a row of columns of raising heights, but it's in your best interest to hurry up to the shortest one, right in front of you, to kill two panthers roaming about. Once they're done for, make your ascent to the top of the columns, then all the way across to the left to a small alcove with a wall switch. Mind the gap!


The switch changes the column heights all across the room, so take a running dive into the pool below, get magnum clips from the bottom and pull out. That's the pushblock we need in the other room, but the door is still locked, so get onto the columns and again make your ascent, this time going the other way around. At the end, you've guessed it, is the switch which opens the door. Safely work your way down and search behind the columns for two bundles of shotgun shells and a small medipack.


Now go and push that block in a straight line through the door, all the way to the end to stack it on top of the block you've previously moved, thus making the hole in the ceiling quite reachable. Jump in there and drop through the caged pit to a SAPPHIRE KEY at the bottom, swim to the end of the tunnel and pull right back out. Use the stacked blocks to reach the upper room again and unlock the door with your newly found key.


Follow through to find yourself at the upper area of the last cave we've been to, the one with the waterfall. Run forth and take a running jump to the marble roof and throw that wall switch in the back. A door on the opposite end of the dry ledge opens, so safety drop and get in there. (You could skip the next paragraph by doing a long running jump to the next wall switch you've certainly noticed from the marble roof.)


You come to a massive chamber with a spiked pit, some misaligned rocky pillars, a wall switch to the left and a door on the opposite end. Timed run coming up? Timed run coming up! It's not a terribly tight one and you should master it within a couple of tries, but it's always a good idea to save before throwing the switch (and use different slots along the way if you believe you're making good time). Go through the wide hallway and use the pushblock at the end as a stepping stone to the ledges above the waterfall.


Hop over the water (the current will drag you to the bottom end of the waterfall, so avoid falling in) and approach the edge to spot a rocky ledge with a switch between your position and the marble roof you've been to. This switch opens the first trapdoor above the waterfall, so do a long running jump back and fall into the manhole, right in front of you. Throw the switch and pull back out, there are four trapdoors in total, each housing a switch, and they open in counter clock wise order. When all four switches are down, the water gets drained.


Go to the central crossing and find an open door with another pushblock behind it. Drag it out and then push it in a straight line all the way to the opposite end. Climb on the block and jump towards the switch, it opens and underwater door right beneath you, so roll and fall into the water, swim through the passage and pull out in the next tunnel.


Drop into the burial chamber and kill the four panthers inside, then proceed to throw the four wall switches around the room to open the back exit of the room and wrap things up here.