Level by JimmyBeon


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, assisted by Doggett TV's video guide.



Begin play as Doggett, with bushy red tail flowing boldly behind you as you run forward to trigger a lengthy flyby through the grounds. Note that you have no weapons in your inventory and follow the walkway toward the closed gates. Turn right and find a water-filled trench against the S wall. Jump in and swim to an opening leading down N. Follow the passage to the other end, surface and pull out into a small enclosed room. Admire the artwork, which you'll encounter in various places throughout this level. It all has some esoteric significance if you wish to consult Doggett's video for additional details. Use the E reach-in switch for a screen shot of the closed main gate and return.


Pull out of the trench N at a flat spot and run past the gate to the wooded area on the other side of the entrance walkway. Locate the high floor hole near a large tree and drop down to find a button around the SW corner. Push it to open the entrance gate and go there (use the ladder to get back out). Run to the mansion and locate the ladder on the right side of the front door.  Climb up to a ledge for flares, push the button underneath the E window to open the front door and get back down.


Enter the mansion and go right or left around the stairs into the green-tinted gym. Jump from the ramp to grab the E block, pull up and make your way to the S wall, crawling and monkey-swinging as required, jump W to grab the crack and shimmy right around corners until you can pull up W. Jump W to grab the ladder block, shift around right to the other side and take a rolling back flip from the bottom rung to activate a jump switch and open a gate outside. Go S between the columns and open the door to the indoor swimming pool.


Jump into the water, open the N face door (the others are mere decorations) and swim down to a submerged room. Continue through the small SE opening into an adjoining room, pull the underwater lever for a cut scene of another submerged area and return. Exit the pool room, the gym and loop around at the front door to go upstairs to the landing. Open the door a bit to your right and go up the winding staircase to a room with blocks. Crawl and drop into a hole between the blocks against the W wall and enter the lower S crawl space for a BEON TOY (1 of 5 to open an exterior gate at the NE corner of the mansion).


Get back out, note the E ladder for much later and go back downstairs to the landing. Turn left into the S hallway and take the first left through a small library and loop around left at the window to find a book switch that opens a door near the hallway. Go back there, loop around right up the stairs and take the SCRIPTURE OF MEMORIES from the plinth. Return to the library, climb the central bookcase near the window and find a wall button that opens another nearby door to a S office. Take the GARAGE KEY from the small chest and exit to the hallway. Turn left, open the S door to a bedroom and grab the large medipack from the window.


Exit to the hallway, turn left and open the SW door to a small room where there's nothing to do. Go N down the hallway, turn left and open the door to another bedroom. Push the wall button behind the television set to open another outdoor gate and exit N to the landing past a large closed door. Go around to the N side, enter the hallway and turn right into another bedroom. Open the window doors and step out onto a balcony. Note the purple structure you'll need to shoot once you've acquired a necessary weapon, but since there's nothing else to do here at the moment, go back to the bedroom and open the S door to the bathroom for a large medipack in the window alcove.       


Return to the landing, go downstairs and out the front door. Turn left, follow the walkway along the mansion past the gate you opened and come to an outdoor pool. Jump into the water, swim down into the NW floor hole and follow to a crossing. Take the right (N) fork and keep right thereafter until you reach an E air hole. Continue N into an aquarium and find an underwater lever at the W end of the glass-enclosed extension. Pull it for a screen shot of a door opening in a dark stairway, return for air and continue to where you jumped into the pool. Pull out, note the closed gate SW (requires a key) and follow the walkway E past the maze entrance, left at another closed gate and  continue along the mansion wall to the outdoor training course.


You can ignore the timer that appears on the screen when you step up E, as there's no apparent reward for completing the course in any particular set time. Continue E, following the numbers, and at the wooden structure jump to grab the crawl space. Pull inside and drop down into the floor hole to find a wall switch (1 of 2 to open a gate at the end of the course). Pull out and continue N along the track to stage 4, monkey swing W over the water, jump to grab a rope and swing/jump to grab the W wall. Pull up to stage 6, turn right, slide and jump twice to land on a block, turn right and jump to grab the crack in the wooden column, shimmy around to the other side and drop down onto the track.


Climb the steps to the top of stage 7, jump E to land in a small pool and pull the underwater lever (2 of 2 to open the exit gate). Swim around, pull out E and run to the pole. Climb up, turn to your right, back flip onto a block, turn around and hop down onto the track. Follow to the finish line (if you get there with less than three minutes elapsed on the timer you've done well) and loop around right to the opened gate. Go on through, turn left just past a fuse receptacle and take the PISTOLS from the plinth as the gate closes behind you. Three skeletons materialize, but they will explode with persistent fire from the pistols and won't approach if you back up near the entrance. One of them leaves behind the COMBAT AREA CORE, so place it in the receptacle to open a door in the mansion (as well as the exit gate). Before leaving, go down the dark alley to your left for a small medipack just around the corner.


For some valuable pickups, go to the W side of the training course and find the ladder on the side of the larger wooden structure. Climb to the top, hop over the slope and shoot the window in the mansion. Take a running jump to grab the opening, pull inside and search the alcoves for the SHOTGUN, the UZIS and a BEON TOY (2 of 5). Jump back to the wooden structure, climb down the other side and head toward the maze near the SW corner of the mansion.


Enter the maze S, take the first left and keep left for a small medipack. Return, continue W past the entrance through a fixed camera and follow to a T-intersection. Turn left and follow for revolver ammo, go back the other way and take the first right after the intersection for flares. Go back to the N wall, take two right turns and shoot the purple structure (1 of several to open a door in the mansion). Back to the N wall, loop around right and follow the only possible path to another T-intersection (facing N). Turn right, continue to a gray wall E, turn left there and run through another fixed camera to the far wall. Turn left again and follow until you hear the sound of a gate opening in front of you.


Turn right into the N room and save your game in front of the timed wall switch on the other side of the obelisk. It opens a door near the gym inside the mansion, so reverse roll, exit the room and turn right past the opened gate. Turn left, take the second right to exit the maze and sprint forward and left for the quickest way around the mansion to the front door. The timed door is on the left side of the entrance staircase, so scoot through the doorway and note the wall switch for use on your way back out.


Go down the stairs to an intersection and note the closed door ahead. Turn left (turning right leads to a closed door requiring a key) and continue to a room with stacked crates. Grab the flares in the alcove to your left and find a pushblock in the opposite corner. Push it two times to reveal a crawl space and follow through to a second pushblock. Push this one three times, look to your right for a high E crawl space and pull inside. Follow around corners, flip out at the end and find another crawl space that leads to a passage. Continue to an E room with a plinth bearing the CROWBAR. Look through the crawl space at the end of the passage. You can see a secret area beyond a grate, but you can't get to it from here.


Go back the way you came, flip out near the second pushblock and move third SW pushblock two times N and three times W. Reverse roll, go back E, turn right and pull the next pushblock three times N to block the previous passage. Go around it to find yet another pushblock. Pull this one one time, reverse roll and push the previous block away from the blocked entrance. Go W and S, through the crawl space and push the block to your left one time to reveal a S crowbar door. Open it and step inside for a BEON TOY (3 of 5). The path is clear to exit this area, so do that and go up the stairs to the main floor of the mansion (pull down the wall switch and push it back up to open the timed door).


Open the NW crowbar door near the foot of the staircase, pull up into the alcove at the end of the short passage and push the button to open a door somewhere. Exit, go upstairs, loop around right at the landing and turn left into the S hallway. Open the E crowbar door and step inside for a screen shot of a purple structure that needs to be located and shattered. Vault up onto the slab for the REVOLVER (screen shot of a similar shootable structure), revolver ammo (screen shot of a closed door) and a small medipack, hop down and push the hard-to-see W button next to the artwork to shatter one of the structures and thus save you the trouble.  


Exit, continue along the S hallway into a corner room, pull up onto the block, shoot the window and hop down to the ledge. Jump over onto the mansion wall (note the purple structure in the distance) and continue to the W button that opens an exterior mansion door. Return to the mansion and the landing, go past the stairs to the N hallway and turn right into the E bedroom. Go out onto the balcony and shoot the purple structure you noted earlier. Go across the hallway into the now-accessible W bedroom, push the button in the window alcove to open an exterior mansion door and go downstairs and out the front door.


Turn right, go past the opened N gate and look left to find the opened door. Enter a futuristic room and search the shelves for the STORAGE ROOM KEY. Make a note of the code (2137) posted up in the NW corner and exit this room. Follow the walkway around left to the NW corner and use the Garage Key to open the gate there. Enter the alley and turn left past a door you opened earlier. Go to the end of the passage and pick up the NITROUS OXIDE (screen shot of a closed gate). Exit to the alley, turn left and follow until you reach an open area with vehicles parked up to your left. Loop around right inside the garage and push the alcove button to open another gate nearby.


Return to the mansion, enter through the front door and turn left next to the crowbar door into the breakfast room. Shoot the plates on the table and pick up a small medipack. You can also shoot the plates in the N window alcove if you're in a destructive mood. Exit the breakfast room, go past the nearby timed door (next to the gym entrance) and down the stairs to the intersection. Turn right and continue down to the closed door. Use the Storage Room Key to open it, enter and loop around left. Open the sarcophagus for the NITROUS FEEDER and the gate to the motorbike opens.


Reverse roll and note the pushblock at the far left of the row of crates. Pull it out and aside to reveal a crawl space. Enter to find another pushblock, pull it once and go around through another crawl space to pull it one time E. Go around again in either direction to find another SW pushblock. Pull this one once E, go around again to find a third pushblock (and a fourth one beyond it). Pull it four times N, crawl over it and pull the fourth block one time N. Crawl around it to the other side, push it three times N against the third pushblock, reverse roll and go to a fifth pushblock. Pull it one time W, crawl around and pull it one time N, crawl around again and go through the revealed passage to find the GOLDEN ROSE you saw earlier for SECRET #1.


To get back out you need to move some pushblocks. Return through the crawl space, move the fifth pushblock back to its original position (S and E), pull the N block three times so you can crawl around and get to the next N block. Crawl over it and exit to your left through the crawl space. Go through the SW passage, push the wall button at the end to open another mansion gate and go back upstairs.


Exit the mansion through the front door, turn right, go past the open gate and continue to find the gate you just opened in the N wall. Go on through into a dirt-filled courtyard and turn right to find the parked motorbike. Mount it (always from the right side) after first combining the Nitrous Feeder and Nitrous Oxide and affixing the NITROUS OXIDE FEEDER. Drive outdoors and up the ramp with speed (sprint key) to clear the gap and land on the other side. You'll hear the sound of a nearby gate opening as you continue past the opened W gates and down the ramp to a lower area. Turn right and drive N over the wooden ramp to the other side of a water trench.


Dismount, jump into the water and swim under the narrow gap at the NE corner. Follow to an air hole, surface and pull out into a room with blocks of varying heights. Jump from the lowest to the next monkey swing to the tallest one, release and grab and pull up. Pull up to a higher room, climb the block for a GOLDEN ROSE and SECRET #2, get back down to the block room and jump into the water hole. Swim to the trench, pull out N and get back on the motorbike. Drive E up the ramp and dismount when you reach level ground. Shoot the lock on the E gate to open it, go through on foot and push the button at the end of the passage to open another gate elsewhere.


Get back on the motorbike, drive it E, S, loop around left and drive with speed up the N ramp over a pool of water. Continue to an open area adjacent to the garage where you first encountered the motorbike and dismount. Go to the dark SW corner and pull up into the W wall crack. Flip out the other side and find another GOLDEN ROSE in the NW alcove for SECRET #3. Return to the open area, locate the SW passage near the garage entrance, hop inside and follow to a plinth with a BEON TOY (4 of 5). Go to the NE corner of the open area and open the gate with the crowbar. Enter an otherwise empty room and take the AQUARIUM KEY from the central plinth.


Go through the garage and out the W gate, turn left and run toward the mansion. Go around it to the right and past the front door and continue to the closed gate near the SW corner. Open it with the crowbar and step into a dark wooden passage. Go around the corners and be prepared to shoot some baby spiders. Go through the crawl space and drop down to a lower passage. Crawl some more and pick up the COMPONENT. Return outdoors and turn right. Follow the walkway E and N to the front door of the mansion, enter and use the Aquarium Key to open the S door to the right of the entrance staircase.


Enter, climb the ladder to an upper passage and jump into the water hole. Pull the nearby underwater lever, flip turn and pull out of the water hole, return to the mansion hallway and loop around left past the glass wall into the S office. Take the PRIVATE GARDEN KEY from the small chest and exit the mansion through the front door. Turn left and follow the walkway around the mansion to that small pool you explored earlier. At the SW corner is the closed gate to be opened with the Private Garden Key.


Enter the garden, turn left past an opened gate and find a crawl space. Crawl to the W wall, turn right and crawl to the NW corner, stand up in the alcove and push the button to open a door somewhere. Return to the garden, pick up the TORCH near the central tree and exit E. Run past the pool, turn left at the trees and follow the walkway past the opened gate to the front door of the mansion. Leave the torch there and continue N and E around the mansion toward and into the training course. Turn left at the opened gate and continue along the walkway to where a N door has opened. Go inside to find two crowbar doors. Open the one on the left to grab the LASER SIGHT from the plinth and note the element scales in the far corner. Open the crowbar door on the right for the SMALL WATERSKIN.


Return to the mansion, turn left and follow the walkway S past the opened gate and turn left at the wall past another opened gate. At the N door, punch in the code you noted earlier (2137) and hit the star key to open the door. Go straight forward to find a small medipack on a raised slab. Reverse roll and loop around left past a closed door into the N passage and mind the steam blowers as you make your way to a fuse box. Shoot it  and time your way past the steam blowers to a wall switch that opens a door inside the mansion.


Go carefully back the other way, exit to the walkway and turn left. Follow around to the opened E doorway and head to the SE corner where you'll find a receptacle for the Component. Place it to light up a fireplace inside the mansion as well as trigger some deadly hazards in this room. Jump up to grab the ceiling and monkey swing over the burning floor past the steam blower, drop down at the end and exit to the walkway. Turn left, head toward the mansion and, for a secret, continue W past the mansion and turn left for a return visit to the maze. Take the first right and go through the fixed camera toward the W wall but turn left into a side passage just before you get there. Continue along the outer wall until you're facing a closed N gate. Combine the revolver and laser sight to shoot the lock in the upper right corner. The gate opens, so go inside and continue to a GOLDEN ROSE for SECRET #4.


Exit the maze and go left around the mansion to the entrance gate where you began this level. Look up W and shoot the dragon-like purple structure on the arch, turn around and continue left around the mansion until you reach the N opened gate (opposite the short cut door leading to the gymnasium) where the motorbike was garaged. Go through the garage, look up N and shoot the purple structure on the roof (the final one needed to open the next secret door, although there's no indication or clue of any kind that this is what has just happened). Return to the mansion, go through the S short cut door and go past the timed door on the N side of the main staircase.


Go down the steps to find that the W door ahead is now open. Continue into the aquarium extension and take the GOLDEN ROSE from the plinth for SECRET #5. Go back upstairs to the mansion, go W and N into the breakfast room and find the door recently opened to your right. Enter a control room and find a Winston pushpiece. Move him painstakingly and laboriously out of the control room, around the entrance staircase and into the W aquarium corridor. Push him into the W bedroom and in front of the dormant fireplace next to the plinth (screen shot of a closed trap door).


Retrieve the torch you left at the front entrance and take it upstairs to the landing. Loop around right into the SW hallway. Turn right into the W bedroom and light the torch in the fireplace, go back downstairs and left to the room where you left the Winston pushpiece. Light both stacks of wood in the fireplace and the trap door you saw in the earlier cut scene opens. Leave the torch behind, go upstairs into the N hallway and E bedroom, fill the small waterskin in the bathroom shower stall and exit the mansion out the N short cut door leading from the gym. Turn right toward the training course and go through the opened gate in the N wall. Follow the walkway to the N room with the two crowbar doors you opened earlier.


Enter the far room and empty the waterskin into the element scales you noted when you were here before. You hear the sound of a nearby door opening, so enter the N room and take the GOLDEN ROSE from the plinth for SECRET #6. Return to the training course, turn right and follow the mansion on the right side to the S short cut door near the first tree. Go through the mansion, out the front door and continue past the front gate. Turn right and go to the N water trench you explored near the beginning of this level. Pull up onto the ledge and follow W to an interior passage with a plinth bearing a BEON TOY (5 of 5). The exterior gate at the corner of the mansion opens, so go back through the mansion, out the N short cut door and loop around right at the training course to find the opened gate. Take the GOLDEN ROSE from the plinth for SECRET #7 and use the short cut door to get back inside the mansion.


Go upstairs, through the E doorway and up the wooden steps to the room with the blocks. Climb the ladder past the opened trap door and pull up into a conference room. Place the Scripture of Memories on the music stand, play a tune on the harp and watch the flyby to see a resuscitated Winston. Get back down, exit the mansion and run forward for a happy reunion with Winston. Enter the room just past him and grab a cup of CAPPUCCINO to open the exit gate. Go on through to finish the level.