Game by abbath81 (dedicated to Sherri)


Walkthrough by G&D Productions.


There are 19 Secrets in this level-set.


Don’t leave Lara’s Home without her Dual Pistols!

The First level has a hidden Sixshooter. There’s a room inside the manor with a clue to help you find it.





0 Secrets, Bonus Six Shooter.


Get your pistols before you start your journey.”


Turn around, push the button next to the bed and inside the closet are Flares and a small medipack.


Push Crate Puzzle.


Leave NE to the Hall, upper landing. Take a left and open the door left with the button to the right of it. Inside is another button, ignore that, because that’s for when you came from the other side. Go up to the attic, have a look around for Shotgun ammo, Arrows and push a crate in the N wall once. Return down the stairs and once on the landing, if Winston is around, get him inside and close the door to lock him in. Go E and left into the music room, left again, up the steps to the library. Right around the bookcase is a book switch, the fire in the fireplace is gone. Get in and up the wall (E side), climb off right and follow through to the storage where that crate you pushed ended up. First move the crate on the ground next to the block SW and then move the upper crate onto the block and you’ll see a door open up on the ground floor of the Hall.


The Aquarium, Racetrack Key.


Get down to the ground floor, into the corridor NW and right through the door you opened, down the stairs and come to the aquarium. Move the crate under the hole in the ceiling, first look in the E room for Arrows and look through the window of the aquarium to spot the Key on the bottom. Climb the crate, grab up N and follow through to where you can enter the water. Swim E and right around that room to go for the Racetrack Key.


Open the Hatch to the Roof.


In the far SW corner of the basin is a hole in the bottom and it has an underwater lever opening a hatch you might have noticed before. Use it now, or go back for air first. Swim back, get back out to the ground floor corridor and take a right into the Gym.


The Gym.


Not much else to do besides exercise, but there’s Shotgun ammo on the tower NE you can reach it by climbing into the alcove at #5 and jump/grab to the top of the tower.


The Pool, Secret door.


Go through N to the pool and on the back of the diving board is a button opening a bookcase in the Hall.


Timed door in the Hall, Trophy room.


Back in the Hall go into that secret room NW, use the lever and roll, sprint straight to the door lowering back down, you can roll underneath if there’s still a bit of opening under the door. Left, up in a niche are Flares, on the other side of the fireplace a Medipack. Uzi clips NE. Use the button left of the Timed door twice to open it back up.


Rooftops, Jump lever, Clue for the Revolver.


Head back upstairs, N to the music room and left to the Library. Use the book switch to kill the fire (if needed) and climb the chimney wall up to the roof. Head SW, just before that fenced off terrace, look down W and spot the ammo on the tower of the training course. Stand jump down and grab that Revolver ammo. Run jump and grab back to the roof, go SE to that other chimney, around the left side onto a lower roof. Hang from the W side of it and close to the wall you can safety drop onto a small roof below, landing on a ledge just outside the bedroom here (we saw those Grenades in the flyby before, grab them). Hop down S into the water below and swim into the tunnel W for some Uzi clips. Swim back E, climb the ladder wall E, into the opening to the Zipline and ride it down. Crawl under the floor ahead and grab the Flares if you want.


Go left (N) to the front yard and into the Mansion again by opening the door with the button. Do the same as before to get onto the roof again and go over to the farthest chimney (SE). Left of it is a small triangle ledge with a small medipack, hop there and grab it. Hop down SE onto the top of the wooden arch where the Zipline cable ends. Slide backwards down the S side and grab the edge, drop and grab the jump lever (a door opens on the upper landing of the Hall. Get back inside, upstairs and into the door SE. Light a Flare and read “Power may be hidden behind a lonely orchid”, which is that hint for the sixshooter.


Get down to the ground floor of the Hall, through the SW corridor you’ll reach the kitchen, left side. In the freezer is some Shotgun ammo. A door SW leads outside to the training course. Go W and right around the corner, in the far NW corner, behind the rocks are Uzi clips. Head into the alley NE and follow through passing the Maze. You’ll get to the front yard where you can open the gate to the Race track (NE).


The Racetrack, Opening the Maze.


To the left is a snowmobile, the route to take is W (no timing involved), right around the corner at the wall, follow the path to the N end and go left around, up a snow hill with speed so you can jump over to a snow patch and land behind the ridge. Head down N into the tunnel, keep to the right and find (you’ll have to step off the bike) Shotgun ammo and a small medipack hidden in a corner (NW). Get back onto the bike, back into the tunnel you came from and turn around again. This time go with speed over the slopes and then keep to the E wall of the cave, up a steep narrow slope in the SE corner of the cave, you’ll get to a gate with a fire bowl behind it. Get off the bike, throw the floor lever there to open the gate to the Maze. Take the bike out the opening W, left (S) to the front yard and straight to the SW open gate to the training course, left over the wooden obstacles and into the area E where you can smash a crate to find Arrows. Now make your way to the alley N of the Mansion and left to the Maze.


The Maze, Pistols and Revolver.


Keep right where possible and you’ll come across that lonely (frozen) orchid, face W, duck and crawl into a hidden crawlspace to find the Revolver. Back out and walk up E to the hedge, go right and then left. Right again and look up right, climb up there. Follow down and up to find the Pistols. Those were the most important pickups, but there are also some Arrows somewhere (far right hand corner from the entrance gate). Make your way back out of the Maze (E side).


Get to the front yard with the bike and run it up the hill….





3 Secrets.


Follow the valley and after a downslope, speed up a bit to jump a gorge, a bit to the left. Go up into an ice cavern and follow through. Those icy spikes will harm you, after you exit the cavern, dismount and check out the next jump, start right and cross over to the left. Over the narrow ledge and keep right as boulders come down the slope ahead. Go left/right around the corners and then check out around the next corner, a jump over icy spikes. Jump to the right, through another cavern with icicles dropping all around you. Once you see a bright ice crystal in the right hand corner, slow down a bit and go left around two corners, then dismount. Look  just around the next right hand bend, a crawlspace in the N wall, get in, climb up over a slope and grab Secret #1, a Golden Necklace. Climb back out, ride W over one of the slopes alongside a deep pit and come to a frozen lake.


Frozen Lake, open the Gates.


Dismount because a hostile Snow Owl will attack, you have the pistols now. Select them from the inventory the first time.

To the left, in the corner of the lake is a small mound, in the corner of the mound you can hop onto a flatter surface, hop up S to the top and find a hole. You can climb down the S face and find the GATE KEY.


On the ice are some crates you can smash/or shoot, the first 3 on the right have Shotgun ammo, the single one to the NW Flares and the two in the far NW corner 2x Uzi clips. Another Owl attacks. Park the Bike near the gate E under the rock bridge


Go to the left gate in the E wall and go up the sloped ledge to the end where you see a boulder up on the slope. Stand on the highest end, aim for the sticks under the boulder and jump up onto the snow slope under the boulder while firing and back flip with “roll” and a right or left curve. This way Lara will run off the ledge before the boulder hits.

The boulder will break the gate, use the Gate Key to open the right hand gate in the E wall. A Tiger will come out….

For a Secret: Take the crate standing against the boulder slope to the S side of the nearby iceberg, stand on the NW corner facing the rock bridge above (S). Take 2 steps forward and back flip onto the iceberg, immediately jump and grab the rock bridge. Shimmy left to where the flat part starts and pull up, back flip/roll and maybe steer left a tiny bit to land in the top of the iceberg, grab Secret #2, a Golden Necklace. Get out and get to the bike.


Take it into that gate and drive carefully, after a right turn you’ll have to cross a rock bridge. Through another tunnel and outside left over a ledge, at the end up left and then go with some speed as you have to jump a gap in the next bridge, you’ll get to another cave with icicles, stop just around the net left corner where you see the bright crystal. There’s a path leading down W, to the left of it is a ledge. Walk down a bit, grab top to the ridge left and shimmy right as far as you can, pull up and go along the ledge to Secret #3, a Golden Necklace.


Back to the bike and take it down the path, that seems to be as far as you can take it. You’ll get to the end of a railroad track, on the floor S is a box with Uzi clips. To the right of the tunnel with the train is a ladder on the wall, go up and in, follow through and shoot a box to get a Crossbow and Explosive arrows. Get back out and hop onto the back of the box car…




3 Secrets.


Clearing the Train.


The train seems to be a runaway train as the driver lays dead (or unconscious, let’s hope for the best). Open the door, pick up Flares right and hop over the crates, pistols drawn as a bunch of nasty spiders attack. Pick up Uzi clips in the corner and open the next door to a flatbed car, the barrels left will shatter as you shoot them, grab the Shotgun ammo. When you go further, a Thug jumps from a jeep onto the car, shoot him. Get on the high crates NE and jump back to the roof of the previous box car, there’s a small medipack on the back of it. Walking back, you can shoot a box on the green box W, jump there using the stacks of crates on the flatbed. Pick up the Uzi clips from the crate with the green tarp. Get down and jump into the next box car, nothing in there except for a small medipack in a box in the far left corner. Go through the next door and hop into a boxcar with crates, up right is a box with Uzi clips. To the left are flames, jump over when they are down and flip the switch on the right hand wall, a hatch opens up nearby.


The Crowbar.


One crate back and to the S, look up and jump/grab up to the floor above. There’s a crate there, pull it with you into the next section (E), just through the doorway. Shoot a box for Uzi clips and Flares and push the crate under the switch cover S, climb the crate, shoot the cover and flip the switch to open a hatch on the car behind you. Get on that car, drop down into the hole and pick up the CROWBAR. Behind you is a box with the UZIS and some Uzi clips.


Using the Crowbar, Fire Push.


When you get back on the roof, a SAS is dropped from a Chopper, shoot him quick and don’t fall from the roof. Get back into the car W, down through the hole and go up N to that switch near the fire trap. Stand against the S crate next to the fire trap, face W and hop backwards into the corner of the lower part, grab the edge and drop so you will land exactly in the corner where you are safe. Face S and when the fire goes down again, side step left to the middle of the crate and push only Ctrl (and keep it pressed) to assume the push position, you are still safe. The fire makes a ticking noise (9 ticks), use that, I started the next part at 8. Next time the fire is about to go down, hit the forward button at 8 and keep pushing. This will take a bit of trial and error. But you’ll get it done.


Now jump back out to the right or left, whatever suits you. Get to the push crate and move it E to the back of the car. Then push it N so it sits under the wooden panel you can open with the Crowbar (N side crate). Flip the switch inside and a door opens. Go to the W end where that door opened, turn left just before the door and jump up to shoot a wooden panel left of that opening. Climb up for Secret #1 (4), a Golden Necklace.


Obstacle Course car.


Go back out and jump to the next “flatbed” car, shoot the box for Shotgun ammo and Flares. Go through W and left around the corner, back flip onto a slope, jump and grab a crack. Shimmy right around corners and pull up at the green tarp. Run jump to the previous box car, up the ladder and get Grenades from the roof. Go back jump over to the tarp. Walk along the N side of the tarp to the wooden structure and run jump with a roll onto the middle of the slope you see W through the gap, don’t jump again and you’ll slide off, grab the jump lever. This will turn off the fire above, so get back up to the crack and shimmy left to the spot where the fire was. Face W, stand on the low side so you can run jump and grab the slope W and Save there. Pull up over on the left or right hand side, jump from the slope to one of the slopes right or left and slide far, jump again with a curve around a spike tile, you’ll land on a slope behind it. One more hop and you are on the next flatbed car.


Chaos Car, Shotgun.


The load is a chaos, go through the opening between the stacks and left, a couple of Thugs jump on the train. Take them out, go back to that opening next to the green tarp crate, hang from the side of the bed and shimmy left to crawl to the Shotgun. Get back and now climb the crate with the green tarp, up the next NE and one more time to get Uzi clips from the top crate.


The Train Key.


Back down once and face E, back flip over the steel sloped floor and grab the edge as you slide off the other side. Shimmy left around to Secret #2 (5), a Golden Necklace. Make your way back and climb back up onto the crate with the green tarp (SE), up N and face W standing left against the slope. Hop over the slope, slide and jump left (or maybe immediately jump without slide) to land on the far end of the pointy green tarp, so you’ll slide forward (W). Then jump to the right to a right sloped green tarp. You’ll slide to a flat area behind a sloped crate and that’s where the TRAIN KEY is. The keyhole is below, get there any way you like. The door to the box car W opens up, jump over.


Paddock Car.


When you reach the W end, a Wolf will come for you. Hop up into an opening N near the locked door, follow and turn around to hop up again, there’s a floor lever opening a cell and a box with Uzi clips right of it. Get back down, go back through the corridor and meet another Wolf. Left, after the cell with the remains is the cell which opened, there’s Shotgun ammo on the floor. You can pull a part of the N side wall once. Go around left/right and into the passage you opened and push the block E all the way. Go back to the door E where you entered the car and get onto the block, grab up W and crawl in. After shooting a SAS, look around for some Shotgun ammo in a box SE, Secret #3 (6), a Golden Necklace in a dark crawlspace up E. A small medipack in a box SW.


Approach the passage NW, watch out for the spikes and jump with a roll onto the middle of the wooden slope. Grab the edge and pull up, back flip/roll and grab the jump lever, the door W opens up.


The patches of snow on the green tarp on the next flatbed car indicate the spots where you can stand, jump to the locomotive, ignore the (indeed) dead driver and yank the lever to stop the train….




4 Secrets


Seems you pulled that brake just in time…


A Silver Orb.


Drop down E and at the end jump and grab two corners the crack in the E rock, go right around and drop at the third. To the N are a bright crystal and a lever. Go to the E wall and take a right, follow the ledge, pick up Uzi clips and hang out into the canyon, shimmy right to where you can pull up again. Left around the corner is a small medipack. In the S end is a hole in the ceiling, grab up facing W and climb the ice wall and pull up. Look around the SW corner and spot a ledge, run jump with a curve to land there and grab the SILVER ORB from the wall. Jump back and climb down the ice wall, in the crevice below is a small medipack in the NE corner. Now make your way back to the cave with the lever (N).


To the Raising Block.


The lever will raise a trapdoor in the icicle pit W (and a block somewhere else -X), go down W and jump over, follow through and do a drop down. After a left bend left you’ll find Uzi clips next to a bright crystal, these seem to be pointing us in right directions here and there.


Climb the block N, turn around and stand jump/grab to the lower part of the S ledge above. Walk to the W end, stand left and run jump with a roll onto the slanted pillar SW, jump again and beside to face right when you land on the next pillar, jump and grab the ledge above. Left are a bright crystal and also that block you raised with the lever before (X).


Walk up SW over the ridge, down the other side and to the left is an ICY BLOCK in the wall, you can push it once (we need it at the other side later). Hop back up E, go to that raising block NE and grab up. Face W, back flip and jump to get higher. Turn around and jump to the ledge E for Flares, jump back and go up W again above the block, slide down right a bit and jump to grab the monkey climb. Go straight to the opposite wall and you’ll be hanging above some slopes. Turn right drop/slide jump and jump/slide again to jump and grab the ledge in the ice wall ahead. Climb up right, go in and pick up Revolver ammo and Explosive arrows.


The Jump lever (without the Secret).


Climb the wall W, just right of the exit. Follow to a hole down to those slopes under the monkey climb, Save the game (scroll down to see the route WITH the Secret). Jump out with Ctrl to land on the ‘long slope’ and jump/grab to catch the next slope, Save again and pull up jump to the left onto the slope, then to a sloped pillar and one more slide/jump to grab a ledge in front.

Look E and spot the pillar with the 2 sided slopes, to the right of it is another pillar and then the jump lever. I took a step back, then a hop and did a run jump curving right a little bit, then depending on where you land, (slide) jump with a hard left curse to the next pillar and another slide curve with a hard left curve to the jump lever. A trapdoor goes up at a crate out in the Canyon (XX).


The Jump lever (with the Secret).


Climb the wall W, just right of the exit. Follow to a hole down to those slopes near the monkey climb, Save the game. Jump out with Ctrl to land on the “long slope” and jump/grab the next so you can maybe Save the game again. Hang against the right hand wall and pull up, use your nerves of steel to slide to the very end of the slope before you jump with a right curve to land on the backside of the next slope where it touches the wall. You’ll slide down to the spot with Secret #1 (7), a Golden Necklace.

Face E standing at the edge and back flip onto the corner slope, jump right to land on the slope going S, jump to the sloped pillar and one more slide/jump to grab a ledge in front.


2 routes join.


Look E and spot the pillar with the 2 sided slopes, to the right of it is another pillar and then the jump lever. I took a step back, then a hop and did a run jump curving right a little bit, then depending on where you land, (slide) jump with a hard left curve to the next pillar and another slide curve with a hard left curve to the jump lever. A trapdoor goes up at a crate out in the Canyon (XX).


The Grenade Gun.


Go to the Boxes SW and shoot them for Flares. From the Flares go N, watch out for the icicles and at the end near and opening left, you can see a sloped pillar N, stand against the left wall, run jump from the farthest tip to the pillar with a bit of a left curve, then jump (not back flip) with a left curve and land on top of a pointy slope Hop into the hole and use the lever to lower a block (XXX).


Hop out of the hole, collect Uzi clips at the Skeleton NW, go S and shoot the large box for Grenades, but this also triggers a Tiger…

From the Grenades go into a tunnel E, onto a ledge left and grab up N, jump over to the S ledge (where that jump lever is) and go left into the tunnel to the Canyon, first left is where the block lowered (XXX), grab the GRENADE GUN.


The Crates, Upper Region.


Go E from there and safety drop down, two mercenaries will attack when they get close to you, so keep your distance and shoot them, one will leave Uzi clips.

Where you landed is the crate where the trapdoor (XX) went up. Pull the crate out and move it over to the one N, at the front of the ledge. To the N, on the corner ledge near the Rocks and plants are some Explosive Arrows to be found, this triggers another mercenary coming out for you, he will also drop Uzi clips. Now you can pull the top crate out and push it onto the lower crate. Climb up and jump grab the ice pillar S, go up and right around to the other side. Go up as far as possible and back flip/roll to grab the pillar behind, an Owl attacks, shoot him quick.

Run jump up NW, (left curve at the end of the jump) to pick up Revolver ammo from the previous (ladder) pillar.


Another Silver Orb.


Stand jump back and jump W to the last pillar, turn to the right hand wall and jump/grab the ladder, go up into the opening. There’s a floor lever opening the gate N, go through. Hop over N and right of you is that ICY BLOCK you pushed before. Climb it and turn W to jump/grab up to the alcove with SILVER ORB 2. Get down and for another Secret, go up E to the Canyon, turn right (S) and grab up into an opening, climb down and find Secret #2 (8), a Golden Necklace.


Get back to the ICY BLOCK, hop back into the open gate S, use the two ORBs N of the floor lever. Go through the gate, just right around the corner face the E wall and grab up, turn around and jump/grab a crack W, shimmy left around to where you can pull up. Follow through, shoot some boxes for Shotgun ammo and look up SE for a crawlspace up in the E wall, get in there for Secret #3 (9), a Golden Necklace. You can drop out of the crawlspace in from and you are back at the floor lever, or just get back as you came. In the area through the gate where we left off, is a TIMED lever raising trapdoors in the canyon.


Timed Trapdoors.


Back flip/roll, to the green wall, left/right/left and straight to the light, jump to the trapdoor a bit right and a running jump to the next. Another running jump and grab the rock outcrop.

Follow through, run jump and grab a rope. Swing and jump/grab the slope ahead. Hang left and pull up/slide, jump left to the opposite slope, jump and jump again to end up in a cave.


A Silver Orb.


Go W and right to the opening, hop to the ledge you can see behind the N rock wall and pick up Uzi clips, hop back inside and go S, hop over the ridge, shoot the boxes near the bright crystal… Wow, empty…

Go W to the pink light crystal, pick up the Uzi clips behind it and go back up, after climbing up the ridge, turn left into a short tunnel, grab up left at the end and find Shotgun ammo. Get down, go S and left to the bright crystal where a mercenary is now waiting for you, shoot him quick, he will drop Uzi clips. Go N from the bright crystal towards the canyon and take a left to find a slope going down S, jump over to the other (W) side. Turn around and run down so you’ll slide forward and just after you see a screenshot of the ceiling, jump and grab a monkey climb. Go forward till the screen changes, drop onto the sloped pillar and keep jumping the pillars, first forward and then you go left, try to slide as far as possible from the second along the wall and grab the flat ledge. Follow up and around the corner is the SILVER ORB on a block.


Use the Orb, TIMED trapdoor.


Go up N, out left and jump back over to the bright crystal and spot the opening left of it, have a look. There’s a trapdoor and way down below in the cave is a pool of water we have to reach later (with a run jump from that TIMED trapdoor). So, now you know the layout, go back N to the opening overlooking the Canyon, go right around and down the slope, near the top in the grey wall right is an alcove with Shotgun ammo. Proceed down the slope a bit and to the right is an opening to the main cave.


Detour for a Secret: Go all the way S down the sloped passage first and right to an opening to the main cave, hop out backwards and grab the edge, drop/grab to the tunnel below and get in for Secret #4 (10), a Golden Necklace. Go N and stand in the left corner of the opening, turn left a bit more and hop back, now a run jump to grab the ledge up N. To the right is a pink crystal, go there and left around the corner are some Flares. From the crystal go S up the sloped grey path, loop right up the next part and to the left is the opening where we left off.


Look right around the corner from that opening to the main cave and spot the gate, jump in there and use the ORB to open the gate. Go in, left is a lever, Save in front.

Pull, run out the gate and jump with a left curve back to the tunnel you came from, loop left around up the snow slope and near the Canyon take a left, left again and jump over the snow ridge to the bright crystal, after the bright crystal right into the opening and run onto the trapdoor, you have to run jump from the left tip to land in the pool way down.


Swim E along the hand right side, at the end swim down to find Grenades. Turning right to the pink light, (N) swim down along the bottom up N into a shaft in the ceiling and when you get through swim left where you can wade out of the freezing water. You’ll get to the Canyon. There are breakable ice sheets we have to jump. Forget the first one against the ledge, run jump directly to the one just around the corner as you come out of the water cave (mind the slope though), a running jump around right followed by two more and you should end up on a rock ledge along the side of the canyon. Now a run jump N with a right curve so you’ll hit the rocks and slide off. Grab the edge and shimmy left to the next ice sheet. Hang above the right hand side of it, look left and spot the flat ledge you have to get to. Drop, roll and immediately start a run with a right curve to jump to that flat ledge (this might take some practice)…


Follow the tunnel down, mind the icicles….




3 Secrets


Timed Flame.


Around the corner you’ll come to a valley, two Yetis will attack. Just left around the corner from where you came in (NW) is a box, Revolver ammo inside. To the SE is another box on the ledge, go get Uzi clips and Shotgun ammo. NE, under the flame and next to the ice mound are some rocks, behind them you’ll find the GATE KEY.

Return W along the left ledge and around the corner left (SW) is an opening with a keyhole up in the wall, use the Key. Save at the lever, pull and run out, right around and to the E, left around the ice mound and up the slope at the bright crystal. Left and hop over the slope where the flame was, jump again to get onto the flame ledge and quickly forward before the flame lights up again.


Follow the path, climb up left in the end and then grab up right, again up left. At the swinging axe, jump through to the left a bit, landing on a pillar. Hop down E, and hop down right onto the rock ledge followed by a run jump SE to the low part of the snow ledge. Walk along the ledge.

In case you want a Secret: Run jump with a hard right curve around the rock wall E, landing in an alcove with Secret #1 (11), a Golden Necklace. In case you can’t jump get back to the snow ledge, you’ll have to do the previous route again.


Now jump over to the spot on the snow mound below, aiming straight to where that box is (empty box). Grab up N, then E into the tunnel, follow to a lava pit, run jump along the left side (no Ctrl) and come to a cave where a flyby takes over.


Lava Canyon.


The box in the distance has Shotgun ammo, so we probably have to get there.

Hop/grab the left pillar, pull up in the middle and jump to the next, slide far and then jump to the slope (aimed right) in front. Jump to and fro, roll in the air so you face the other way and keep jumping right, you’ll end up on the ledge with the box, shoot it for Shotgun ammo. We’ll have to get to that opening you can see E.


But for a Secret: Look down N and right a bit, two slopes with one in between facing your way. From near the wall hop N onto the pillar against the left wall, just slide and you’ll go right, jump to the next slope and slide down landing on that “in between” slope so you’ll face S, jump from the end of the slope and grab the opening ahead, get in fast (don’t dilly dally as the heat will get you) Grab Secret #2 (12), a Golden Necklace and run forward off the edge, hop back and then run jump onto the slope ahead, jump from the next slope and keep jumping the pillars (you’ll get back on the ones you jumped before) till you are up on the ledge where the Shotgun ammo was.


Jump N onto the right hand side of the pillar against the left wall, just slide and you’ll go right, jump to the next slope, hop to the opposite slope with a roll. Jump back and fro going right to a slope to the N. Jump/jump and you should be on a flat pillar top. Hop to the one SE and then jump to grab the ledge S. Walk up S and look down left, down a slope is lava and there are break tiles…


Lava Cave, Break tiles/Boulders.


Be sure to Save before you run down into the opening, from the very end of the slope jump and grab the tile, be quick as the heat is bad. Pull up, run jump to the next series of tiles, then down left to land at the front right hand side of a lower tile, now a running jump up to the right to the last tile, turn left and jump into the opening in the left wall. Follow through and come across a bright crystal. Go through the opening N which is immediately blocked behind you. Look up E and spot more trouble… I did it like this, run up along the right hand wall, turning left after boulder 1 and do a run jump through the gap between boulder 2 and 3. You’ll end up against the other wall, immediately back flip away for the last boulder.


The Ice Palace, the Sight.


Go through the opening N, follow through and come to an Ice Palace. Go left, to the corner of the valley and between the trees there you can find the LASER SIGHT. I put it onto the Crossbow with normal Arrows for this task. Looking into the water you can spot two boxes, one nearby left has Shotgun ammo, the other near the entrance tunnel seems to be empty, but that is the spot where you can get out of the freezing water. But there are more places.


Dive to the Shotgun ammo from where you found the Sight, pick it up and swim N, left into an alcove for Uzi clips. Swim out and left around the corner to climb out and warm up (well…, warm…). A box NW in the lake has Revolver ammo. Then swim E (NE) and get out on the ledge, no need to shoot the box below, it’s empty. But there are Uzi clips behind the rocks NE (on the shore).


Two Dragon Fuses.


From there look under the Palace and next to a bright crystal are Uzi clips, leave them for now so you’ll have a waypoint. Just right of the bright crystal there’s a sloped crevice upwards. Swim in and just after the plant right into the crevice, loop right around to man underwater lever opening a hatch. Turn right, swim out left/left and look right for a tiny triangular opening S, swim in left and up to climb out W. Grab up to the opening in the N wall and find the hatch you opened with the UW lever. Go E and jump around the corner, shoot an Owl and you’ll come across the BLUE DRAGON FUSE near a bright crystal. Hop around another corner, you are now above the Palace entrance (below). Just before the next corner we can go for a Secret detour. Walk up against the N wall, turn W and jump onto the steep slope, slide back far and jump to land on a steep slope behind, maybe repeat this a couple of times to get high enough to steer sharp right and land on the ledge above. Go around N picking up Grenades, Explosive arrows and just around the corner with the bright crystal is Secret #3 (13), a Golden Necklace.


Look down E and on the opposite shore you can see two pine trees and under those, at the water line is a shaft. Slide down to the level below and into the water, swim for the ledge NE where you can get out onto the shore. You can now also go pick up those Uzi clips under the Palace (behind the bright crystal) if you like, but it’s a tight squeeze. From the NE corner ledge swim to the SE corner of the lake and wade out, follow the shore line to the shaft (back N) and jump in, down and left around to find the GREEN DRAGON FUSE near a bright crystal. Make your way to the SE corner of the lake, near the trees and shoot a box under the Palace, go get the Medipack. Now you are ready to open the Palace, use the two Dragon Fuses at the door.




6 Secrets.


Slide down and open the gates with the Crowbar lever.


This level can be played in many ways, this is how I got through (with directional help by the builder):


To the right, next to the stairs is a box with Uzi clips, to the E are 3 tunnels, referred to as the E section. To the W are also 3 tunnels, referred to as the W section, later.


Freezing Lake, Redeye Crystal 1.


Go E into the right hand tunnel (blue crystal) and take a right to come to a lake. In the NE corner (where you entered) is a crevice near the bottom, that’s also the only place where you can walk in and wade out of the freezing water.

Dive in, get into that NE crevice and go left (W), around the corners and come across a small medipack, you can leave that for now and just swim to the far end and into a deeper part for the REDEYE CRYSTAL. Swim back and make make an extra trip for the small medipack.


Open the Ice Gate.


From where you get out of the water, go NW into the cave, at the dark blue crystal straight N into the right hand tunnel and at the end of it the light turns pink, take a right and immediately right around the corner is a hole up in the S wall, grab up in there and drop out inside. Follow up to a cave with green brick pillars. There’s a box with Shotgun ammo, W, between the green pillars is a small medipack. For a Secret: stand close to the pillar NW corner), face N and take one step back. Back flip onto the brick slope and jump back with a hard right curve landing on the pillar, might take a few tries. Pick up Secret #1 (14), a Golden Necklace. Go out E, loop right around the green wall, up a slope to end up on the green wall. Jump/grab up E, climb up left and get to some stairs leading to the barriers you might have noticed before. Use the floor lever at the yellow crystal to open the barrier (shortcut, just in case).


Open the Gate to the Crate Puzzle room.


Stay inside, turn left and head S through the narrow passage, walk slow because of the icicles up there.

When you approach that gate S to the Crate Puzzle room, a Yeti wall break some crates and come for you. Take him out and head into the corner he came from (NW) for Grenades and Revolver ammo. Walk back to the narrow passage you came from, facing N, grab up to the left blue ice wall, shimmy right around the corner and pull up, back flip onto the brown wall with Secret #2 (15), a Golden Necklace. Drop down and head E, drop down onto a slope at the end and get to the cave where that pushable crate is. Pull the crate out to create a shortcut to this area, just in case. Go through the opening you created, shoot a box for Uzi clips and go left (NW) through the cave entrance, left along the path left of the bridge pillar and get to two boxes with 2x Uzi clips. Go back inside and through the opening where you pulled the crate from. Look S out of the opening and spot the lake below.


Jump and grab the open go down and swing to the bridge support cable, get down to the bridge. Go left (E) and use the chain pulley, the gate to the Crate Puzzle room opens up. To the left of the pulley a block went up under the passage to create a shortcut back up from the lake to the bridge in case you need it.


Open the gate to Hell (Lava room).


Go W over the bridge, through the opening and use the rope to swing over to the brick block, shoot two Yetis there and find a Crowbar lever NE next to the dark blue crystal. Using this, will open the gate to Hell. From a ledge W you can jump/grab a pillar W, slide and jump/grab the ledge against the W wall. Go right (N) and jump over too the lower triangle ledge and grab up N, take the Revolver ammo. Back down onto the triangle ledge and just hop backwards to get to the ground floor. Go S to bright crystal and shoot a box for Shotgun ammo.


Hell, Redeye Crystal 2.


Go N to the main area and left into the first tunnel of the W Section. Right at the orange crystal and then to the left is the gate to Hell. Looking in, you can see the Crystal way up left. First we have to get down to that opening far right at the lava level using only the lower break tiles. A “trick” move involved here, turn around standing a step from the edge, hop back and just as Lara passes the edge, hit Ctrl and she’ll end up on the solid ledge below. It’s burning hot here however, so you’ll have little time, hop to the next ledge S. Then run jump SW to the first break ledge. At the lowest one near the lava flows, do a run jump and grab the one N and then a run jump straight into the opening where you have time to “cool off”. Hop onto the tile E, a running jump to the next, grabbing it in the middle. Pull up and back flip roll, run jump W, grabbing the tile, pull up and roll to stand jump/grab the pole, go up fast (about 6 grabs) to a level where the heat cannot reach you and cool off. Turn around and back flip onto the stone ledge.


Face S standing right, hop and grab the tile, pull up and back flip, then side flip right to a stone block above the pole. The last series to the Crystal; stand jump and a short run forward, another stand jump followed by a running jump up to REDEYE CRYSTAL 2. Well, not many break tiles left to work with. Face W at the pedestal, hop back over the edge and hit Ctrl to land on the slope below, grab the edge. Pull up and back flip/roll to get onto the pair of break tiles, run and jump aiming a bit left onto the next pair and then jump from left corner into the entrance. Go out and left, to a green crystal, then right to the main area.


The E Upper Section, the Crate Puzzle room, Silver Orb 1.


Loop right around into the middle tunnel of the W section, up the slope and take a right, up a ridge and shoot a box for Uzi clips. Go to the white crystal S and grab up to the outcrop (face S), go up and find Grenades and a Medipack. Safety drop down N, there’s a gate we’ll open later. Go to the green brick bridge E, walk along the left side and jump over the slanted part. At the big icicle blocking the next part, shimmy along the right hand side of the bridge. Go E over the slope left side and find that barrier you opened before if you followed the walk. Go through and through the narrow passage SW again, S is the open gate to the Crate Puzzle room.


There are 3 crates, one up right (#1), one down in front (#2) and one up left (#3)

_ push crate #1 4x S towards the crystal.

_ pull crate #2 once W and then pull it S into the trench so you can pull/push crate #1 over crate #2  and into the other trench.

_ push crate #1 S till it drops into a hole.

_ move crate #2 around to the corner below crate #3 (W side of #3).

_ push crate #3 W into the trench and then pull/push it over #1 onto the trigger tile in the back.


Go get SILVER ORB 1 from the SW room.


Timed Run for the Lever Puzzle Gate.


Out of the gate go straight and a bit left through that narrow passage again, left through the Ice barrier, climb up the ridge W and then up the brick wall N.

There are Flares up there (NW), this is where you have to drop down in a bit. In the other corner is a jump lever opening the TIMED gate to the Lever Puzzle in the W Section.


Use the jump lever, run to where the Flares were and drop S from the edge, run W to the big icicle and shimmy along the left side (I didn’t manage a jump along the other side), pull up and run W to jump the sloped part. Do running jumps and go up right to that Timed gate.


Levers for the Block, Silver Orb 2.


Inside the room are 5 levers and a place (alcove far left) where you can get a schematic of the levers and the block. Seems that the side where 3 lines touch the block is the place where it is triggered, because if you look closely the other lines have a “break point” where other lines cross them. So once you figured the schematic out, the levers to pull are: lever 1 in the left alcove, left side of the room (W side), lever 2 in the middle alcove, right side of the room (E side) and lever 3 in the left hand alcove, right side of the room (E side and in no particular order). The block goes up, back flip onto the slope, jump and grab the top. Jump/grab to the ledge S, to the right for Shotgun ammo and then to the other side for a chain pulley to open up the Timed entrance gate again incase you want that, you’ll have to pull it twice to do so. But we’ll take another route.


For a Secret: do two “banana” jumps to the N around the pillars to the last alcove this ledge  and find Secret #3 (16), a Golden Necklace. Safety drop down and get back on the block, turn around and jump/grab to the opening in the structure. Jump over the pit and left around the corner is a second SILVER ORB. Follow the passage, (side) jumping over Knife traps. On the slope where you come to a third Knife trap, you can also see a boulder in an opening E, run jump with a left curve onto the V shaped slopes left of the opening and jump again aiming right to land in that opening.


Run down the passage, ignore the Grenades and hug the left wall where you see a barrier (or run into the alcove left of the barrier). The boulder will crush it. Go back up to pick up those Grenades and return. Go through to a wide cave and shoot some boxes, 3 Skeletons awake, lure them together and one Explosive arrow will do. Gather a small medipack, Explosive arrows, a BULL CRYSTAL and a GATE KEY.

Go open the gate SE with the Key. Go to the SW corner of the ledge where you can hang from the W side and safety drop onto a slope.


E Lower Section, Using the Orbs, Mirror room & Purple Crystal.


Take the right hand E side tunnel, right to the lake and right into the cave with the green walls. Go NW and keep left into the passage to a small room with a dark blue crystal. Use the Orbs there. The Activities in this room are all Timed, so make a note of the layout and be as quick as you can. The Unicorn lever SE will start the event. A gate opens at the far end of this ledge (SW), inside and left is another lever, back flip onto a trigger tile opening the gate again, get out and quickly over to the next gate (NW). Then SE and last NE, Save at the lever there, because if you miss the Purple gate, you don’t have to do it all again. Pull, back flip and get out, sprint as straight as you can, diagonal down the stairs to the gate W and grab the PURPLE CRYSTAL. Out of the mirror room to the cave.


Using the Redeye Crystals, Purple Crystal 2.


Go SE towards the dark blue crystal and climb the block just left of it, turn W and jump/grab up to the tunnel leading to the main area. Go straight across into the middle tunnel leading up and this time take a left to the higher area. In the NW corner is a box with Uzi clips.


Little detour for a Secret: Stand at the edge of the ledge facing W and hop back, just after passing the edge, hit Ctrl and land on the ledge below, pick up Secret #4 (17), a Golden Necklace. Jump down SE onto the slope and slide to the ground, go up E to the main area. Go up the same tunnel again and left, up to where we left off.


Walk E along the left side of the gap in the floor and run jump to the slope left of the green pillar, jump to land on the pillar and slide/jump again to grab the ridge ahead. Go to the green pillar SE, back flip onto the slope next to it and jump/grab to get on top. Face SE and stand jump/grab to the monkey climb, go over to the red crystals. Open the gate with the two Redeye Crystals. Climb up the shaft and use the Bull Crystal. Go in and two alien creatures appear, hit them with Explosive arrows (Grenades) while standing on a high ledge in the back and keep an eye on the health. One of them will drop PURPLE CRYSTAL 2.


On the ledge above the entrance gate is a Secret, to reach it…; Go to that ice pillar NE, stand on the higher ground E of it, stand about one or two steps from the pillar and back flip to it, then jump and grab the sloped ice ridge E. Shimmy left as far as you can and pull up, back flip/roll and steer right a bit to land on the N side of the ice pillar, now a bit of a slide and grab to grab the ledge above the entrance gate (this will take some practice). Grab Secret #5 (18), a Golden Necklace. Safety drop down at the gate which should open for you on approach.


Go down the shaft with the green crystal to the red eye gate and go left to the edge of the floor (under the monkey climb). When you hang from the edge you can see two openings below, use those by doing those trick drops down to get down to the main area.


Catching the Boulders.


Approach the stairs N, to the right is a box with Flares. Up the stairs and jump over to the receptacles for the Purple Crystals, right and left, the flames at the floor lever stop.

Near the top of the stairs, left and right are two levers, opening trapdoors on the floor at the top of the stairs, the left one is Timed very short, the right hand one stays open a bit longer.

For a Secret: Light a Flare, use the right hand lever, quickly hop N onto the higher floor and run into the open trapdoor with a right curve, in the back is Secret #6 (19), a Golden Necklace. Roll, run back and grab up out before the trapdoor closes…


Look up and spot the two boulders above the path where the two trapdoors are. Go back to the right hand lever, use it and get to the floor lever where the flame was as fast as possible to drop two boulders, run jump to the left hand lever and use it to open the left trapdoor.


The Final Challenge, the Amulet of Life.


Now you can go through the opened Palace doors N, go up the stairs left and grab the AMULET OF LIFE. You’ll drop through the floor onto a slope, hitting a slope to the right. Jump with a bit of a left curve so you’ll be sliding forward to a lava pit. Jump over the pit onto a slope with a hard left curve, jump again to move over more to the left and once more a jump to the left into a dark sloped tunnel….


The End…