Level by Astraf


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth. Video walks have been posted by Doggett TV and by kapil4417037.



Begin the introductory level (entitled Edge of the Sandstorm) by sliding down near a deep pit. Walk over to the red exclamation point (referred to hereafter as REP) where the sand is pouring down for instructions regarding Diagonal Climbing (a relatively new move). Climb the nearby ladder surface, transfer to the ceiling and monkey swing the rest of the way slowly and laboriously, using the up and down arrow keys as appropriate, until you've traversed the deep pit. Drop down, enter the cave and shoot a couple of bats.


Hop SE into the triangular opening for uzi ammo and a medicinal herb (small medipack). Hop back and proceed to another REP for instructions regarding sliding down diagonal slopes, together with a bug warning. Stand jump onto the central flat pillar down below, take a running jump SE over the sloped pillar to land on a stable ramp. Go up into the E cave for SECRET #1 and pick up the UZIS and a [large] medipack. Go back a bit W, jump to grab the sloped pillar. Pull up, slide down the other side, jump to the central pillar, then W onto the next flat pillar and finally onto the W path. Run forward, pull up for a REP with instructions regarding a sprint jump. You can either follow those instructions or get across the easy way with a simple running jump from the ledge to your right.


Follow the path around the corner. About halfway to the N wall, turn left, back flip onto a slope and jump off to grab a high crawl space in the W wall. Pull inside for SECRET #2 and pick up the medicinal herb, shotgun ammo and uzi ammo. Get back down, continue N and W to an open and search the sands for a medicinal herb and shotgun ammo. Grab the skeleton by its skull and pull it away from the SHOTGUN. When you pick it up a giant flying bug is awakened. When you step onto the central pavilion a second giant flying bug will attack.


Note the boulder at the top of the W slope. Shooting at the wooden barrier with your pistols accomplishes nothing, so use your shotgun to shatter the barrier and release the boulder. Jump out of its path as it rolls down into the central hole and opens a trap door. Hop over to the S side of the boulder slope for shotgun ammo, then go to the hole and climb down the ladder in the E face. Back flip over the boulder and jump up the slope to find the SCARAB TALISMAN on a plith. The door ahead opens when you pick it up, so step forward for flares and stand at the doorway.


Slide backwards down the slope, grab the edge, shimmy left, drop and slide the rest of the way to the ground to greet two scorpions. Grab the desert eagle ammo NE and pull up S (the W ledge is spike-trapped). Pull up higher and follow the passage around to a medicinal herb in the alcove to your left. Shoot a bat and take a running jump N onto the slope. Slide and grab, release to grab the opening below and pull into the crawl space above the spike-trapped ledge. Follow around until you can stand up, shoot the bat at the opening and slide down the W slope. Jump with grab to glide into the alcove ahead and follow the tunnel to your right. Continue around the corner to a REP to learn about the upcoming sandstorm.


Hop up N and walk up the ramp and outdoors into a swirling wind. The biting grains of sands will quickly sap your health, but there are scattered floor holes and openings where you can take refuge and recuperate. It's hard to see where you're going and what you're doing, but first, shoot two advancing scorpions (hop back into the opening where you'll be safe from the sandstorm). Keep to your right as you run counterclockwise along the dunes until you reach an opening E with a closed gate. There are receptacles for two Scarab Talismans, so you'll need to find another one and return.


If you like, you can exit and run a short distance NW for a medicinal herb and return. For a secret, run W around the left side of the mound until you reach a floor hole. Hop in, wait for your health to be restored and jump out E. Run along the left side of the mound until you reach an alcove with the DESERT EAGLE for SECRET #3. Return quickly to the floor hole. Jump our W and swerve around left and right to the nearby opening, pausing for a medicinal herb near the entrance.


Go down the ramp, jump into the water hole, swim down to an underwater door and grab the medipack to your left before opening it. Enter the next room and see the cage ahead that's protecting the prize you're seeking. The surrounding arches have ceiling switches that are spike-protected, so surface and look for flares on one of the arch supports. Pull out next to one of four chains surrounding the underwater cage. Pull all four to remove the protective spikes below. Before returning to the water, explore the outer ledges for a medicinal herb, shotgun ammo and uzi ammo.


Jump into the water and pull down all four ceiling switches. Save for last the one on the W side, for when you pull it down you'll hear a burst of action music as a door opens to release two crocodiles. Pull out near the chain of your choice, clear the area and jump back into the water to find that the cage has lowered and the N and E doors have opened as well. Search the W side room for flares and uzi ammo, the S alcove for desert eagle ammo, the N alcove for shotgun ammo and grab the second SCARAB TALISMAN from the central plinth.


Exit E, pull out of the water and return to the raging sandstorm. Two giant flying bugs are waiting for you a bit outside, so dispose of them, return to the opening to restore your health and then run straight across E to the opening with the closed gate. Place each Scarab Talisman in its receptacle to lift the gate, hop down into the passage and follow around to find flares. Pull up and step forward into the sandstorm, run off onto the ledge below, seek refuge in the covered opening behind you and shoot the scorpion. Pick up the medicinal herb and  stand N at the edge with your left shoulder against the wall.


Hop back three times and sprint jump N (I'm surprised there was no explanatory REP here) to grab the far ledge, pull up and run forward and to your left into the covered opening for a medipack. Turn around to shoot two pursuing scorpions and exit S. Loop around right to find the SHOTGUN lying in plain sight on the sand for SECRET #4 and return to the covered opening. Run S to the left of the falling sand, turn right and take a sprint jump back to the S ledge from whence you came. Pull up, run forward to restore your health and follow the ledge path E and up around W to the previous opening. Just beyond the opening you'll find shotgun ammo.


Run N out of the opening, turn right and follow this upper ledge until it ends. Take a running jump E with a right curve so you'll land sliding backwards. Attempt to grab and you'll drop to the ledge below. Run quickly E along the narrow ledge and into the opening on your right, shoot the attacking giant flying bug and continue E, staying close to the wall so you won't slip and slide down left to your doom. You'll soon come to a tunnel where you'll meet a bat and another giant flying bug. If you go through the NW opening you can grab shotgun ammo and crossbow arrows (for use in the complete game). Return to the tunnel, turn left and run NE, where you'll soon trigger an onscreen message signaling the end of this demo.